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  1. No, that's not something I intended. I'd assume that's something that's happened because of the patches to the game and mods since I made that save unfortunately.
  2. Well, I just started these. And you probably saw that I did recently upload a bunch of others.
  3. Ended up putting together the groundwork for some more sims based on the urbz
  4. Darius + Skyline Beach Urbz Alright I decided to set aside some time and try to finish this crop of sims based on Urbz characters. These are the ones from the Skyline Beach crew, Isis Ice, S.A. Loco, Lil Bit and Toots Sweet, it's missing Ridiculous D.O.G, because I hadn't started on him and didn't really have anything to get properly started and decided I might as well just go with what I have, but I decided to also throw in one I based off Darius as well, who's kind of classified as the big name in that, with the most street cred and all that. Like the previous upload I did of multiple Urbz at once, they don't have as large warderobes as my other sims, but there's a decent amount there and lots of different stuff, I think all of the sims here ended up with a pretty good look. In terms of personalities there wasn't much to go off on the wiki, though my inside sources gave me a bit more to work with, and I sort of just assigned some traits and skills from that, they're all somewhat similiar, People Person lifestyle, all some manner of celebrity and that. More details below and for you to see in the game. Darius Age: 36 Height: 6'2" Occupation: Unemployed (a mix of me forgetting and not quite knowing what to put him down as, however the 4-star celebrity and the bunch of followers I gave him should probably be enough to keep him in money) Notes: 4-Star Celebrity, Clubber, Connections, Carefree, Night Owl, Mediator, Entrepreneurial, Great Storyteller, Perfect Host, Beloved, Adulterer Lifestyles: Junk Food Fiend, People Person Outfit Preview Isis Ice Age: 37 Height: 5'6" Occupation: Crime Boss Notes: 3-Star Celebrity, Smoker, Connections, Independent, Gym Rat, Insensitive, Entrepreneurial, Great Storyteller, Seldom Sleepy, Adulterer, Selfish Lover Lifestyles: People Person Outfit Preview SA Loco Age: 27 Height: 5'10" Occupation: Rapper (custom career, might not be updated for latest update, leave out if it doesn't work right) Notes: 2-Star Celebrity, Smoker, Selvadoradian Bilingual, Insensitve, Shameless, Argumentative, Great Storyteller, Adulterer Lifestyles: People Person Outfit Preview Toots Sweet Age: 22 Height: 5'5" Occupation: Dancer (custom career, might not be updated for latest update, leave out if it doesn't work right) Notes: 2-Star Celebrity, Smoker, Unique Appearance, Gym Rat, Irresponsible, Exhibitionist, Adulterer, Shallow Lifestyles: People Person, Pleasureseeker Outfit Preview Lil Bit Age: 23 Height: 5'0" Occupation: Dancer (custom career, might not be updated for latest update, leave out if it doesn't work right) Notes: 2-Star Celebrity, Smoker, Selvadoradian Bilingual, Unique Appearance, Gym Rat, Emotional Control, Adulterer Lifestyles: People Person, Energetic Outfit Preview
  5. I see you've really found yourself a favorite! I can see why
  6. I don't think it's an either or, I do think this is something that requires way less man hours, skill and training than coding and programming that they just decided they might do to generate some kind of attention for whatever. Not saying that they shouldn't be doing the bug fixes or QA and that that isn't somewhat lacking. Anyway, the whole thing did make me want to have a look at at brush up on some of my own maxis sim makeovers (well remakes, I never actually used the their base appearance at all in making my versions).
  7. I mean, to be fair whoever's doing these sim makeovers are not going to be the same people who might otherwise be working on fixing bugs or QA. Anyway, nothing new, but I thought this pose was pretty cool for this sim.
  8. Bit more of that little scene I posted yesterday
  9. @Papp274 So kind of camgirl type thing then? Honestly don't know too much about her. Though if so not too different from that girl I've been posting again recently, I've also kind of got her down as a camgirl, though she works as a stripper as well. I guess your girl and her cert of look similarish with the brown eyes, dark eyebrows and light hair.
  10. I was just looking through pose player and found an old pose pack I never finished, and I don't think ever used. Some poses in that actually don't look too bad.
  11. Retreading similar pictures I've taken before but I'm kind of a little obsessed with this sim again.
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