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  1. Hello Stud! Thanks for all the encouragement That's a real nice upload you made and hope you do more soon! Love the way she goes back to her book after, knowing those boys are in her control now
  2. Hey! The sex skill was removed as it has no real effect on anything and presently is a pointless feature, I think it's being reintroduced in the future once it has a working and functional purpose, The satisfaction moodlets were removed from solo activity too as again, serves no real reason and often come up negative regardless of skill, Basically the mods been getting a major overhaul and although things are added, sometimes it's helpful to remove a useless feature or two for enabling others to run smoothly once the game has a few less checks to make or inject,
  3. @mrrakkonn I'd leave em on! Its kind of her signature accessory and totally defines her! If you ask me it'd be like my Fifi without the ears and whiskers
  4. https://youtu.be/Qkuu0Lwb5EM It was Mariana!! x
  5. Wow! It's surprisingly loli haha admittedly there's not much between the teens and young adults!
  6. A tease for a teasing animation im making! Something basic, that I have an instinct about which could work as an opener! Anyone who knows their movies should find it Stone cold obvious as to how this animation will go
  7. Hey! Nice pics! Just gotta be a little careful with the theme/setting as child Sims aren't allowed to shown explicitly, Although your using the teens which are allowed, just try remember that the storyline may still be a trigger to some Hope no offense and thanks for sharing!
  8. Haha no worries at all! Thought I'd mention as your starting some threads too and would be handy at same time It's crazy how true that is! There's literally almost a mod for everything
  9. Maybe try this mod? https://www.dropbox.com/s/kaa8z1mrt34mswa/FogtiyNoHighlight.zip?dl=0 Just a polite reminder to ExSimmer When quoting posts, please remember to remove the images or vids, unless of course you're pointing out a specific detail! I don't mind unspoilered posts too much as long as we can avoid duplication of pic dumps and especially GIFs which adds to the load time
  10. A work in progress on some sexy feeding for bloodlusting Sims!
  11. New Animator HELP!

    Hi! There's some tutorials found here! https://www.loverslab.com/topic/74481-small-guide-for-creating-animations-for-ts4-tips-and-tricks/ The links also point the way to creating a wickedwhims package file
  12. Had to try! crybaby.webm
  13. Nearly done sculpting my angels