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  1. Hey, fejee... It's like magic! The ears now looks the same like in NifSkope: And textures path is facegen\ears\human\EarsHuman.dds Maybe custom races need ear textures in the facegen folder ? If the game does not finds a texture in that folder is use the foot.dds ? ? ? Yea, I think setting the NiMaterialProperty skin in the Nifskope (as in Fall Hair Wig Shop, Apachii Goddess Store, etc) is the cause. I tested in game, that changing the NiMaterialProperty to default is enough to fix the issue. So maybe we can make conclusion: NiMaterialProperty skin is just for lowerbody, upperbody, hand, foot meshes? And hopefully all the modders that include wearable ears in their mod know this important information. And it will use the right texture, but only for this race. For other races you have to change the textures path. And the color/ brightness you use for the character will not be used for the ears. Ok, no problem. Noted. So, problem SOLVED then. Thanks, fejee!
  2. Anybody know what's the cause of this kind of issue? This is a wearable ear. In the nifskope the ear textures looks like the pic on the left. It has no problem if equipped by vanilla race. But when in game, it looks like the pic on the right when equipped by custom race player... It looks like displaying the textures of footmale.dds in characters\imperial\male folder. In fact, the path in the CS / TES4Edit is already correct (using the textures earshuman.dds): If it correspond to archive invalidation, I did it twice; once manually and once again this afternoon using OBMM, and the body textures for my custom race has no problem. But for the wearable ears, the issue still occurs. FYI, the source of ears mesh is from Fall Hair Wig Shop. But even if I equip wearable ears from Apachii Goddess Store mod, I still have the same issue. So I believe it's not from the ears mesh source... Anybody can give solution? Here's the ears mesh if somebody wants to take a look: Ears.nif Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello... Really sorry for the late reply. Did you follow the map in picture LocationChest for exact location? Or did you try to go to Hawkhaven (type: "coc testinghall" in console command) and follow the Location NPC picture? And thank you fejeena for the explanations. I'm busy working on Rebecca DMRA gladiator armor from One Piece Pirate Warriors 4, so I forgot to check in here... LOL
  4. Hello, people... I'm back with new mod. Check this out! #13. Jeanne D'Arc SNK Heroines DMRA Armor Separated-Into-Parts (SIP) v1.0 NEW!!! v1.0: https://mega.nz/file/NdkFyYQL#mgCG0O_7Jk1zqbYaaaYql9C4E9ZTOn8MHcBeW9WF3m0
  5. It looks like the mod still not supported for Fitgirl Repack version...
  6. Yea, how you make it works btw? Everytime I launch the game, there's an error message "mod loader is disabled"...
  7. anybody remember how to tilt the camera to the left or right? I remember in the past I can do it, like in this pic below directly in-game...
  8. I don't mind.. ? Please let me know if it released for Skyrim. I'd like to play it.
  9. If you read it here https://doahdm.tumblr.com/ there will be DOAHDM Beach Paradise 6.0. Because Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation is not modable. So the BP Team will go back modding Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. So just wait...
  10. Where to get this mod above btw? Curious... Thanks.
  11. Hello, guys! Here are my screenshots of Rachell (topless) with the same pose. I prefer the Portrait type rather than Landscape. My love for Rachel will never die...
  12. Thanks for your explanation, funtcase! @Holden & BP Team: Then maybe you'd like to release the update for 4.4 BETA (into 4.4 CHARLIE maybe), that at least has the F11+8 motion then; so I can put my Rachel in that pose without the weird issue? I'd like to do it myself if I know how... I tried to put ParvateParadise.[F11]+[8].ini into the Autolink\_Movie\ParvateParadise & Autolink\_Movie\ParvateParadise\_BAK folders. But all I get is only the island background setting without any character... #at least I tried Maybe you can enlighten me on how to realize my vision? I'm a TESIV: Oblivion modder btw. So more or less I know how to use Blender. EDIT: Btw, I finally found the F11+8 motion also cause the same knees issue to all default costumes such as below. So if I may make a conclusion, I'm sure the issue is in the F11+8 motion; not in the 3D models... Hopefully it can be fixed. Thanks in advance.
  13. @Holden & BP Team: 1. Is there a way to apply motion F11+8 from 5.0 to 4.4 by myself, with 4.4 models without those issue shown above? Because I'd like to screenshoot Rachel in that pose with all the 4.4 added costume... 2. And is there a way to use body textures from 4.4 in 5.0? Because I prefer the nipples textures from 4.4...looks more realistic compared to 5.0. Hope there is a way. Thanks in advance, Team!
  14. Aaah, I think yes; I did not clear the 4.4 installation. Let's see what I will get after I clear it... Thanks for responding.
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