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  1. Kuroyami

    The Selachii - Shark Race

    What I think is going to be it for Fume's dialog that gives a lead-in for the Lost to the Ages quest. A bit of dialog for Khad... Some of GotG...
  2. RaceMenu sliders for UUNP or CBBE can apply to clothes or armors, but only if they have been generated through Bodyslide, and you have chosen the option to generate .tri files for them. So what you will need is a UUNP or CBBE conversion of the vanilla/DLC armors and clothes. Or for other armor or clothing mods that have a UUNP/CBBE conversion for Bodyslide. If you use UUNP, a mod like this - UUNP Vanilla Outfits Bodyslides.
  3. Kuroyami

    The Selachii - Shark Race

    That it is. Not exactly sure where it will appear in-game, but at this point, it most likely will be part of Gaku's collection. It is currently 9 pages in the document, and it is at 3554 words. I do have some later parts already written, but there is likely going to be a lot more.
  4. Kuroyami

    The Selachii - Shark Race

    Some of Haru's dialog... The conditional for it will likely change, as I'm still unsure how I want to implement this dialog(meaning his overall dialog) in contrast with his and Izumi's journals. Also, part of this dialog may, or may not define Haru's last, and thus family name, as suggested, but I'm not sure just yet. He also has some introductory dialog too, but it is fairly simple. A change to Fume's introduction dialog, at least one of the dialog paths, anyway. A few parts of the "Gift of the Gods" story...
  5. Kuroyami

    The Selachii - Shark Race

    Yep, I think I'll be re-writing this thing, at least for the Yiffy Age version. Referring to the Racial Phylogeny book, of course. More changes on this text certainly is likely. Not sure if I'll change any of the rest, but I might.
  6. Kuroyami

    The Selachii - Shark Race

    It seems that part of it is a bit, odd. You would think that an entry would only show up in that section if you use the option to save it as if you just published it(i.e the Immediately option), but it seems to put it there even if you leave the original published date too. There is more to it, and perhaps what I wrote there is a bit more than I intended. Though that information will be conveyed in-game as well, since some might not actually read the blog, and a bit better to learn it there anyway. Though what is there for Fume at the moment, will likely be it, as far as the blog is concerned(save for what might go into the spoiler tags). It could be that is completely wrong, so it might change. Otherwise, that is mostly a character trait I'd rather stay away from. Though that subreddit is indeed worth a look.
  7. Kuroyami

    The Selachii - Shark Race

    So, the suggestion has been made, quite a while ago, that Fume or Fumetsu is more of an assumed name, or something she was called, and it stuck. Well, obviously that means she has a different name, and now it is more official. I'm not sure it is going to be a spoiler for her related quest, but for those interested, you can learn of her real name in the blog. There is also a more in-depth backstory for her there too. Otherwise, a few of her more random lines. (Not sure about the last one...she is basically calling herself an idiot.)
  8. Kuroyami

    The Selachii - Shark Race

    Well, this is probably going to change, but... Something like this may end up being final(at least the last bit - this was written a while ago), and with the way it currently is, the first option obviously has nothing happening, other than her calling attention to what might already be obvious, in the instance where the armor she has is revealing. Which currently for the Steel Plate, it would take a very specific configuration of mods and in-game changes to get that result. The second has her taking off the armor itself, which depending on where you have this conversation, could be a little more than awkward - though it will still be true with the removal of that bottom piece(though this is obviously less of a problem if you consider the vanilla game or a YA setup a bit, free-er than real-life, or a sort of society that doesn't heavily frown on nudity[which Skyrim already is, somewhat]). So with her armor being changed to the Blades-based one, she could just have that piece equipped, and if a dialog like the above makes it into the game, she would just remove that piece(and there wouldn't be much of a need for two possibilities). I'm thinking that she might be wearing the fundoshi under it too(i.e it would be in her inventory, not necessarily equipped), which hopefully wouldn't cause issues with armor changes in dialog. Not entirely sure about permissions, and at least the first is a compilation sourced from other mods, but... Bound Armory Extravaganza - the MCM version Bound Blades Katana - with Bound Armory Compatibility
  9. Kuroyami

    A little problem with bodyslide...

    Bodyslide's Batch Build function will generate meshes for either everything available, or any selected groups, which considers the currently selected Preset. So if you only have Bodyslide itself installed, then the function will generate meshes only for the default female body, though with some overlap due to the few options that generate the same meshes - and more recent versions may specifically tell you this, and/or allow you to choose which you want to generate - this going for some conversion files too. If you select one or more groups, then using batch build will generate meshes for everything in the chosen group(s). Though I'm not too sure, it may be the case where if you made a conversion(meaning the files for Bodyslide that allow you to generate meshes for UUNP/CBBE body types) yourself, something wasn't set up correctly, and Bodyslide might consider it still being CBBE. Or perhaps the conversion files aren't set up to be in the UUNP group?
  10. Kuroyami

