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  1. Thank you! So many ideas and hardest part is to organise my chaos 😅 more to come!
  2. Made this vid on a mobile app 😄 had to make a few cc edits and the skin is a work in progress 🤯 Her name is Kayda llo_20201028_161918.mp4
  3. Hi and thanks! thanks everyone for your contributions 💖 been catching up but ran out of thumbs for now 😅 been a tough month but surviving, didnt realise it'd been that long as things are stll a blur with the covid restrictions and everything else 🙃 still working on things but hard to find a schedule while feeling like everything I'm doing is not enough and hate to half ass things , Thanks to all for keeping the thread active and interesting 💕 I got some pics to share shortly and hope you like and a look at some animation, been quite anxiouus about the hold up on my updates and sorry to keep y
  4. Few more pics of the odd couple 😸 thanks for the feedback! I'm quite happy with how they turned out and look forward to getting them out some more 😋
  5. Thanks everyone for the concern and sorry for the worry 💖 its been a weird time and being a lone parent through the restrictions is kinda like being a captive in a mental prison or something like that 😅 having so much time indoors but zero space or privacy made me a bit crazy 😵 my brain is constantly thinking of things to do and organise, on and offline 😂 My game needs to go online and patch a few versions so I need to hunt for the script updates *yawn* and find out whether cc Windows are fixed yet? 😆 It's been nice to have a bit of freedom again and being spoilt for ideas thanks to
  6. Hey thanks! I feel like I never left to be honest, it's been quite a blur and I've lost track of day and night a few times 😵 strangest time of my life, was tough with the kid behind me every few minutes too 😅 but you can't complain too much or she gets upset 🤐 we're safe though and family too, We got a few shielding for various reasons so we just riding it out, just makes it hard to get a babysitter 😆 I got a lot on the list to do and some things to tidy up but ultimately it'll be nice to spend longer on things again rather than racing against the sunrise 🤭😂
  7. P p ponzu!?! 😮 Cerise is all flustered, Fifi isn't sure why.. It's not like she said something kinky just now.. .. is it? 😸
  8. Fifi has gone to spend some time with her sister 😸 Cerise is younger than Fifi and has always been a strange one, the only vegetarian in her family 🤭 But recently she keeps going on about this fish she's been eating and Fifi is super curious about it and how it would taste with some ponzu 🤔
  9. Hey all! 💕 I'm hoping that you are all ok and safe, sorry for being quiet for a bit, to be honest I wasn't handling lockdown and restrictions too well and didn't want to be a downer 😅 my little one is finally back in school this week at long last 🙌🏽 she had been going to bed real late while schools closed not having to get up early, I can finally get back to some kind of normal, strange to have an empty house to myself 😳🤣 so no more doing housework until the am like some kind of ghoul 😵😆 Gonna be catching up with things over next few days and apologies for the delay in everythi
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