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SexLab Tools v3.0

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About This File

-------------------- What is this mod?


SexLab Tools is a simple mod that aim to give the player some tools to control a sexlab sex scene, mainly the pose & tags, using menus from the UIExtension mod.


If you have ideas about improving this mod or adding options let me know.


-------------------- Requirements


SexLab Framework by Ashal
UIExtensions by Expired


-------------------- How to use?




You can open the tool menu by holding the Modifier key (Left shift) and pressing the Tool key (H by default) while aiming a NPC in a sex scene or when the player is involved in a sex scene.


Change stage - Opens a submenu where you can choose a stage to play for the current animation.
Disable current animation - Disable the current animation (it disables it in the SexLab MCM menu.)
Unregister animation - CURRENTLY NOT USED, meant to be used to remove manually the custom added animations from the SexLab registry, waiting for Ashal’s implementation of such feature.
Cum outside - Change the current animation by a non vaginal/anal one if needed and ends the scene.
Write tag or animation name - Opens a menu where you can write a tag or the name of an animation you want to play, if you write the name of an animation it will be added to the current set and will play it.
Change current scene tag - Opens a submenu where you will be able to choose a specific tag to change the current set of animation.


Pose selector :
You can change the pose of the current scene by pressing the Tool key (H by default) while aiming a NPC in a sex scene or when the player is involved in a sex scene.


Tool actor list key:
Press this key (H by default) to display a list of the NPCs involved in a SexLab sex scene, you can then click on the NPC name you wish to to open the pose selector.
Clicking the name while holding the modifier key will open the tool menu.
If the key is the same as the tool key the priority will be given to the player scene or your current target, otherwise it will open the list menu.




/!\ Bug that can’t be fixed be is not that important: In the text area when you press “0” on the numpad the game takes it as “enter”, you might want to use the standard keyboard to enter zeroes.


Enter the name of the animation, once registered you will be able to see the created animation in the SexLab menu, note that creature animation will automatically have the tag of the corresponding race. (e.g. (Wolf) The name)


You can either create a human animation or use a creature race, a list of races will appear if creature is chosen.


Change the type of the animation, this can changed during the creation so you can mix aggressive/normal animations
The default duration is also affected by this, see the durations for each stage and each types in SexLab's MCM
The animation will inherit of the "Aggressive" and "DefaultAggressive" tags if the option is set to "Aggressive type" on registration


Number of actors:
Use to determine how many actor will be part of the custom animation (up to 5)


Use a filter to sort the animations when you set a stage.
e.g. If you enter "Arrok" only Arrok animations will be displayed in the animation list.
Upercases unneeded and multiple filters is possible: e.g. "arrok,foreplay" (Separate with a comma)


Stage X: The animation for the stage of the custom animation.
Stage of the chosen animation: Self-explanatory.
Stage timer: Timer for this stage (duration), 0.0 means it will take the default timer for this animation's stage that is set in SexLab MCM menu.


Once you have set all your stages use Register to SexLab option.


To remove the created animations:


All the created animation have the tag “Custom”, you can use the unregisterer feature of the mod to unregister a particular animation by entering its name or unregister all the new animations by entering "Custom".
You can also use "Reset Animation Registry" in "Rebuild & Clean" in SexLab's MCm menu




You can organize multiple SexLab scenes with this tool


Use the hotkey (disabled by default) on a NPC to register him as the receiver or as an actor of the queue.
Use the hotkey without any NPC under your crosshair to register the player, remove a NPC from the queue, modify their animation(s), begin the scene or erase the scene.


When the scene starts depending of the animation registered for the NPCs (Can be a tag, a set of animation or an animation in particular) it will start a SexLab scene with the receiver and the next NPC(s) in line, when the SexLab scene is over the next scene will start with the next NPC


- Choosing a 3p animation or a set of animations will need the two next NPC in line (4p, 3 NPCs and so on), no matter what animation is set for the next NPCs.
- Registering a NPC without a receiver and setting him a 1p animation will start a solo animation




Enter the name of the animation or the tag of the set of animations you wish to unregister.
Use "Reset Animation Registry" in "Rebuild & Clean" in the SexLab MCM menu to retrieve the unregistered animations.


-------------------- Credits & thanks


Ashal for creating the SexLab Framework and answering my questions about it.
Expired for his UIExtension mod.


-------------------- Change log




To update: Uninstall old version then install the v3.0, clean save should not be needed, if there is a problem use Reconfigure in MCM.


- Reoganized the MCM menu.
- Added prefix >>> to know which animation is playing.
- Added “Tool actor list key” feature, will display a list of the SexLab scene playing around the player, see description.
- Added some tags for scene tag selector.
- Rewrite of the whole animation creator, now has a page on its own in MCM, creature animation are now possible.
- Added a new feature called matchmaker queue, see description.
- Added a new feature called Unregisterer, you can unregister any registered animation from SexLab, see description.
- Fixed stage selector & added prefix >>> to know which stage the animation is playing.






- Added the Animation Creator, with this tool you can create your own animations based on all the registered animations you have in SexLab, check the description.
- Changed Coitus Interruptus option by Cum outside option and I have improved it:
Now if the current animation does not have Vaginal or Anal tags the animation will not change and It will simply end the animation instead. Also removed the aggressive limitation so it can be use during those.
- Changed Animation stage - Forward & Animation stage - Backward for a new option: Change stage, this option will open a submenu where you can choose what stage of the current animation you want to play.
- Added Write tag or animation name option, this will allow you to write the tag or the name of the animation you want to play, if you write the name of the animation it will add it to the current set of animation and play it.
- Added more tags for Change current scene tag , "3J" "4D" "Leito" "Mitos" "Rydin" and “Custom” to use with the newly created animations.
- Added some optional hotkeys for rapid access to some tools:

Tools only key - Rapid access to the tool menu without holding the modifier key.


Change stage key - Rapid access to change stage option.



Cum outside key - Rapid access to Cum outside option.





Initial release.


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