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  1. I actually like that they can't get pregnant by normal means at the moment. Although, I do hope in the future there are, like, specific actions you'll need to do to have succubus offspring.
  2. *insert step-bro help me i'm stuck meme here*
  3. I can totally relate to this. When I also edit townies I try to stay faithful to their original design and just change something minor in their appearance. But yes.. there are cases when the changes need to more drastic. I did that as well, with Cassandra Goth (made her somewhat resemble her mother and darkened her skintone), the Charm family, Simeon (shortened his hair, got rid of his beer gut and made him a hunk) and L. Faba in my story. BUT, your L. Faba makeover is leagues higher than mine. She looks absolutely HOT.
  4. Holy crap I love colorful haired sims (and real people)
  5. Super late Halloween upload: Nicole & Kaden: (The only time of the year where they can go outside undisguised) Cora: (As the Scarlet Witch) Cassidy: (Queen of the Seas) Fumiko: (😍🀀)
  6. I spy with my little eye... πŸ‘€
  7. She doesn't need a costume for Halloween. Or does she?
  8. The 'Close Up' picture was taken without Reshade, but yes, the rest of the pictures had Reshade on. If you wanted the .ini for that particular Reshade I'm afraid I'm gonna have to disappoint you, because I lost it when my old laptop died on me.
  9. I'm really glad you like them 😁 I hope you enjoy having her sexiness in your gameplay πŸ˜† she's one of my most favorite creations so far.
  10. I like this one. What a cutie. 😍
  11. New chapter for Jillian's story:
  12. Either Bjorn Bjergsen, or Dominic Fyres. I dunno why but I've been interested in seeing Windenburg Sims in your stories. 😁
  13. Personally, I'd like to see a little more of the pre-made characters in your story (like that one time with Geoff Landgraab) even if it's just one time. 😁
  14. Once upon a time I felt like this too. But honestly, importing an object is actually really simple. Doing it feels like second nature to me now. I'm looking forward to seeing your poses.
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