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  1. Weird little thing I've noticed - when I have manual control turned on, rapists only have the ability to force-rape the opposite gender of their sexuality. Example: straight male rapists only give the option to prioritize raping when selecting other male pawns. Right-clicking on female pawns gives no such option. Autonomous rape selects genders appropriately, this is only concerning player-driven rape.
  2. Question: are prisoners unable to rape (each other and/or any colonists that happen to be within their reach)? Even with a prison chock-full of hypersexual rapists, all they ever do is jerk off. If they can't, maybe they should (optionally) be able to?
  3. https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/comment/16175450/#Comment_16175450 That's all there is to it, really. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter. No one can force Oniki to release a non-paywalled version. Here are the available options: 1) Report it to Ashal and have it removed from LL for violating ToS (no paid mods). 2) Report it to Patreon and have it shut down for violating ToS (no squicky sex stuff). 3) Report it to EA and have it shut down for violating ToS (no paid mods, also holy shit what have you guys done to our game). 4) Pay for it. 5) Find it "for free" elsewhere. Options 1-3 just result in everybody losing, Oniki and users alike. Options 4 and 5 are really the only enduser-friendly choices. There's no reason to bitch endlessly about it (though I've been guilty of it as well).
  4. I can't really get into either anymore, sadly. TS3's open world ruined TS4 for me - it feels so closed-off and restrictive and... dead. TS3's worlds felt alive - it felt like other sims were actually out there doing things. Unfortunately, TS3 runs like shit and KW is a flaming pile of garbage (ambitious and multi-faceted, but it's held together with duct tape and dreams). Plus Oniki has paywalled the mod, and while it's easy to get it elsewhere, it bothers me on principle. WickedWhims, on the other hand, is a tight, well-put-together mod with a fair release cycle and an attentive and talented modder at the helm... but the game itself is shit. Meh.
  5. Not exactly pressing or urgent, but just a thought: most pawns should probably seek out a whore before going all-in on necrophilia or zoophilia. Right now I believe whores have to seek out customers, not the other way around, yeah? I have no idea how feasible it would be to invert that logic, but... I don't know, it just always strikes me as weird when there's a perfectly willing whore hanging around giving out freebies, and a pawn will run right past her to go fuck a rhinoceros, even when they're generally not into that sort of thing.
  6. Do you have 7zip installed? If no: install 7zip. If yes: right-click the file, click "Open with" -> and go find the 7zip executable (most likely in C:\Program Files\7-Zip).
  7. Meh. It's not piracy. Putting a mod behind a paywall is against EA's TOS. If Ashal or a moderator wants me to remove the link, I will. But I have no moral qualms about it. Paysites were a cancer to TS2 and TS3 and using Patreon this way is just another form of paysite. PMBD. EDIT: Link removed after looking around a bit and seeing DoctaSax's stance on it (you may want to remove it from your quote as well). If that's LoversLab's stance on the matter then I will abide by it. Nonetheless, the paywalled version of the mod is freely available elsewhere and I encourage users to find it if they want it. EDIT 2: Last thing I will mention, from LoversLab's own TOS:
  8. I'm pretty sure that has been fixed since the last time the public version was released (almost a year ago lol). Here's build 390: [link removed]
  9. Playing build 4 and I'm liking what I'm seeing! One thing - the console seems to be spitting out a lot of errors a lot of the time... is that, uh, bad? Also, I declined letting a guy take me home after dancing at the club and the game froze - no more choices, just stuck on an "Image Not Ready" scene.
  10. Money is the reason. The Sims modding community has always been rife with paid mods, which is why PaysitesMustBeDestroyed used to be a thing. Patreon is a great venue for that kind of thing - Kay is making $45,000/year right now for this mod. The latest Patreon builds can be found on other sites. Google is your friend.
  11. It's because there are no strings defined for a lot of the interactions. I suggested long ago, both here and on the Patreon, that basic shit like that should really be addressed before adding more broken bells and whistles, but...
  12. This crash very specifically happens when trying to access the tag filters in Sexlab Defeat settings: Crash Fixes v12 log: Dump file analysis:
  13. For me, selecting tags ALWAYS crashes the game on the first try, after I've been setting up other things. When I reload and go directly to Defeat settings, it (almost) always works. This is definitely a Defeat-centric problem. No other mod that deals with anims/tags crashes like this. edit: full crash report, including .dmp analysis, here: link
  14. In my experience, you only get Exhibition "experience" by the actual action of taking your top/bottom off. Just hanging around naked doesn't seem to do it. Try repeatedly taking off/putting on/taking off your top and watch that little purple bar shoot up.
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