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  1. Go to the downloads page...find KW download...there's a link under required mods bit underlined in blue....sims4communitylib....
  2. ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'sims4communitylib.persistence'....needs updating.
  3. ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'sims4communitylib.persistence'.....This is the problem....needs updating.
  4. Apparently this refers to CN mods.....File "sims4communitylib\events\zone_update\common_zone_update_event_dispatcher.py",....I have never heard of this before...thought it was base game coding.....
  5. It's a discord server for mccc/ww…….they do not like cn stuff...big time....
  6. So I'm trying to help someone with a L/E file....I look through it and can't work out the problem, so I ask if they are using Colonel Nutty mods etc,they reply they are not,so I look again and can see no reference that I know of to Colonel Nutty.So I go on the deaderpool server and post the L/E....Result, someone comes back that this L/E contains references to Colonel Nutty (some line of code or something that I was unaware of) and I am now banned from Deaderpool Morale of the story is....Double...triple check someone elses L/E before going on Deaderpool……
  7. I think with Azmodan22 you can't mix gold and platinum...I think you have to use either one....anyone who knows better may put me right on this if i'm wrong....
  8. Doing a fertility test? my sim got pregnant on 65% fertility.....
  9. Love these btw....will you be updating your mod so it's compatible with the ww pubic hair so it doesn't put hair on the penis tip?
  10. Could be the attractiveness settings causing this like Scorpio says.....sims won't have sex if they don't find the other sim attractive....are on their period if female....risk of getting pregnant if female or are about to leave the lot....also do you have always accept turned on? I like the attractiveness feature myself.....I like my sims to work for their rumpy pumpy
  11. you have other penis mods?....did you go into the game and select the bottom via ww body selector? + I don't think you need both cas penis...just cas_ym bottom
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