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    I like creating stuff, anything really, from a simple box, to super detailed robots, stuff like that, i prefeer the Sci-fi theme, i don't do much when it comes to modding, since is so complicated, i might try it some day.

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  1. Finally! i've been using DAZ for two years now, and ever since i discovered that you can get lewd assets to use on DAZ i've been wanting to do this, but not playing Skyrim and having more interest on other stuff, i never got around to try, but im very glad you took that step! i hope you keep working on this to improve on the little bugs it has. Question, have you separated the head, hands and feet? to be use with vanilla or outfits from mods? and can you use the character creation with this? the "showracemenu" thingy?
  2. Good luck on the teeth part, i can't wait to see what you make from this! 👀? Do you have some screens? i would love to see what you got!
  3. No probs dude! i hope you finish it without any problems! if you do though, lemme know i might be able to help! i haven't tried that patcher, but hopefully it will make the proccess faster than already is! lemme know how it goes!
  4. Yeah the reason why im not giving textures is because is about you using the texture of your own choice, since there's a lot of textures for both cbbe and unp, so i didn't want to limit users of this mod (thanks for the interest btw) to be forced on using only one texture, maybe you like better females textures? but how about this one being only based of demoniac textures? nah ah! you pick what you want! Hehe, saldy i forgot how to do it, lemme try to free some time in the near future to see how to do it, but as far as i remember all you gotta do is 1-select the DLC or mods that contain the npc's that you want to modify with this mod. 2-select my mod, don't select any as active file (but if you don't want an extra .esp then just select my mod or the mod you want to modify as the active file) 3-look for the characters that you want to modify, select them all and then hit ctrl+f4 4-then save the new .esp and name it whatever you want (but if you didn't want an extra .esp, then just save the active file with those changes) 5-run the game and see if it worked. if it did worked then, it's time to edit the body textures! which you can find in the mod's desc, but i'll paste them here if you want. 1- You'll need GIMP or Software that can open and manipulate .dds files- 2- Go to "Skyrim\Data\textures\actors\character\female" and open the Diffuse textures of the female that you use (Face, Hands, And Body)- 3- Change the brightness to whatever you like, don't go to far or they will become a black void! If you use GIMP I recommend to going to "Colors > Hue-Saturation" And set the "Lightness" to -80 But since not all textures are the same "Brightness" you should test it and set it how you want it!- 4- After you're done, Export the texture and name them it like this: "Dark_femalebody_1.dds" , "Dark_femalehands_1.dds" and "Dark_femalehead.dds", without the quotes of course, and save them in the same File path you took the original Textures from- 5- Play the game and check if the textures are to your liking!- lemme know how it came out! if you guys don't have or want to get GIMP feel free to drop me the textures here in the comments and i'll gladly darken them for ya! just remember to delete the textures you shared afterwards, out of respect for the mod authors, for me to see your darken texture request just post the textures here in the comments with the following pasted in said comment -RE-TEXTURE THIS PLEASE-
  5. YO! i need help from someone who knows how to animate or replace items in animations, i want to make a replacer for stimpaks, so i made this model, based from the "combat stim" from CoD MW 2019, since i couldn't find the original model. So far i've managed to replace the original model, so all stimpaks look like this now, the physics work, so they don't float and become "Un-pickable" after you drop them or find them on the world, textures are a bit rough, but i'll work on them once everything else is done. Where i need help is in the 1st person and 3rd person animations when the character uses the stimpak, so far i been unable to make the new stim model work with these animations, so this is where i need help, i need someone to please make this item compatible with the stimpak use animations, after that's done, i will work in improving the textures, unless someone could also lend a hand with the textures, which im fairly new at as well. Of course you'll get credited for the help 😀! Thanks! Here's a image of the new stim falling in mid-air. I promise i will improve the textures! 😅
  6. Not really sadly, im busy with irl stuff and learning 3d modeling. Have you built the armors in Bodyslide? if you download an armor that requires bodyslide one of two things will happen. 1- the armor will show up using the standar unp or cbbe body. 2- the armor will not show up at all. go to bodyslide, build the outfits with your slider set and done! easy as that.
  7. Hello! i haven't been on skyrim much lately but my interest came back, if it remains i will start to update all the mods i still need to update, this one is on the list, for npc's for the other dlc's and the tutorial, but lemme settle in and remember how to do it >.< cuz i forgot!
  8. Sorry for the long time in replying, but im very glad this let you know on how to do it! hehe is pretty easy to use bodyslide to make outfits! you can even Rig them! so that means you can create your own outfits, it's a really neat tool and it's the one i've been using a lot!
  9. Jesus! this looks like a awesome mod! great incentive to go back and try fallout 4 again! thanks for this!
  10. Hello! sorry for the long reply, now, i see what's the problem here, so let me see if i can explain it. Every body weight in this mod, uses a different texture, and every texture in this mod uses a script to work, the problem here is that i would need to make and alter every script, every texture to have a darker Redguard and Dark elf, which would take time to do, so the reason this mod is incompatible with my mod. Is because this mod uses different textures for one character, while my mod only uses one texture for one character.
  11. Can you link me to your mod? cuz tbh i've never seen a mod that changes normals depending on the weight.
  12. For anyone interested in getting some sweet abs for your female argonian with Flawn's textures. argonianfemalebody_msn.dds They look like this
  13. It is Flawn's Vanilla, however i edit the normals to use the abs from Demoniac High Quality. If you want i can share it.
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