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  1. "What they don't realize, is the actual weakness possessed by Colter is simple. He gets soldiers, and his serfs to work, and then he can sit, survey his domain, and to a degree, foolishly believe that things would only improve. But then the threats pile up around him, and the most he thinks is that a few open walls would keep him from them. One of these threats being within these walls didn't even occur to him at all. The same could happen to me, as it seems their want for progress lacks in a real goal. A new leader? Not good enough, they haven't proven themselves yet. One of them even remarked about respect, and what it takes to earn it. Surely a process, but that suggests the triumph over their layabout Overboss is not one in itself. Perhaps a start, but not in their eyes. What about the Castle and Plant taken? Rendered more hospitable, at least. I get the feeling this is progress, but it will always not be enough. Yet I understand. Though you cannot always keep working at something, benefit, and just keep working for more. What is the point of War's spoils, if you can never enjoy them?"
  2. The character is already mentioned on the Shark race blog already, in the Helheim entry. Though it's only some very basic information, but otherwise I do have some dialog written for her, though she isn't meant to be too big of a character, content-wise anyway. That could change though. I'm not too worried about spoiling her race(even some current dialog makes a bit of a deal out of it), as her name alone might point some to her race already. At this point, at least considering her possible bat appearance, I don't think I could show her off in-game. My recourse for vanilla would be a very pale(or a very light blue tone that looks white in-game) Dunmer, which should be fairly easy. I'd go for making her a white/albino colored bat if YA does get them, which might work with the current textures, I'm not sure.
  3. I'd prefer an uncut option for the bats, there being a number of images showing them that way. Though I think the anatomical option would be interesting too. Though it is possibly a concern with Yiffy Age, and if the Bats are added in as the Dwemer, though possibly the anatomical option just being used for the one race, and likely just the player, given the lore(though I do have an idea for a half-dwemer character for the Shark Race mod that might use that race if it is done...), so it might not be a problem.
  4. There is an optional file for the Shark Race mod that does put a shark on the main menu, with a few options. There could be more in the future, I'm not 100% sure.
  5. I'd go for the idea of the poses basically staying the same, going for the idea that it is meant to get out the two largest conflicts in the game - as it currently is anyway, even if this applies more for the clothed versions of the meshes, it still can be seen in the fact that the mesh has a Nord/Imperial on opposing sides, and in the middle, what both don't pay attention to really, the Dragons. The only change to the pose I'd say might be better, is if both are looking at each other, and not at all on the logo(or towards the camera...) - to suggest that both sides have lost sight of what is important, and cannot see, or cannot fathom that they are being manipulated, either directly or indirectly. Though at most, I'd suggest an optional replacer that has both the Nord and Imperial be female - suggesting that the conflict is easily Sister against Sister, just as much as it is Brother against Brother. Just throwing out ideas though.
  6. Tried this out in Whiterun for the horse option, and it seems there is an issue with Immersive Horses. Since the second horse in the stable is made player-owned(or un-owned, as the case may be), the player can ride it without issue(vanilla-wise, anyway). But the end result seems to be that since the horse was clicked on, it forces the player on the horse(a Temp horse as far as IH is concerned), and you can't really get off the horse, as well as the SL scene being stalled because of the state the player is in. Not 100% sure the issue is caused by Immersive Horses, but since I do have that installed, it is possible. Though I will say that it is good that the mod avoids using the buyable horse, since that wouldn't make much sense for a few obvious reasons, and then there is the fact that the LE version of IH has all the purchasable horses set as female(I think even the ones for Hearthfire too), and most of them only have female fitting names. Also, as a suggestion, maybe it might be a good idea to place a cooking pot and some materials to make the Horse Treats near some of the stables, which you can possibly take once you have done the quest for that stable at least once? Such as in this corner for Whiterun's stables.
  7. A little bit one sided for this encounter(Solutions addition to Sheogorath's quest), but I think this animation kind of makes up for it. As for possible requests, I think there are two, well more so three avenues of animations that don't really have anything yet, unless I'm missing something. 1.Lesbian Rape animations Certainly an odd one, since most often this is portrayed with some use of toys, like the above images. I'd certainly not prefer ones like that, given the idea of the toys coming out of nowhere, especially given how random encounters with Defeat or similar mods can be. But mostly I'd say it should go on the aggressiveness of the more dominant actor in the scene, and some degree of resistance(at least perhaps in the first stage) from the passive actor. Examples: sephra(a rather long animation...) 2.Futa/Trans Rape Certainly a number of existing male animations can work for this, but obviously have the alignment problems, though they could perhaps be adapted to this sort of character? 3.Futa on Creature animations Mostly considering the Futa as the more active one here, since to a degree, the existing female animations can work for the inverse. Similarly, some existing animations made for males can work, but again, the alignment issues exist. I'd imagine that some of the existing male ones could be adapted too. Though something like this might be more fitting in MNC or HCoS though. Examples: dahsharky(Horse Anal) dahsharky(Horse Vaginal) johndoe1970(Canine Anal) - Skyrim's Wolves/Dogs might be a bit big for the second part, if anything similar is done... Otherwise, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I love these animations.
