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Konglomerat 02 - Basis Mods und Frameworks



Konglomerat 02


✍️ Diese Seite soll einen Überblick darüber geben wie ich ein Basis-Setup erstelle, bevor ich weitere Mods zu meiner Load Order hinzufüge.

Ich nenne die aufgelisteten Mod-Kombinationen "Basis Mods", weil sie die Basis - Voraussetzung (Master/Hard/Soft Requirement) - für die meisten LL Skyrim Mods darstellen.

Ich habe einfach Schritt für Schritt kopiert welche Mods ich normalerweise zuerst installiere - gefolgt von einer Funktionsprüfung im Spiel - bevor ich überhaupt daran denke weitere Mods von LL oder Nexus hinzuzufügen.

Die Reihenfolge, in der die Mods aufgelistet sind, gibt auch einen Hinweis auf Überschreibungen (Overwrites) und die Position der zugehörigen Plugins in LO. Wenn keine zusätzlichen Informationen gegeben werden, überschreibe die zuerst aufgelisteten Mods mit denen, die weiter unten auf dieser Seite stehen.


🎯 Ziel dieser Blog Seite:

  • Installation der grundlegenden LL-Skyrim-Frameworks und Anforderungen. Dies ermöglicht verschiedene LL Skyrim Mods zu installieren (auch nachträglich) ohne das Voraussetzungen fehlen.
  • Wiederholbare Schritte, welche für jede Load Order funktionieren, um Benutzerfehler von Anfang an zu vermeiden.
  • Ⓜ️ = Modul = Module sind Mod-Kombinationen die nicht miteinander kompatibel sind oder redundante Funktionen haben.
    • ⚠️Ⓜ️ Wähle immer nur ein Modul eines bestimmten Schrittes aus. Ⓜ️⚠️




Schritt 01 - ⚙️ Basis

  • Basis-Frameworks und ihre Patches und Fixes
    • SOS, SL, SLAL
  • Optional


Schritt 02 - 💀 Körper

  • Modul Ⓜ️ AIO-AP - Körper-Installation via All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy v4.0 (or v3.3)
  • Modul Ⓜ️ N-HDT - Körper-Installation via separater Mods, Bodyslide + Naturalistic HDT


Schritt 03 - 🐉 More Nasty Critters (MNC) SLAL

  • MNC SLAL und Animated Beast's Cocks (ABC)
  • Optional - Skyrim Immersive Creatures (SIC) & Bad Dog's SIC MNC SLAL Integration


Schritt 04 - ⛓️ BDSM-Frameworks

  • 🪝 Zaz-Animationspaket (ZAP)
  • 🔐Toys
  • 🔒🗝️Devious Devices (DD)
    • Modul Ⓜ️ DD4 - DD Version 4.3a
    • Modul Ⓜ️ DD5 - DD Version 5.1


Schritt 05 - 👨‍💻 Skript Extender

  • PapyrusUtil
  • ConsoleUtil
  • Jcontainers




Schritt 01 - ⚙️ Basis


⚙️ Basis Frameworks und ihre Patches und Fixes:


Mods to install:


⚙️ Optional:


Mods to install:

  • XP32 New Animation Package - Nexus Exclusive

    • XP32 New Animation pack includes multiple vanilla animation replacers and is a great alternative to FNIS sexy move.

      • no esp, just animations

      • Install after FNIS and let it overwrite FNIS files

      • Don't install the Skeleton, XPMSE takes over that part

      • It will produce one FNIS warning during generation that can be ignored (momo jump)

  • Activate Button Away
    • moves the activate text away from the center of the screen
    • no more annoying activate texts during the SL scenes while switching to free-camera
    • Highly Recommended
  • Better Dialogue Controls
    • Highly recommended
    • helps with bloated dialog boxes after adding multiple NPC interaction mods
    • Highly recommended for SLdialogues
  • Better Message Box Controls
    • makes life better if in fight with lots of pop up message boxes
    • control message boxes via keyboard
  • Immersive HUD - iHUD
    • Highly recommended
    • deactivate all those HUD elements if not needed
    • or just make them very opaque
    • also great to get rid of the sneaking cross-hair in the middle of the screen
  • Race Menu - Overlays Plugin
    • more make-up options in race menu
  • Remove Recurring Messages
    • removes the annoying reminder messages
    • Highly Recommended
  • Rock Trap De-Lameifier
    • Highly Recommended
    • safer travels for your followers and slaves thru triggered rock traps
    • check out the other MonoMan1 tweaks!
  • Auto Unequip Ammo
    • Works on PC and Followers
    • no more constant Ammo container on your back
    • Alternative: Ammo Unequip on Sexlab Animations 1.02
      • don't use Bazinga's Version and the Nexus Version at the same time
      • will also remove ammo from any Actor that removes ranged weapons
      • Drawback: no MCM to add custom weapons and ammo
      • Option to add custom ammo via TES5edit: Also sprach Bazinga



