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  1. It's a follower mod I think, Tamaki. Tho I'm not sure if the hair is available.
  2. Wanted to add GIF's but, eh. nevermind. They looked bad. BUT HEY YOU CAN ENJOY THESE! ^~^
  3. A smol little sneak peak of whatEVEER I was doing in my free time, thought of doing a sims video. [IMAGES] Sims 4.mp4
  4. Posting on here after a LOOONG time, here's my new character. Yet another retcon, yet another playthrough... She's the Dovahkiin~ [More in Spoilers] Alternate look, also my favorite.
  5. What mod is the helmet, it it's not a mod then how did ya get to wear it along with hair? O,o
  6. Umm, I'm not sure what hair it is because too many hairstyles to remember. I'll let you know if I find the name out.
  7. @R13Kilroy @hogsmaws @Helicoptercr4sh Took me sometime but found the hair. Link: https://kchanssims.tumblr.com/post/188351324326/persona-3-yukari-hair-is-done-has-all-lods-some
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