  8. A texture edit to the schong addons, though in the case of the beast ones, it's just to make the normally pink fleshy bits, grey. With both the female and male body textures, along with the human schlong textures, I've edited some of the bits to be a darker black, like the nipples you can see on Mizumi in those shots(this going along with the Shark RM overlay being used, the no nipples one - almost can't tell, can you?). The intent was the same with the beast schlong, but as is, it just means it takes on more of his assigned body color than if it was still pink, hence it looking like that.
  9. Can't go wrong with fish. The taste might be a bit salty to you, but I, and I think they, find it nothing but sweet.
  10. That looks like something with the base armor mod, or the UUNP conversion if the base mod itself doesn't have it already. Do you have a link for the armor mod and/or conversion?
  11. So, no real problems with Mizuno's quest this time. Though it was entirely done in a different session than when those last shots were taken. Although there is still the technical problem of the quest progression I went for, means that Mizuno currently assumes that you spoke to him previously, even if you have not, and started the quest at Deekus' camp. I think I have lines for that outcome in the document? Otherwise, there is the issue of Deekus himself. I think just reading the note should get you the quest, even if it starts with a misc objective to learn more about the necklace. I'd like if something similar could happen if you just moused over it(akin to it displaying the item name in the hud), but I'm not sure if that is possible. So maybe reading the note, and the objective you'd get from that, should allow you to speak with Deekus about the necklace, including some options I just added to the document for his added dialog, both going for existing options, considering if the player is Thane of Winterhold, and if the player has some level of intimidation factor(the document mentioning armor/weapons/stats, etc as alternatives to just Speechcraft). The document for his dialog is now linked in the Current Characters entry of the blog.
  12. "At some point, you hear it. 'You are nothing, and no one.' Out of people who that same phrase can apply to. But they are not trying to be anything. If they have a profession? It's in the family. If they are doing something their parents didn't? Well, it's a matter of privilege. But they prefer the boundaries, even so. Breaking those? They tend to not only shy away from that, but condemn others doing it. Years of doing what I want. Living, surviving, all on my own effort. Commendable, in their eyes. Though there is always the matter of, more. 'Why don't you have children yet?', as if that should be the standard. Two centuries, give or take, and even if I have well over a hundred more, I should focus on more. You tell them this? No changes to their opinion, since it is a lifestyle they are used to, and like nothing better than to try and get others to fit in with them." "Maybe I've gotten too used to this. So I get drunk, and deal with it. I get too hot, and I cool off as I want. But...maybe..."
  13. Notes: -Much of the information in this entry, may be subject to change. Mostly small corrections, but possibly some re-ordering of events. -Each section denotes events occurring before or after the departure of the Selachii from Akavir. -Unless specifically stated, events may or may not come directly before or after another. -Spaced lines may suggest a long period of time between listed events. -Seriously, this entry will contain major spoilers - this is the last warning you'll get. >An unnamed Ehlnofey, or Ancestor Spirit, takes a vast amount of time to perfect an aquatic species, that maintains a bipedal shape, so it can walk upon land. It seems to have fixated upon the traits of a Shark, for it's creation. >This spirit seems to have perfected this new species at a time between night and day, when both the Sun and Moon where visible in the sky. It was named Eclipse, and later this name is translated into the language the Selachii would adopt from the Tsaesci. >Eclipse understood the concept of gender, and yet, it's body did not reflect one or the other. It was a mixture of both, due to the Spirit's lack of understanding, not it's own. >The purpose of Eclipse's mixture of genders was for a purpose - it was able to physically mate with itself, to produce offspring. Other than it's first offspring being a Selachii, little else is known about them. >Eclipse encounters what it eventually came to know as a Dragon. For a number of reasons, no violence is incited between the two. >The Dragon recognizes Eclipse as a creation of the Ehlnofey, but chooses to inquire as to their origins, rather than assume. >Over time, the Dragon teaches Eclipse of it's language - Dovazul. They become familiar enough where Eclipse is named in the tongue of the Dragons, and learns of the Dragon's name. >Later Selachii would note a familiarly with Dragons not seen in other races, being more willing to see them as more complex creatures. >The Selachii encounter the Tsaesci, and enter into a conflict that lasts for a year. >During this conflict, a human soldier who had faithfully served the Tsaesci, arrives in their capital, and presents to the Tsaesci rulers his wife and child - both of the Selachii race. Once they understand what they are looking at, this marks the beginning of cooperation between the Selachii and Tsaesci. >The Selachii are asked to provide soldiers for the Tsaesci's invasion of Tamriel, during the 1st era - they refuse, but allow members of their race to choose for themselves. >Selachii are first seen on the shores of Tamriel during the Tsaesci's 1st Era invasion, but records of the race being involved are non-existent, or based on rumors. >A Selachii member of the Dragonguard sets foot on the shores of Skyrim, along with a number of his compatriots. Ordered to hunt down and kill Dragons, he was one