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  1. I just wanted to add that I hope that BW is doing well and that the LE version of this mod sees the light of day again
  2. Dumb question - what mod is the HUD box that appears in the image with Hannah and Nazeem from?
  3. For what it's worth, I've successfully removed nodes by hand on other meshes twice since I posted my query, so I don't believe doing it by hand (or using Outfit Studio) is necessarily the problem.
  4. Awesome... that does look like what I'm after. Am hunting down the LE version as we speak.
  5. I'd love to see this be worked into followers, that is, vampiric followers would pester the PC to be fed. Well, I'd like to see that for non-vampiric followers too, but that's another story.
  6. I'm looking for female armour (preferably UUNP and preferably one that can be made topless) based on vines, leaves or ivy. Some (shoddy) pics of what I'm aiming for: Can anyone help me out?
  7. You're correct - I'm trying to remove the 2 breast, 2 butt and single belly nodes.
  8. Well, that would explain it, but I've done this probably 100 times before without much issue. Could it be something to do with the vertex weighting of the original mesh? Something about that isn't setup correctly?
  9. I'm editing a clothing mesh by removing some of the bones but for some reason when I load a save game where someone is wearing the mesh, the game crashes. The games also crashes when I load a different save, and then try and put on the clothing. I double checked that I've removed the same bones from both the 0 and 1 versions of the mesh, and the mesh files are the same size. Interestingly, the same throws up a window for ENBHost after the crash, which I've never seen before. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  10. Many years ago, Diablio made UUNP sliders for the Summer Time dress mod. Pics were hosted on their Tumblr (https://wtfuun.tumblr.com/post/141388413245/summer-time-uunp-hdt-need-this-add), but the file is no longer available on Mega. Does anyone have a copy handy or know where I could get it?
  11. Can someone please grab this for me? SummerTime (https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-8.html) http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=2475041740&uk=2537381120&third=15 Password: mo06 Thanks!
  12. Thanks for that. Although if a UUNP version is out there, that'd be awesome.
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