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  1. +12 animations for LL update! Some of these are still WIP but I hope you all enjoy xx =^•^= Update.webm
  2. You'll find it here Make sure that you remove any of the previous wickedwhims files first, then add both files as a fresh install, The tuning package won't work if the the other stuff is outdated
  3. Oh no not at all! I wouldn't know where to start lol! Is never a problem to ask, I will have to look those up and get back to you
  4. @Chexx maybe there is a little 2B in there too! I do actually have a bunch of android girls and one of them is a kinda tribute to her! I Had a little bit of a hunt for a nice outfit for Lola, red is definitely her colour
  5. You certainly know your cc! That outfit kinda combined itself, it just looked right and the sword... Let's jus say I'm a huge Devil May Cry fan and you may also notice a slight 'Dante' touch to Shana too, Danika on the other hand relies more on her spells and has her grimoire ready in her pack
  6. R-Lo

    Share Your Female Sims!

    Of course they decided to warm up a little bit first
  7. R-Lo

    Share Your Female Sims!

    Two mages ready to explore the Selvorada ruins...
  8. I decided that the ruins of Selvorada may be a little dangerous for my ditzy couple so I decided to send Danika and Shana instead! Maybe these two mages will find something useful in their quest to become powerful sorceresses
  9. @Chexx such a cute vampire! I like the cyber look she has too, the hairstyle is very right
  10. @krivoj It's generally the same issue here and don't worry, it's something that we've all done at least once! The problem here is that you've moved the newly appended actor before switching it to pose mode from object mode, You'll have to switch back to object mode and reposition the orange dot back to the centre of the scene, Then after this, switch to pose mode and place in the desired location
  11. Thanks a lot! It's been a while in the making and was a real test of my patience and hardware lol It's probably the busiest dopesheet I've worked on so far and it caused some serious lagging during playback! I'm already planning the next tickling one and hopefully it's gonna be as fun
  12. R-Lo

    Zoophilia with WickedWhims

    Not irked, you just say some very dumb and overly personal, judgemental things, It's almost like opening your mouth to change feet. You get so political and dramatic about pro-animal porn rights and agendas that it amuses me and makes me wonder what you'll come out with next, maybe one day it'll be something productive, supportive or encouraging. Here's hoping x
  13. As a gamer that had always played consoles I very much avoided The Sims games in general but when I discovered that pc gamers had ability to create mods and make it x-rated etc it became a lot more interesting lol! This was only a couple of years ago so it gave me the choice of TS3 or TS4, naturally I went for TS4 being the more recent and visually better looking, I found it a lot of fun and went straight in with cheats and mods etc from the start, I saw a lot of chatter about the lack of certain features and open world etc but when I look at TS3 I can't get past the dated look of it and how lifeless the Sims look in comparison to their recent counterparts, as much as I hear that it's a much more detailed and seamless experience, I can't bring myself to venture into it, I've seen some really gorgeous scenes from TS4 and it gave me a lot of inspiration to become creative myself, I've still yet to see that kind of beauty from TS3