of few among the Dragonguard who believed this goal to be flawed. Partially due to his race, but also due to a wish to see some level of complexity in his enemies - meaning his actions to kill them are not just about wanton murder. >Over the course of six years, his group slays ten dragons preying upon the cities and villages of the Province. But they soon hear legends and rumors of an ancient Dragon known to rest beneath the frozen waters of the Sea of Ghosts. They mean to slay this Dragon, and return to their ship to hunt it down. >Days in the cold, only the Selachii was not freezing. The rest were tired, and worried that this dragon would not be found. The unit's commander and captain of the ship, called the dragon in their language - but not knowing it's name, they simply called out DOVAH, but it was to no avail - nothing happened. >The Selachii asked to try, and the Commander agreed, since three Dragons had fallen to Hideki's blade in the past year. When Hideki called out for the Dragon, it was moments before the seas became rough, the temperature dropped severely, and the sound of a Dragon's voice echoed across the sky - but it was not in the Dragon's language. "All but one of you are, unworthy of challenging me." >At the beginning of Tamriel's 2nd Era, the political situation among the Selachii is again, one of chaos. >The family in charge is replaced by others over the course of 50 years. >Three possible factions engage in various types of conflict to gain power over the Selachii, essentially three families - Shirogane, Kai, and Morimoto. >A village of Selachiii that has vastly different beliefs from the majority of others, one that has never had ties with the rest of the race, is visited by a group of travelers who later tell an, interesting story about the events of this night, on which a celebration was being held. >They were invited to partake in a feast, the served food being standard fare for the race, though it did include some local fish and other hunted meats. >Though most of the tale they told was not taken as unusual, there seems to be a part of the story which they either refuse to tell, or for some reason, cannot. Eventually their tale is forgotten by most. >The Selachii refuse to take part in the Tsaesci's invasion of Tamriel during the 2nd Era, due to not believing in their allies stated reasons. >It is believed that, due to this choice on the part of the Selachii, certain groups among the Tsaesci begin growing a distrust of their allies, alongside the existing clash of views on the nature of Dragons. >The ruler of the Selachii during this time, is found to have been assassinated, with the one behind it believed to be a Tsaesci, though their identity is never discovered - however, no one believes any of the three families vying for power, are responsible. >The Shirogane line takes the throne, and aims to take the Selachii into an age of peace. >Azuma Shirogane takes his place as ruler of the Selachii, and marries Shino, who had been one of his best soldiers for years. >Five years later, they have two children, Himiko and Yoru. >At a celebration held on the day of his children's fifth birthday, the young Himiko is found to be missing from the day's events. While many are sure that she was still safe, Azuma was reasonably worried. However, it was soon found that Himiko was enjoying the company of one of the palace servants, who was found reading a book to Himiko. Azuma and his retainers wished the servant girl punished, and she was willing to submit to it. Himiko protested, suggesting that the girl had been teaching the young princess many things, including reading to her as she had been found. >Auzma's retainers still protested, but he asked them for silence. Asking the girl's name, she cited it as Motoko. After a few moments of silence, he gave the girl a choice - if she would agree to continue to serve, protect and help Himiko learn, she would be given the support needed for her to carry out these tasks, including higher pay, and living within the palace walls. If not, she would be asked to leave the palace, due to her dishonesty. >Motoko briefly stood, before kneeling at Azuma's feet, saying that she would endure Oblivion, in pursuit of Himiko's protection. >Legends tell of one known as the Yurei, known as such due to the lack of a proper name, that wanders the land. They appear as a very pale Selachii, with long, black flowing hair, and wear only a loose fitting white Kimono, with a red sash draped around her arms. Few have an understanding what this entity desires. The only thing known is, that their desires are benevolent, and any who seem to have encountered this entity, were never harmed. >As they come of age, Himiko and Yoru experience the death of their mother, Shino, and the question is then raised as to how long Azuma will keep his family in power, as well as his own status. >When Azuma makes it clear that he intends for Himiko to succeed him as ruler of the Selachii, he meets with heads of the other two prominent families, and it is Himiko that brings a peace between them >The only point in which the meeting went sour, was when it was the Morimoto family that nearly mandated that Himiko marry their oldest son. She refused, and persuaded the peace to occur without such a requirement. >The details were never made public, but most believe it is due to Himiko agreeing to a few lesser demands made by the other two families, but similarly, no one is sure of what those might have been. >On her 25th birthday, Himiko is given a present by her father, that holds a lot of responsibility and weight - the rule of the Selachii. Thus, on this day, she becomes known as Queen Himiko. >Yoru protests, drawing a blade against his sister. The two fight, and as Himiko has the tip of her sword against his throat, it is his own father who bids him to leave the city, and make his own way in life. Himiko does not protest to her father's ruling. >Himiko opens herself up to her people far more than her father, or