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  1. I see....I just have pads set up in ww options....my sim doesn't use the toilet she just automatically changes her pad....
  2. Delete the png files....you don't need them.......what's in the FBD folder? You can get tampons and pads in buy mode under kids room clutter....
  3. The female top still works as I still use it....The rest is broken.which is a shame
  4. Probably a broken cc trait or aspiration....or even a cc career...
  5. Ok....it is no underwear re-tested all the others and don't get the problem....
  6. I will have to investigate further.....very weird.
  7. It's all of them....wicked attribute removes a game trait...
  8. Just noticed something...not a game breaker but giving sims wicked attributes wipes out game traits...my sims teen daughter has only one trait since i gave her the no underwear attribute.....
  9. Midnitetech careers could be the problem,,,,update if possible delete if not. Game needs updating too....if you've updated your mods and not the game you will get problems.
  10. Basemental drugs is the problem....your game needs an update if it's a legal copy.
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