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  1. "Few know about it, and those that do, look more at the facts than the emotions of what they were told. Among others, though few, they voiced a problem with it, based on emotions, not facts. Much as I have considered it, regret is not something I feel. A happy family, and a supportive Village. Knowing only that, you would struggle to find a problem. Yet, it is only when you know, that your path may be chosen. But how you feel about it, will not change the truth."
  2. While not 100% intentioned, I somewhat get around this as far as the Shark Race mod goes, since the project that created them had it's first success in early 2075, meaning that with some consideration of both possible PC's backgrounds, they both could be Selachii without much issue. Well, there is the idea that, if the project is meant to be the sort of "black" project that simply does not get public attention(and it gets bad for those who might leak information), then why would they be allowed to live what seems so publicly? It could be either that, in spite of not wanting the information to
  3. There is this mod, which adds a number of facial sliders, one of them being specific to Vampire Teeth, usable on at least all vanilla races - Expressive Facegen Morphs. Though with this it's only specific to the player, as It's likely adding them to vanilla NPCs would be a decent bit of work.
  4. "Mortals see this as an act of desperation for two reasons." "On one hand, it is a matter of relief, so long as perhaps the time, place and potential onlookers are not considered personal barriers, or are a factor at all." "Or in much more dire straights, the consideration is this replenishing supply as a matter of hydration. I do wonder how they would see this as a matter of choice?"
  5. A point of pride and respect for a majority of Selachii, as nearly all members of the race hold such for their family. Some of the most well known of these hold their roots within the race's time in Akavir, and have either survived to this day with a degree of prominence, or in the least, still exists to some degree. Some currently existing bloodlines are the result of at least two of these lines intermingling, which the race has no bias against. Shirogane - The most prominent bloodline originating in Akavir, this line held the reigns of Royalty among the Selachii, lasting for seve
  6. Kuroyami


    Work on mods that are not exclusively my own. Shark Race - Lore, Story, Planning, etc. Bad Dog's Ungulates: Horse, Deer and Minotaur - A W.I.P mod that will, similarly to the above, add Lore, Story and Characters to said mod, at least for the Horse Race, though the other two will have some kind of similar focus eventually.
  7. Why would I ever stop? My interest is not in the conflict they fight for, but instead it is the confict they face, which they cannot win against. Surely they see nothing but a willing whore. But in so doing, they make a fatal mistake. Perhaps he can manage weapons, but little else. His own desires? Well, those are mine to manipulate. Not a difficult task. Especially when what he wishes, aligns with my own cravings. And now we come to the last. Or at least, what you know well was inevitable.
  8. "You tried to run. But you know what catches up with us all, eventually..."
  9. Love this one. Though maybe some of the other stages of this animation could have some interaction with the balls, like maybe a bit of tickling for the first stage?
  10. That race was actually part of Yiffy Age at one point, replacing the Bosmer/Wood Elves. But it was changed since the mod now goes for a balance of the "human" races being canines and the Elven races being Felines, but leaving the Argonians and Khajiit mostly as is.
  11. On the topic of quests in Skyrim... Say you have the decent, if not good idea to start off in one of the cities(with LAL, and in this case, Windhelm with a Dunmer PC), and you have a decent idea on how you want to start effectively playing this story. Specifically in this case, this Dunmer is, at the moment, willing to do basically whatever for some Argonian tail - and she is not being very picky other than that. Sounds fine, and everything is in place mod-wise for just that, right? NOPE. Because the game has the utterly, and I use this word extremely rarely, STUPID ide
  12. "You know fear. For death inevitably touches us all, in some form or another. But here is a place where it may not be feared, for it is tempered with purpose. Not merely an end, but one with meaning." "I have looked into the face of death, seen my own fate. But rather than the feasting of Sovngarde, I was chosen for something else entirely." One of the central characters in a mod I've been working on, that will require using this one.
  13. Not sure about males, but it seems like females have the tails positioned lower than they should be - though this is probably more a consequence of using a modded body mesh, than this mod alone. Any chance that this mod (as well as potentially in the Smooth version too)could include a fix for this? I don't know if any other mod fixes the problem.
  14. True. Though in the SOS menu you can set probability by race, though no way to set gender probability for an addon, other than separate ones. I don't bother with the probabilities much myself, Well, I could see the "cover" only being used for the Horses, and maybe the others if either the Deer or Minotaurs do have the extra anus bit(if not, then they stay as is?). Though generally(with or without the above and/or the 3 options mentioned in my last post taken into consideration), it would just be a matter of fitting the existing "futa" and "Pussy" meshes
  15. There is almost that option for at least the Horses(have not looked at the others much yet), where the futa option has both the pussy and anus look more like that of a horse, along with the cock. The only problem with new options is the way the schlongs are currently set up - any "futa" options being separate, even if they could be part of the same addon as the males. So adding more just means more addons, which for some ideas being standalone easily works, though a majority of the addons could still be used for both genders, with one addon each, and if someone doesn't wish for an
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