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  1. Hi dude! I been meaning to reply to your earlier post, You really nailed it and it totally captured the GTA layout too, Slick Clyde did Saints HQ before and this... It's right up there alongside it! Maybe it could be worth trying out the hidden lights? http://www.carls-sims-4-guide.com/forum/index.php?topic=22096.0
  2. Actual 'fucking' animations are not my forte, but I'm trying! This will be an anal climax so hopefully it'll work for male/male too Here's a WIP.. slave.webm
  3. Some more pics of sexy Sadie I'm still trying to figure out a role for her, she's very cute but same time has a deep and brooding look,
  4. You need the most recent version of Azmodan22 strap on and it'll work for you
  5. @Drewsph77 That's genius! The bed on the photoshoot looks awesome Can't believe I never thought of that!!! I hope you don't mind if borrowed that idea! I have some posepacks that I've been taking my time to release, (noob related issue) I'll be sharing it soon and it has a camera man which might be handy too,
  6. Some random pics and testing an animation
  7. R-Lo

    Zoophilia with WickedWhims

    Thing is Sickotic is an animator from what I gather, He wanted someone to make a mod that worked in same way as wickedwhims before he would release his work, Same time he went there to see if they would crack turbo's work as they had already, Chances are that he is already involved over there. If someone creates a mod for animal stuff, outside of wickedwhims, It's probably possible to extract the beast animations from the unwanted mod and add them to it without the unnecessary content
  8. Hey! I found it! It was by Blue8White http://sims4studio.com/thread/2917/blue8white-studio?page=2
  9. That's really similar but I think mine is a different one, This one is much more options! Thanks for sharing that link x Maybe the one I have is an older version of this! I'll be at the computer soon and will check it out
  10. Haha! I know exactly what you mean, I have a lip ring like that, it seems to float and you have to edit the face around it lol! Then she smiles and fucks it up lol!! This one does actually seem to respond to the sliders and morph, movement etc (I think) I actually found this around when I first started to play and mod so it's hard to remember but I'll see if I can find it by searching the name It's also got an added pro/con It shares the same texture space as earrings so it'll take on the texture of any jewellery placed in that slot
  11. R-Lo

    Zoophilia with WickedWhims

    Oh I know! I been reading a lot of conversation outside of this site and although people are flocking, A lot of them are also unhappy with the source and admit it's a deal-breaker.
  12. Thank you! That's kinda what I go for lol! Spoilt but sweet I took this one from random and tried to make her a bit less "anime" although I have some go-to cc which speeds things up a little with the body and skin details etc, The longest time was to choose a hairstyle as I find that it kinda dictates the facial structure when making Sims, I was already pretty set that she was going to be a blonde though!
  13. R-Lo

    Bad Sex Animations

    You should definitely check out this page, Anarcis has made some "mess around" animations to simulate the more inexperienced Sims