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  1. I've no idea as I have never used it (didn't realise what it could actually do) but going by Gameplayer's post and explaination of it. So anything you set up for a unique character (whether NPC or PC) should "overwrite" any global/race settings.
  2. I didn't read enough to see that it could do that and didn't realise that it would transfer these changes to bodyslide outfits as well. Now if there was something like that for SOS... However, that is some 24 values that need to be manually created (although you can get that from the preset snusnu.xml) and you'd still need to address the skin texture files or the PC will just use default skins. Also, going back to your previous post, I am pretty certain the changes made in Manipulator aren't permanent and the next time you load the game up Lydia's ass will back to normal so I
  3. The easiest way to do what you want is to install a custom race replace the meshes and textures for that race with your desired custom ones. Your next challenge would be armour and clothing which will either mean you having every NPC wearing armour/clothing created to your Snu Snu preset looking the same shape as your character (until naked) or, your character looking "normal" when wearing armour/clothing but muscular when naked. You might be able to adjust your character enough in the Racemenu bodyslide page to look something like but you wouldn't be using custom textu
  4. Not sure if this is a "bug" with my game or with the mod... It's not a new scene so no spoilers When asking Toris about how much you can make at the Mast, if you don't sit on the bed Toris will eventually appear to give you the option of being able to return at a later time and just sit on the bed, Toris: Not interested? Suit yourself. If you decide to give it a try, you know what to do. Which I assume would just mean you skip the intro scene. However what at that point it appears you're stuck. Cannot leave the Mast (gate/Min is not active) even with
  5. No, when I said over I meant it takes priority over or, in the case of using NMM, it overwrites. You're right, there is no ESP for the LE version, it's just replacing Skeletons and HDT XML files. That makes sense. I swapped to ABC a while ago and didn't notice anything missing that I used. Vampire Falmer? They from Dawnguard? It's been so long since I bothered with that I don't remember them. I no longer enable Dragons in Defeat or Dragon Animations or any other none humanoid race for that matter. If Skyrim Dragons had not just been firebreathin
  6. What Mod Manager do you use? Why do you have ABC and Animal SOS? Does one do a creature that the other one misses? With the "Overwriting" or Priority of Skeletons (as this looks like a skeleton issue) XPMSE over everything Except MNC over XPMSE and ABC or Animal SOS over MNC
  7. Going by the Ransom note they were locked out of at least one of their servers. If they needed to restore that from backups that would account for some delay. While you expect them to have contingencies against such things a delay was hardly surprising. I agree with what Trykz has been saying on this, they owe Sony a game and that will be their first priority. Fixes for the PC version will likely trickle through slowly until then fulfilled that. After that we should see some fixes... Whether CDPR then bothers to "finish" the game remains to be seen but I do
  8. Firstly, remove the mod. Unless you're installing mods manually any mod manager should be able to do that and replace the previous, working, files. The only reason I have, personally, seen this happen is when I have messed around with the hdt xml configs but I've seen others mention that an incorrect or outdated skeleton could do something like this. That mod you mentioned doesn't replace XML's or Skeletons but it does contain a replacement for the femalehead mesh and it's likely (or at least possible) your original head mesh had the default xml attached to it and the rep
  9. I would drop the word child and replace it with daughter, just to avoid any confusion. You lost me there. With the caveat that this mod isn't going to be Lore Friendly you a can do what you want but... Molag Bal, or his followers, interested in some farmers? Doesn't exactly follow the impression that Serana gives of being offered to or offering yourself to Molag Bal is considered a privilege amongst his followers and only those with power in their own right are considered worthy of his attention. Unless, maybe, those followers were looking for suitable sacrifices arou
  10. I got the impression that since Lamae, the ritual has been just that, something organised by his followers that Molag Bal partakes in because he is just a little bit rapey. But, to your question about how the PC would end up, unwillingly, as part of this ritual the only thing that comes to mind at the moment is based on something that Serana said about the ones offering themselves having to be powerful in their own right to be considered. So how about they were short of applications or they hadn't had anyone strong enough to survive ordeal in a while and decide "shanghai" the PC in
  11. I don't think there is any official description of the ritual, given that you get the impression the offering/victim/supplicant is raped, either by Molag Bal or for Molag Bal's viewing pleasure and the event is probably not a particularly private affair, it's not something Bethesda is likely go into further detail as that would not be a good idea in todays "climate." I imagine there is plenty of "fan" fiction of it about. So I think you've pretty much got Carte Blanche to go where and as far as you want with it.
  12. What animation pack(s) are you using? Most animations work on the basis that the "actors" are equal in height. Sexlab has control keys that adjust actors positions if animation is slightly off, it stores these as racial settings under your profile. There is nothing out there that will automatically fix animation alignments to compensate for a height/scale difference.
  13. Arguably it should be here https://www.loverslab.com/forum/72-skyrim-special-edition/ But under the Tech Support but I think for the most part the version doesn't matter and you clearly stated you run SE so at least there should be no confusion for anyone thinking you are running LE. I am pretty certain this character was created with ECE and not Racemenu so there unlikely to be a Racemenu preset you can use, there will be a FaceGeom(etry) Mesh, in the install archive, that you can copy to Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen (rename it to something easy to spot if it's named
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