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  1. She has a wonderful, dreamy, wistful look to her ❣️
  2. I like it! It's a nice change from the usual shaved bodies.
  3. Well, when it comes to a variety of body shapes, here's a short video I made featuring the WintersSong Fashions Board of Directors. I call it "BoardWalk": Boardwalk.mp4
  4. Hah, thanks for asking. Same body, sadly. I've been working on toning up my butt, but the belly fat just doesn't want to go. I'm a blonde. I'd really love to dye my hair blue, but it would be considered "unprofessional" where I work. Maybe some day.
  5. Thanks, dear one! I can't help being a romantic at heart! I hope to show more of our relationship in a future video. If you'd like to know how Heather and I met, look at the folder "Juliette and Friends 2020", particularly episodes 03 and 04.
  6. My girlfriend, Heather, never posed in the nude before. She was understandably a bit reluctant. However, Lana styled her hair, and Ashley fitted her with a nice WintersSong bra and panty set in her favorite color. Here's the first photoshoot: I never saw that hungry, sexy look in her eyes before! We came back to the studio the next day, and she felt a lot more inhibited. So here's a couple more pics from that session: I don't have to tell you what happened after that πŸ˜‰
  7. A bit early... Ashley Winters kindly offered to take a glamor photoshoot of me and my girlfriend, Heather. Yours truly πŸ’‹:
  8. The way that her top blends into her upper torso is quite interesting. Nice use of light leaks in the first two shots. I love the glow of the candles! The realistic skin shader is very well done as well. I had managed to achieve something similar once, but it was only good for screenshots, unfortunately.
  9. Thank you! Yes, the Board is a wild bunch... I'll have to record the WintersSong Fashions holiday party in December πŸ˜›
  10. Lana's final fashion performance gets a reaction from the Board, in WintersSong 05: "A Convincing Performance": WintersSong 05.mp4
  11. In today's episode, Lana finishes the first half of her modeling show, and is examined by the Board of Directors. WintersSong episode 4: "Catwalk" WintersSong 04.mp4
  12. Thanks BatDood! I know... 'hundreds a year'! Dr. Stevens is sooo lucky πŸ˜„. Worth every penny of medical school tuition.
  13. Lana gets her "attributes" enhanced in WintersSong Episode 3: "A New Lana". WintersSong 03.mp4
  14. Ashley and Lana meet with WintersSong Fashions' Board of Directors, and present their case in: WintersSong, Episode 02: "Meeting the Board": WintersSong 02.mp4
  15. Thank you! Is that Sulani🌴? I suppose even Frost Queens need to thaw out occasionally πŸ₯Ά!
  16. In this new five-part series, Ashley tries to help an unemployed Lana get hired to an executive position in her lingerie company. Here's WintersSong, Episode 01: "Photoshoot" WintersSong 01.mp4
  17. Wonderfully composed, atmospheric image. I❀️it!
  18. Yes! All my series involve lesbian sex. Check out the link below for previous series if you like. Thanks for watching!
  19. Trying out some new stuff! Watch for my new series, "Wintersong", staring this Friday! 😽
  20. And not just a another pretty face 🀩... though she is that too! A gorgeous sim, erplederp!
  21. Ashley's last "lesson" from Lana. Thank you for watching! L-A-Confidential 04.mp4
  22. Nice shots. I really like the lighting in the bedroom scenes. The game likes to add way too much yellow most of the time IMO.
  23. I love the sunset (sunrise?) in the last three shots, as well as the location 😍 I was going to say why I thought the zippers were super-practical, but, you don't want to πŸ™‰... so... πŸ™Š.
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