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On 10/9/2021 at 5:08 PM, Juliette Tango said:

Is that Sulani?? I suppose even Frost Queens need to thaw out occasionally ?!


True! It is the island part of Windenburg, actually. The one with the fancy houses. ? It does have a few spots which make nice pictures.


Coincidentally, the "glass" house you could see in the distance in the photos is where Reinhardt and Brigitte stay.






21 hours ago, SimsLOVERGorila said:

Hell Awaits !


That does not seem too bad. ?


@BatDood Excellent spooky character and pics! ?

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1 hour ago, Juliette Tango said:

Lana gets her "attributes" enhanced in WintersSong Episode 3: "A New Lana"


I'm definitely enjoying this series and I can appreciate that work that went into it. Very nicely done.

I have to admit that the butt job at the clinic was...um..interesting. No wonder why the doctor loves her job so much. lol

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