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  1. Firstly NMM isn't the best choice. A few of us still use it but we also know what it's doing and it's limitations and probably wouldn't recommend others do the same as there are better options. A safer choice would be learning to use MO2 (or at a pinch, Vortex) The reason for this is that NMM actually overwrites files in your Skyrim/data directory. It does back up files but the fact it is overwriting them in the first place can lead to game breaking issues if you're not careful. MO2 and Vortex create their own file directories and use these in place of the original game files, so uninstalling or disabling a mod just reverts the game to use the original game files that are still untouched. Next, are you using original skyrim or SE? SE has it's own forum which might get you better help. Are you using FNIS XXL? Also, could you post your FNIS output as a text file? Can be found in Skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users\temporary_logs called GenerateFNIS_LogFile or you can just copy the output in the FNIS window and paste it into notepad, I think the data is pretty much the same. Too many animations normally just cause a CTD (there is a fix available for this) so I am interested to see the complete error message and log.
  2. If you're looking to actually play Skyrim don't look at the screen shot threads and judge your game against them. For the most part these are taken on game setups that are just for Screen Archery. Not saying that the majority don't look amazing just don't assume that the person posting the shot is actually playing that game with those settings. There's also the fact that many get manipulated further with photoshop and the like.
  3. Bounce or Collisions not working. Anyway, I just downloaded KouLeifoh's mod and I am a bit confused why he has included hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml's which are normally used by female models and why he didn't put the male xml file he included, malebody_hdtPhysicsExtensions.xml, into the same path (data\skse\plugins) with all the other xml configs for HDT-PE. In short, I've no idea, you'd probably do best to ask KouLeifoh. If you have belly bounce and collisions working on female models then you could get a tool like Just For Fun and compare the belly settings from your hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml (found in data\skse\plugins) to the malebody_hdtPhysicsExtensions.xml you installed (found in Meshes\actors\character\character assets)
  4. This is an HDT physics issue, not a texture issue. I would check your install of SAM BBB, do you have all the requirements, to start with? SAM or SAM Light HDT-PE (LE only) or HDT-SMP (SE only) XPMSE (LE, SE) or my modified SAM skeleton I don't know if anyone here uses SAM BBB but, if you haven't already, I would try asking on VP's site as well.
  5. Firstly, this isn't the SE forum, that can be found here But at least you identified that you have SE rather than making us guess. MO2 (even NMM) should let you know if you're missing something required so does Skyrim actually Load and then you can't load a save? Or does it just CTD upon launching the game? If it's just not loading a Save, start a new game, does that load? Also, did you try removing the mod that you last added and stopped the game from working? What was the outcome Not sure what you mean by this...
  6. Be interested in seeing a full body screen shot of your character, naked. (or just post a screen shot for the femalebody_1.dds opened in whatever program you have that will open it. Because there are both UNP and CBBE versions of those skin textures you mentions and you might have the wrong one.
  7. @brewmasterhal What do you use to edit the dialogue? I was using TES5Edit and copying overide into a new .esp but, while this worked, it did cause a lot more script freezes. Also, I can't see anyway to do a search in TES5Edit and just have to expand all the entries in Dialogue Topic and find the one I am looking for manually. Easier to find in CK with the Find Text option but editting in them in CK didn't feel "safe" especially as it was often asking me to recompile scripts.
  8. If he dies, he's dead. Also this can happen if you follow him into the Tunnels and accidently hit him while clearing out Skeevers. Burd is not essential, I thought I could get him to bleedout and he would reset... Nope. Didn't try zoning, that might of worked.
  9. The choking animation never played for me either, I figured there was a sex scene here but with the skip choices I had made it seemed I didn't have them so took the option of finding out his name. Will give it a shot with higher Karma.
  10. Thanks, I really should have said what I had done already and that would have saved you a lot of typing, sorry about that. Custom bodies is likely my issue, I've got collisions working fine with supplicants etc but not with Big Stick and I expect that is why, thanks a lot. Also I couldn't get finger collisions working with Fanar either but have moved past that now so... Maybe I will go back to that. (Edit: The hand thing was my fault, my hdtvagina.xml had not been set up with hand collisions.)
  11. Neither, a fetus has no gender for the first couple of months but it's gender is already determined from the moment of conception. The myth or theory that all fetuses start as female comes from the the fact that both male and female develope nipples when only the female has any use for them. At least that was the scientific thinking the last time I looked this up to win (and actually lost) an arguement. Might have changed since scientist have decided we are all eggplants for the first couple of months.
  12. Have you managed to get HDT collisions working with Thief? I've been trying and failing..
  13. Oh please tell me you're about to get internet tough. Oh totally, in fact it wouldn't take much effort for you to, now, convince me that you have masters in human anatomy. But, all that aside, this is the best bait I've seen posted in months.
  14. Loot has an option to export your load order. Use this and post the exported file. When you run FNIS it creates a logfile, located somewhere like Skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users\temporary_logs and should be called GenerateFNIS_LogFile However that location may not be entirely correct for yours since you appear to be running SE and you're going to mostly get LE users responding here. https://www.loverslab.com/forum/73-technical-support-skyrim-special-edition/
  15. Anywone else getting stuck at the Skunkway Entrance for hunting the beast? Script seems to hang after being told about the weapons and armour. I suspect something is meant to happen there as I can walk right through the zone point without it working. Removed some 20 mods to get this far and am still having to use the debug options on occasion. Wondering if this is this a known point of (possible) failure or just for me? (I've not even done my usual thing of amending the dialogue) Edit: Fix should have really been obvious to me. After uninstalling your script heavy mods, Start a Fresh Game. Cleaned Saves are never truly cleaned. Interestingly I had ro re-install MNC, one of the mods I removed due it being fairly script heavy and noted as possibly causing issues. Without it my Werewolves were invisible. Didn't understand that since this comes with it's own WW mesh but it's currently working ok with MNC installed so I just have to hope there are no more issues.
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