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  1. Looks like this in Notepad++ :

    Bodyslide Skintone Colour

    I noticed this too, the male body would show darker in OS, but not the female. In researching this (finally), it seems that the Enhanced Vanilla Bodies malecut texture I have been using, does not have the diffuse saved with the proper settings. When I opened the texture and saved it with these settings, it works in OS as expected:
  3. Does the same thing happen at workbenches outside the Noir Apartment? i.e. at Santcuary Hills or other vanilla locations? Also, which Noir Apartment are you using? The one from Nexus or the CC? (can you post the link to it?)
  4. Welcome back Good to see your "face" as it were.
  5. We'll sit tight, sir.... I would suggest a proper download page., in the meantime I'd be happy to host that, in the interim.

    you are prejudiced?

    Indeed. Generally speaking, I don't prejudge people - I give them the respect another human being is due... once, upon interacting with them though.... that's another story.....

    you are prejudiced?

    Stirring the pot? I'll take the ladle. My father says he's not prejudiced - he dislikes all other people equally. The older I get, the more truth this seems to have.
  8. The mods (and source) are there in the downloads. With a decompiler, that is. I would suggest, at minimum, this is re-posted as a mod download, on a proper download page and/or a github repo, for posterity. I've become more familiar with the mod over time, but still a long ways away from knowing how everything works and even further away from being able to continue Flashy's good work or basing something new off of it. I'd give it some time before we take the next step, but at least posting it a proper mod download page seems appropriate, at least for ease of access and posterity. And for @Flashy (JoeR), I hope you are well, god speed and we'll keep the lights on for your return.
  9. I'm not sure what it is for me specifically.... but the CSA Infamy hotkey just will not work for me. This started with the FP 3.7+ versions a long while back. It was working briefly with AAF, but then stopped again. All other aspects of CSA seem to be working for me and the Basic Needs hotkey works as well. Even setting the global variable that the hotkey changes has the desired effect (without the screen pop-up). I have just decided that this is what it is. For anyone having this problem, the CSA Infamy hotkey toggles a global variable between 0 and 1. It's a bit less convenient to do this in console, but it works: set rse_csa_execute to 0 <---- merciful setting set rse_csa_execute to 1 <---- ruthless setting If you want to check the value to see what it is currently: help rse_csa_execute 3 <---- will return 0 or 1

    The Castle - Wall Mods

    I use Craftable Castle Walls Patches Redux - as above, works well with the Minutemen quests and seems to cause no other conflicts.
  11. Position eins (Pos1), laut Google
  12. @Bluegunk - looked into it and confirmed. The way that AAF-SEU calls the scene on masturbate will result in a random single actor animation being selected from the available packs installed. I have asked in the AAF discord about a solution whereby position tags could be used in the API call, so AAF-SEU could call only specific tagged positions, from any pack installed. that would require a quick update to the positionData.xml for a given mod to include the tags: (tags="solo", in this example) I'll confirm back when I have more info!
  13. I have not looked in to the AAF-SEU code yet (will do so in a bit) but I'm assuming that the SEU masturbate routine selects a single person animation of the correct gender from the available and nothing more. I had this same thing happen, it selected one of the twerk dance moves.
  14. If this mod is using the connection point system that Tau Ceti used.... it should be possible to have armor mod piece based stats tracking and apply materials swaps successively, until either "broken" mesh appears or is de-equipped all together. Those materials swaps could be more and more damaged, until repaired, but that's another matter as the PA system has a repair bench - generally clothing/armor does not.