Schritt 02 - 💀 Körper




Mods to install:

  • Body Slide and Outfit Studio
    • An easy to use tool for customizing bodies and outfits, creating new bodies and outfits, and converting outfits between body types.
    • Add presets and meshes for bodies like UUNP (Special)
    • doesn't add skin texture, but need one for previews
  • All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy 4.0
    • All mods installed mods so far can be overwritten by AIO-P
    • Main reason for using AIO-P is to create a Sexlab compatible body without knowing all the necessary details or to search for needed mods.
    • includes:
      • 10 pre-build Unified UNP Special bodies with HDT Vagina with XML attached to meshes in order to have collisions with hands, belly, schlongs
      • 10 pre-build CBBE bodies with HDT Vagina with XML attached to meshes in order to have collisions with hands, belly, schlongs
      • ? includes HDT Physics Extension
      • Skin textures for Humans, Khajiit, Argonians
      • Followers
      • various additional tools, meshes, textures
      • ...
    • Sneak Preview pictures of the AIO-P FOMOD for more details: AIO-P FOMOD




  • Optional:
    • AIO-P files can be overwritten with:




Mods to install:



Schritt 03 - 🐉 More Nasty Critters SLAL




Mods to install:



  • Animated Beast's Cocks (ABC) For users LE

    • Optional:  Chymondo's Sabrecat, select during ABC installation
      • ?‍♂️ lets hope it's included in ABC
    • Allow to overwrite:


      • MNC SLAL

      • AIO-HDT-AP

      • End All Be All - Rieklings

      • True Wolves of Skyrim

      • SC Horse Replacer

      • XPMSE


🐉 Optional - Skyrim Immersive Creature & Bad Dog's MNC SLAL Integration:


Mods to install:



Schritt 04 - ⛓️ BDSM-Frameworks


⛓️🪝 Zaz Animation Pack v8.0 plus:


Mods to install:

  • Zaz Animation Pack V8.0 plus
    • UUNP HDT file for this example
    • ⚠️LL download is only a txt file. In the txt file you find the link to the real mod.
    • some devices need to be build in bodyslide (more sliders in the Bodyslide "unassigned" group)
    • ⚠️If NPC don't use whips activate the "GENDER Specific Animations" Patch in FNIS
    • alternative versions: ZAP 7 and ZAP 8, only use one!
    • Optional: Immersive Torture Sounds 0.1
      • ZAP Whipsound replacer
      • Whenever a whip hit noise plays, it should be accompanied by a female grunt/scream.
      • Male characters should rethink installing this
      • Alternative: ZAP- Whipping Sound Expanded
        • ZAP Whipsound replacer
        • even better than Immersive Torture Sounds
        • only use one whipsound replacer


⛓️🔐 Toys:


Mods to install:




Mods to install:





DD v5+ still is under construction.

So far I don't see it as framework anymore, but as a Mod with compatibility issues.

As soon as useful fixes/patches are out I will post them here.



Schritt 05 - 👨‍💻 Skript Extender


👨‍💻 PapyrusUtil, ConsoleUtil, Jcontainers:


Mods to install:

  • PapyrusUtil - Modders Scripting Utility Functions
    • overwrite all
    • ⚠️never let any mod overwrite it
    • some mods come with older versions, don't let them overwrite the newer version!
      • SLF
      • Simply Knock
      • Campfire
  • JContainers
    • overwrite all
    • ⚠️never let any mod overwrite it
    • Requirement for MNC SLAL and Creature Framework
  • ConsoleUtil
    • overwrite all
    • ⚠️never let any mod overwrite it
    • Needed for:
      • Inte's SUM (Skyrim Utility Mod)
      • DDi black fog blindfold effect (activatable in DDi MCM)
      • NFF (Nether's Follower Framework)


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