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  1. iron_jack

    Not my Body! an erotic/horror adventure

    Playing build 4 and I'm liking what I'm seeing! One thing - the console seems to be spitting out a lot of errors a lot of the time... is that, uh, bad? Also, I declined letting a guy take me home after dancing at the club and the game froze - no more choices, just stuck on an "Image Not Ready" scene.
  2. Money is the reason. The Sims modding community has always been rife with paid mods, which is why PaysitesMustBeDestroyed used to be a thing. Patreon is a great venue for that kind of thing - Kay is making $45,000/year right now for this mod. The latest Patreon builds can be found on other sites. Google is your friend.
  3. It's because there are no strings defined for a lot of the interactions. I suggested long ago, both here and on the Patreon, that basic shit like that should really be addressed before adding more broken bells and whistles, but...
  4. There's a few things you can try: If you're not already, try replacing the broken-ass worlds that EAxis shipped with the "fixed worlds" by EllaCharmed: https://ellacharmed.wordpress.com/category/world-fixes-2/. She repaired a lot of routing issues etc. that borks the AI over time and can cause a good deal of lag (especially in really "busy" worlds like Bridgeport, for example). Be sure to disable any aspects of KinkyWorld you're not using. If you don't care about rapists, don't use the rapist service. If you aren't into the pet stuff, turn off the stray service. If you don't care about the high school stuff (which in my experience is broke af anyway), definitely turn it off. Turn selfies either off or down to the minimum since sims that take them will actually store all the shitty pictures in their inventory at higher levels. Consider purging all families that you aren't actively interested in. The more sims (and particularly sim-relationships) that exist in your world, the faster you'll hit critical-mass lag. Nraas StoryProgression is really heavy - you might turn it off if it doesn't interest you, but it does make the game world a lot more "alive" so it's a tough call. If you haven't already, try merging all of your CC into a single .package. Be sure to clear your caches and such fairly regularly. I wrote myself a batch file that zonks them all every time I start the game. I'd try it without the Razer thing if you haven't. In my experience most of the "performance enhancer" programs like that can cause more problems than they fix. If you're running an AV or anything else really resource-heavy try disabling it during gameplay (just kill your internet connection for the duration, if you're paranoid). That said, coding-wise, the game itself is sloppy and KW is even sloppier. The longer you play the worse it'll get, and it can't really be avoided.
  5. iron_jack

    How to debug CTD

    This crash very specifically happens when trying to access the tag filters in Sexlab Defeat settings: Crash Fixes v12 log: Dump file analysis:
  6. iron_jack

    SexLab Defeat

    For me, selecting tags ALWAYS crashes the game on the first try, after I've been setting up other things. When I reload and go directly to Defeat settings, it (almost) always works. This is definitely a Defeat-centric problem. No other mod that deals with anims/tags crashes like this. edit: full crash report, including .dmp analysis, here: link
  7. iron_jack

    SKSE ruins the game for me!

    This has nothing to do with SKSE. This is SkyUI (a completely separate thing from SKSE) telling you that a plugin you have loaded is not up-to-date with the latest version of SkyUI (5.1). I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you have SkyUI - Show Armor Slots loaded? If so, those errors are harmless and can be ignored, according to people in the thread I just linked. Alternatively, you can just uninstall it. Otherwise, post your load order so we can see what it is that's making SkyUI complain.
  8. I don't see anything too sus, though of course I can't tell what the two S3_6B20... packages actually are. I'm not sure about Nraas Woohooer compatibility, maybe try temporarily disabling those? Most everything else looks like it's just cosmetics and/or rabbithole rugs.
  9. iron_jack

    Weird first person bug

    Just out of curiosity, is there any reason to use both at the same time? Don't they do roughly the same thing?
  10. In my experience, you only get Exhibition "experience" by the actual action of taking your top/bottom off. Just hanging around naked doesn't seem to do it. Try repeatedly taking off/putting on/taking off your top and watch that little purple bar shoot up.
  11. iron_jack

    School Template for Oniki Kay's KinkyWorld

    Here's the .package version if you want to attach it to the OP, OP. I never use the launcher for anything if I can help it. Lot .packages go in (by default) "/Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 3/Library/" edit: and no, no CC afaik, because Delphy's Multi-extractor extracts it into one nice little package (CC usually gets extracted to multiple packages). I haven't played with it yet though as I'm not even at the computer that I have TS3 installed on at the moment. Community School - KW.7z
  12. iron_jack

    Simple School

    I like it. Does what it says on the tin - just a straightforward, KW-compatible school with no CC.
  13. I've noticed in 0.2.8 rapists seems exceptionally finicky. 4/5 times when they come to my sim's house, they do the stupid sneak animation all the way up to her, then if she's doing literally anything besides just standing still (even just moving from point A to point , they say "welp I gotta go!" and run off. She never receives any sort of "locked interaction" from it. On the other hand, the locked-interaction "shark" actions seem to be iron-clad and unbreakable. No matter what my sim is doing, the low/high shark interaction always fires successfully. Nevermind that it's usually her own dad doing it. Also, the school situation still seems finicky as well. Usually only about half the teens attending actually change into their uniforms, and half again of those actually attend class. Also, I get about half a dozen "the school bus will arrive in one hour" messages a day, regardless of whether or not my sim is in school at the time. Also also, Oniki, since your blog is gone there's no reason to include the reference url in your pack anymore. Also also also, I really think you (Oniki) should take the time to finally define strings for your (non-debug) interactions. It would make the mod about 300% more presentable if the end-user didn't see all the "kinky.dostuff.whatever.thing.whatsit.snorklefest.fuckballs" everywhere.
  14. iron_jack

    [Sims 4] Gaming is not cheap, period!

    Before Oniki finally broke the wall of silence here, the paywalled KW builds would get posted on 4chan occasionally too, for whatever that's worth.
  15. iron_jack

    [Sims 4] Gaming is not cheap, period!

    Heh. Well, I'm not really being fair to Train Simulator. It's a realistic sim game, and you aren't really "supposed" to buy all the DLC. TS's DLC is for those who want specific trains or routes. And Train Simulator gives all their previous customers updated copies of the game every year, so DLC is where they make most of their money. But it's always a good way to make people's eyes bug out when they see the total DLC cost.