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  1. Get the "Shared CC" archive, I originally set it up to have things like replacements and frequently used skin details and such in a separate archive (to cut down on the filesize of the sim archives). It's a bit outdated by now, but the cleavage overlays I use are still in it, so I'm guessing you haven't downloaded that archive.
  2. Put together a new video with a light and rather belated Halloween theme. Video in spoiler, it's 4 and a half minutes long, and 78 MB, so decently sizeable. Somehow video compression managed to mess up and freeze for a bout a second in the very start, but that shouldn't really be much of an issue in the big picture of thing.
  3. I've set them (and some others) up already on my end, I figured they'd grown up basically speaking both Simlish and Selvadoradian (hate trying to spell that), so I actually just gave them both as native languages, for their parents, Leon has Simlish as native with decent Selvadoradian second language skill, and Miranda has Selvadoradian as her native language with Simlish second langauge skill (a bit better than Leon's Selvadoradian).
  4. Theme is a bit belated, but eh, I liked the picture
  5. I guess you'd have to ask the people who made these, though it seems like they're not able to keep making them anyways.
  6. Thank you! Now to see what happens with the skintones and makeup update... 😁 guess I always considered Alexis the better dancer of the two so she ended up with that set and Thalia the other
  7. UPDATE TO TRACY MULLER HAS BEEN MADE! As per post above, changes and additions are pretty extensive, including the additon of her family in Mt. Komorebi see the post detailing Tracy Muller on page 2 for details (outlined above).
  8. Even though I'm probably going to have fix this in a couple of days when the new skintone and makeup update drops, I'm going to go back on what I said here because I've got a pretty big upload I'm working on uploading now. It's a pretty thorough update and partial remake of Tracy Muller, it's been a long while since I updated her and I've made changes to her both gradually and some more thorough ones recently. Including some face and body edits as well as changing some skin details and her skintone. Perhaps most notably I edited her eyes slightly and applied an "asian eyelid" skin detail I stumbled across in a sim I downloaded, her part Asian ancestry is should now be a bit more apparent than it was before. But in addition to that the bigger part of this is that I've now spent a good amount of time putting together her immediate and extended family. This includes her parents, dad working in the Strangerville miltiary career and mother who still lives in Mt. Komorebi with her new husband and family, which includes one of the schoolgirls asked about above. But perhaps most significantly this will be the first step I take in my stated goal to make sims for the Simkuza gang in Basemental Gangs, because Tracy's mother's brother (her uncle) holds a high position in the Simkuza and is going to be characterized as the right-hand man of the gang, heading up the American/Sims Nation side of business. At the moment I still have some work to do with fleshing out him and the Simkuza itself, but I expect to get more done there eventually when I make a couple more gang members. This big update will also be the first time I equip some of my uploaded sims with the lifestyles that came with the Snowy Escape expansion pack, which I will continue doing going forwards where it makes sense. An optional thing I'm mostly doing for myself is incoroporating the Language Barriers, and the sims in this pack have assigned primary languages and second language skills as I thought appropriate. Using this mod is completely optional and not having it should cause no issues. So yeah, lots of stuff, and probably something I'll have to reupload in a week or or two, once the dust from the coming update clears. I'll be updating the old post for Tracy with new pictures, CC credits, character notes and biographical information when I finish putting together the upload. (I might need to put some pictures in this spoiler as I might go over the upload limit for the original description post)
  9. I probably uploaded the wrong one to the archive, for some reason I've still got the old not-fixed ones around as well. The feet might be because alot of default feet replacements are kind of messed up with the newest update due to the remove shoes indoors thing, might be that she got asssigned some weird value of that for her swimwear. I've noticed some of my sims (seems to mostly be older ones, but it's kind of random) sometimes don't use the defaults I use when barefoot for some of their outfits, giving them shoes and then removing those seems like it works. But I dunno, right now I think part of the blame might just be that default replacements are mildly broken in some circumstances. Not related to that, I was playing around with some dance animations I found at https://www.patreon.com/syncdanimations and recorded some quick videos of the teen versions of Alexis and Thalia playing around in Thalia's bedroom.
  10. These animated dance pose packs are pretty neat. https://www.patreon.com/syncdanimations EDIT: Played around a bit more with these and recorded some videos of teen versions of Thalia and Alexis playing around in Thalia's room, didn't really bother to do much editing or cutting together here, as I couldn't really get a nice transition from one of the pose packs to another. Also got some clipping in the second and third one.
  11. I hadn't considered the age up and foot slider thing to be honest, even if I was aware of it happening, I mostly play without aging when I actually play, so it's never something I've had to deal much with so it didn't really enter my mind. I guess I could try to set the heights in CAS for my sim uploads going forwards if people want that, I'll probably miss a bit, but with reference I should probably get close enough that it won't really matter.
  12. I just really wish they'd added shallow pools or pools with gradual depth, since they added wading with the Sulani pack. Really feels like it's missing and all pools are like ridiculously deep.
  13. @snowdog04 Yeah, that's a hot tub and there's a trick to it. Basically as you can see I built the lot on a pretty tall foundation, as tall as the hot tub, then by the pool I marked out a room the size of the hot tub and removed the floor for that, then removed the walls before placing the hot tub into the hole I had made. Unfortunately this means it's non-functional, sims can't get in, so it's pretty much just a decor item, though using it for posing or WW animations still works fine. This was all done before platforms were added by the way, and I haven't played around with those much yet, maybe there's a better way of doing this now.
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