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SexLab Extra Voices Expanded + Voice Packs 2.4

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About This File



Uploaded individual Voice Packs and new Voices!


This is a continuation and expansion of the Sexlab Extra Voices mod by sunspotz.

I did not receive any answer from him, he is absent since 2015. 

I do not want to profit from his work, but I modified his mod for quite some time now and I hope it is ok for him if I re-release it like this.

The Original Mod is not required.


What does this Mod do?

Ìt adds about 20 new Voice slots (10 male, 10 female) to SexLab (this is what the original mod does)

Each Voice had 15 voice slots to be filled by the user. It had no voice packs.


My expansion does:

1. Increase Voice File Slots for the profiles bit by bit. I plan on having 2 females and males with over 100 files support each (for PC and 1 Follower) 

2. the other profiles will get 25 files support and some others 40-50 files. This will be a long process over several versions

3. I will add voice packs to fill the mod, suitable for the different voice slot file sizes.

4. maybe increase the number of voice slots available from 20 to 30 new voices


My expansion does not:

Differentiate between Hot/Medium/Mild sounds. All three folders contain the same sound files currently.

This will maybe, just maybe change in the future.


Normal Download (just the main File: SexLab Extra Voices Expanded - X-X)


What VOICE PACKS are already included?

                                Hot   Med  Mild*
Female Voice 01        80    80    80            Overwatch    Tracer (80)**
Female Voice 02        30    50    30            Custom        Karen (50)
Female Voice 03        30    50    30            Custom        Meghan (50)
Female Voice 04        15    15    15            Overwatch    Sombra (15)
Female Voice 05        15    15    15            Overwatch    Widowmaker (15)
Female Voice 06        15    15    15            LOL               Ahri (18)
Female Voice 07        15    15    15            Overwatch    Zarya (15)
Female Voice 08        15    15    15            LOL               Evelynn (15)
Female Voice 09        15    15    15            Pure Rape     NoNoPlease (80) (contains only crying. not suitable for consensual scenes)
Female Voice 10        15    15    15            Pure Rape     MissMoanAlot (60) (contains only crying. not suitable for consensual scenes)

                               Hot  Med  Mild*
MALE Voice 01        60    60    60            Overwatch    Junkrat (100)**
MALE Voice 02        25    25    40            LOL               MonkeyKing (30)
MALE Voice 03        25    25    40            LOL               ArmsmasterYi (25)
MALE Voice 04        25    25    25            LOL               BlindMonk (30)
MALE Voice 05        15    15    15            LOL               Aatrox (25)
MALE Voice 06        15    15    15            Custom         Alex (40)
MALE Voice 07        15    15    15            Overwatch    Winston (60)
MALE Voice 08        15    15    15            Overwatch    Reinhard (105)
MALE Voice 09        25    25    25            Overwatch    Roadhog (120)
MALE Voice 10        25    25    25            Custom        NoTalking  (60)


*indicates the number of voice files the slot supports. The more files the more variation in the sounds played.

**indicates the actual number of voice files in the given named Voicepack. If the number is greater than the "slots" you will not hear all of the available voice files (for now)


How does it work?

Sexlab uses 3 different types of Sound files. Hot, Medium and Mild.

To my knowledge (and some testing), the "Mild" sounds play at the beginning of a consensual Sex Animation. With each Stage more Hot sounds will be played.

In the final stage mostly hot sounds will play. This is true for both actors.


"Medium" Sounds will only play for victims in aggressive animations.

Aggressors will only play "Mild" Sounds in aggressive animations. 


Download the main File (usually on top: SexLab Extra Voices Expanded - X-X)

Just drop into your Data Folder or install with a Mod Organizer of your choice like usual.

It should not overwrite anything (but older versions of this mod)


Its no problem to install this on a running game.


To activate the new voices in SexLab Framework on a running game:

in Sexlab Framework MCM > Rebuild & Clean tab > Reset Voice Registry > Done

You can now toggle the Voices you want in "Voices & SFX"


(Tutorial kindly provided by donttouchmethere) (expand for guidance)


I use my Voice packs with 2-4 second delay for both male and female. If you want a bit more silence, just set the timer a bit longer. 



- Download the Voice Pack you want to try.

- Unpack the archive (with 7-zip or similar)

- choose 1 of the 10 female or 10 male slots you want to use and delete everything inside (3 Folders +1 txt file)

 path: data\sound\fx\SexLab\Voiceslot XX (gender)

- copy the content (3 folders and 1 txt file) of the Voice Pack you want into the slot folder. 

Should work right away, if not just reset voice registry (might even be possible to update while the game is running) 













I dont know of any conflicts of the original mod.



This should overwrite the original Mod, so I recommend not using them at the same time to avoid confusion.



Yes. At least from what I was told. Please report any problems that might occur. 



The full version of this mod I want to have:

80 voice filesfor 1 female and 1 male slot (33% complete)

25 voice files for 4 male and 4 female slots (0% complete)

15 voice files for the other 5 male and female slots (100% complete)

add more voice slots (0% complete)


I also want to add more Voice packs made from Overwatch and League of Legends game sounds.

Make Voice packs that have also voice lines instead of just moaning and screaming

Differentiate between Hot/Medium/Mild sounds.


How you can help?

Test the mod and give feedback


Provide me with links to suitable voice files for making voice packs.


 How can I make my own voice packs?

See the original mod for description.

