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  1. I haven't seen such a mod - though with the two different requests, it's a bit like apples and oranges: Mannequins - static models, usually not human looking (cloth or wood textures are most popular). This is the easier of the two as a static actor is used, which does not animate. Outfits equipped to it simply equip on the model as they would with any other actor, etc. One could, more or less, easily re-position an existing mannequin model or standard body and convert it mannequin (vanilla or CBBE) and add the additional "one pole" items Workshop Animated item - similar to the CRX Crosses mod, this would involve creating actual animations for the actors who are using the prop. This is more involved, but certainly do-able by an animator. You might find luck, in requesting such a mod from @Oakern - creator of CRX Crosses.

    Normal Clothing Mods?

    I assume you mean "normal" like as in not overly slooty, etc. Plenty of mods like that - mostly on Nexus: Commonwealth Shorts Simple Clothing (I created a Bodyslide patch for this one, DM if you need/want it - can't post it to Nexus as author has not responded to permission request) Female Outfit Pack by Femshepping Bunch of mods from LL in the non-adult armor clothing section There are MANY more
  3. Great! One thing I did notice, and currently has no working solution - is that in the forced M/F to F/F animation cases (where a female is in the male role with strapon) is that the female with the strapon will use male sounds. That is due to the sounds being baked into the actual animations. There is a solution in the works, but it will be some time before a sound replacement patch is released.
  4. That really depends on the clothing mod, unfortunately. Many mods include CBBE/AB bodyslide files in the main mod, or as an optional file. Still others will have a patch made by another modder with the CBBE/AB bodyslide files. If you inspect one of the mods you're looking at, and see a Tools folder under Data.... i.e. Fallout 4\Data\Tools in the zip file, then it has the necessary bodyslide files. Nearly every clothing mod available has bodyslide files made for it. If you find that you have a clothing mod which doesn't include bodyslide files, they can usually be found here or on the Nexus. If you REALLY can't find them, there are a plethora of tutorials and information available with instructions on building the necessary files yourself. Start with the Guides section of the Outfit Studio wiki for that information.
  5. @Froggy Clothing mods, which include bodyslide capable outfits (not all do....) can be run through bodyslide with the "build morphs" box ticked. This will output the necessary tri files such that mods like Family Planning, LooksMenu, etc. can use to manipulate the outfit. Has this approach not worked for you?
  6. @Reginald_001 - love the little references Ivy does as we walk around the Commonwealth. My favorite was the Cheers reference.... bravo!

    How do painted ghouls work?

    @Invictaxe I would have imagined so as well... but apparently not. Bethesda never ceases to surprise me in their reuse of assets.

    How do painted ghouls work?

    This is how it's done. The feral (clown) ghouls in Nuka World have 16 material swaps that are set among two different leveled actor templates. In the CK, there are 2 ghoul template "masters", which all of the leveled ghouls are set to use (one or the other). The material swaps are split, 8 each, between the two templates. You won't see new meshes included as they weren't needed due to the material swap functions within the CK.

    MCM won't show up

    MO2 wackiness....

    males cannot get it up

    If you prefer to read vs listen/watch - have a look here. While this thread is made with the goal of also getting RSE running (excellent mod, check it out)... It's also excellent for setting up AAF, support mods, animation packs, etc., but importantly this outlines the specific issue you are having and the solution of installing the compatibility patches with morphs - so that AAF's animations can control the penis state during animations.

    Wonder Woman Armor and Sword

    There are no such ports that I have made, as yet. Anyone would like to port it to Skyrim has my blessing - I merely ported these from the original game, so in reality - not my permission to give

    MCM won't show up

    Something specific for MO2 users... From the MCM page on Nexus, not sure if you've seen it, it's a sticky in the comments forum several people have missed: This is an important step, but seemingly one that not all people need to do. However, it sounds like you've not even getting this far? On the game's context/pause menu the first entry should be Mod Config - do you see this? Or are you seeing errors within the Mod Config like "XDI.esm is not present" or do you just see no Mod Config menu at all?

    MCM won't show up

    Do any of your mods work or is it just MCM that is faulty? MCM requires F4SE to be installed, but will not fail to load the game if it does not find it - it simply will not work. Also, what mod manager are you using?
  14. As the previous reply - this is how MO2 works. All mods are installed in to the Mods\yourmodname folder. MO2 keeps all of the mods outside of the game folder and virtualizes a data folder based on what you had ticked the boxes on, at runtime. If you are not seeing any mods when the game starts, it sounds like you are launching the game through other means. Make sure that you are always launching FO4 through MO2 - and if you are using F4SE based mods (if you have AAF you are), then you must launch F4SE through MO2 (which will launch the game).