previous rulers ever did. The first time she spoke to her people, she freely walked among them, greeting them all with equal respect. >She embraced the use of magic, endorsing the use of it publicly for purposes of healing and rejuvenation. Helping to fund the building of a temple whose purpose was to be devoted to healing, welcoming all. Within a year of construction being finalized, she occasionally visited, assisting healers with those needing healing, learning a great deal from them. >Queen Himiko rules the Selachii for 150 years, before she fades into history. >Himiko revives a tradition(that her father never used) five years into her reign, that the previous three rulers of the Selachii abandoned - the training of Handmaidens whose goal is to protect and serve the King or Queen. >Tomoe Gozen, a strong Selachii warrior who served the previous rulers, agreed to serve Himiko - once she proved an equal match in combat. This began a tradition of the Queen's Handmaidens needing to match her, as a final test. >In the 30th year of Himiko's reign, a funeral is held for Tomoe Gozen, the event being treated like the death of one of the Selachii's rulers. >Tomoe's daughter, who was given her mother's name at birth to honor the legacy, wears her mother's armor to this event, which despite being held on a bright and sunny day, for her and others, it was still raining. >An attack is carried out on a village which was of value to the Selachii, for it grew and sold Sakura, or Cherry Blossom trees, which were enhanced to provide certain effects when one ingested their petals. >In the 105th year of her reign, Queen Himiko was first seen to be pregnant by her people. >In a season of falling snow, Queen Himiko gives birth to twin children, a boy and a girl - Kōsetsu and Yukiko. >Many have reason to believe that, one of the Queen's handmaidens is the "father" - they are not concerned with this knowledge, be it fact or rumor. >In the 125th year of her reign, Queen Himiko sails to an island where she meets with an entity that is supposedly the progenitor of the Selachii race. >Yukiko takes the throne as regent during this time, due to her brother being younger. >Queen Himiko and her handmaiden Sakura are injured during an attack by Yoru, and is given power over death by a entity that seems similar to a Selachii, naming itself as Eclipse, and in the language adopted by the Selachii, it is Nisshoku. >Queen Himiko uses her power to save Sakura, who still wishes to loyally serve. >Queen Himiko sails back to this island at the close of the 150th year of her reign, being sealed within the island cavern, which now contains the temple that will serve as her tomb. >All of Queen Himiko's 1000 handmaidens agreed to serve her in death, being given the same power she had previously given only to Sakura. This does not include their deaths, yet they were entombed with her. >The Selachii put together two ships, each bound for a different location, but both have the same purpose - to present the Selachii to the 2nd Empire of Tamriel. >One ship is sent to the shores of Black Marsh, or Argonia. It returns after a successful voyage, bringing news of favorable relations with the Argonians. >Hitomi, the Captain of this ship, suggests that the Argonians looked at the Selachii curiously, unsure of any possible trust. They chose to "let the Hist decide", and gave a few Selachii, this Captain included, a taste of the sap from a large tree. >Some of the Selachii's reactions to the sap were subdued, some fell to their knees with blank looks in their eyes(but were fine soon after), and the Captain suggested she saw the tree as something else. She seems to have later recorded that she saw something else watching them, as well, though she never would know what this was. >A number of Selachii on this voyage make the choice to remain in Black Marsh, requesting permission from their Captain. Hitomi agrees to this. >The other ship was supposed to be sent to the Imperial City, but it never arrived. The Selachii never learn why. However, the truth of the matter, is that it one of the first attacks on the Selachii, by members of the Tsaesci race who greatly mistrust their ally. >Queen Yukiko officially takes the throne. >It is believed that Yukiko was one of the Selachii's last rulers in Akavir, and it is unknown if she, her brother Kōsetsu, or one of their own children became ruler of the Selachii, before the event which drove them from Akavir. >The location of the Island where Himiko took her final voyage, is lost to history after the Selachii depart Akavir. >A great force attacks the Selachii capital in Akavir, consisting of Tsaesci soldiers, who have seemingly entered into alliances with some of Akavir's other races, to attack the Selachii. >In desperation, a pact forged by the Selachii long ago, is broken. Twice. [YMMV on above spoilered content - it may or may not be part of the canon story for the mod] >"Where my creator had no concern for you, I possessed it. Where it cared nothing for you, I acted for you. Where it would have destroyed you, I have taken steps, to let you save yourselves." The last words from Akavir, from an unknown source. >A few hundred years into the 2nd Era Interregnum(possibly around the year 750), the Selachii arrive on the shores of Black Marsh for a second time, and are greeted peacefully by the native Argonians. >The Argonians question the reason for this exodus, and receive no clear answers, as no Selachii has them. Still, they remember the offering given by the Selachii, along with the few Selachii who stayed and still lived in Black Marsh, and offer refuge. >The Selachii settle on a large island to the South of Black Marsh, and in a few years, they have the beginnings of a large city. They eventually name it Same-Shuto, which many regard as simple, but effective. >The Shirogane family still holds a great degree of power when it comes to the leadership of the race, though it has differed to the Council's authority heavily. The Kai family also