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  1. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Not sure if you have any of those inactive, but if not, it looks like LOOT needs to be run. Generally mods like Live Another Life and any mods that depend on it should be last, along with Bashed patches. Otherwise, a few suggestions... Modern Brawl Bug Fix - This mod is included in most of Enai's mods, so this by itself is not really required. Improved Dragon Shouts - I'd recommend ONLY using Thunderchild, since you are likely getting some conflicts by using both. More Nasty Critters - Not sure what is going on with this one, but with the most recent version, you should only have one plugin, i.e the MoreNastyCritters.esp, barring patches. Have you updated this recently? Shark Race - For a Yiffy Age setup, you should only need two plugins - the main race .esp, and the Follower plugin. The Shark Race - SOS Sheath.esp is for the vanilla(i.e no Yiffy Age) version of the plugin, and is there just so character's like Mizuno has the proper schlong. SOS Addons(UNP, Regular, Muscular, Average) - I'd suggest disabling these(either in their MCM submenus or their plugins) for a YA setup, since they won't have matching textures.
  2. The Selachii - Shark Race

    Thought for a moment I was going to have to argue to keep the tail, though those mentioned issues do bother me as well. I've wondered for a while why the tails in most of these animations have no direction. Even same vanilla animations(Wood chopping, Carriage sit, possibly some of the smithing animations, Vampire feeding, etc), do not have any animation for the tails, and it either acts as it does normally, or does not move at all. I'm thinking it is either due to a lack of effort on Bethesda's part, or due to the fact that the tails would have to be animated separately from the rest, and linked to the other animations. Though I'm thinking it should just be like other games, where the problem is simply that the tails are not made to move during these animations, vanilla or modded - though some exceptions do exist, obviously.
  3. The Selachii - Shark Race

    Some dialog for Corera, that I'm probably going to cut most of, and just use certain lines. For some of these lines, the reason should be obvious. Probably the parts about Necromancy and generally referring to his base knowledge of the Mage's Guild's fall will say, but the rest likely will not. And something for Fume. I don't think I posted this yet, a very similar dialog to what is available for Mizuno, though in this case just highlighting the possibility, and the actual dialog for it will come later. Still have to finish a few lines on this one, though. And...the beginnings of Hito's dialog...
  4. The vanilla game might have a different model for female werewolves, though it is not likely that distinctive from the male one if so. But yes, there are mods for this. Moonlight Tales has a female mesh option. Though if you do decide to use it, it seems that MT and ToL are not meant to be used together. If you are looking for something more sexualized, there is Horny Werewolves of Skyrim here on LL. Not sure if this mod will work with ToL, though.
  5. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    So I have a male Argonian character using the Slit option, and while I do like it, I have some suggestions on how it can be improved. Mesh: Though I don't think this has any real problems, I think it is the shape that seems, a bit too simple. Granted, I know that realistically there may not be much variation, but what I'd hope for would be something like in this image - omesore. Texture: Possibly something irrespective of any mesh changes, maybe some optional variant textures, mostly just for the schlong itself, not the skin making up the slit. At most, I'd want something like in the linked image. Granted, I could easily do such a simple color change to the texture myself. The only problem is, in some cases it is a bit difficult to tell which settings to use when saving the .dds file, as to not get any issues in game.
  6. The Selachii - Shark Race