    The Selachii - Shark Race

    Thank you. You could say that came out of me getting a bit sappy after watching Darling in the FranXX. Otherwise, while I'm not sure if any or all of this will be relevant for the next update, there are a few changes that I think should be made. -Fume: What I'd suggest is changing her armor to the more specific Blades-based one this mod is meant to add, likely he heavy variation. This gives a bit more control over the armor itself for certain parts of the dialog, and makes some of it depend less on the user having a mod installed for her current Steel Plate armor, It also would likely just need that the bottom piece is removed, rather than possibly needing to either check for her armor being revealing specifically, and/ or removing the armor entirely if not. This would move her away from being a reference character, though I don't see that as a problem. Another thing to mention would be, in the service of trying to keep things on theme, possibly adding a custom Bound weapon spell for her, one that uses a Katana model, rather than a Daedric sword like the vanilla spell does. I have seen spell mods that do this, though it would obviously depend on if the credits of these mods allow for it, and if the interest is there. Other than that, I'm thinking the lore reason for it appearing different, is that perhaps the spell she was taught wasn't the basic spell seen in he game(or the series overall), but a more custom one that Renee learned, which considers the user's familiarity with weapons when casting. Having perhaps used a katana as her main weapon(and maybe with the one she would have been armed with broken[likely in place of her arm, or alongside it]), the spell allowed for defense when there was no other avenue for offense or defense. Perhaps in-game terms it would just be the same Bound Katana spell in other mods, but...I think the point is obvious? -Added ArmorSteelBootsA "Steel Cuffed Boots" [ARMO:00013951](in place of the existing Stormcloak/Guard boots) and ArmorSteelGauntletsA "Steel Nordic Gauntlets" [ARMO:00013953], to the Outfit used by Khrista(aaaGuardWinterholdOutfitNoHelmet [OTFT:2E16B778]). -Sorry for mentioning this again, but Kori still has the faction for the Cut addon, and Khrista, as well as Vaynelle and Jena, don't have the one for YA's No Schong addon. -Added the YA Anthro faction to Neros(no rank change), and the Selachii Beast Addon to Hiyasu(6). -Added DLC1AkaviriSword "Akaviri Sword" [WEAP:02014555] to Seika, in place of the Steel Mace. Another addition for the Legacy book, this time to it's Religion section. It might not be the right place for it, but...
  11. Kuroyami

    The Selachii - Shark Race

    Just something for the Legacy book...what I think is going to be the finished part on Marriage. I don't know how good this is but...*sniff* Also, I'll be making a few changes to Fume's story - namely in that she doesn't use the conjured sword because of injury, but instead, in memory of a friend she lost.
  12. The way the Bijin mods could cause a problem, even just Warmaidens, is that they change the NPCs to use different texture sets added by the mod. Meaning that, rather than loading the base female texture set for all female NPCs, the game has to load 4 - the vanilla set, along with at least three possible others for Bijin. Though the odd part is, it shouldn't be isolated to one single cell of the game, but you would at least see the problem elsewhere, likely as a missing texture bug, before you get a crash. Though this is dependent on at least the amount of VRAM your video card has, and possibly a card with 4gb might not have this problem, unless you have been playing for quite a while, or use a lot of High res textures. Are you sure you don't have anything else adding to that cell? Have you checked in TESVEdit?
  13. Kuroyami

    The Selachii - Shark Race

    So, Dialog. Made additions to some of Enkai's lines. I had thought the pronunciation of Same that I had in the blog's first entry was, right...then I heard what it actually is(that being a particularly relevant song, sung by a character from Sweetness and Lightning). I've long since corrected it in that blog entry, and also use what seems to be the correct pronunciation here. Also, the last option, I'd hope makes sense in either version of the mod - the last statement(by Enkai) referring to the Selachii having maintained some human traits, even after leaving Akavir. And the start of Akario's dialog, at least the introduction at this point, for those playing a Selachii. Any guesses what I've been a bit obsessed with recently? Anyway, his ship(the one meant for the planned/possible addition to the Solitude docks) has a name, the Taiho. Also, a draft of a letter that may be used in a quest for Akairo. Finally, the first few entries from the journal of Hitomi - the Captain who sailed to Black Marsh, before the Selachii left Akavir.
  14. Kuroyami

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Bad Dog's Skimpy Clothes mod does cover the mage robes(like the ones Farengar wears), but only the meshes at this point. The mod hasn't added the correct keyword to the mage robes yet. However, the SOS Revealing Armors mod does cover the College Robes, so those should be fine. However, you should be able to use the Player/NPC Submenu in SOS' MCM to set clothing or armors that should be, as Revealing, and the schlong should show up. Also, that load order you posted in the other thread...have you ran that through LOOT? All .esm files should be at the top of your load order, and Live Another Life, along with your bashed patch, should be at the bottom. Additionally, it looks like some of your mods should be ordered differently as well - the three DLC should be listed Dawnguard, Hearthfires, and Dragonborn. The Hi-Res DLC is fine to come after them. USLEEP should likely be sorted next, along with the Unofficial High Resolution Patch.
  15. Kuroyami

    The Selachii - Shark Race

    I do have Yiffy Age active on my test profile, though yeah, they are simple in their design. Though Kiraya does have a blue-black fur color, and red hair - which only the hair really shows in the image. For Khad, that is basically intended. Though I was debating for a while on if I should actually post these shots(at least the ones for Khad), or consider the location more before I did. Though regardless of the second point, the textures wouldn't really have changed. Though it might be a suggestion to make to Bad Dog, to integrate Nightro's head meshes into Yiffy Age. Not sure if that would require facegen work, or for Bad Dog to edit his new Khajiit textures more, though. I'm still going to search around a bit, and hopefully I can find something.