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  1. Click apply outfit i think it's called via the phone options.
  2. Post the file...see white paper clip Sounds like you have other mods that use WW and they need updating.
  3. Ok.....design female outfit....how do you get them to wear the outfit?
  4. Got it working.....had it set as buyable.....set it to night club and it works....thanks for the heads up
  5. Try disabling ww pubic hair.....including pubic hair growth....i take it your game is updated...the cake thing is supposed to be fixed.
  6. Ok built a club...went into game and when i try to get my sim to buy it via the phone and it goes to map mode I hover over the club but it says..."sims can only purchase unowned businesses or unocupied residential lots" what am i doing wrong?
  7. Ok....if your using ww pubic hair option try disabling it....i know using it on males puts hair on the shaft and the tip of the penis....see if that works as ww pubic hair only shows up in everyday wear in cas....
  8. Post a pic....sounds like some cc is broken btw.
  9. That's weird.....looks like another pubic hair mod....I thought only the better body female top was working..The rest were broken.Have you tried changing the female bottom via ww body selector + are you using a skin overlay?
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