becomes much more prominent during this time. >A large deposit of silver is discovered on the ocean floor surrounding the Selachii named capital city of Same-Shuto, and the Selachii begin mining the material within two years. >Silver becomes the Selachii's currency, though it is a material they seemingly used before in Akavir. They value it more than the use of Gold by the other provinces of Tamriel. >The Selachii make a promise to give a portion of this wealth to the Argonians on a certain basis, though it is out of respect that they do this, as the Argonians requested no exchanged currency for the Sealchii to live on the island. >One of the first well known scholars among the Selachii race is known as Gaku, who quickly becomes known for his high affinity for magic, alongside his pursuit of knowledge. >Gaku departed by ship from Same-Shuto, apparently with information he found dangerous, leaving a note suggesting nefarious actions. No one ever finds out the truth of these events. Most rely on supposition for answers, but only for lack of information. >Motoko, the latest Matriarch of the Shirogane family is seen by visiting dignitaries from other races as nothing more than a layabout, drunk, who cares nothing for her nobility. This is in spite of the fact that each of their races has the same examples, and they are arguably worse. For in spite of her lecherous ways, she is physically fit, a trained solider and warrior, along with being just as kind as any of her race. As well as a student of history, considering that of her own, Akavir, and Tamriel. These assertions are dropped once publicly challenged - for many of these same rumor mongering nobles are aghast at the idea of having to challenge their assertions in open combat. Publicly shamed, they soon defer to truth, even if it includes the classic tales they know well, and would speak of with negatively within their own lands. >Selachii Scholar Marin Kai begins work on a book concerning her people, and meets the Imperial Scholar Lyra in the process. >The Council decides in secret, planning a venture to Akavir, sight unseen, and the Selachii Navy is set to increase in size within the next three to five years. >Kaiyo and Kaze, the two sons of the Admiral in charge of this venture, Shio Kai, are assigned to his own ship, being at sea for a year. >Lyra leaves Same-Shuto, intending to travel around Tamriel, leaving with Arashii, a Selachii she met during her work with Marin. >The Selachii's debate on Marriage begins. >The ship baring Kayio and Kaze returns, and within three months they are set to leave once again. >In 2E 850, Marin Kai's work is complete, and her book, known by the title of "Selachii Legacy" to those speaking Cyrodiilic, is released. >Kayio and Kaze return to Same-Shuto with their father, and this time, Kaiyo is named First Mate, and their indefinite shore leave begins, as his father becomes involved with training new Sailors. >The Selachii debate on Marriage ends, with the choice to remain open-minded about such unions. >Kajitsu Setchi, a Selachii whose viewpoint was based on traveling in other parts of Tamriel, argues with Advocate Sora Ao about the choice. >Marin's work faces brief controversy, which she herself dispels, speaking before her people. >Kaiyo begins to suspect something about what his father is doing, and asks to know what is going on. His father only tells part of the truth. >Shio meets with the Council, to suggest what should have been done long ago - send a scout ship to Akavir, or use their Tsaesci contacts. They refuse. >Asking to meet him aboard his ship, Shio decides to tell Kaiyo everything. He brings with him the document which he and the Council signed. This document lists their outlined plans - an invasion and subsequent conquering of the continent of Akavir, including territories held by Tsaesci. >The confrontation between Shio and his son, leads to what both consider honorable, in light of the circumstances. A fight to the death - Shio loses a son, or the lie would be presented before their people, and he(Shio) faces an honorable death. >Kaiyo returns home in the rain, falling to his knees in tears, tightly embracing his sister, Marin. >Marin Kai goes before the Council, as Kaiyo and his brother leave Same-Shuto aboard his father's ship. >Presenting the signed document before the Council, they question it's legitimacy. But it has their signatures, and by the Selachii's laws, with the severity of what the document put into practice - a near decade long plan to amass a large enough force to invade Akavir, which they had cut in half in desperation, and the entire purpose of the venture was conquest, a concept which the Selachii had agreed on the founding of Same-Shuto, that they would never involve themselves with - this is grounds for the dismissal of the entire Council. >Sora Ao has little to say when he soon arrives, and Advocate Umiko Kai is equally as speechless. However, Umiko is one of the first chosen to accept a Council seat. Sora is suggested as well, but politely refuses. >Marin herself leaves Same-Shuto soon after, eventually sailing with Kaiyo. Their fate, is unknown. >Statues depicting Kaiyo and Marin are erected two years after their departure, within the plaza leading to the Council building. >These statues are built alongside an existing monument - a Cherry Blossom tree, which was brought from Akavir as a sapling, and has survived since their arrival. >When the Selachii first saw these three monuments together, they noted a certain similarity to the Mitsudomoe, and believed they coincidentally represented three things: >Statue of Kaiyo - War >Statue of Marin Kai - Knowledge >Cherry Blossom Tree - Peace >Five years after Kaiyo's flight, the Admiral who would later be known as Kokushi, leaves Same-Shuto, turning to the practice of Piracy. >Encountering rumors of a legend within a town built upon a sunken island, Kokushi decides to seek out this treasure. He soon comes into conflict with other Selachii sailors, who