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  1. @Linaelina I sent you the Generator Trailers and Laundry set. @marrosesan I sent it to you.
  2. Sent. You're welcome, and that's okay. I try to help where I can, but I hope whoever is available steps in when they can too. 😎
  3. Sent you what I had via PM. I do not have the bolded ones. They will go on the "Wanted List" in the first post.
  4. That's awesome. It makes your stuff much more usable. Thank you. 😀
  5. Hey EVERYONE, A heads-up. I'm moving this thread to the "Request & Find" section, since there's no longer a file to download directly. Once that's done, I'm going to start a list in the first post, of active requests (and who wants them). That way people can easily check everything that others are looking for, in case they might have something. @gregathit Could you please move it for me (or tell me how to)? Thanks.
  6. @keksdik I haven't actually played since August, IIRC. I'm pretty sure it worked back then. I've done a few tests in three different games, and I get the same results as you. It seems to have stopped working since the last time I played. Honestly, wild_gut made the vaginas, but it's Nisa's code. The best person to ask is Nisa herself. She can look into it and fix it.
  7. https://sims4studio.com/thread/2617/andrews-studio?page=1
  8. There's one file that Tray Importer insists is part of every sim I make, even though I never use them (especially on female sims). It's a set of sideburns called "VampirePrincess_Sideburns1". I deleted it, but then every sim of mine I opened kept saying I was missing items, so I keep it installed now. Could that be what you're supposedly missing (a false positive)? Here's the file if you want to try. VampirePrincess_Sideburns1.package
  9. Thanks. I haven't made a full household in CAS in over a year, at least. I couldn't remember.
  10. Do it. True love is immortal. At least that's what they say. You made Sam! Now all we need to do is get them stranded on an island together, so they can do some "exploring". 🏝️
  11. Out of curiosity , What kind of sound? Video game music? Golden Ass [Golden Axe] - An amazon, a barbarian, and a horny dwarf named "Thunderhead". Double Dragon-Fist [Double Dragon] Street Fucker [Street Fighter] Mortal Kum Slut [Mortal Kombat] Super Thunder Babe [Super Thunderblade] Altered Beast Dead or Alive Pole Position Ass-teroids [Asteroids] Poon Patrol [Moon Patrol] Jungle Cunt [Jungle Hunt] Frog Her [Frogger] Caverns of Marcy [Caverns of Mars] ... I could go on.
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