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  1. I thought you made that up, but then a quick Google search showed there is one. 😆🐠 https://globalgamejam.org/2015/games/goldfish-simulator
  2. QUOTE (from review) "It's getting stupid how many times the modder expects us to INDIVIDUALLY redownload HUNDREDS OF FILES every 30-60 days when only a handful are updated or added." @HappyNarwhal (and other people) I'm not trying to be hurtful or mean. I want you to enjoy the game. Please don't take this the wrong way, but why would you ever download hundreds of files when you know full well that only the last few are new? Just download the new ones, and if there's any you don't want for some reason, don't download those. Kritical always posts, with previews, which files are new.
  3. @BinatangLajang I also cannot view your pics. I waited overnight in case it was temporary, but no matter what I try, I still cannot see anything other links that don't work. Could you please try again.
    Simply amazing!!! Everything looks so professionally made. The items work well and match each other in design and color (unlike a lot of Maxis stuff). There are animation packs provided which means you can use the stuff right away without having to wait for a third party to make some (but more animations are always welcome). On top of all that there's now a wiki to help people on what's available and how to use it. I was not into BDSM in Sims until I started using Kritical's stuff, and there's so much stuff to enjoy playing with. The fact that so many people complain that there's so much stuff to download, but they HAVE to download it all (against their will) speaks to just how good it is. To those people, you don't actually need to download everything. I fail to see the point in complaining about having too many options. It sounds like you're complaining that Kritical makes too much stuff. If you do want it all, you only need to download each item once. Get notified when there's new content and then just download the new and updated stuff (usually 3 or 4 items). If you don't support Kritical on Patreon, let those that do have some benefit, such as the convenience to download all the files at once. (*I am not a Patron, unfortunately, and not suggesting people should be. That's your choice).
  4. Well done. Also, that volcano pic looks really cool. 👍
  5. I second this @BatDood. I think of the "Share Your Female Sims" thread as just focused on showing the actual sims. This thread is more about images and videos that are eye-pleasing. In other words, as long as you care about how the whole picture looks, as opposed to just plopping a sim on screen, it fits the thread perfectly. And you do that. If you want to start your own thread for whatever reason, go ahead, but don't do it because we don't want you here. That couldn't be more untrue.
  6. If I didn't already own that pack, I'd want it now.
  7. Helping you make even better pictures and having you share them is thanks in itself. After first using TOOL, I thought I was utilizing it fully, until one day I thought of a new way to use it. In some ways you really are only limited by your imagination when using it. Another thing, since I started using TOOL a couple years ago, I haven't used a teleporter statue. I just pose the sim and move it. Great Supergirl pic BTW. Extra points for using a superhero.
  8. Yeah, I've been gathering all her stuff. She took down everything because people were very disrespectful to her, stealing her stuff and selling it (when she promised the original creators it would stay free). A month ago she contacted me and said that because I was so respectful and understanding that she wanted to share her stuff with me and the community again. Those links are hers that she provided, which includes stuff she made recently after she took everything down. Stuff that's never been shared before.
  9. I thought it was very well done, and feels very atmospheric. Great pics and use of poses. I also like the fact that the prologue was done in black and white. Not that you probably need it, but if you're looking for early era cars there are a couple of them here; -1906 Auburn Model C -1929 Lincoln Phaeton -1930 Packard Coupe -1940 Lincoln Continental Convertible -1949 Mercury Eight There are tons more but they're 1950 and later.
  10. Completely understandable, and thanks for sharing the screenshots. We enjoy seeing them.
  11. If you ever wanted to upload sims, your sims are definitely worth downloading. If you haven't already, I'd recommend trying TwistedMexi's T.O.O.L. mod for modifying scenes. You can also move and rotate sims (on any axis) easily, as well as move objects off the lot, so that you're not limited to setting up scenes on a defined lot. https://twistedmexi.com/Mods/
  12. Still appreciated. They all look super great. 😍
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