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  1. Aside from some obvious, more technical issues, the only thing I'd be wishing for would've been something that gave the character more defense as you progress through missions, and perhaps a bit of an increase on how much of a heal you get when using the executions, maybe alongside a difference to how much certain enemies heal.
  2. "If you have met this horror, you know. Perhaps it has spared you, but it has not spared me from it. Worse still, this fate is not of it's choosing. Rather, it is a matter of absolute desperation, and this, it is my own fate. Pity it is not merely a dream." (Consider some assets in these shots a W.I.P.)
  3. Starting with the fifth image on the mod page? The Sarashi(top) and Fundoshi(bottom) are included in the mod, so long as you use the follower plugin, and they have bodyslide conversion files for at least UUNP(I'm not sure about CBBE) for the female version.
  4. Well...American Truck Simulator. Also kind of going with...well a bit of roleplay with it, going with the idea that this is actually VtM's setting, and my PC is actually a Vampire. Not sure of the clan, but the idea is that most of the daytime work(uncoupling trailers, etc), as well as some of the driving, is handled by one of her ghouls, as well as having perhaps another ghoul do the Quick jobs. The truck paintjob and some of the stuff in the cab and sleeper also is done as a matter of character as well. Though the paintjob and some of the accessories in the cab are mods, but otherwise it's all vanilla or DLC content.
  5. "The name? Well, it refers to the sort of thing that I definitely am not. Truth is, I hate it. Imagine being help up as something that you don't ever aspire to, but someone sees you that way, no matter what." Additionally, the two vanilla treasure hunters have been replaced by two Selachii, Chie and Masuo. Nice positioning on that idle marker, Bethesda! There will be a quest involved with these NPCs, intended to have something of a dynamic start. Meaning, that the encounter works partially as in vanilla, meaning that the two hunters are hostile, but if the PC encounters Izma first, and agrees to assist, they will be friendly with the PC from that point on. Additionally, the PC will be able to spare the hunters(if encountered before Izma), but this route will require the PC to win a brawl with Izma, and in this case, assisting the trio will be an option. Lastly, the Hunter's attire is randomized, their base armor including some variation on two of the three Kimono variants the mod includes, while they otherwise wear the Light Selachii/Blades Gauntlets and Boots also included. Also, no shots of this yet, but there is a new area added outside Riften, which is an entrance into an Old Canal that is being used as a home by these three NPCs. They will take up residence there once the quest is complete, and Izma will offer blacksmithing services(buying/selling and training) when in said cell, and not a follower.
  6. The existing UNP addon will work with the Ancient Falmer Race, the only caveat being that you'll need to replace the race's base textures with a set that has matching schlong textures, like Fair Skin or Leyanda, and others. As an example, using the Leyanda textures.
  7. "It's a learning experience, like much else here. Though I certainly think you are quite advanced. Hence your fraternization with the Archmage. I'll overlook it, since it seems both our studies are quite on time."
  8. I'd suggest this, Skyrim - Player Re-Voiced,(SE Version). It replaces all the sounds for the MaleElfHaughty voice type, which are used by the player(Shouts, battle injuries, etc). It can be used by the player, irrespective of race with PC Head Tracking and Voice Type, (SE Version).
  9. One possible guess would be that they developed the Vampire side of the questline first, possibly intended it as the only route through the DLC's MQ(hence the PC being a Vampire in the trailer, and the somewhat smoother flow at certain points - like entering the Soul Cairn). Mostly since that route, in a sense, does have something of a better flow. Though I have no idea how they originally might've had the questline start in this case, as it could've been something far simpler than what it currently is. As for Serana's presentation, I'd agree it should've been more than what it currently is. Something suggesting that, A) She is both a named Vampire that does not outright attack the player, and B), shows a level of strength that even the other Vampires present in Dimhollow did not(perhaps all but showing off the Vampire Lord form). But as for what she requests of the player, I'd suggest that she already knows about part of the prophecy, that the scrolls are involved, in the least - and in order to do anything concerning said prophecy, details that might only be known by her father and/or someone else in the Volkihar clan would assist in unraveling what it means. In addition, to make the DG side work better for the Bloodline quest(i.e the event in which the player refuses Harkon's offer), the PC is instead escorted out of the Keep by Serana(her interrupting Harkon just before the "I banish you" dialog), likely done through a forced dialog with her(likely simple options), and a FadetoBlack/Loadscreen which places her and the PC outside the Castle - in which she suggests that she is going to learn all she can, and maybe indirectly suggest that she will find the PC later - to which she re-enters the castle, which for the PC is a keylocked door. As well as perhaps having Serana being the one who has some knowledge of a Moth Priest in Skyrim, rather than that offhand mention by Isran - suggesting that she didn't just seek out the Dawnguard, but some other leads on what might be needed to decipher the Prophecy. Edit Some additional ideas, in-general or for the Vampire side. -For the aforementioned "banishment" bit, if the player has refused Harkon's offer, Serana will interrupt the player, and offer the player a secondary choice - She will offer to turn the player, or escort them out of the Castle. If the player accepts her offer, she would similarly show her VL form, but unlike Harkon, the transformation anim would be much less strained, if at all, and this option might confer some additional bonus that accepting Harkon's blood would not. It proceeds similarly from there, as it does with Harkon, only with the obvious chance that she would be giving the spiel on Vampirism, than Harkon. Additionally, instead of seeking out Garan, he would enter the room to speak with Serana and the player, offering his knowledge on how to increase the player's standing with Harkon, this being the obvious Bloodstone Chalice quest. -A slight chance to Garan's character, in that he would be overall respectful of Harkon's rule, but would additionally and easily extend a similar amount of respect to a PC that shows an affinity for knowledge, as he has possibly interacted heavily with many of the scholars, mages and the like that Harkon has sought out for the obvious reasons. -When finding Dexion, if on the Vampire side, perhaps an option to suggest that Serana enthralls Dexion, rather than it being only something the PC can do. -On either side, Serana would call the PC out if they themselves are a Vampire, suggesting she should get cured. Additionally, if you've used nothing but rather negative or dissmissive lines of dialog with her, she will adamantly refuse to seek a cure, suggesting that all being mortal now might bring her is the same kind of uncaring ignorance you've shown her.
