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    VorNO. While it works for some, many many others have problems with it - particularly with mods that require very specific load order sequences (like many mods from this site).

    Brown Face after Death Load

    I also get this after re-loading. Sometimes on death and reload, sometimes just loading a saved game. For me, it seems related to lots of face customization mods (make-up, brows, etc.) I've noticed, when this happens the brows. lashes, and facial features don't load either. It also happens to companions I have customized through mods as well. What solves it for me, is quick loading up LooksMenu and applying my preset back to the character. It will eventually happen again, but this for me, is intermittent and doesn't happen in every play session.
  3. This is the method to bring the jiggly bits to Fallout 4. Tedious, but it's "one-time" if you are happy wit the bodyslide preset that is used. The good news is, that this capability has been around for some time and all of the vanilla clothing/armor has been converted. A high percentage of clothing/armor mods have also been converted, either by the original author, or by other modders. Finally, as you saw in you web searches, there are methods to do this yourself with Outfit Studio for mods that do not have physics support. The method to add physics to an outioft may seem a bit daunting the first time you do it, but it's actually one of the more simple Outfit Studio updates that can be done.
  4. @Thesh The message is on-screen indicating there is an issue with your mod profile. You have elected to install specific compatibility pack(s) for AAF, but not have the requisite mods installed. In this case, you are missing animation packs which were selected during one of the compatibility pack install procedures. (as @walkin has pointed out). As we cannot know what you have/have not installed or elected to select during the install process, it is recommended to work back through the AAF install guide and verify all of the options you are looking for, are in fact installed. This specific error "Atomic Rocket 69 (Gay) not found" indicates that the animation pack Atomic Lust is not installed, or not installed properly.

    Using outfit studio to fix some clipping

    The "dots" (green and red) is the Vertex Edit view/tool in Outfit Studio. Strike the Q key to enable it or go to Tool>Current Tool>Vertex Edit, or select the Pencil icon on the menu bar (14th icon from left). By default Vertex Edit will show all vertices as green (unselected). You can use the masking tool to select those you want to work with (delete, separate, move, ignore for editing, etc.) which will turn them red. A bit of trial and error is needed for this. Once the outfit is complete and has an OS project (with sliders) created, you can use the sliders options to enable/disable specific or several sliders and make adjustments. This will allow you to make edits at various sizes to see how the mesh responds. This is not the same as tri-shape weight changes, but it's close. It will show you the areas which need a little more volume. Then it's on to testing in-game and back to OS to make adjustments. This might take you a few cycles, but ultimately will yield a better result.

    How do I quick clean

    Those errors are telling you that you are missing "required" content. Based on the names, I would assume they are Creation Club plugins. Either the AAF compatibility packs and/or some AAF packs you installed require this content to exist. AAF is telling you what you're missing - I'm not familiar with this CC mods, as I don't have them myself.

    How do I quick clean

    @GoldenRain The a guide for cleaning ITM (Identical To Master) and Deleted References/Navmeshes can be found here. Another guide, for FO4 specifically, can be found here. The procedure is identical for Skyrim and Fallout 4 (3, NV, etc.). So you CAN use the guide to clean the masters. For Fallout 4, you will want to use the TES5Edit equivalent, which is FO4Edit, and can be found here.

    Missing Vertices (Modding)

    @Pickle_Juice While I'm not a Blender expert (I use 3ds Max) I've run in to this myself when exporting custom models. When I have run in to this, it was flipped normals/faces within the mesh itself. Apologies, but I won't be able to give you much information on how to resolve that with Blender, as I don't use - it but it's a fairly common situation and should be easy enough to resolve. The faces and vertices exist, they are just backwards, so when viewed in a render based engine like OS or the game, they appear different (at best) or see through (at worst).
  9. This is still, more or less, the norm for Fallout 4. However, F4SE does not have anywhere nearly the depth of Skyrim's SKSE - so the vast majority of mods do not require it, though there are several "core" mods which do (LooksMenu, MCM - to name two major dependency mods), which do). Updates have been coming from Bethesda nearly monthly until recently where they seem to be coming about every 6 weeks. When those updates come, of course, F4SE "breaks" which requires about 1-2 days wait, then of course, the dependent mods require an additional 1-2 days to update. All in, you could be out 4-5 days in total for full compatibility/updates with the newest fallout4.exe. Like Skyrim, there are several ways to deal with this: 1. Setting Steam not to update you game 2. Keep backups of the Fallout4.exe, when the game updates - simply rollback to the previous .exe until your mods have updated.
  10. I would ask why you were clinging to such an old version of the game.... but I'm sure you'll regale me with a litany of outdated mod reasons

    how do i change a face paint?

    Two ways to solve your issue, which I understand is: this mod replaces a vanilla face texture, which you deemed undesirable - as it shows up on random NPCs. 1. Modify the mod's texture filenames to replace a different texture - this has limited utility as the "issue" will continue to appear throughout your game. Some user's instructions on doing that: 2. Using CK/Fo4Edit after renaming the files in this mod to something unique, add the "new" face texture using new information - new name, paths, etc.
  12. For followers, I use Unlimited Companion Framework by expired6978 - it's pretty lightweight, but doesn't have a lot of the features that many of the other multiple companion frameworks - but it does work very well with both vanilla and mod companions, specifically: Insane Ivy, Heather Casdin, Ellen the Cartographer, and companions added through Fusion City, Outcasts and Remnants, and Project Valkyrie, and temporary companions within the base game itself (people who follow you around for specific missions). One funny side benefit (or detriment?) is that when triggered companion speech events happen in the game environment (like comments about a specific location) - with UCF, they all tend to say them one after another... This can be annoying or funny - depending on who you have with you and how many followers are present. For scripted speech response to dialogue events, it seems that the FIRST companion you recruited with you will generally "win" the conflict of who speaks. So if you have Piper and Danse and Piper was recruited first and THEY BOTH have a possible conversation interjection with another npc - Piper will generally win that and speak, not both. I've been using UCF for a few years - I've never noticed issues with it
  13. @guk I've often wondered this myself. When the game updates, I roll back immediately to a back-up copy of the Fallout4.exe, to preserve F4SE and dependent mod functionality while the modding teams update F4SE itself and dependent mods. This generally only takes 1 to 3 days for everything to update, at which point I roll the Fallout4.exe forward. Generally, I don't exceed one version behind current - though occasionally, I have gotten lazy with it, and was running two versions behind current - but I never noticed any issues. Undoubtedly, there will be some bug fixes in the patches since .75 that you will miss out on, being 7+ versions behind current. From my back-ups, these have been the updates since .75, but I think I'm missing one: Finding patch notes on this is maddening, but good luck 1.10.75 - February 1.10.82 - April 1.10.89 - May 1.10.98 - June 1.10.106 - July 1.10.111 - August 1.10.114 - October 1.10.120 - December, current I would generally surmise that the .exe is mostly independent of the context in the plugin and BA2s. Judging from the patch notes that I CAN find on these, the bug fixes specifically with the .exe seem generally exclusive to things including load time, engine optimizations, etc. The plugin and BA2 updates - you will be able to take advantage of.

    Replace Dogmeat with CK Dog (need Help)

    Depending on how involved the mod is.... you *should* just be able to replace dogmeat.nif with the new file, pointing at new materials and textures and be good to go. Dogmeant will look different, but act the same in every way.
  15. Just loaded up CK and looked - there are 4 material swaps for that truck: