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  1. MO2 can easily run both in separate profiles - as neither require game install directory files (like ENBs do) - so you should be fine with doing both. On a more personal note, having used and authored mods for both extensively - I prefer AAF over Four-Play from the usability and extensibility of the framework itself. I'd invite anyone looking for additional information on AAF to check out the wiki and join the discord to post any questions. We're always online to help AAF Discord: https://discord.gg/HjV944 AAF Wiki: https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/advanced-animation-framework/wiki/Home
  2. There are several slavery mods, where the PC can enslave an npc. As you noted, there are also 2 pregnancy mods both named : Family Planning. We'll start with the pregnancy aspect. Family Planning does offer PC to NPC pregnancies so you're requirement is satisfied there. For the slavery mods, there are several different options ranging from ONLY the player can enslave to player and npcs can both be enslaved. This is somewhat up to your personal play style. For an immersive animation experience while using these mods, you'll need to decide which animation framework is best for you and what you are looking for. There are two to choose from and mods to go with both: Four-Play framework is an older framework but still works well, "does what it says on the tin", but is not currently supported by an active modder. Arguably it has "better" mod diversity/options on LL but most modders have moved on the alternative and will not be supporting this framework with updates. I can however attest that the mods created for it continue to work well. AAF framework is newer but also actively supported by many of us here on LL and Nexus. While AAF is still in beta, we would consider it "late" beta. The framework is solid and works very well - and many mods, including Family Planning have versions for AAF. This is the most current animation framework being actively worked, and as far as the author and team working to support it is concerned, is the future of animation frameworks for Fallout 4. In summarizing all that... TLDR: you'll want to consider AAF, and AAF enabled mods for you specific applications.

    Item weight enchant help

    Sure, I can give it a go - whatcha need exactly? ALL items? Only certain kinds, etc. Is it always 50%? Is it based on the player having a perk, ability, strength condition, etc. To do it for an armor item (like a special backpack), you'd need to have the armor item apply a spell/magic effect to the actor wearing it, if that actor is the player. Once the player is wearing the backpack and the spell/magic effect is applied - we can do the inventory weight adjustments. All in all, I love this idea

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    Addiction is a series of spells (one for each type of item) which can be applied to the player from consuming alcohol and narcotics. These items have a base chance of apply the spell on consumption. You can see/modify the various values in the base item's edit property screen: If you wanted to just make the player character addicted to Jet, you could just apply the abAddictionJet spell directly to them through another means - like a scripted event. The player would then be able to clear the addiction through normal means as well - doctor visit, addictol, etc. https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=AddSpell_-_Actor

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    I didn't change anything else, no First I plugged your angle values into my working script and it altered the angle. Then I tried your script with direct/copy paste - and it failed to compile - CK gives an immediate warning on this, so unless you saw an error and saved anyway, it's probably not that. If you enter your angle in to my script I attached in a previous post, does it work?
  6. @Destroyah340 What plugin are you trying to use? Might be easier to patch it to work with current VotW

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    @Pacman0188 That worked for me with the script method above, and rotates the workshop. It is hanging out in mid-air, based on your position settings, but it works I was getting a compile failure when I pasted your script in to my quest fragment though - the last closed parenthesis was coming back as an unknown character. Fixed that, complied without errors - and it works in game for me.

    Custom message on screen?

    @Phelps1247 There are 2 styles of onscreen messages available to modders. The top left corner is a Notification and will automatically disappear after a few seconds. The other is Message Box which will show a text box on screen with an OK button. These do need to be called from a mod though and aren't available via console. Debug.Notification("This will appear in top left corner") Debug.MessageBox("This will appear in the center of screen with an OK button") A third option, not optimal for player's to see (unless they review the console itself or papyrus log) would be Trace. This puts a message in both the player's console and papyrus log file. Debug.Trace("Prints a message to console and papyrus log")

    Item weight enchant help

    @RussianPrince There is a function "mod secondary item weight" but I believe this is left over from Skyrim and it has no actual description on CK as to what it does.... shame - because this seems like something that we could use, considering it was in FO2/3/NV The hard coded stuff just happens in the engine, outside of scripts, unfortunately - so we can't even reference how they did it.... though in writing a papyrus script for this.... For the heavy weapons, i'm assuming they used the heavy weapons keyword that is applied to all those weapons, then on inventory change, check for the perk being active, get the item weight of each of those items in inventory with the keyword, then halve the weight via a modifier. So build a conditional array of things, then apply a weight scale on inventory change. This wouldn't be too resource intensive to do at runtime, and could be easily limited to the player's inventory change (not something the previous game did). You would just need to find a keyword that was common across all the items you wanted to do this with to follow the same procedure. Alternatively, you could run an inventory change script to pull ALL of the inventory items with greater than 0 weight into an array, then run a function on them to evaluate their weight and if over defined amount, apply a modifier to half it. This is more or less what the previous 2 perks did.... just in the engine with a function rather than a papyrus script - but more or less the same hit on performance, which i would think would be very low.

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    I'm not aware of an easy way to do this, aside from inspecting the plugins.txt, but I don't think that is referable in the runtime engine. In checking F4SE script extender functions, there appear to be a few which might work - though I'm not a papyrus expert.... From a purely coding standpoint, it *MIGHT* be possible to: 1. evaluate a form and parse the left 2 characters to get the loaded index 2. evaluate that parsed value against F4SE's function GetInstalledLightPlugins() list I assume GetInstalledPlugins() returns a list, but unsure if it will return plugin name with index values or not. Why do you need this? Just curious.

    Item weight enchant help

    @RussianPrince The specific perk you might be referring to "Heavyweight" from Dead Money and it's looking to "Adjust Heavy Weapons" weight by 50% when the player has the perks and strength is >= 7. the way the perk looks in CK, it appears to be a hard coded function in the game engine - which if it does not exist in FO4 naively, would be very difficult to recreate. There is another perk from the base game called Pack Rat which does a similar thing. "Items with a weight of two pounds or less now weigh half as much." As with the previous perk though, this appears to be using a function called "Modify light items" with a set value of 1.00 - which, from the description, we can assume scales down by 50% when the original weight was under 2.0. Doing this without an in-built function would require a script to check your inventory on change - which might be costly, but it is certainly possible to do. An alternative might be mods that modify small item weights like Weaponsmith which makes ammo weigh nothing, etc.
  12. @K_lash - glad it worked out. Could you please update the thread's title with (SOLVED)? Others may come here looking to help or for answers.
  13. Gamoholik is actually alive and well, on the AAF Discord server these days, among other places. I had a chat with him about the mods recently - and his general comments (these were public btw) was that if people enjoyed the mods, they can share the links. Reposting them himself however was somewhat problematic as a.) the mods contained other author's assets (the root of the dispute which led him to leave this site) and b.) the files were scattered on his PC and not in a state to post them. That being said, I got the distinct impression that a modder who reached out to Gamoholik to request permission to repost/host his mods would be approved.
  14. @K_lash When installing/re-installing your CBBE - ticking the box at the bottom of the fomod will install a base set of morph files. F4EE Moprhs option

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    @Pacman0188 Sorry about that, I assumed you might have known how to get the quest stage components working. Apologies! When you add a stage, you also need to "initialize" it by adding a new blank log entry (right-click new). You don't need to fill this out, it just has to exist - to get the script components part to enable itself. This is one of those little creation kit idiosyncrasies which is not very obvious or well documented. Can you post the script you entered?