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  1. Had a go at messing about a bit with Artbreeder + FaceApp with my sims again. Starting with an ingame screenshot, then use Artbreeder to get a face using that as input, then go into FaceApp with the ingame screenshot and do a faceswap with the Artbreeder picture (not pictured a bunch of smaller edits).
  2. I've been looking for an alternate updo/ponytail hairstyle to use for a couple of this girl's outfits alongside her normal loose hairstyle (on the left) for a long time, and I think I finally got it. I ended up having to make my own custom swatch for this in order to get it to somewhat match her normal hairstyle, but I think it actually ended up looking both consistent and good in the end.
  3. That's usually a missing mesh. I do seem to make mistakes in my uploads from time to time unfortunately so it could be somethign that's missing. I do have an updated version of Mazuiko Jackson and the Neon East Urbz ready to go as well as a bunch of other updated sims. That's probably going to be what I focus on for a little while come August, at the moment I'm currently not able to do much in the way of uploading or downloading stuff on my internet and it will have to wait until August, hopefully I'll find the time. You can download Alexis Vinter from this collection, just go to the file and choose "Download this File" and find the archive named "AlexisVinter" or something like that, I use 7Zip and not winrar though.
  4. These are pretty similar to some pictures I posted a while back of a different sim, but it probably doesn't matter that much all in all
  5. We'll see how it ends up shaking out. The idea for this kind of came about because of something that's been nagging me personally about some of my sims for a little while and it's the fact that I've kind of gone with "real" names for all my AEP sims so far and since I've been slightly updating a lot of them and a reupload has to come sooner or later, I'm thinking I'm going to go ahead and change most of their names somewhat. Mostly this would be limited to either just changing their last name or the last name of their family member sims and making a small note in the sim decription (in my collection and for the household in the library) of what their real first and last name is. A couple of relatively easy ones here, "Alexis Vinter" already sounds like a performer name so I'm keeping that (I also already have a WIP version of her dad in my library, and he's called "Pearson", so the work is mostly done here already). I'm also keeping Thalia as "Thalia Jordan", because I like the sound of it for her, so it'd be easier to just change her family members' last name (because her family is kind of meant to be upper middle-class liberal-ish I'm thinking some kind of hyphenated combo here, currently rolled up "Vance-Franklin"). With Tracy I'm going the opposite route, I'm keeping the last names as is for her family, but changing her (performer) last name. Especially the ones with family members should have a note, as mentioned, of what their real first and last name is. With Alexis (right in picture below) I'm thinking to go simple in that she only simplified it from "Alexandra", Tracy (middle) I'm thinking has a totally different name. With Thalia (left) I'm actually kind of thinking that she's just using her real first name and the story I had in mind for the pictures was kind of based around the idea of Alexis and Tracy calling her out on this.
  6. Some pictures I've been taking, possibly for some kind of story, but for now just pictures.
  7. Ended up redoing and expanding on some earlier pictures I took and posted
  8. Here's your issue: There aren't just 3 CC files, there's a total of 15 and you need all of them. The version 2.1 CC files are just an update containing CC for the new sims added that's not included in the version 2 CC files, which you do need. See answer above, the version 2 CC is not optional.
  9. Cyrus Best does not have a CC skin tone. Anyway, completely black skin like that typically comes from missing a slider or (I think more likely) a custom preset that was used to make the sim. I may very well have forgotten to package in presets, because I have those in a separate folder and don't use them that often, apologize for that. I'll look into it to see if I can nail it down. EDIT: Here are the missing presets. obscurus_M_eyes_presets_1.package obscurus_nose_presets_2m_UPD.package
  10. Been working on some male sims myself.
  11. Probably means you have some sort of slider value expansion mod installed, I use one helio's heavy boobs, but I specifically use an older version which I think is less extreme than the newer versions of that. Either way when you're dealing with slider expansion mods you don't actually extend the range of the sliders to speak but you make each increment of the slider have more of an effect, which means that if a sim was made without one or with a less/more extreme one than you are using they are going to come out looking different on your end than on the creator's. Unless you're willing to manually readjust all of the sims breasts/butts on your own end so they look alright to you, there isn't really anything else you can do but remove whichever one you have.
  12. Scary Mary from the Urbz + Feng Family from San Myshuno Another sim based on a character from the Urbz that's been in the works for quite a while now, but has grown to become one of my personal favorite of my recent sim creations. Scary Mary in the Urbz is noted as being a former child prodigy turned social rebels who loves the art of body modification (though interestingly is the only one of her Central Station crew to not have any visible or otherwise high profile tattoos and piercings) and works as a tattoo artist. I've tried to reflect both in her traits and skills, of which she actually has quite alot, some as a prerequisitie of having a high level in midnitetech's body artist career (linked below) though she also has other skills from her past as a "child prodigy" whose interests in the Urbz are noted as being philosophy and index funds among the more to be expected goth and punk stuff. Her likes and dislikes are pretty similar to Hayley Lombardi whom I uploaded last week, though Mary also has a number of activity dislikes (notably most stuff that has to do with tech) as well and together with being hot-headed, argumentative and having uncontrolled emotions is characterized as someone with some rather extreme opinions and feelings on those. However not everything about my version is taken from her characterization in the Urbz, I went with what I found and decided to embellish it a little more. I decided to expand her being a child prodigy to originally being from a somewhat privileged background, and I decided, based on how she ended up looking and me wanting to do something with these sims, that I figured it'd be neat to turn her into the daughter of Victor and Lily Feng in San Myshuno. The once well-behaved child prodigy daughter of San Myshuno's power couple, has now turned full "social rebel" and could even be a potential embarassment to her parents' sinister plans of consolidating power in the city (as specified in their in game bio). A bit of Mary's past so to speak is still reflected in some of her clothes, which have more of a preppy vibe to them, with a different haircut (though still the bright red hair) and everything, a bit of a disguise should she need or be required to don it. Victor and Lily Feng, besides having a daughter (which runs a bit counter to Lily's hatred of children, but no matter, let's say she developed that over time) is more or less the same as in the base game, though I've embellished it with a lot of additional detail, like I've regualrly done with my sims, so these two have many reward traits, skills and all that (noted below) that the base game versions don't have. I've also Victor to being evil rather than being a perfectionist, as I think that fit in better with the "sinister plans" angle. Their warderobes are also slightly different. "Scary Mary" Age: 20 Height: 5'6" Occupation: Cosmetic Tattooist Notes: Uncontrolled Emotions, Argumentative, Responsible, Observant, Unique Appearance, Social Smoker, Entrepreneurial, Speed Reader Lifestyles: Technophobe Outfit Previews ScaryMaryOutfit.7z Victor Feng Age: 49 Height: 5'10" Occupation: Representative (Politician) Notes: Good Manners, Emotional Control, Influential Individual, Connections, Personality Reader, Entrepreneurial, Night Owl, Steel Bladder, Adulterer, Selfish Lover, Smoker Lifestyles: Coffee Fanatic Outfit Previews Lily Feng Age: 48 Height: 5'6" Occupation: President (Business) Notes: Emotional Control, Good Manners, Insensitive, Connections, Shrewd, Perfect Host, Seldom Sleepy, Social Smoker, Frugal, Entrepreneurial, Independent, Insensitive Lifestyles: Workaholic Outfit Previews
  13. Then you must have a height slider somewhere in your mod folder that does this for some reason is all I can imagine. I don't why. I don't have any other height slider myself so I don't know why this would happen, but it seems to have, but I imagine the problem must be somewhere on your end. Try opening up one of the affected sims with Tray Importer and view CC, scroll down to the bottom, but before overrides, you should see whatever custom sliders are in effect.
  14. Do you have a height slider installed yourself? It't got to be that I think, I don't have one (so I don't understand why it should pick up on this) and I can't explain why this happens, but why it should only affect some sims when I've specifically used the foot replacement slider for all sims, is something I can't quite answer. What happens if you adjust sims' feet? Does the foot slider work as normal?
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