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  1. Foreskin schlong

    Does it not work at all, such as the program just does not open, or it just forces an error message? How do you have it installed? Regardless though, here is a replacer for the SOS UNP mod, using the foreskin Bodyslide files. Used the UNP shape as mentioned. SOS UUNP Foreskin - UNP.7z
  2. Foreskin schlong

    Bodyslide should work on a 32-bit Windows OS, as the base program is 32-bit. There is an included 64-bit version, marked as x64, but that isn't the default exe file.
  3. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    That...should not happen - since if even one of the other plugins for YA, like any of the patches or the Schlongs.esp are being loaded by the game, you would get a crash at or before the Bethesda logo. I'd suggest posting a load order, and possibly doing a re-install of Yiffy Age. The 4.2 archive I'm looking at isn't structured as mentioned. All the plugin files are in the correct place - with the Meshes, Textures, etc folders. As for why it would crash at the logo, like said above - a missing plugin the game is trying to load, and with even one missing, the game can't progress past that point, and thus crashes.
  4. The Selachii - Shark Race

    Started a new blog entry to contain all of Helheim's content. Will be publishing that one soon. I've added some information on a new character for it - Rya(name could be W.I.P), a Dunmer who was originally taken as a slave by the Argonians, and was eventually freed by the Selachii. Have not decided on her story past that point, but I certainly will be coming up with something for it. On another note, I've added information on two Death Hound companions, which are meant to act just as the two in Volkihar Keep - the only difference being is that they will have a backstory - which the player learning may be required to get them to follow. Additionally plan for a Gargoyle NPC that would be non-hostile to the player, and be found outside Helheim. The only way it would attack the player, would be if they attack Sina or her Khajiit companion while they are outside. If anything would be hostile to the player, or the two Vampires, it would defend them. As of now, it is named(though again it may not be final), and is planned to have some kind of story - likely something you can ask Sina about.
  5. Skyrim's Hideous Males

    One of the base problems the game seems to have, is a issue of how certain things are set up. For example, the Human/Elven races(including Orcs), the game uses ONE file called BlankDetailMap.dds. It seems this one file is used by both males and females, which for a few reasons, is a problem. I use the Fair Skin Complexion textures for females, and with them? There is no neck seam on Human or Elven Characters. Though there is on males, though it is not a drastic one. Even using a male face texture mod meant to have no seams with SOS body textures, could still have them, because of this problem. However, using a male texture mod as well, especially one that changes the same mentioned texture file - like the mentioned Vitruvia? Now the males might have no neck seam, but the females do. As for Vitruva, I don't think it uses any meshes, though this could depend on the version of it. The Files tab on the Nexus page has a "Preview File Contents" option, so can see what is in an archive before downloading.
  6. The Selachii - Shark Race

    I do have some dialog for getting the amulet first, which does have the intention of getting most of the scenario as if you don't have it, and the lines only change once Mizuno goes towards telling you about it, where he obviously does not need to tell you much in that case, since you already have it. With the way it currently is, that dialog should slide in nicely, even if it has to be edited a bit to make it work in-game. Don't exactly think Oshoko is that high level, though I imagine it works similarly to getting a Frost Troll, rather than a female Draugr in Bleak Falls Barrow, in the area with the natural rock bridge, with the path downwards leading to a treasure chest, a skeleton and a dead skeever. Maybe if disabling the spawn point would not cause problems with other mods - i.e you just would not get spawns close to Mizuno's camp. But regardless, that kind of situation is why I prefer followers essential. If it was more a death based on story(like my plans for Moku), I could accept it a little more. But a random situation where you just get a follower or just find them, and encounter something like that, and you immediately lose out on any story or quests that the character has? Eh, I more so mean SexLab itself. Obviously mods like SLEN can have SOS addons force a character to be considered male or female(though I don't think any exist yet for the later), but SL itself technically does not. Otherwise, a few things. Started adding Moku's content to the blog. At least a description of it anyway - have not started working on anything for it. I've already added some information on Rasha(related to Mizuno content-wise) to the blog, and I'm a little unsure of a possible location. I'm thinking Purewater Run, but I'm certainly open to suggestion. The ideal would be a place that has an abundance of water, for the contrast to the type of mage he is. Just a side note, and not too important, but I added an image as the header for the blog. Not sure if I posted that one in-full or not. But I'm thinking of doing something else with it. Might just need a mod with a sort of, green-screen area - not too sure of a good one. May grab the Aether Suite again if it has something like that.
  7. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Not exactly a bad shot, but I'd recommend this mod - Immersive HUD, for taking screenshots. Though the intent behind the mod is more to only have HUD elements like the compass only visible when needed(which means it can also control visibility of other SkyUI HUD elements in other mods), it works perfectly for not having the compass and a few other elements like the Health/Magicka/Stamina bars not be always there, or disappear quicker when full. You'll probably also want to get quite a bit closer to the character when taking certain shots, and using TFC in the console works for that. Just don't hit the attack key until you enter it again(to control your character as normal), as this could cause you to be unable to attack, and you'll need to restart the game to fix that problem.
  8. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    WAF doesn't require Improved Closefaced Helmets(not sure if this is the mod you mean, though) outright, though a replacer for ICH's plugin - included in the installer for WAF - will make both work together. I have a setup for just WAF, mostly used with Yiffy Age, where I obviously don't use ICH - as it isn't nearly as relevant with YA's changes to such helmets.
  9. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    This is just a suggestion, but if you can't get it working... Better Vampires(Includes many options to customize your experience as a Vampire, and has a patch for Royal Bloodline) Royal Bloodline(For the Vampire Lord and it's Perk Tree) I've had no problems using these and Yiffy Age. Will still require a similar setup of RC as with Sacrosanct, but should work a lot smoother.
  10. The Selachii - Shark Race

