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  1. I see your point but in this individual case we didn't lose much, Just some dude trying to pressurise others into a subscription and getting told off, Doesn't need more attention than he deserves,
  2. Admitted I was super drawn the alpha hairstyle at first and found tons that I loved, but the deeper I got with reshade meant a makeover, As gorgeous as some of those styles are, I was won over by maxis match in the end, I find that often when I go from random, I'm still drawn to certain skin details which will drive things into a familiar look
  3. Hey @porkybork I often antagonise myself with this when making a new sim too, Somehow I seem to see features that remind of others I made and spend ages trying to make look distinctive but then not happy if it strays too far, I went through a stage of making anime-ish sims but after a while it did become a struggle to get variety in facial structure, So I know exactly how you feel, but try not to agonise too much as it's not always the case, they are looking different from others but it's the style/theme that is carried over, If you try too hard to make them a world apart then they may not look like they belong in the same world if I'm making sense,
  4. This is how it turned out! I've fixed the keyframe on the page that I missed and now I'm adding a couple of sounds 😁 TS4_x64 2019-04-17 05-12-50-864.webm
  5. No apologies necessary at all @Josua1970 you have a special place here and we thank you for sharing your efforts with us too 😍
  6. Hehe😆 That's right, the scenario I'm feeling for these two is that while being a young vampire, Lola is still trying to surpress her urges, but Kurumi is used to being a victim and is excited by the prospect of being the danger... While she is happy to be fed from, she feels that Lola should embrace her predatory instincts..
  7. Might be able to try editing it later and see what happens 🤔
  8. Just a few pics from a practice shoot 😋
  9. Funny thing this post getting a bump! I recently have been practicing my own sensual dancing and will be making one for a couple very soon 😍 Thanks for your lovely comment and for having faith in me!
  10. Lol, It's still in development and not available yet 🙂
  11. I'm here for the cartoon look myself and managed to change the tone of the game by using Reshade
  12. People use it because it has its own charm and its very easy to jump straight in with not much knowledge of the genre, When I look at what it takes to mod skyrim I get brain ache lol The graphics are more driven to cartoon characters I guess but with mods some people get some pretty lifelike models, Obviously it's not super HD but it's ok, I suppose visual quality isn't always a deal breaker when it comes with a level of freedom and enjoyment
  13. It's tough to link back, it was a chat on a discord channel, I don't think it changed anything here, He just just said farewell and left that forum 😉 I don't think he's gonna drop it all if he's come this far
  14. The Internet is bigger than LL, This person is shooting people down here for words that were exchanged on two other sites, It's a little strange how someone would quote people from a back alley site from a convo that took place last week while apparently not being a member here for very long and not knowing where to find Redfaction thread or what the gif was from, How would someone see posts and quote a dispute while not knowing what it was related too? The fact is that Redfaction went looking for donators at a couple of sites related to taking down Patreon mods. He was asked/told to stop. He didn't take it well. End of story. Now this person wants to attack people here at LL for that? That's what is ridiculous. And very strange to come out of the blue with "sooooo I guess this is dead" attitude,
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