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  1. TJHinSkyrim

    [SOLVED] See through top

    @Boltar @myuhinny - Cool. Thanks for your help!
  2. TJHinSkyrim

    [Search] Nyotengu Marionette

    I thought the same thing
  3. Sunsakuka posted a shot on their Flickr with the gorgeous Nela Stonewulf in a see-through shirt. I asked the Sunsakuka what the top was and whether it was available for download, but unfortunately, they couldn't remember. Does anyone know what mod the top is from and where I can find it?
  4. TJHinSkyrim

    [Search] Nyotengu Marionette

    In case anyone stumbles upon this, someone else had a go at creating the Marionette armour: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1273.html
  5. TJHinSkyrim

    [SOLVED] Need help with Merge Plugins

    In case anyone finds this - I worked it out! Some of my Skyrim tools, most notably Champollion, were saved in a subfolder of Program Files. I think this caused the command window that pops us to complete the merged patch not to trigger. I've read that having some tools in the Program Files folders can limit there functionality, particularly when used in conjunction with Mod Organiser. Once I moved the tools out to a folder outside of Program Files, the merged patches have worked fine.
  6. I'm trying to merge several of my NPC plugins, some of which have facegen data, custom meshes and custom textures. The merged patch doesn't copy across the custom assets, and the NPC doesn't use the custom assets in-game.I followed GamerPoet's tutorial and in line with his instructions, in the Options>Merging tab, "Batch Copy Assets" is checked. Because I'm using MO Classic v1.3.15, and again, in line with the instructions I followed, in the Options>Integrations tab, "I'm Using Mod Organiser" is checked, while "Copy General Assets" is not checked.Is the new .esp file is meant to refer back to the assets in the original mod or copy the assets? If the latter, which I assume is the case, can anyone help me work out why the assets aren't copying across?
  7. The author posted a (I believe) more up to date version here: It's accessible through a door in the Drunken Huntsman.
  8. TJHinSkyrim

    [WHAT IS?] Unbuttoned Top

    Sorry to bump this, but I really am curious where this came from.
  9. TJHinSkyrim

    [SOLVED] Kailu preset/follower

    Huzzah! I only just saw that it's now available.
  10. TJHinSkyrim

    [WHAT IS?] Revealing Bikini Top

    @poblivion @woodsman30 - Yeah, could well be.
  11. I've only just tested it, but upping VideoMemorySizeMb seems to have worked. It was a 2k, it should have been around 24k. Based on the one cell I loaded, it seems as smooth as butter!
  12. Sorry, I don't think I'm explaining myself terribly well. I'm not upset that the upgrade isn't boosting my Skyrim performance, but rather than after the upgrade, Skyrim is performing worse than it was before. Given that the hardware has improved, I'm assuming that something has gone amiss when I reinstalled everything and I need help in working out what is broken.
  13. No... none of the outfits are HDT. Some of them are high-poly, but it's nothing that the rig hasn't handled before. I'm not sure the outfits are problem as I ran the game without the modded outfits, but still with NPC's and the stuttering didn't ease up.
  14. I recently upgraded my PC, with a new CPU, mobo & HDD. As a result, I had to jump from Windows 7 to 10 and reinstall Skyrim, SMO and my mods. In game, I keep a bunch of followers in certain modded locations and since the reinstall, I've wound up with massive stutter in those high-NPC areas that wasn't present before my upgrade. The ENB doesn't appear to be the issue as I turned it off in-game and it didn't resolve the problem. I found that when I disabled the NPC mods, the problem eased. Given that the mods were working properly before the reinstall, I'm trying to work out what I need to change to get my game performance back to the previous levels (let along getting more performance out of my upgrade) without disabling the mods I previously enjoyed. Can anyone provide any guidance on to how I can overcome this issue? Are there .ini settings should I be tweaking? Could the NVIDIA setting be causing the issue?