    So it seems like at least the progression of getting Mizuno's quest first, doesn't have any issues. Not sure if there really is with getting the note+amulet and beginning the quest at Deekus' camp, as I did manage to get that one working at least once. Otherwise... From one of my earlier tests. Yep, there is of course, a joke there. Though it was during the conversation about Mizuno's family, not going towards the SL scene. Disabled the character menu with the console to get this shot. Proof that the scene works, but also that SL may need better detection that...it isn't needed. Unequipped it through the console. Not much to say, just an interesting angle.
  11. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Well, I know that is an option, and while some combinations could certainly be considered Light Armor, you'd still be wearing a set based on say Steel, etc. I do have that patch installed, though I'd like a more outright patch to remove the changes to Alvor's shop - mostly since I think it is a bit much, and would prefer just crafting the armors after getting the books. But what I meant was the Bikini armor style, based on the game's light armors. Elvenia is there for the Elven set, and there is a Glass Bikini armor mod that actually has a few options for some pieces. tAWoBA does have some light sets though, Leather, Hide and the base Falmer(the heavy Falmer set based on the Dawnguard added armor). Might be kind of early for it, but I'm hoping compatibility with DSR is possible for the mod.
  12. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    One of my only problems with the Bikini armors, at least those by Nise, was that most of them where heavy armors. Sure, there are a few similar mods like Elvenia that are light armors, and have the base concept, but far less variety. But even with just the Elven and Orcish in this mod, even if I have not touched the Orcish ones yet, I like what I am seeing. Though the conversion posted for both sets seems to lack something in Bodyslide - can't select a preset(I'm using Seraphim for YA) - which means either the preset sliders must be used, or something is wrong with it - so I am using the one for the Elven Bikini armor posted in the TAWoBA thread. As for the headgear, I did not try any of them yet. I would not mind them working for the races in YA, or at least these Cheetahs, but... I have replaced YA's skeletons with the _beast ones from XPMSE - as should be obvious in those shots.
  13. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Did you also setup RaceCompatibility for Sacrosanct? It can depend on what Mod Manager, if any, as to how easy it is to fix that. For manually installing or NMM, you'll have to reinstall RC. For MO, you'll just have to make sure RC is setup for Sacrosanct, and then move the RC mod(possibly naming it specifically for Sacrosanct) below Sacrosanct in your Mod List(left pane). LOOT And while it is not critical, you may also want to consider this - TESVEdit. It allows you to look through mods - meaning their plugin or .esp/.esm files - to see what conflicts. It will likely look overwhelming, but it is a bit simpler than it looks. Not too sure if a patch will be required. You would think that even without considering Yiffy Age, Imperious - Races of Skyrim would conflict with Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim, because both of them change the Vampire races. But as Blaze suggested, the powers added to Vampires with Sacrosanct are not added with direct edits to the Vampire races. Otherwise, I've mostly preferred Better Vampires, though I don't think Sacrosanct is at all bad. My biggest problem with it, would be the fact that with Sacrosanct, you are just as limited in feeding as you are in the vanilla game - meaning the Seduction power, which you don't always have, or Vampire Thralls, and while the powers you get are better, they still use the same basic system. Though I did like the ability it adds where Vampires can walk on water - though I would have liked a perk in the VL tree, that would let you run as well, but only at night. Yep.
  14. Some I've found and either use, or plan to. Bethany's Argonian Followers Female Forsworn Briarhearts - With Follower - Depending on the version of the mod used, it makes either some, or all of the Forsworn Briarhearts in the game, female, and as suggested, there is one available as a follower. Snow Elf Hut - Does not sound like a follower mod, and it is not explicitly. But it has a female Altmer(likely in a technically sense meant to be a Snow Elf) follower that you will find in the house once purchased. Syndelle - Wood Elf Trainer Archer Follower Talyn - Follower, Talyn Follower - Android Edition - Two versions of the same follower - Only use one at a time! Vermith - Dark Elf Healer
  15. Both are, indeed. But in spite of what might be a interesting appearance, followers that are in such convenient places are just that, followers. Not adding much to the game, other than being a follower who is certainly visually far more impressive than any vanilla follower, but does not offer much more. Not that they always should, but to go through dozens of followers who follow the same basic design idea? To have mod authors create followers who could fit somewhere in the game, but for the sake of convenience, they are put in an Inn. That completely zaps any want to use the mod that I might have once possessed. The Shark Race mod(linked in my signature), has a follower/NPC plugin as an option. All of the characters will have some kind of story, and some followers are planned to have a quest to get them as such, and one already does. None of them are planned to be, or are located within any Inns or Halls of the Dead.