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  1. Maybe not but the thread is "Show your Skyrim Counterpart" and so for doing that you get a 👍 from me.
  2. To put this in real world terms, you've seen a picture of a pretty girl on instagram and, after meeting her in RL, are wondering why she doesn't look half as good as she did in her pics. If you're looking to recreate the same quality visuals then start looking for Skyrim Screen Archery guides but you better be running some serious hardware if you think you're going to be able to actually play the game, with a decent frame rate, with that quality of image. That isn't an action shot from someone's play through, that is setup, posed and composed solely for an image to be c
  3. Yes (you mean the fur skirt) looking at it closer you are right about that, the chest (which is the body slot 32) is H2135 as are the forearm and hand slots. Not sure about those upper arm straps and collar.
  4. The Tattoos are probably from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35677 The armour (inc. earings) are Harry 2135's Fantasy Series 5 https://www.patreon.com/Harry2135 there is a public version there. No idea on the Axe. Skin looks like Fair or Pure skin or derivative of. Hair... Don't know SG or KS are the prime candidates.
  5. Your Google-Fu is weak, then. "export mod list vortex" in DDG Found this as top search https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/7184666-export-a-list-of-mods-andor-plugins/page-3
  6. You've installed a Male Body mod that comes with Genitals which is replacing the SOS body that has none (Until SOS assigns them) No idea with Vortex, far to complicated for me.
  7. I think the the DD AIO is As it's just referred to as Devious Devices and not Devious Devices Assets, Expansion or Integration. As for Billyy's Bleed out animations, never seen them before and only ever seen them mentioned as part of the Yamate! mod. If your friend has them get him to send them to you.
  8. Pretty much none. Lucien and Inigo but both currently disabled and will likely remain that way. Previously used Sofie for a while but that was a long while ago. Roderick (as mentioned already by Faux Furry) is good for a laugh. Thinking of trying out Recorder, just so I can change her Cave discovery comment (she's bound to have at least one) to her singing "Digga Tunnel" but I suspect that would get old in short order. Due to the way that Skyrim scales its difficulty levels and the fact that this scaling does not affect followers, I never use them since they ge
  9. Mouse over their name Rest is pretty self explanatory
  10. Interested to know what that breaks, I would never have thought of adding the effect to the PC directly. I can kind of do this with CK by duplicating the Werewolf Knock Back And creating a new enchantment using this with an IsPowerAttacking condition And attaching this to the Unarmed Weapon also had give Unarmed a Name and an enchantment value I had assumed the game automatically equipped the "Unarmed" weapon when you engaged in unarmed combat but apparently not. I have no idea the purpose of this weapon, I had to name
  11. Did it look something like this? If so, I recently(ish) had the problem. Loading an older save then reloading the new fixed it everytime. I didn't add anything new in the way of mods when this started happening but I did update Win7 (that I'd been clinging to) to Win10, as DX12 games don't work so well in Win7 (who'd have thunk?) It appears to be resolved now but I did remove a lot of mods to play through Thief (which doesn't play nicely with a lot mods) and since removing that, reinstalling (most) of my removed mods and starting a new game it has behaved itself.
  12. Carefully... Avoiding parquet floors and cattle grids
  13. A friends game will no longer run after patch, even to the point that he's gone as far as doing a clean install of the game and it still will not run (from Steam or from REDprelauncher) by his account, it doesn't even start. Our hardware is more or less the same, he has an i7 6700k (I've got the older 4790k) he has a GTX1080 (I have the 1080ti) but so far his issue is only with 2077. He's said he has read that others are having the same issue but I cannot find any other complaints of this. Has anyone else seen posts anywhere of others suffering this issue or anything si
  14. I'm with Numen13 here, although we are assuming other games are running ok and only SkyrimSE is the problem? What does Skyrim do? Not start and application crashes or CTD on start or CTD when you load up a Save? Get the latest DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and follow the instructions to remove your old drivers cleanly. I had issues with an RTX2070s a few months after their release (back when they still cost less than human Kidneys) but I had stability issues that I put down to my old hardware (I returned the card) it never had any issues running any games. Even so,
  15. Ooh a Patch with fixes, lots of fixes - Wait... Fixed an issue that caused NPCs to trip over other NPCs too often. This was a Bug?!? I thought it was a feature! Brings a smile to my face, even now, thinking about the 'roided out Animals falling over each other like the Keystone Cops. I will leave it a week or so after release (not that I've played any 2077 in months) I expect a patch this size will introduce some of it's own bugs that will need hotfixes and give modders chance to update the likes of CET.
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