  10. I'll be laughing if people make similar comments on the mods I'm developing, considering the possibility of them getting featured in MXR's videos. The Selachii mod(s) possibly won't, due them not exactly being "new" mods. But some of them will definitely be funny. "Sure, there is a bunch of dialog, decent level design[I hope?] and an overall point to experience the content, but the woman on that throne is TRANS? How is this not woke?" Uh, because there is more to the character than...a dick? A namesake, legacy, story...you tell me. Helheim (W.I.P)
  11. I'll put it this way - I bought SR 3 because I genuinely wanted to play the game. The same for SR2, and I enjoy both - though I can certainly admit that 3 has some flaws which in some places suggests it has the structure of SR2, but it lacks the serious side of things from the previous games. Even with a gang like the Deckers, I still think it kind of works, at least until Stag enters the picture. But I find it interesting that the ending in which Killbane Dies seems more satisfying than the "canon" ending(in that SR 4 follows it, at least). My thoughts on a continuation of the series? One of them would be a game that follows the ending in which Killbane dies, and the Boss does NOT become President. By contrast, I bought SR4, during a sale. And I have more hours into the former two games - as well as both of them still installed, which 4 is not. My thoughts on this "diversity or "inclusion" issue is simple. You can have whatever race you want, Whatever ethnicity you want. But don't make that effective trait, one of the biggest selling points of the character. It would be like selling a car, and the best thing you can tell me about it, is that it has a blue paintjob - or it's painted several colors, all to be inclusive. Those sorts of details are what you, depending in the intent of the character, make part of what they might do, say, or be interested in. Likely nobody, or very few people cared about diversity in say, SR2, because the story brought characters that, even if some may be caricaturized(say for many of the Ronin scenes having a *Speaks Japanese* subtitle, rather than either translated English text, or the, well, Romanized version of the language - I forget the proper term at the moment), but even with that, they bring some level of seriousness to the story. Even worse, is the idea having this as the introduction of a new title, a reboot that even with the intent of grabbing a new audience, seems nothing more than a tone deaf response to what fans have been asking for. So any fans of the series, old and new, will be served a title that is nothing more than an experience that is a "blank-slate" reboot, that bullet points what made other games decent, fun, etc - but is made to appeal more to new fans, than existing ones. Oh, and it's Freckle Bitches. Calling it FBC is either the obvious pullback, or a jab at the IHOP's attempt at rebranding, which both seems ridiculous, since the original name was a reference already.
  12. Seemed interesting, at least until that helmet was shown. Then the sci-fi techy guns. Nevermind that the characters don't seem to strike any chords at all, nothing that really stands out. Nothing that says that the intent is to, in the least, create characters that will be just as memorable as in the former games'. And to top it all of...it's an Epic Exclusive for PC. Might just be another DMC: Devil May Cry.
  13. Certainly. I might be using it myself, as I have a character intended for the Selachii mod, an additional Keeper of the mod's titular race, which the player won't be required to fight. It is only a theory, but the fact that he says it is on equal footing with him being lied to, forced to remember things in a specific way. If perhaps Valerica mentioned his deal, then maybe it would be more definitively canon that they both entered the Soul Cairn at about the same time, but I don't think she ever mentions anything about it.
  14. The information on exactly when she was interred within Dimhollow seems inconsistent, in comparison to the more definitive fact that it was before the rise of Tamriel's 3rd Empire, the Septim line. As well as ESO's part of the timeline(no matter how long it's story goes on for - though I haven't played it as of yet), seeing her already interred. Based on her comments, I'd say there would be a few ways to approach any new dialog. For example... -With the 2nd Era explanation, it might be that she has the knowledge enough to effectively "know" the Dwarves or other things she mentions. -With the 1st Era explanation, well, this makes it all the more obvious, since it would've allowed her to know the Dwarves existed, no matter if she interacted with them or not. But another possibility might consider the matter of her becoming a Daughter of Coldharbour. The event itself might've happened at some point in the 1st era, allowing her to have the direct knowledge of the Dwarves, and at least what their architecture looks like in it's prime. But she was only interred within Dimhollow sometime in the 2nd Era, before the rise of the Septim Empire and ESO's events. As for Durnehviir, though probably not an official explanation, one possible theory is that he sought the power of Necromancy from the Ideal Masters, and it may be that even with that power, his conquests failed, and his "death" saw him trapped within the Soul Cairn, but he wasn't officially given a task by the Ideal Masters until Valerica's arrival. However, given the amount of control the Ideal Masters have over him, he was made to think these were connected events, not perhaps hundreds of years. He also is clearly not the only Dragon who sought the power of Necromancy, given the Dragon skeletons littering the Cairn.
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