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What are you doing right now in Skyrim (Screenshot required)

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Finally, or at least I hope it is finally, I am ready to start this game. Partly my fault for vacillating about which character to go with because I was still vacillating about what sort of game it was going to be. Partly a problem with neck seam. I used the muscle map (msn) file from Leyenda as I've done before but for some reason there was a horrendous colour mismatch twixt torso and head. Tried several different skins but same result though some were better than others. In the end, after several hours of arsing about I used the regular head msn from Leyenda and the seam went away. Never had to do that before.


I did an Alt Start drop me in the wilderness jobby hoping to be on the north coast in troll country. I landed on the road at the back of Falkreath. ☹️

Anyway, she's here look.







Still a bit of minor tweaking to do but that can be done as we go out and about. She's got HDT earrings. 😲

Here's one with the neck seam

This was probably the worst example.



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3 hours ago, sanya56714 said:

there is a difference?


Yes. The thread Mez558 linked to is for posting images of your character. This thread here is for posting images showing what you are currently doing in the game, along with an explanation giving details of what the images show.

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59 минут назад merManc сказал:


Да. Связанная ветка Mez558 специально для публикации изображений вашего персонажа. Эта ветка показывает изображение в данной игре, вместе с объяснением, в котором показано изображение.

I sit and drink beer and play.

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Egh i just forgot to upload on LL...


well... xDDD

its little late but lets say that LOVERS LAB WAS SLOW FOR ME XD


anywaa... ( after 2:30 you can end, i was just having fun with new script i made... )




so in short its new Arena, its gonna be better arena than any other arena mod i made :D

- Blood Arena ( my blood arena - long ago deleted - i was not even using LL those days ) 
- Braverock

- Braverock Island
- Sausan Arena

and now its Time for " ECLIPSE ARENA " - gosh i change name all time xD

Yes DeusTerra, PirateIsland, Sausan Island is same thing as Eclipse... actualy Eclipse City... 


hope that im not gonna change name again... but... maybe i will :o...

who knows :c... 


idk... Eclipse City looks cool xD

but same i was thinking about first name "Pirate Island"... bffffffff


anywaa this video is pretty actual because i was no working on Eclipse last days, i was working on some other stuff :D 



why no1 is using this Topic?... lol...

i have to edit my post all time ;c...


Ocelotte Paintings in Skyrim:








He is rly good at making ScreenShots :D

U should Google his name or join his Discord Server ^_^...

I don't have Inv. link to his disocrd but u can ask him on my Discord for inv :D


Soon ill add more Paintings but first i need to fix some problems with this one :D

Still need to remake Spec, Normals and Diff :D

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Maybe new female textures?...

I'm trying to make some new Textures for tatsu xD 


i don't like not detailed textures :c...

atm. im working on mouth :D 


Here is preview: ( top is old version, bottom is new version ( actualy its old version too but with some edits xDDD ) )




Here is how it looks in game:

Old Version:




New Version: ( it was my first try to make lips :D )







I also stole Nipples from Pure Skin xD

because my nipples were crazy bad xDDD 


here is how it was before: ( little different makeup )




After copying nipples from Pure Skin:




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Ultra Dynamic Light System :D

New Mod Idea xD.... 


This Light can do few things 

 atm it can do:

 - Moving from Side to Side

 - Rotating around Player

 - Following Player


But there is still some BUG-s 

Video is 3:30 but in that short vid. u can see some bugs...


first i will have to fix them :x...

But if its gonna work... i think its gonna be useful for ppl who makes preview and Screenshots ^_^...


Here is Vid:

Because of NSFW Video is closed for public, if u want to share it here is link:


Or just watch on LoversLab:




ps. yes im working on Pose2Pose Camera system too :D





LEL... i had some problems ( video ) / GIF here:




But now its working fine :D





Sadly i had to destroy Script a little to get ride of that BUG


but tbh. idk what was causing it... i simply was editing my light to the moment when it started to work as i wanted it to work xDD

so its not great succes because i dont know what i did... but... ITS FKING WORKINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG :OOOO





yay :o




You should not open that Spoiler...

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