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  1. Preparing my next playthrough. Maybe even with a blog, if everything turns out at least half-decent.
  2. Hell no. That's one of the frost giants in the Forgotten Vale.
  3. It's fascinating and frustrating at the same time how easy you can break Skyrim's balance.
  4. Gunmar sent us to Windhelm, where we need to get information about a vampire's whereabouts from Aval. Took some time to track that sucker down.
  5. I'm not too sure about his take on the cities, but I love what he's done with the snow elf ruins, Fort Dawnguard, Castle Volkihar, Apocrypha and Nordic ruins.
  6. Completing the Dawnguard squad by rescuing Florentius from the Ruunvald Excavation.
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