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Cursed Armour EV 0.85 (All Merge, .83-87) English Version 1.0.0

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  These file merge all the available resources and also updated guides,I could find so you do not have to go running around.  I also added screen shots these mod seems to have VERY few.


On 7/31/2011 at 7:34 AM, Symon said:

See http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=1600

Status report:


WolfZQcustomEV.esm Released

WolfZQcursedEV.esp Released

WolfZQtentacleEV.esp Initial release

WolfZQmyloverEV.esp Initial release


The dialog idiom is much improved.

Pretty confident all but the odd thing missed translated.



A) Cursed Armour
1 Follow the quest arrow to the Skingrad house. You may need to pick the lock 
(the rear door is easy) or console, click on the door an type unlock.
2 Take the right hand door, read the books and open the chest on the nude woman. 
Ignore the left hand door. Its seems to be for future development. If you can't reach to woman (a rare bug? conflict with another mod?), try jumping or open the console and type "TCL". Get the armor and type TCL again).
3 Exit the house, read the book and the quest will be update. P
ut the armor on.
4 There are now two different options:
 4a Run around, kill things and wait to be raped 3 times.
 4b Wait 24 hrs and get raped. Continue to wait 24 hrs, being raped until you get two quest updates.
-When you in combat with any NPC and your health falls below certain point, you will be raped by that NPC.
-When you are fucked by the armor, if your red bar is over certain point and an NPC is near by, you will sex with them.
5 After the quest update, sleep. Anat will come to you. 
Accept the quest and the Blackarmor and "Seduce" 
range magic will be bestowed upon you.
6 Have sex then sleep again. Anat will come again. 
Accept her demands and become gravid.
7 Wait or spend some time till you spawn eggs, then sleep again. 
You will need some Essense in order to avoid strengh weakness. 
Check your "Essense Count" in "The extent of my fall". 
You can get Essence bottles from either NPCs or other creatures. 
Female essence is the best.
8 This stage matters to advance to the next. 
Give your pretty green eggs to Anat and 
you get the new ability to call her, 
the self spell "Call Anat". 
Become gravid (In English, you become gravid with eggs, NOT pregnant.) 
In order to advance to the next stage you must ask her to have 
sex aka ravage your body 3 times. 
Accept her demands and you'll get the redarmor.
-Do not choose option "I need you to temporarily lift the restraints on me. (
1 egg)" it will crash your game and dump you to your desktop.

Wear the red armor and have sex with Anat, 
if your armor level is high enough you can get ichor after that.
Not a bug at all, it is your armor level not high enough. 
Farm more essences and ichors to boost stat to the max.
OR, you can test your luck by having sex with 
"new npcs and new monsters"(those you haven't fuck before). 
The reason for doing this is having a 1 percent chance to 
level up your armor afterward. Your choice.


Having that debuff maybe because of your hunger for essence or you haven't wear the chain beast armor.
If you are stuck in the Tentacle lair: 
if your shield constantly breaks, 
you might need to increase your armor level 
(you'll be able to tell by the armor's hue - it's the red one). 
First equip it, them follow these steps:
-Get 1 strong male essence, 1 strong female essence and 1 ichor
-Find a container, or kill something
-Empty said container, and put the essences and ichor in it
-target it in the console, and type duplicateallitems player
-toss the new essences and ichors into the container
-keep duplicating until you have A LOT (over 2.5K of each type)
-Go to Anat, trade her the essences and ichor for stat ups. 
Every time it says the armor changed subtly, 
it means your armor leveled up.


When your armor level is high, 
go to the tentacle lair and try again. 
Save just outside, because even with a maxed armor 
it's not a 100% chance to win.

Cursed, Armour, EV, 0.85, (All, Merge, .83,through .87)



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