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  1. >>Warning: \character\animations\Anubs Human\adult_sleep_A1_S2.hkx not Skyrim SE compatible<< >>Warning: \character\animations\Anubs Human\adult_sleep_A1_S3.hkx not Skyrim SE compatible<< >>Warning: \character\animations\Anubs Human\adult_sleep_A1_S4.hkx not Skyrim SE compatible<< >>Warning: \character\animations\Anubs Human\adult_sleep_A1_S5.hkx not Skyrim SE compatible<< >>Warning: \character\animations\Anubs Human\adult_sleep_A2_S1.hkx not Skyrim SE compatible<< >>Warning: \character\animations\Anubs Human\adult_sle
  2. it is hard to say,how the mod was put,what is selected in the settings?
  3. this is detailing,for monitors with high resolution
  4. I tried but did not work,anubs sleeping ctd.
  5. that the launch of a sleeping anubis is straightforward without problems?
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