believe the legend too dangerous to chase. >Kokushi is seemingly cornered by at least seven other ships, near a massive island with swirling with black clouds continuously covering it's peaks, during the coming of dusk. He proves the might of his men and his ship, by destroying all but one of the attacking ships. >Kokushi enters into this cavern, followed by the remaining ship. Both ships are soon boarded, and a large battle begins. >Kokushi is bested by the captain of the other ship, and is left for dead. >Matriarch of the Shirogane family, Motoko, makes several trips to Elsewhyer and Black Marsh, repairing some strained alliances bought upon by the less than unified state of Tamriel. This affords her the company of several nobles among both races. >One of these Nobles, a young and enterprising Khajiit whose family were mostly distant relatives that in his mind, deserved none of his family fortune, travels with Mokoto back to Same-Shuto, where he eventually decides to settle. >Motoko, sails to the northern province of Tamriel, Skyrim. She arrives in Solitude to the same fanfare as other visiting nobles, and soon, she visits many locations within Skyrim, including a seemingly clandestine visit somewhere in the Reach. >The Selachii Council receives an anonymous gift - a large chest, about the size that could hold a sword, or spyglass, but this one contains neither. Instead, it contains a large scroll, made of what looks like gold, which was embedded with jewels. A note was also inside, baring the words "Returning this to the people it now belongs to. The tragedy that befell us before, will not be repeated. We should not be restricted or limited, for the fact that we place a value on knowledge, and we always have." >The 3rd Era of Tamriel begins, with all of Tamriel once again part of an Empire - the Selachii, though technically part of Black Marsh, parley with this new Empire, who suggested they must supply members of their race for the burgeoning Imperial Legion(due to their apparent martial strength), they began allowing members of their race to choose to join the Legion. >Ten years into the 3rd era, the Septim Empire's Elder Council appoints two Selachii to it's ranks. >One is appointed as a liaison to the Empire for the trade of Silver within the Empire - along with the influence the Selachii are able to bring with such a vast resource. >The second is appointed due to the Selachii's numbers in the Imperial Legion, to ensure the Empire never forces conscription onto the Selachii race. >Some visitors from the Empire question the fact that a Selachii known to be a Pirate is apparently honored by the race, believing the statue to be in poor taste for that reason. Even knowing the history does not sway them all. One Imperial Ambassador called for the statue's removal, and an Advocate at the time brought up the fact that the statue of Marin Kai was seemingly not held in contempt. However, in spite of the disdain, few Selachii wished to see either of the two statues removed. The Council's decision, was that Kayio's statue would remain - for it exists as a reminder that, no matter if he resorted to Piracy(such claims being based on rumor and supposition, not pure facts) after his departure, he is a Sailor, and is to be honored as such. >Several ships barring Imperial Legionnaires are attacked and sunk off the coasts of Morrowind and Black Marsh. Only one survivor of these ships is known: Verro Corvus. >Verro refused to explain what happened to his ship, and left the Legion soon after his return to Cyrodiil. His fate is unknown. >His journal was left behind in the Imperial City's Legion Offices, but it disappeared before it could be examined, a freakish tentacled statuette left in it's place. >The only link between these ships, seems to be that they had frequented ports of Black Marsh and Elsweyr, that were known to occasionally have outlets for the trading of Slaves. The Selachii cannot help but question the Empire's supposed ban on Slavery, where they turn a blind eye to it, when it is Khajiit and Argonians, and the wish to placate Morrowind by allowing it's practice in that province. >Many within the Empire cast some degree of doubt on the Selachii's loyalty, when it is reported that Selachii fought against the forces of the Empire during Uriel Septim V's invasion of Akavir in 3E 288. >The Selachii do not deny this, but suggest that the Selachii fighting with the Tsaesci were doing so of their own volition, and consider such a slandering belief unusual, considering the Akaviri Potentates who once ruled the Empire because of their previous invasion, and the influence they had on the Empire. They also cited the 3rd Empire's retaliation against Akavir as being unprovoked, due to the last Akaviri invasion having occurred within the 2nd Era, centuries ago. >There are 3 attempts for men in red robes, intending on performing some kind of ritual in various places around Same-Shuto. All three fail. >A 4th attempt succeeds after nightfall, opening a portal to Oblivion in the middle of the plaza, leading to the Council Chambers. >Within an hour, many Selachii rise to fight the forces of Oblivion exiting the Gate. >Hours later, a mage who witnessed the Gate's opening, suggests a way to close it. A number of Selachii enter the gate with this mage, eventually finding a tower, holding a magical orb at it's apex. Once the mage touches it, they find themselves back in the plaza, and the stone surrounding the gate crumbles. >Days later, there is an effort to remove the remains of the gate, and restore the plaza. A silver tablet is inlaid into the center of the plaza, which lists the names of those who perished during this time. >No other gates open in Same-Shuto, but as the Selachii hear of them opening in other places, especially Black Marsh, they soon learn the knowledge of how to close them is already proliferating. They send sailors to assist the Argonians, Khajiit, and other provinces regardless. >After the eruption of Red Mountain in