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Creature Sexual Organs Vanilla/FCOM-compatible Replacer 1.2

About This File



June 21 2013


I am working on a simpler, smaller solution: esps for each component of FCOM, as well as one merged ESP, and only the meshes by fejeena and others not already included in LoversCreatures 2.0.


I will also be upgrading for compatibility with FCOM 1.0, which I didn't realize existed until after I'd begun this project (which is designed for FCOM 0.9.9 available on the Nexus). It is available on TESAlliance. I will not be linking it in this topic because I don't want people to download it and then complain that some of the stuff is missing genitalia.


ETA: When it's done.


Previous Notice:



For this to be worth doing, obviously the FCOM creatures will need to be able to fuck you (they can't by default for the most part). Thanks to Gregathit and WappyOne, I now know how to do this, but it is quite tedious and will take a considerable amount of time. It is no longer a matter of simply copying and pasting dicks everywhere.


As such, the scope of this project has widened considerably, and will now be something akin to a complete FCOM-LPK patch.


Wish me luck.



As it stands now, the available download WILL add cocks to all creatures in the vanilla game and several OOO creatures as well, so go ahead and use it if that is what you need.





LoversCreatures 2.0



LoversMotionNT (the top file, not v1.5)

FCOM (and all of its requirements)


This is a work in progress. Checklist:


Vanilla creatures - DONE

OOO creatures - DONE*

WarCry creatures - NOT DONE

MMM creatures - NOT DONE

Enabling anims - NOT DONE


* No guar genitalia available.




v. 1.0 -- release

v. 1.1 -- added fejeena's zombie meshes

v. 1.2 -- added more of fejeena's meshes that I'd missed



This is a mesh REPLACER mod that will add sexual organs to all creatures in the game. Compatible with vanilla, OOO, MMM, Frans, and FCOM.


None of the model work is my own - credit goes to (if I recall correctly) Donkey, Galgat, Gregathit, fejeena, and unknown Japanese modders (please PM me if you need to be added to the credits or wish the file to be taken down). All I did was some filename editing, file copying and texture path correcting in NifSkope. I originally did this just for myself, but as a member had PM'd me asking how to do it I thought I'd share it with him, then figured hell, why not let everyone have a crack at it.




Manual -

Copy meshes and textures folders to your Data folder.



Click "Create", then "Add Archive". Add the archive. Name it something pretty and click "Create omod". Then activate as usual.


Wrye Bash -

If you use bash installers you don't need me to tell you what to do. :P





- This WILL replace all default creature body meshes in the game. I recommend installing with OBMM or Wrye Bash so you can uninstall easily if you don't like it.

- This DOES NOT come with any animations of any sort, only meshes.

- If you are not using FCOM there are tons of meshes in the file you don't need. They shouldn't mess anything up though. Don't worry about it or go deleting stuff unless you know what you're doing.

- Yes, this means all creatures will have boners all the time.

- The following vanilla creatures do not have boners, because we do not have any meshes for them:

  • Jyggylag
  • Gnarl
  • Rat
  • Slaughterfish
  • Will-o-the-wisp

What's New in Version 1.2


  • v. 1.0 -- release
  • v. 1.1 -- added fejeena's zombie meshes
  • v. 1.2 -- added more of fejeena's meshes that I'd missed

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