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What are you doing right now in Skyrim (Screenshot required)

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One of my favorite things in Dawnguard is rejecting Harkon's gift. If you time it just right, you can unleash a shout right before you're banished. As the screen turns black, you can hear it causes quite the commotion 🤣

So how big is Molag Bal anyway?



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Look , but don´t touch.......touch......but don´t taste......TASTE !.......but don´t swallow.....and while you´re jumping from one foot to the next , he´s laughing his sick fucking ass off...

he´s a Sadist, a Prankster....worship that ? NEVER ! 🙄




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My little abandonedprison02 xD lol...

 still working on it :x...


for sharp eyes -> yes i was making little fix for hand because i forgot to set dirt tattoo for hands xD

Its sad if You can't read this :c... heheheh xD GJ if You can :D either you saw that emoji in weird place or you use stuff like DarkReader xDDD lel




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8 hours ago, Grey Cloud said:

Witcher fans look away now.

Couldn't resist :classic_blush:


It's really terrible what you do with the Haute Couture of the Northern Kingdoms and of the Duchy of Toussaint :classic_tongue:

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1 hour ago, woodsman30 said:

Nice is that an overhaul or your own makeover?

A bit of both.

The heads are from



The body mesh is called Fanny Body (I can't find a link for it) and the skin is probably FSC.


Fianna and Gerda (in the aprons) are from Dames of Skyrim and I've removed the aged 40/50/rough complexion and the gash.


12 hours ago, xXDeliteXx said:

Is she pregnant?

No, it's the body mesh I use for Elders (see above).

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Wondering why I have Giantess' in my game





The answer appears to be MNC

Didn't have them with 12.1 (but the mesh was included) so I can only assume I clicked something I shouldn't have on installing 12.3.

Then again, since updating ABC and MNC things have been odd.

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5 hours ago, MadMansGun said:

delete the leveled npc list in the esp.

Yeah might of helped if I had read the update notes.

I have to be honest, I only updated it as after updating ABC to 1.8 I was having issues with the Frost Atronach model and thought that because I was still running MNC12.1 might have been the issue (it wasn't)

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1 hour ago, MadMansGun said:

LE or SE?


I just ended up renaming the ABC meshes but I was a bit confused as a I couldn't see any difference in file names between ABC 1.75 + MNC 12.1 and ABC 1.80 + MNC 12.3.

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@Grey Cloud

What is ur problem this time Kid? xD


If u want something else then here:






Thats my Mod that edit Skyrim Landscape textures and Skyrim Grass :x...

Now, are u happy kid? :P something else than character xD


I'm just uploading what im doing right now...



Some meshes for You kid... ( im not gonna finish that because fucking with .nif shaders and UV is too much stupid work xD ) 

 ( Yes, i know that im rly bad at 3D Modeling ) ( that is Car Engine :x... )




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Currently re-jigging all my follower mods - naming convention, folder structure, stats, etc. Doing them 10 at a time and creating 10-pack merges as I go. I've been at it several days and the first couple went great, the second couple good but the third couple of 10-packs full of problems because of, I thought, stuff I'd missed.

Last night I installed 10 more followers, fired up T5E and as it was getting late I just changed the armour addon to point to where I keep the followers' meshes. I did this for all 10 then went to bed.

Today I sat down to carry on and decided to have quick check to make sure I had done what I thought I had the previous night. Erm, no. That one was done but not that one. Those two done but not that one. Half of them had not been touched. Now it was late and I was rushing but it wasn't that late and I wasn't that tired to miss half of 10. So I did the 'missed' ones again. Closed down T5E and re-opened it and the entry has reverted again.

So an experiment is called for. Either that or a psychiatrist.


 The entry I'm editing.





What I'm changing it to.





I save it.





I 'deploy' in Vortex so we are all on the same page.





I go back in T5E.






It's not that particular follower as it did it with a few others I tried. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the first mod in the 10, Follower Juni, to see if that would help and mercifully it did. All the mods started saving properly after that. I do not have a clue what or why. So can anyone tell me what happened there?


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@Grey Cloud

Here, Brynjolf for You :)...

no Yuuki this time :D  ( tbh, i used Brynjolf because that only one name i remember xD i wanted to use Balgruf or something like that but :c... egh...  )






Yes i was having fun with ENB and Textures ( look at contrast between face and outfit textures xD lol )

tbh... im not even sure if i have any male body textures... hmm :x... it might be Vanila Face Texture... looks not that bad tbh...



ENB Off:






Brynjolf is for Gray, here is Yuuki version :D hehe xDD






Something more :x...






And here weird SS...

Idk what is wrong with Floor texture... and tbh idec :x... 




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21 hours ago, Grey Cloud said:

do not have a clue what or why

 Some mods with not save changes as in TES5edit as the archive folder won't save changes made to it as you don't have permission to change it. To solve this I pull the data folder out of the 7zip file to my desk top save the original in a separate folder or wherever you store your mods. The send the data I just pulled out into a new 7zip folder rename the mod again to whatever.. Now you can change away in the archive itself or in TES5edit. Some archives require "permission" to save changes hence the method above as my new 7zip folder is free to change and save properly.

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