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  1. Been moved....click on your sim and select personalise or whatever it's called and select wicked traits I think it is.
  2. I've noticed sims on their periods no longer use tampons or pads....the grey moodlet for using either no longer shows up and one has to manually select the tampon or pad in the sims inventory and click on wear to get them to use them....don't get the dripping blood alert that used to pop up if your sim wasn't wearing one.
  3. Not a good idea to change game time speed....it messes up careers and holidays.
  4. Close the game then restarting should fix this....
  5. Looks like your game needs updating....1-81-72-1030 now.
  6. she's released a patch for this.....
  7. The L/E file will be in the sims 4 folder in documents....L/E files are generated when there is a game error....it will say "last exception file" or something similar.
  8. post the contents of your ww folder.... Also my installation is different to yours.... And have you tried running as an administrator?
  9. Ok it's installed as the files are showing up on loading....delete the localthumbcache.package file in the sims 4 folder and try again.. Also is your one drive linked to you documents folder? if yes unlink it. Did you extract directly to your mods folder? or copy the files over manually? look in you ww folder and make sure it hasn't put a copy of the zipped file in there too.
  10. Is your ww installed correctly?Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\WickedWhims.
  11. Make sure any other mods you use are also up to date.....wp....bd....ev etc etc
  12. Your game needs updating it's now .....updated mods + old game version =
  13. ok make sure any other mods you use are up to date....wicked perversions etc.
  14. Could be outdated Gfx drivers if you have a dedicated Gfx card.....try updating them.
  15. Noticed that even though the message pops up that a partner has used a condom they don't actually show up....not game breaking but just thought I'd mention it..
  16. Any way of stopping teens from soliciting my sim? or is there a setting I've missed?
  17. What's your game version? should be
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