The only thing I found out is, that it seems the 44100Hz Mono 16-Bit Uncompressed!

is not needed for this. In my tests the game played also 48000Hz Stere 16 Bit and 88000 Stereo 16 bit.

I did not test 32 bit. 




Meghan, Karen, Ian, Alex and Sean are free sounds but they can only be used when given credit: 


Super Dialogue Audio Pack v1
License and Usage (updated 4/23/2017)
Copyright (c) 2017 Dillon Becker, dillonbecker.com
● You may use these files for commercial purposes provided you give proper credit (example below).
1. Definition of terms
● “The producer” hereafter refers to Dillon Becker.
● “Products” hereafter refers to any file included in the Super Dialogue Audio Pack v1.
● “The agreement” refers to the terms of use as described on this page.
2. Eligibility, the agreement and termination
● To use the products you must agree to the terms of use described here.
● Downloading, purchasing or using any of the producer’s products implies that you have read and understood
this agreement.
● If you fail to comply with the terms of use you should cease to use the products and destroy any personal
copies of the products you have.
● The terms are not all encompassing and the producer reserves the right to cancel the agreement with
individuals on a case-by-case basis.
● You are NOT eligible to agree to these terms if current international or local laws prevent you from agreeing
to these terms or using the products provided by the producer. It is your responsibility to check these laws.
● These terms are subject to change. You will be subject to such changes whenever you make use of a
product after the change.
3. Scope and use of the producer’s products
3.1 You MAY:
● Use the products for personal or commercial use (royalty free) provided you credit within your project both
the producer and each voice actor used in your project; example:
○ Audio produced by Dillon Becker, performed by Alex Brodie, Meghan Christian.
3.2 You MAY NOT:
● Lend, rent, sell or redistribute the products.
○ This does NOT include distribution as part of your product/project or the release of source code or
open source project.
● Use the products for illegal purposes.
● Remove materials, restrictions or copyright notices from the products.
● Use the products or parts of the products to endorse your own ventures unless you have expressed written
permission from the producer.
4. Liability
● The producer accepts no responsibility for damage caused by improper use of the products.
● The producer accepts no responsibility for improper use of the products by individuals, or use that is against
the terms of the agreement.

Super Dialogue Audio Pack V1
Voice Actors Contact Information
Copyright (c) 2017 Dillon Becker, dillonbecker.com
Looking to hire one of the voice actors from this pack to record custom dialogue for your project? Use the
contact information below to get in touch.
Alex Brodie
Karen Cenon
Ian Lampert
Meghan Christian
Sean Lenhart


What's New in Version 2.4


No New Version (still 2.4) but I uploaded individual Voice Packs

See Mod Description for how to use!

There are more also new Voice Packs not already included!


Version 2.4

- Expanded some of the Voice Slots from 15 to 25 slots (process will continue bit by bit)

- Added Evelynn 

- Added Winston 

- Added Reinhard

- Added Junkrat

- Added Roadhog

- Added Ahri

- Added 2x "Realistic Rape Sounds" 


Updated description.

Added "Content.txt" file in the mod data. 
There you can see which Slot is which voice and how many voice files are supported


                                Hot   Med  Mild
Female Voice 01        80    80    80            Overwatch    Tracer
Female Voice 02        30    50    30            Custom        Karen
Female Voice 03        30    50    30            Custom        Meghan
Female Voice 04        15    15    15            Overwatch    Sombra
Female Voice 05        15    15    15            Overwatch    Widowmaker
Female Voice 06        15    15    15            LOL               Ahri
Female Voice 07        15    15    15            Overwatch    Zarya
Female Voice 08        15    15    15            LOL               Evelynn
Female Voice 09        15    15    15            Pure Rape     NoNoPlease
Female Voice 10        15    15    15            Pure Rape     MissMoanAlot

                                Hot  Med  Mild
MALE Voice 01        60    60    60            Overwatch    Junkrat
MALE Voice 02        25    25    40            LOL         MonkeyKing
MALE Voice 03        25    25    40            LOL         ArmsmasterYi
MALE Voice 04        25    25    25            LOL         BlindMonk
MALE Voice 05        15    15    15            LOL            Aatrox
MALE Voice 06        15    15    15            Custom         Alex
MALE Voice 07        15    15    15            Overwatch    Winston
MALE Voice 08        15    15    15            Overwatch    Reinhard
MALE Voice 09        25    25    25            Overwatch    Roadhog
MALE Voice 10        25    25    25            Custom        NoTalking    



Older Updates




New Female Voice Karen with 50 (Slot 02)

New Female Voice Meghan with 50 files (Slot 03)

New Male Voice Sean with 60 files (Slot 11)
New Male Voice Alex with 40 files (Slot 16)
New Male Voice Ian with 40 files (Slot 17)


Female Voice Slot 02 and 03 files support expanded to
Mild & Hot 30 files each
Medium 50 files 

Male Voice Slot 01 files support expanded to
Mild & Hot 30 files each
Medium 15 files 


Aatrox is now Slot 15
Sombra is now Slot 04
Widowmaker is now Slot 05
Tracer is now Slot 06
Zarya is now Slot 07


Deleted the 3 beep sound files for Widowmaker 

Deleted FOMOD folder (seemed to be nonfunction left over)

Please report if there are problems with install now (there shouldnt be)


Many voices have more files than the mod currently supports.
This has no negative impact (additional voice files are just ignored).
I will of course expand the mod bit by bit.



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