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  1. Inteen mod was broken many game versions before this one, Wickedwhims handles everything this mod did and more
  2. R-Lo

    Share Your Female Sims!

    Fifi goes Nekopara
  3. Hey thanks!! I haven't worked on a vaginal for a while and it was nice to add a climax for this location too, It's actually intended for males/trans/intersex characters but when it came to testing, I realized that I currently don't have any! Does look a little funny with a strap on it does have some movement in the testes too and a slight bit of breast movement, Later I'll try post the sounds I used for this! =^•^=
  4. R-Lo

    Mods please help

    Hi dude, If you look at the top of you pages, you should see moderator actions tab which gives you an option to delete this It's nice of you to share so many! You should be able to upload them all in one page, Just go to "insert other media" > "existing attachment" to avoid uploading them all over as they're now in your profile storage
  5. Thanks for the link; Some interesting stuff but shame bout the adfly nightmare Nice to see something new though as I mostly use madlen and recently it's become a little samey!
  6. This is a stupid thing to say and just pure judgemental, If you had half a clue about what focus and concentration goes into this, you'd have kept this comment to yourself,
  7. Haven't forgotten about it! Not getting much time recently but it's still on my list of things to try
  8. Right now it's hard to get into full story mode but I'm heading that way, although she's not out to banish evil, she has a huge interest in the energies surrounding it and craves power!
  9. Some have been created a little more buxom recently for variety! Admittedly at first I didn't like the way big breasts looked in the game and also being a long time lover of cupcakes! Lately the appearance of new slider's and cleavage overlay has helped in this area and I'm enjoying the difference it makes to the way outfits appear, it also felt right to make the ninjas a bit more athletic
  10. R-Lo

    WickedWhims Animations!

    You should check out the list on turbo's page! If you scroll down a bit you'll find all the animation files that are available
  11. For her.... Yes sir!! One in each hole sounds interesting! For him... Balls may get in the way