Morrowind, and the subsequent secession of Black Marsh from the Empire, the Selachii find themselves in a tenuous position. They still support and are a part of an Empire, that the province they are technically a part of, is no longer part of said Empire. One Advocate at this time, famously repeated the situation back to the Council, who had just relayed the same information, and it is noted that his words sounded as if he was already drunk, and he was not, yet. He was known to have been red-faced at a Sake bar only three hours later, however. >The Argonian invasion of Morrowind comes at no surprise to the Selachii, who officially deny any claims that they sent sailors to assist, asserting that any Selachii who fought alongside the Argonians where doing so of their own accord. >In the assassination of Potentate Ocato, three Selachii are killed, these being members of his personal guard. >Shortly after the island of Solstheim is granted to Morrowind by the High King of Skyrim, a group of Nord pirates move their base of operations to a much smaller island to the north. They soon come into conflict with another pirate whose ship is unlike what they had seen before - a Selachii at the helm. After a number of battles, she finally engages and kills the captain of these pirates, and lets them live to serve her own aims. >Within three months, they have raided a few villages on Morrowind's coast, but soon enough, their new Captain becomes increasingly fearful of, something. It is not until they travel to the coast of Skyrim, intending on Dawnstar as their next target. They never reach it, as they are pursued by a ship for days, and after being attacked, and the Selachii captain's ship is sunk, they escape for only two days, but are caught again. >It seems that a few Selachii members of the Imperial Legion may have backed the efforts of Tidus Mede, and fought with him to claim the Imperial City. >Famed Captain Keji Hatoyama is given command of a large fleet, consisting of around ten ships, and tasked with tracking down a group of pirates known to be hiding out somewhere in the waters between Tamriel and Akavir. >It is five years of searching before these pirates are found, and their final stand comes with few losses on the part of the Selachii fleet, however, a mistake by a young sailor known as Akario, forces Keji to act when there should not have been a need, and in the end, both of them are injured. >Akario heals within days, but Keji did not fare very well. Two weeks from Same-Shuto, Captain Hatoyama succumb to his injuries, and was given back to the sea. Akario's failure made him refuse captaincy, opting to allow the next in line to take charge for the remainder of the voyage. In spite of this, the return to their capital saw Akario granted the right to take the position of captain, but he would not choose it for another ten years. >Ryoko, a Tsaesci Noble, whose family had long fostered good relations with the Selachii, lives among the Selachii for a number of years. >Some believe she has some other purpose for living with the Selachii, but few rumors surround this. Eventually, she meets with the Council, seeking a allowance for one of the Selachii captains to make a voyage to Akavir, so she could return home. >When called upon, some show interest, but one outshines them - Mioko Shirogane. She nearly runs to stand before the council, and in spite of it not being required, hits her knees to nearly beg for the honor. >When the Great War begins in 4E 171, Selachii members of the Legion find the conflict distasteful, but still loyally choose to defend the Empire. >After the signing of the White-Gold Concordat in 4E 175, many Selachii who were part of the Legion, even more those who were present in the Imperial City that day, left the Imperial Legion, most for good - many returned to Same-Shuto, or traveled elsewhere. >The Selachii's second Elder Council seat is abandoned, after the Selachii holding it angrily spoke before the rest of the Council, suggesting that the Selachii will from then on simply refuse any demands to force any member of the race to join the Legion. It is unknown if this Selachii made it out of the Imperial City, or if they were attacked and/or jailed after making this statement. >The signing of the White-Gold Concordat brought fourth a question - would the Selachii follow the lead of Black Marsh, Elsweyr and more recently, Hammerfell, and sever ties with the Empire? Many argued that it was not needed, given that their technical status as part of Black Marsh meant this had already happened long ago. However, some among the Selachii still maintain ties to the Empire, for good or for ill. >Additionally, there was the question of the WGC's precept, and if the Selachii would abide it. When this question was asked by an Imperial Ambassador, it caused waves of laughter to spread across the room, echoing to any who heard the details of the treaty. Not one single Selachii thought it was a good idea. It is of note, however, that the Council was among the first to begin laughing. Soon enough, the Ambassador sighed, smiling herself, as she had lived among the Selachii for most of her life, as she was truly not surprised. >A pair of ships from the shores of Alinor arrive in Same-Shuto, baring a delegation from the Thalmor, who speak before the Selachii Council. >The Justiciar cites a violation of the White-Gold Concordat by the Selachii, as they have refused to, or simply did not change their laws concerning Religion, in the wake of the Great War, and the Concordat's subsequent signing. > The Selachii make it clear that they have no intention to change the mentioned laws, and the Justiciar is incited to rage at this proclamation. He goes on to threaten violence against the Selachii people, to which the majority of those watching this session laugh, and the Council agrees to make an example of the Justiciar - he is executed on the spot by decapitation, and his armed escort held at sword point, before they can draw their own.
