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  1. Changed the setting to use toilet and the problem has gone...thanks for the info
  2. I found my undressing options got changed....all sorted now so
  3. Sometimes when updating ww some settings get changed for some reason...
  4. Ok I'll try that later.....tampons are unpacked in a stack....and thanks.
  5. Ok don't know if this is a bug or I'm doing it wrong but my sim wont use a tampon or pad when her period starts she always gets the uncomfortable/dripping blood moodlet even though she has tampons in her inventory. Are you supposed to unwrap one ready to use? and yes the box is unpacked....I have use toilet turned off and the pad/tampon is set to realistic use.
  6. Don't need to add a new one it's one of the ones you are using which is broken....just update any that you use....bd-wp-sol etc.
  7. Some reasons for the error....this is from turbodriver. There are no Sims within the 16 units radius or no Sims on the lot your Sim is on. A unit is the width of one tile. With the selected location and sex category, there are no animations that match your Sim gender + any male gender. With the selected location and sex category, there are no animations that match your Sim gender + any female gender. The age of your Sim doesn't allow to match with other Sims. Teen only matches Teen, Adult+ only matches other Adult+. Your Sim or all nearby Sims is currently going to have sex/watch porn. If they aren't, they could have stuck data that can be fixed by running the "ww.fix" command but that indicates some other issue. Your Sim or all nearby Sims are unavailable (sleeping, rabbit hole, possessed, dying, in labor, window peeping, or leaving) All nearby Sims are event/vendor NPC Sims. Your Sim or all nearby Sims are currently in their mermaid form. Your Sim and all nearby Sims create an incestuous relationship.
  8. Been moved....click on your sim and select personalise or whatever it's called and select wicked traits I think it is.
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