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  1. When you download a sim ,sim files (should be in a seperate folder called tray) go into the tray folder,....any cc that came with it go in the mods folder...open your gallery and make sure include cc is selected...you may have to scroll down to find the sim but they should be there....
  2. You have a broken male nude bottom + cc skin tone.
  3. If it's a legit copy do it via origin....if it isn't then you're stuck....
  4. Ok...how do you get them to use the beds?....my pros always use the bathroom or a wall mirror....
  5. Ok...How to get rid of the built in pubic hair?
  6. Nice work....Can you do a smaller sized nipple pack?....pretty please
  7. Good idea to post the whole file...there's more info....see white paper clip?
  8. A legit copy of Sims4?.....if yes update...if no then you'll get no more help here...
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