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About This File

Adds bound captives to Raider and Super Mutant lairs that you can rescue and recruit for your settlements.


Mod Features

Commonwealth Captives randomly spawns captive settlers in various states of distress throughout enemy lairs in the Commonwealth.  You can find them crucified, strapped to metal frames, lashed to torture devices, or bound on their knees.


Once freed, the settlers become followers who can be given equipment and who will fight alongside you.  You can also request sexual favors from them in return for your gallant efforts.  When you are ready, you can dismiss them or recruit them to one of your settlements.


The mod works with devices from Torture Devices, Prisoner Shackles, CRX - Workshop Crosses, and ZaZOut4.  These devices are not included in this mod, so you will want to install those mods if you don't already have them.


The mod uses its own lists of unique settler NPCs.  It does not modify vanilla NPCs or settler leveled lists, so it is compatible with mods that add new settlers like Better Settlers, Lots More Settlers and Enemies, etc.  The settlers do not include their own meshes or textures, so they will use whatever body mesh and skin textures you have installed.


All dialogue is fully voiced, using vanilla player and settler lines. 


Italian, Portugese, and Spanish translations of the mod are available, thanks to @Gothuska.


Dynamic Placement

Commonwealth Captives makes no edits to any vanilla records, including cell records.  This means no mod conflicts and no broken precombines.  The mod detects when you approach Raider camps and Super Mutant lairs and dynamically places captives near the inhabitants.  The chance of captives appearing is controllable via the MCM.  Captives you do not set free, or ones that you set free and then dismiss, will be de-spawned when you travel far enough away from them.  The only captives who persist in the game world are those who are traveling with you, and ones that you have recruited to settlements.  This means no save bloat and no crowds of NPCs to cause performance issues.


If there isn't enough room in a particular spot for large contraptions, prisoners will simply be found tied up and kneeling.


Not every enemy lair will have captives, and captives won't appear in the same place or with the same restraints, adding variety and unpredictability to the encounters.  And because it is dynamic and based on factions, the mods also works with new Raider and Super Mutant camps added by mods.


Playing the mod

Everything is driven by dialogue.


When you first talk to a captive, the Set free and Let's go options let you free them from their bondage.  The None of my business and I'll be back options exit the conversation, much to the captive's dismay.  You can talk to them again if you decide to free them later.  Note that if you are bound with Real Handcuffs or Devious Devices, you won't be able to free the settlers until you free yourself from your restraints.


Once the captive is free, they will follow you, sneak when you sneak, and fight enemies.  You can talk to them; the Trade option lets you change their equipment, Get out of here dismisses them permanently, Work for me lets you pick a settlement to send them to, and Return the favor lets you have sex with them.


If you give your captives new armor or clothing, they will continue to wear it if you send them to a settlement.  If you didn't give them a new outfit, they will pick one up on their way to their new home.



The MCM options are:

  • Enable Mod - allows you to enable or disable the mod.  Disabling the mod will only prevent new captives from spawning, it will not affect existing freed captives or ones who have been turned into settlers.
  • Chance of first captive - determines the chance that there is at least one captive in a location
  • Chance of additional captives - the mod scans the location for additional enemies, and this setting controls the chance that a captive will spawn near each enemy
  • Chance captive is male - just like it sounds
  • Animation duration - sets the duration of animations when you ask a captive you have freed to return the favor

You can also enable or disable the use of any of the supported restraint mods that are installed.



AAF is a hard requirement, the mod will not work without it.

Mod Configuration Menu is required if you  want to configure the mod.

At least one of the following is highly recommended.  The mod is really intended to work with all of them, as this will give you the most variety of devices:

Torture Devices

CRX - Workshop Crosses

Prisoner Shackles

ZaZOut 4 Repack - Install the version at this link, not the original.  Version ZaZOut4 [REPACK] V0.0.3.3 or later is required.

Credits and Thanks

RayV12 for settlers from Rez's Settler Makeover

veter75n for settlers from The new settlers a plus Overhaul vanilla

@ZaZ for ZAP bondage ropes I converted from Skyrim, and for making ZaZOut4

@Oakern for making CRX - Workshop Crosses

@Vader666 for making TortureDevices

mlucke for making Prisoner Shackles

@Gothuska for multiple translations of the mod



Edited by EgoBallistic

What's New in Version 0.99


  • Male captives can now spawn on ZazOut4 furniture if ZaZOut 4 device support is enabled.  This requires ZaZOut4 [REPACK] version V0.0.3.3 or later.
  • Added a global variable for third-party mods to tell Commonwealth Captives that the player has been enslaved.  If EBCC_PlayerEnslaved [GLOB:xx020E29] is set to a nonzero value, captives will not ask the player for help but will instead tell the player to leave them alone. 

It is safe to update this mod in an existing save.  The changes since version 0.97 will not interfere with existing add-on mods that add outfits, captives, or races.

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