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  1. The textures of the round soulgems from this mod? The meshes included in the base or glittering version both include textures - so, if installed correctly - i.e. you're seeing round soul gems, then the textures should also be working. Would need more info to help you debug further - but if you are not seeing round soul gems, it could be a directory/path issue as this mod has no plugin, it's a direct asset replacement.
  2. That is odd and totally my mistake it would seem. I based my statement on @gregathit's statement: "Contributor - a mod maker (generally) that has been recognized by other mod makers for their work contributing to the site." Since I am/have been a mod maker and don't have the contributor tag.... I just assumed I had changed it. Update: Did some research on it... I don't think missed applying for it, as it's not up to the user, but the staff.
  3. Like mine.... I believe I overwrote the default tag at some point. Aficionado just seemed more appropriate for my purposes here... Edit: I thought I overwrote something else, but was mistaken
  4. That That's actually a texture set. This mod is about actual outfits. Not to worry though, check out the CosioHD main thread and downloads for a patch for these textures. The CosioHD version is basically an updated version of this same texture with the lady bits included.
  5. I do not... at least not in a packed archive. I "lost" my FO4 Mod Organizer 2 downloads folder a bit ago, and what mods I do have left - are unpacked, but none have this name.
  6. Nexus maintained slot usage: http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Skyrim_bodyparts_number Expanded slot usage for DD and other mods found here: https://github.com/DeviousDevices/Docs/wiki/Slot-Usage-Reference
  7. That particular mod has a few issues with all of the pieces showing up with DD and other mods. The armor set is very modular using nearly all of the optional slots which many other mods like SOS and DD also use. I found that by changing the slots on the pieces from the armor mod to those I knew I wasn't using for anything else - it worked well.
  8. Yes and no, but mostly no. If the new COS release was not a mesh or weighting change and only a change related to the physics xml, then no rebuilding is necessary - simply update the necessary files from the new version and you're good to go. I am fairly sure most of the outfits were built with the 5.4 version, some later with the 5.5 - but none with 5.6 and 5.7, as yet. Since the outfits have already been built, reshaped and tweaked manually, the meshes are in good shape for reweighting. There is unfortunately no batch process to reweight the meshes, they must be done one at a time.
  9. @Kofuku20 Adding this as a new item would require new Armor and Armor Addon records. Good news, this is very simple to do with either the Creation Kit or FO4Edit. In either case, best would be to copy the existing cowl records, rename them and point the Armor Addon to the Armor record. Below is a video tutorial by Elianora about how to add new armor to the game world, complete with a construction recipe (optional). The vid is lengthy and explains each step in great detail. Once you are comfortable with this, it should take about 5-10 start to finish for a new piece of armor.
  10. I have lots of files Which specifically did you need? The originals from above, I still have also - but they are still downloadable from this thread as well.
  11. These are "outfits" per se. The dead actors in this quest are actually always dead - they are swapped in problematically by the script for the living actors after their death by the murder. Their naked bodies are simply just the vanilla underwear and the wound overlays. This is not something that is equippable by the player or any other actor. Though, for consistency sake, in your game play - if all other female actors are using a CosioHD body, but suddenly these two are using a vanilla form - I see how that could be noticeable. That all being said, no one, to my knowledge, has
  12. Ah no, I do not believe those exist. In looking at the meshes though, the wounds are actually meshes with wound textures overlaid, like a standard outfit would be. I believe these actors are always dead, yes? Just curious, what is the use case for these dead actors in a single quest to be CosioHD supported?
  13. Generally speaking, that vanilla quest uses vanilla assets on the actors (even the dead ones). What you would be looking for there is a mod that replaced all (or nearly) all of the vanilla equipment with CosioHD enabled meshes. It just so happens you are in luck, this mod already exists here on LL. Note that these meshes have been modified to be far sexier than their vanilla counter parts. While the title indicates "armor" it also includes nearly every vanilla female clothing mesh as well.
  14. I should probably have made this announcement MUCH sooner, but life took my attention - I have taken somewhat of a break from modding Skyrim for the time being. I am here to support, answer questions, help where I can, and occasionally make another conversion - though I don't have the stomach for huge mods like World of Bikinis, massive jewelry, etc. after doing some many conversions so quickly.
  15. The Warmaidens do not use the standard Skyrim texture paths and have their own texture folder, located at: ..\Data\textures\actors\character\Bijin Warmaidens 00 This folder will need to have your custom CosioHD textures for the body dropped into it. You will also notice 2 other folders named "Bijin Warmaidens 01" and "Bijin Warmaidens 02" these folders contain overrides to the 00 folders for a few of the maidens and do not need to have the femalebody_1* textures. Additionally, you will notice a folder per maiden as well - generally these contain individual overrides for the maidens to pr
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