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Sexlab Aroused Redux


This is a replacement for Sexlab Aroused. The intent is to minimize the papyrus impact of Aroused. It is a direct replacement for Aroused and any mod that depends on it should continue to work as before. It uses all the same logic as the fabulously well written original. If you are experiencing script lag or random CTDs, Sexlab Aroused Redux (SAR) will help solve the problem and many users have reported great success using it. Here is a quote:


SAR is a work of excellence, and I believe that the bulk of the community will come to use SAR as a replacement for SL Aroused. Good job, and keep up the good work.


Do not use the SSE download for oldrim.

It is only here temporarily until I create a new SSE topic.  If you use this, make sure you get Skyrim Special Edition, and  Sexlab SSE and SKSE64, etc.


If you need the SSE version, find it here:


Version 28b
This version now updates the SLA_ variables regardless of whether or not there are naked NPCs around with each scan (unless disabled). So, to get the same functionality as in 27c regarding papyrus impact, use the Disable Aroused checkbox if you don't want Aroused to change arousal states. I also added code provided by BeamerMiasma to use the player as the LOS center if they are present in a sex scene instead of the NPC in the female position. See this post for more information and the possible impact.
Added two new check-boxes to the MCM menu. One disables aroused completely. It is useful to reduce the papyrus impact to zero (or close) for use in big battles or other places where any papyrus impact would stress your system. You can also turn it off when you just don't want your NPCs getting horney.



The other controls the way that aroused works when there are no naked players around. If it is checked on (the default), we don't do arousal computations if there are no naked NPCs (or the naked player) around. We do however now update the SLA_AROUSED variable even if there are no naked players around. This variable should be checked on unless you have a mod that will not work it off. I don't think there really are any, but we have added this in just in case. Note that there is some considerable papyrus impact with this change when there are no naked NPCs around, so if this impacts you, disable aroused in those places where it is a problem.


What is does:


This mod copies much of the functionality of the original but with a much lower papyrus impact. So you don't have to go to another page, the following is shamelessly copied from Sexlab Aroused, the original.



  • Sexual Arousal - for ALL Skyrim residents. It is based on how much time passed from sex and on exposure to adult content.
  • Lover's Desire - player will find it difficult to focus if aroused.
  • SOS support - sclongs will come to life as response to arousal, hands free.

BeamerMiasma has provided a really nice graph that shows the effect of Time Rate and its effect on arousal since your last orgasm here.
It is reproduced here in the spoiler









Aroused Redux provides an interface that allows other mod authors to change arousal directly. Even if aroused is disabled using the Disable Aroused checkbox, you may still see arousal changing.



  • Arousal = TimeRate * (DaysSinceLastOrgasm) + Sum(SingleExposure * ExposureRate)
  • Arousal min value is 0 and max value 100, but some times -2 is returned for invalid/blocked actors
  • ExposureRate can be set from MCM menu or by modders, values are 0-10
  • TimeRate decays overtime, having sex increases TmeRate, values are 0-100


  • Each stage of foreplay animation adds +1 exposure
  • Orgasm reduces exposure by "actual animation duration" / "default animation duration" * 20. Tip: extending sex duration would reduce more exposure after orgasm
  • Orgasm time is stored to each actor
  • Rape reduces exposure by additional 10 points to victim
  • Females can only have orgasm (arousal goes down) only if animation is tagged as Anal/Vaginal/Masturbation/Fisting


  • PC arousal increases if one sees naked NPC and visa versa
  • If NPC sees naked PC, and PC set as Exhibitionist in MCM menu, then PCs exposure is increased

Lover's Desire

  • Satisfied - Arousal 0-20 : skills improve 5% faster
  • Arousal 20-49 does nothing
  • Distracted - Arousal : 50-69 skills improve 5% slower
  • Aroused - Arousal : 70-89 skills improve 10% slower
  • Need Sex - Arousal : 90+ skills improve 20% slower
  • Losing Control - Arousal 90+ and Time Rate 70-89 : skills improve 40% slower
  • Addicted - Arousal 90+ and Time rate 90+ : skills improve 80% slower


  • Arousal level of NPC effects SOS "bending".


See this post for help in interfacing to Aroused Redux.


Special Thanks
Special thanks to sdvr and orsonero for their translation work.


Thanks too to Leito for his excellent animations. Hope you all swing over to his forum and tell him thanks.


I have left version 27c on the download page just in case version 28 causes problems. I have tested it extensively, so I think it is fairly clean. However, I have not beta tested it widely.


This mod comes with complete source, so please feel free to have a look. I did not provide a bsa, it is all loose files.


SAR is compatible with most software products that rely on the old version of Sexlab Aroused. It has been tested with:
Sexlab SexSlaves, Sexlab Romance, Devious Devices Integration, Lovers Comfort, SD+, Deviously Helpless, Captured Dreams, Devious Devices (Integration, Assets and Expansion), SexLab attraction, SexLab approach.and SL Stories. There are no reported incompatibilities. More as I find them.


Installing over the old aroused:
1. Start up a save and turn off the cloak spell in MCM, wait a full minute, then save your game.
2. Exit Skyrim and uninstall the old Aroused.
3. Install the new Aroused and run LOOT or similar
4. Run FNISForUsers
4. Reload your save and wait a few minutes after the message "SexLab Aroused upgraded to version xxx" and off you go.


New Installation
1. Install aroused using NMM or similiar
2. Run Loot and FNIS
3. Start up your game. It may take up to 5 minutes or so for the SexLab Aroused menus to appear in in MCM. You should get a notification that MCM: Registered 1 New Menu
4. After you can see the menu, you are ready to go.




Just uninstall the old version using NMM or similiar and install the new version. Then, run FNIS for users. If you are upgrading for a major version (eg version 27c to 28), you will see "Updating Aroused Redux to version xxx ..." and then "Aroused is ready to use" when the software update is complete.
Note that NMM and similar sometimes does not remove all the files it install. So, if you installed the loose version and are installing the bsa version, check your ...skyrim\data\scripts directory for the existence of sla*.pex. If you have Slave Tats installed, there will be those files there as well. Here is a complete list of the files Redux installs:


Alternately, just install the loose version if you are upgrading a loose version.

Edited by fishburger67

What's New in Version 28b


  • Version 17. Fixed an error where starting a new game might set cell scan frequency to 0
  • Version 19. Changed the way gender preference is determined. Removed the need for LOS for determining arousal
  • Version 20. Fixes a bug where sometimes arousal never reloads the scan area after sex. Also fixed a rounding error.
  • Version 21. Fixed a minor bug where there was an error in the papyrus log and storageUtil cleaning happened ever game load
  • Version 26. Added arousal animations, fixed some bugs, and added developer features
  • Version 27, Added manaquins to the exclusion list for aroused and naked scans and fixed a bug where one NPC might be repeated in the scans if there were 8 or more.
  • Version 27a, Fixed a very minor thing in the scanner
  • Version 27b, Fixed major purging thing that caused the purger to run at startup every time.
  • Version 27c, Changed the scan code so it is very efficient if no one is naked.
  • Version 28, Added checkboxes for naked only and full disable. Also modified the code so that arousal is computed even if there are no naked actors. Added code provided BeamerMiasma that changes the center for LOS computations to the player if they are present in the sex act.
  • Version 28a - Fixed four text strings in the translation files.
  • Version 28b - Fixes a a problem in how arousal is computed if there are no naked actors.
  • SSE Version - This is only for Skyrim Special Edition.

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