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  1. The body is cosio only but the textures are meant for any CBBE body, I don't personally know if the textures work for UUNP bodies because I've never used UUNP.
  2. WOW lol, I FINALLY got AAF to work...😄 I just got AAF working after trying the newest update yesterday & I DIDN'T get the processing error, guess what I did different. Nothing. I don't know why I ALWAYS had the processing error & now I don't understand why I don't, I literally did nothing different from all the other times I've tried AAF. For some strange reason I can't figure out why AAF is working on My game with no issues & it blows My mind that I still can't find out why it never worked before.🤯 AAF is a weird mod to mess with.🤔
  3. Isn't there already binkies like this from this mod?
  4. Well I tried running AAF after removing ALL of CRX's files & still got the issue. I even just tried running AAF with almost all the plugins turned off removed animation packs started a new save & now I couldn't even get AAF load at all. I ran it with just the requirements again & now AAF wont even work by itself there's no text crawl I can't open the AAF menu & reinstalling it changes nothing. It seams AAF literally just wont work for Me no matter what I do & I'm done even trying at this point because I'm not gonna fuck up My game just to get 1 mod working.
  5. I understand how this could cause issues with F4SE but I'm sure My Leito esp is not the cause of this problem as it doesn't interact with anything other then F4SE. I've never altered AAF's esp or it's script files, I've always just followed the fomod instructions & for whatever reason AAF has just never worked for Me. Like I said before when I did get AAF to work it was only if EVERYTHING but it's requirements was removed & without any animation packs. so basically the only mods I can have is nudity but then there's no animations for AAF to use, & if I add an animation pack then I get the processing issue again.
  6. I understand that this would make the process simpler but I at this point in time I'm not willing to reinstall all My mods because that's a task that takes HOURS. If I can't run AAF with the mods I have/want then I'm not going to run AAF at all because playing as My personal characters is more important to Me then AAF is.
  7. Lol that's funny, I removed the Cumnwealth.esp because I thought it might be causing the problem but even with Cum n wealth AAF still doesn't work. As for the patches should be installed correctly but they shouldn't even need the as I have altered the FO4_AnimationsByLeito.esp so it's independent. Thank u for trying but I'm pretty much about to give up again, I've been trying to "fix" AAF for literally months apon months & I just feel defeated at this point. I feel like with AAF it's like I've been trying to fill a pool that has no bottom. Just completely wasting My time.
  8. Currently the only way I've ever gotten AAF to run is with only it's requirements & no animations installed which completely defeats the purpose of the mod.
  9. I know you're just trying to help & it's very cool of u to do so but as I've already stated before My F4SE is pretty much always up to date. Most of the scripted mods I have have been altered by Me to have less or no script at all which should theoretically negate conflicts with AAF. As far as starting a new save, as I've also already stated above, I've tried running AAF on old & new saves & I ALWAYS get the infinite processing issue.
  10. Yes My script extender is up to date, I update F4SE like once a weak even when it probably hasn't been updated some times. Here's My current load order. LoadOrder51.txt
  11. The debugging logs basically just say the same thing the game says when I try running AAF. As for My Papyrus log, I have NO idea what that stuffs about... My Papyrus log has TONS of code in it. Papyrus.0.log
  12. Thanks for the suggestion but I'm not really into 4play, it's cumbersome & honestly it's easier for Me to play animations through console commands. The only reason I would really like to get AAF working is because (when it works) it makes animations WAY easier to play & even control.
  13. Whenever trying to run AAF a text crawl will scroll up saying DATA_Loaded the followed by 3 PROCESSING_DATA commands & 2 INITIALIZING_DATA's. The text crawl ends with a bunch of PROCESSING_DATA cammands the never go away no mater what I do. AAF doesn't say there are any issues, even if I turn on debugging & troubleshooting the AAF logs don't detect any errors at all... I'm at a loss & honestly gave up on AAF months ago because from what I could tell seemingly no one else ever has this issue so no one could help. As far as I can tell there's nothing wrong with AAF that I can find & amenshawn is the only other person I've seen (so far) to also have this issue.
  14. I would also like to know how to fix this issue if anyone can help as it's caused Me to not even be able to try this mod. I've tried to install AAF several times over the past YEAR & I have always had this issue, never once has AAF worked for Me. I'll even try playing the game from the start or with minimal requirement & still have this infinite load problem where AAF never stops "processing". The only way I've gotten AAF to work was if I uninstalled EVERYTHING but it's requirements which the completely destroys My desire to play the game. I don't know what causes this issue but I really wish I knew how to fix it because it ALWAYS happens for Me & it's made trying AAF impossible for Me.
  15. This post is for what followers I have who would like to know things about what's going on in My life.


    I have an announcement about My ABDL status I wanted to share here, I'm officially a diaper lover! 🤫



    This is the story of My 1st time wearing an adult diaper & how I became a true diaper lover.

    Don't read this if you're not a supporter of the ABDL/DDLG community &/or don't like diaper users. 


    I've recently started wearing adult diapers & I still can't believe how much I like it, I'm even wearing a diaper while I'm typing this post.


    I've been into girls wearing diapers for a couple years & I've liked women with binkies for as long as I can remember...🤔

    But about a year ago I bought Myself some binkies & I was addicted to sucking on them within days because I have an oral fixation,

    then a couple months ago I finally decided to try wearing diapers & ordered a lavender sample diaper from ABUniverse - https://us.abuniverse.com/product/lav/


    When I got My 1st lavender diaper I started drinking a bunch of liquids & waited until sundown to put the diaper on.

    I figured if I was going to wear an adult diaper I might as well actually use it, I'm NOT into poop so I just filled My bladder to the brim.

    I just kept drinking water & gatorade even when My tummy started to feel stuffed & the urge to pee was becoming really hard to fight.


    When I finally couldn't hold it anymore I laid back in My bed & wet Myself😖 for the 1st time. Feeling warm pee drip down My butt in My diaper I was hooked.

    I couldn't believe how snugly a warm wet diaper could feel, it was so comfy to be laying in bed with a wet diaper hugging Me that I fell asleep wearing it.😴


    In the following morning when I woke up I badly needed to pee again 😊, & I realized I was still wearing My diaper so I just started peeing.

    I peed so much that My diaper could barely hold it all & it started leaking a tiny bit. I was SO comfy in My FULL diaper that I didn't want to get out of bed!


    After that night I knew I was officially a diaper lover, I went back on ABUniverse & ordered 80 more lavender diapers waiting impatiently for them to arrive.

    Ever since then I've been wearing & sleeping in adult diapers almost every weekend & I LOVE it.🤤


    Wetting Myself & sleeping in a wet diaper is SO snugly & now I wish I could wear diapers ALL the time (without being judged by others).


    Adult diapers are SO comfy!, & they make almost anyone wearing them 100% more cute. I wish EVERYONE wore diapers, the world would a cuter place.😊


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      Welcome to the community! 😊

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