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  1. Location Type: Custom Worldspace Hold/Region: Sea of Ghosts Description: The origins of this village are known to very few, with many being unsure of how long the village has been around. But it is a village mostly comprised of Selachii, though members of other races are not at all shunned, they are free to either visit, or live in the village if they wish. Though being separate from the Skyrim mainland, some could easily believe that it is a lawless place - it is not. While it may follow some similar laws and customs of Skyrim itself, due to proximity, it has its own sy
  2. Sort of a "just in case". However, I do have plans for at least 3 potential characters who will use those assets, though it's not absolutely sure as of yet. Mentioned here, Planned Locations (W.I.P)(though slightly off in details right now), the last mentioned location currently lists one of the intended child NPCs, specifically Rem. I've already posted about it actually, though here is another shot...
  3. "Ah, yes. I know what you are referring to - Volenchend - a passage between Skyrim, Hammerfell, and possibly, other provinces - the only thing I don't know is how expansive it is. Built under cooperation of the Dwemer clans in Skyrim and Hammerfell, at least. I can point you to it's location - though it is no less dangerous than other ruins of this sort - and the most I can warn you of, would be dangers you already know, the Automatons, and the Falmer. But others? I cannot."
  4. "Might have to tweak the light on these things. Or maybe I just am..." *ear lick* "Anytime baby."
  5. This one here - The Timelost Dwemer - A Deep Elf Race. Though I've replaced the textures the mod uses with ones from the Leyenda set.
  6. "We are a race of CREATION, and said creations, I think it almost goes without saying...are created to be USED!" "But NEVER let it be said that we lack imagination. For when creation is what you seek, you seek to replicate what you already are, but in that, lies a wish for more. Not mere weapons of war, but perhaps of society itself. With everything, that implies."
  7. "Our history begins with chains of brass. A race who perhaps, knew that what we would later call Hammerfell, was once a land of lush forests, meadows, grasslands. The knowledge of what happened to change most of the province to a nearly barren desert was lost to us, and the Dwemer held no interest in us, beyond what use we could be to them. But our use would be paramount to their progress in the region. Within years, we were not whipped slaves, but held in high esteem, as we began working for ourselves, to produce goods, to protect their cities, and at the height, advise them when they sought
  8. Technically have this character starting this content of a bit ahead of time(using this mod, Not So Fast - Main Quest - little unexpected though, since I forgot I didn't change the MCM settings for the Dragon Rising quest), though aside from that little quirk, I had no issues with it. Though I would perhaps suggest adding some basic race related dialog, considering the PC's race, though likely something that suggests that most of these women might either not care, or it's just another point of interest and/or attraction, in addition to the knowledge of the PC being Dragonborn.
  9. "Ruin? Oh, you refer to the structures of the Dwemer which lie in various states of disrepair across at least Skyrim and Morrowind. Well, perhaps above all others, we Equines hold more of the Dwemer's secrets than any other race. Within a month, this 'ruin' as you call it, was restored for our needs, and can continue to do so for some time. Welcome, to the Lunarium." Main Hall Bar Kitchen Servant Room ???'s Room Player's Room (Yes, the room in the last image is perhaps, exactly what
  10. Not 100% sure on doing that, since with this exact mod, it's kind of limited to the mesh shape as is. Though what I do have plans for, would be a standalone addon that uses the same VP addon replacing mesh as is in this mod, which will support females, and include support for use with the Vampire Lord race(i.e the addon will work similarly to existing addons with Werewolves) - though I'll have to look into correcting the existing position file for that race which SOS does include(as well as the matter of textures). Additionally, the first version of the mod is going to support Bad
  11. While I haven't yet played with the mod, mostly due to the file size last I checked, though I might get to it at some point. But I think there is a certain, barrier that exists when it comes to certain forms of media, especially video games. You have a developer release a game with very mature content? To an extent, that can easily be considered fine - such as being able to stream a game like Conan Exiles, with the full nudity on, on Twitch, and that is apparently fine. The same likely goes for other game that have similar content - i.e it is a part of the released game. But even i
  12. "She could have been so much more. But when we are dragged down from the beginning? When no matter what we do, those closest to us, see nothing but a burden? Her path was set upon her by others, and she walked it, enduring everything until she was only able to be as caustic as those who raised her."
  13. Kuroyami


    Description Little is known of this place, beyond it's Dwemeri origins, this ruin seems to have stat abandoned outside Markarth for centuries, with seemingly no excuse as to why no one from the hold capital took the time and effort to develop it. But with the arrival of a wealthy and influential Equinian noble from Hammerfell, it was seen as once again functional inside of a month, including once cold pipes spewing steam, and Dwarven automatons standing guard outside what some began to consider a fortress, in spite of it's small exterior, as those who knew, understood that the loca
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