    Some places have suggested them as a rumor, others more definitively suggesting they existed. Still, yes, I do think they did. The odd part is how supposedly say the Akaviri Ghosts and Skeletons shown in Oblivion(Fort Pale Pass, mostly) are suggested to be Tsaesci - when they just look like the Blades at Cloud Ruler Temple, or other Skeletons in the game. Granted, I know portraying them like the "Men with Snake Tails instead of legs" might not translate well into a 3d model very well, and there is the fact that their portrayal in Oblivion was likely only in one or two side quests, and thus not something to devote that much time to. Though personally I would prefer the idea that they could have examples of the race that are as the suggested example, though perhaps rare, but most shown could be maybe more like Argonians with more snake influences, more slender, etc. I'd say in this case, it is more that this particular spirit was, like the Aedra creating Mundus, giving up pieces of itself to do it, rather than becoming this new species itself. In it's experiments, it was able to take back that given power, once the creation no longer existed - much like charging a spell in Skyrim, and gaining the magicka back if you don't actually cast the spell. But when it finally(in it's view) perfected the Selachii? It used up enough that it reached that point of "death", or something close to it, even if it was still very much alive. In the case of this Spirit? Yeah, it could be called a furry. Why? It had no interest in creating anything but something based on animals. Also, one of the reasons it disliked what the Selachii had become? They had reproduced with a race that was something it utterly disliked, and the race had become malleable enough to inherit traits from this other race. A Selachii with a Tsaesci? It could tolerate that. With the mentioned "human" race? Absolutely not. Honestly, I knew the lore point about the Aedra being considered, in a sense, "dead", but was not thinking of that when I decided on that point. Yeah, I would imagine that there would have been either very few accounts of Selachii in Tamriel pre-Second Era, and any that were, may be considered apocryphal, unsubstantiated rumors, etc. Basically just following up by what was suggested already, and adding more to it. Though it is true that the Selachii may have known about the impending invasion before they sent the ship to the Imperial City, and maybe some aboard the ship knew, though most of the sailors only knew it as rumors or the like, and not as something they definitely knew was going to happen. Aaaahh. The one error I don't catch. See, it is trying to avoid errors like that which is why I can take a while making a post. Plus making the post when I did.
  7. The Selachii - Shark Race

    A few things I'm probably going to do... -Tsaesci: For a few reasons, I'm going to alter the mention of them in the Legacy book. Need to look more into it, but it seems that they could be considered, perhaps at certain points, if not almost always, the more dominant "Akaviri" race, not specifically the "human" race that hopefully is not just a rumor - though as far as this mod goes, they are not a rumor at all. So the change will be to suggest that, the Tsaesci were, like the human race from Akavir, on fairly good terms with the Selachii, both before and after their departure from Akavir. One idea I had that spurred this change, involves a certain Selachii, obtaining a certain item from a Tsaeci Collector, by means of what this particular serpent views as a fetish - Selachii, and the human race of Akavir, preserved within. -Backstory: Meaning what is currently in the Legacy book. Other than the change suggested above, overall it is going to have a fairly significant change. Perhaps not exactly to the text itself, but truth about the story is going to be presented somewhere, I'm not just sure exactly where yet. Perhaps directly stated by Gaku as previously mentioned, but I'll have to think on that. Or take suggestions. And now, for something that is going to be spoiler-ed - the race's true origins. Some of the details I am not sure of yet, and some things may need to be changed to have some semblance of consistency with the official lore - even as tenuous as it is.
  8. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Basically? No. While a version could be made that does not require Hearthfires or Dawnguard, the interest in doing that is not there. Mostly since this would require maintaining two different versions of a mod that is quite large already. Otherwise, the reason for the crashes is because you are missing the DLCs, and the game is trying to load or alter information in those DLCs based on what this mod does. I don't think Hearthfires and Dawnguard would be that much on Steam, if you do really want to use this mod. It would also allow you to use a number of other mods that require each, even if you don't want to play their quests - which there are mods to make their quests be your choice of when, and if, you want to do them.
  9. Any interest in adding NiOverride High Heels support for the Craftwear conversion?
  10. Dragon Animations (& Creature on Creature)

    Scent of Sex can achieve that, but for a few reasons, it is still a bit finicky. Mostly the problem lies in the fact that save for very few circumstances, Dragons are hostile to the player, and SL or other creature related mods(like Aroused Creatures) don't exactly stop them from being so, which means the scene either stops abruptly, does not really start at all, or never really gets going in any way, because the dragon seems to prioritize it's idle state(i.e sitting on a word wall, etc), rather than anything else. The only other issue would be, interest. Even mods like Untamed tend to be risky(since creatures don't go non-hostile right away), and I'm not sure if they work on Dragons. Would not mind seeing something like SexLab - Dragon Play(arguably very similar to Untamed, possibly, though without the Pack aspect), though, which would focus on perhaps being able to ward off dragons(possibly with a shout as mentioned, but with a quest to get it) in some cases(i.e lead them away from places like Riverwood, and calm them down in the obvious way), or maybe having them a bit more docile at Dragon lairs, and either they fly off the wall and land so you can interact with them(either for a fight, or otherwise...), or climb the wall and do things that way(though arguably this would not always work - like editing Alduin's loadscreen mesh for adding a dick - it would be poking through the top of the wall). Just suggestions, though. Likely an issue of how many mods depend on Aroused, even if it is just a few. It would be a similar process to MNC's v11 update, but then any other plugin needing the SexLabAroused.esm would need to be edited as well. Not impossible, obviously. The only problem with that, is it requiring a very specific animation. After all, Odahviing is already in a specific idle animation/position(though it could be the dragon's default idle being used there), and anything the player would do, needs to line up with that. Plus, it could technically be considered a somewhat awkward idea - you are not exactly alone with Odahviing in that area during that quest. "What? You think it is wrong that I am curious? Farengar mentioned blood or scales, and you don't have a problem with that - but when I want something else, you do?" Not that I'm against the idea though. Maybe it might be an option to have something go on once you arrive in Skuldafn, either right away, or once you clear most of the exterior.
  11. The Selachii - Shark Race