  14. Disclaimer: While some of the content posted or described here(mostly W.I.P material), may be assured to be added into the mod, some things may end up being listed as CUT, meaning it may make it into the mod with some severe edits, or will not be added at all, and reasons for that will be listed. Selachii Related Selachii Legacy (Same no Isan) - A comprehensive work that intends to explain many details about the Selachii race. Selachii Stories (Same no Monogatari) - An offshoot of Marin's main work, these are going to be stories which were more focused than the material meant for the Legacy book. Rather than pure information, these go much more for story, and smaller details. Some could include specific people, where her interaction with them is the focus of the work, while others may rely on myth and legend - though never lying about that fact. The Red Queen, in Black - from the writings of an unknown Selachii scholar, detailing the early history of the Shirogane family, and the current matriarch in the last century of the Second Era, Motoko. Racial Phylogeny - Link - Edits the vanilla book to include mention of the Selachii, and may include other changes. Loading Screen Tips - Link - Similar to the vanilla texts about races, history, etc, the Selachii will have similar ones as well - perhaps even with related art for them. References Notes from the Iyashino-ka - A series of books or notes that deal with various anatomical and other issues, such as healing methods, information on practices related to heath, etc. Circumcision - Text detailing the Selachii's view on this practice. - Link Gift of the Gods - Written before her disappearance, this story was penned by one of the warrior-handmaidens of Queen Himiko, who ruled the Selachii before their departure from Akavir. -Note: Will likely appear among Gaku's collection. "Sleep" - A short story written in the aftermath of what likely was some great conflict faced by the Selachii in Akavir. It was once printed in a book, but only the torn page with this story remains, which was preseved among the archives brought from Akavir on the Kioku. -Note: Will likely appear among Gaku's collection. Helheim The Night Lords - A series of books that detail some of the more hidden history of Vampires in Skyrim - those of the bloodline spawned by the daughter of an Ancient Nordic Warlord, Hela. Vol 0 - Legacy - As the conflict ends, and the rulership of the Pale is chosen, Hela is informed of the whereabouts of her mother - captured in an enemy fortress. She vows to go alone, to rescue her, and only days later, men guarding the walls at night, hear soft tones upon falling snow, and fall to spears of ice penetrating their bodies. Vol I - Rite of Blood - Hela's intimidation of a priest who once knew her in life, and a former slave girl becomes one of the first to walk in Hela's shadow. Vol I-I - Enemy of the World - Staring to the night sky above the Sea of Ghosts, Hela encounters one whose legacy was begotten, in favor of another. Vol II - Return of the Hound - Lost to the battle, the canine companion she had known from a pup, returns to her. (Note: This one may or may not contain bestiality) Vol III - Snowhawk - Hela finds another to walk in her shadow, but this one has to make a choice between Sovngarde, or eventually, Coldharbour. Vol IV - Hel's Revenge - Hela learns that one of those she trusted the most, has betrayed her. In rage, she seeks bloody revenge. Vol V - The Frozen Throne - Hela's power is challenged by another Vampire clan, who highly doubt her claim to being a Daughter of Coldharbour. Vol VI - ???? Note: Some titles may not be final. Other Books Night in the Woods - (W.I.P) An elven girl saved from the advances of men seeking carnal pleasures, she glances upon the form of a feminine, muscled Orc standing over her and the corpses of the men, that she comes to find has a past like herself, that involves the same individual. Nature's Gift - Many of Tamriel's creatures may remain mysterious, even if much can be known about them. Of these, Spriggan may seem like nothing more than guardians of forests, of nature itself, but unseen to the races of Nirn, they may indeed be much more. No matter if they have societies of their own, culture that is foreign to the minds of men and elves, the goals of some may not be as malicious as some believe their actions to be. To those who are perhaps spurned by the societies of men, one in the right place, and perhaps mind, may understand the truth about these creatures. NOTE: Character journals and other related content like notes and such, are(or will be) mentioned in other entries.
  15. So, rather than something for Moonbeam, I've got some possible dialog for the mentioned Aida character. I'm possibly going to do a preset for her soon too. The thought I have on what she would wear though, would possibly be a variation on the dress that Nocturnal wears, with(if there is interest in getting it to work with this race?) or without the hood - and she would not wear any boots or shoes at all. Possibly with a retexture that makes it black and silver, rather than blue and gold. I'd also like it if perhaps this version of the vanilla outfit could have a few changes(most likely starting from one of the mods which has a bodyslide set for it), where it would be more open in the front, as I'm thinking she would use the futa addon this mod has.
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