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  1. I thought I had seen the outfit recently. Just checked a review video of Vindictus from this year. Sure enough, there she is with Twin Nerf Mavericks. I mean they are not identical but they're pretty damn close. I guess the art dept thought "This type of gun is popular with the cosplayers and it's no longer in production so let use it." I'm also sure I saw conversion that looked just like this, I remember being jealous as all I did was paint mine. Thanks I am sure I've already downloaded that just not installed it.
  2. Not the outfit, don't really care for that much and think I could find it anyway. Not the backdrop, I know that is GomaPeroLand Not Child like character with huge tits, pff they can be found everywhere. That black and silver gun! I've seen that made in RL, or at least pics of it online. It's a "cosplay" conversion of Nerf Maverick. I did a Steampunk one myself. I have no use for it whatsoever in my game but I want it. Anyone know?
  3. "Pretty sure" doesn't give us any information to go on. To play any SL animations you actually need SexLab (get the right version for your game, 1.62 for LE 1.63 for SE) and all it's requirements. Then you need something that will instigate Sex in your game. This would depend on how you want sex to "work" in your game. Consensual, non-consensual (i.e. Rape), both or just Random. Give us a clue on that part and we can suggest some mods.
  4. Have you tried asking the people that post these images to Twitter? That would be my first choice. By all means pander to their ego a little. "Love this shot, so <insert compliment> what outfit is that?" Usually works. I would check this thread (also suggest this would be the place to make requests too) as you might find some things you like here. Of course, if you can convert the LE outfits to SE yourself then post the request in the LE forum too. But give details. Asking for Risque outfits for Skyrim, is like going into a Ben and Jerry's shop asking for Ice Cream. If you were asking for immersive, realistic armour/outfits then fair enough, that would be a much shorter a list. Give us links to pictures or add the pics to your posts, no BMP please. Or at least describe the outfit you saw. Also, I have to guess you're using a CBBE based body with SE but it would be best to confirm this in your request.
  5. I don't think you're likely to get much of a response here. I recommend looking for Skyrim outfit modders on Patreon, find one you like and DM them to see if they are willing to do commision work. I would think that (almost) anyone that does anything creatively for free does so because the object they are creating interests them. They are making what they want and then sharing it or, sometimes, selling it. Creating something solely for someone else then becomes work and, I suspect, there are hours and hours involved in creating a custom armour/outfit. Just so you realise that you might need to be offering a pretty high hourly rate to get someone's attention to do this. I don't know what your budget was/is but I expect it will need to be pretty high to get anyone's attention.
  6. Did you re-register all mods in Creature Framework after installing Animal SOS? If not, do that. With the Animations not playing properly. I would go into your SLAL MCM and Rebuild Sexlab Animation Register Exit MCM, wait until Registering Creature Animation (or Creature animations Registered) as a Debug Message. Wait a bit longer, if you see a final, Registry Reset message then good, if not then go into the MCM for SLAL and then exit the MCM again and it should appear. Back into the SLAL MCM, under general Register Animations, see if any register. I no longer use Animal SOS as all the animators were supporting Animated Beast Cocks instead and I get the same issue, on occasion, with that. From what I can make out in ABC it's a script my game has failed to run properly (seems to be only with multiple attackers) and my fix has been to using console to target the creature, do an inv and look for an unnamed item, equipitem <id> with the creature targeted and just like that, erection! No idea if Animal SOS works the same way, the first step I mentioned always resolved this issue for me when I used it.
  7. As GZ said. The damage reduction from higher difficulty only affects the player. I don't know if there is actually a damage boost to NPC's (if there is then, as they are also NPC;s, it is applied to followers as well) or it is simply a case of the PC's mitigation/resistance being reduced so you take more damage. Either way, increasing diffictulty, whilst tougher for you, has no effect on a follower and having 3 will still be a walk in the park, as long as you avoid getting hit.
  8. Going by the "Armour" that certainly looks like Modded Skyrim 🤪 There is obviously Estrus for Skyrim and mods that use it, like Estrus Mimics but I've found that doesn't play with SL mods very well and so you can end up with both trying to force animations on the character. As far as I know (which isn't far) the only mod that combines Estrus animations with Sexlab successfully is Estrus Chaurus. If you've not used that before it's probably worth a look. I also think DCL used Estrus Chaurus as traps, I remember they were options for harvesting from plants, I don't recall if they could be used a traps for other things (Chests, Containers, Doors, bodies etc) if so then that would be worth a look. If there are others then hopefully someone will list them.
  9. Does anyone know of a mod for the Forsworn weapons that is similar to Dawnguard Arsenal? Which adds different weapons to the series, like 1hd and 2hd Swords, BattleAxes and daggers. I'm really just looking for something that adds more "Tribal" looking weapons to the game, preferably some two handers. So far the best I've found is the WarChief's Might from Immersive Weapons But that weapon is huge and I'm usually installing mods that reduce the size of weapons to make them a little more realistic or the overhaul of Red Eagle's Blade. I'v done the usual searches under Tribal and Forsworn not really sure where else I can look. I doubt there would be anything on sites like 9Damao as it doesn't seem to match the sort of content I've seen there. I could be wrong, of course.
  10. I never did trust drummers, always so controlling, sat at the back, raised above everyone else. Bass players too, they're the drummer's evil henchmen, I tell you. (Orange skinned probably means they're from Essex, even less trust worthy)
  11. Um, yeah, sure, maybe that could... I have no clue and if I were to even put that in the right .psc file I very much doubt I would have any success in compiling it. But maybe LordsDu71 can give that a shot. Currently my game has no Dragons and if/when it gets them I will probably remove them from enabled creatures because, physics, anatomy and logistics... It's just unimmersive
  12. I don't think you downloaded the Mod, sounds like you downloaded an SMP patch Mod is here
  13. This should really be in the SE Tech Support section but since you posted it in the LE forum... I maybe missing something really obvious here. That image is of the vanila male body and I cannot see SOS anywhere in your Load Order? Edit: I would expect to see a Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm and a Schlongs of Skyrim.esp
  14. Yeah I forgot to mention, the issue I always had with Dragons was pathing. Their size and, as has been mentioned, ability to fly. If they cannot get into position Defeat will often just seem to time out.
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