    Mizuno, Follower, M - North of the College of Winterhold, and Sky Temple Ruins - you should be able to see his camp from the ruins, or from Septimus' Outpost(depending on distance settings, though the camp marker will be visible on the compass from these places). Kori, NPC, TSF - Found around the Lovers Tent(near Yngvild and Hela's Folly) on Weekends, or working in Dawnstar during the week, in the Quicksilver Mine. Fumestu, Follower, TSF - Found in Reachwind Eyrie, near Dushnikh Yal - she may be outside on the Balcony during some parts of the day. Izumi and Haru, NPC(F and M respectively) - Eastmarch's Hot Springs, near Darkwater Crossing. Moku, Follower, F - Found in Riverwood That should be just about it, unless I'm forgetting someone, and there certainly are more characters planned - you can check my blog(link in signature), if interested.
  12. The Selachii - Shark Race

    Decided to play more with a character in Morrowind I've had for quite a while, and might actually finish the MQ finally. I've completed the Temple quests, and for the MQ I'm up to having completed the Sixth House Base quest. Otherwise, the character is a Vampire, which I do have a mod so the experience is tolerable(i.e Sunlight doesn't instantly kill the character, nor even damage them, and I can talk to more than just House Telvanni or the Mages Guild). Otherwise, some relevant Dialog for Gaku. Some details may be off, but that might be expected. Also, posted some more details in the Planned Locations entry, about a possible place for Nagisa and Kishi's home. Along with this, some dialog for a related character, a female Nord named Vari, who acts as a maid for them.
  13. The Selachii - Shark Race

    I'm not sure how much of it, if anything, will be in the mod, but...I know. Let me explain. Within fiction, or more importantly stories, it is possible to present something that is a mystery - such as the obvious one relevant to this mod - yet many times in fiction, a technical mistake is made here. Which is, that the writer, or writers, do not actually know what happened. Thus some parts of the work can seem as if less was done, because any time the event comes up, no matter what, there is no definite answer. Not even in cases where you could realistically expect that at least one person, knows the truth - it will be avoided even so, suggesting that even they do not know, or they for some reason, will not talk about it, or they can't, or won't say. But know this - I KNOW. Which can be considered the most important thing. Otherwise...maybe Gaku will be one to tell the player. For now, this may be all the player might get...
  14. Basically, yes. Though it is more like, the Mesh being a bare wall, and the texture is a wallpaper(i.e for a wall in a real home, etc), or paint. Though for the textures in newer games, there can be more than one texture - Skyrim specifically can use 4 - A base texture(Diffuse), a normal map(provides definition), a specular map(how shiny something is), and a texture used to mimic the translucency of the skin - though that is mostly for actual skin textures, like for the male and female playable races. Sometimes the game can involve a fifth texture, one used for things meant to glow, like the Vampire eyes with Dawnguard. For most other things, they use two, the base Diffuse texture and the normal map, but some use the specular to define shine as well. This can depend on how good one is at editing an image. Which since Skyrim uses the .dds format, programs like Photoshop and Gimp will need a plugin to edit them. But just changing a color should not be too difficult. Otherwise, you'll also need a program to extract .bsa files, which can be found on the Nexus. It depends on the game. Some can easily accept mods, like say Skyrim or Fallout, but some games might require certain programs to force the game to use non-vanilla(default) textures. It all depends on the game you refer to, though.
  15. Not sure if there is something like that, but there is this mod Content Consumer's Alternate Starts(requires Alternate Start - Live Another Life), which adds a start option for this mod, in that you begin the game in a story based instance, and you do not have to use this mod's MCM menu to become the Succubus.