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  1. That's the problem, there isn't one on the local map, and the one you see on the world map on the screenshot, is unlabeled (I think it was labeled, upon receiving the quest). I'm tempted to start a new game without the UFO4P, but I'm way too inpatient to see how the Ivy story unfolds. It will take forever to get to this point from scratch. So I'd probably gather a small army of companions and comb the entire glowing sea area until I find the damn parking lot.
  2. Thanks for the hint, appreciated. P.S. Okay, here's the reason why I got confused. Apparently, something is messing up my map (some say it might be the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch), and being misled by it, I'm looking for the processor in the Crater of Atom, as the map points there.
  3. I must be really dumb, as I get stuck with the quest Processing Power! -> Locate The Spare Secondary Backup Processor. Guys, give me a hint, please. It's driving me crazy...
  4. What's Ivy's RefID, please? I've lost her and I don't wanna play without her. I already checked the Root Cellar, she isn't there, and I failed finding a solution using Google. P.S. Never mind, I found her using her location tracker. Just panicked for a minute.
  5. Thank you for that. I'm saving your instructions and links for later. I'll give myself some time to screw up my current mod setup and when I start anew, I'll give your recommendations a try. Cheers.
  6. Great mod! I just started playing the game a few days ago. I built the magazine rack and put all the magazines I have on it, but the quest is still active/incomplete. I did talked to Ivy, but couldn't find anything on the subject. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Okay, thanks for that. I did reinstall it, as the framework itself, and finally managed to trigger some animations. There are still issues (and probably more yet to be discovered), but at least I've made some progress.
  8. Thanks for the manual. I couldn't make it work on a new installation of the game at first attempt though (can't trigger any sex scene) and keep receiving a list of warnings/errors from AAF (the screenshot bellow). Well, I also didn't follow the guide quite to the letter, and I probably messed up my entire mods setup, trying to make physics work (that part always been kinda of a gray area and a pain in the but for me while mud wrestling with Skyrim). Has anyone tried to start from scratch with The Midnight Ride and then add some of the sexy stuff from this guide? I hear the former is known for its stability. Perhaps that's a safer approach for a newbie?!
  9. Watching my bimbo being body-searched by those naughty guards again. Like she has something to hide...:)
  10. Probably a silly question, but when installing the new version, and choose 'merge' instead of 'replace' in the mid game, will it work? I mean, I started translating the mod for personal use and I was hoping to keep the translated parts intact that way...
  11. Yeah, I did it quickly just to answer the request. This one is more detailed and perhaps a bit better.
  12. I'm using the same body, and besides TAWOBA and Hentai Pregnancy, I'm also using Race Menu, SL Inflation Framework, Fill Her Up Baka Edition, and Naked Dungeons (all affecting belly scaling). I used to have the same problem for quite some time, and eventually I found a loophole of the sort for my particular case, completely by chance, which solved the problem permanently. It's been a while, and I don't remember the details, but I do have a folder labeled "Troubleshooting" for this particular game, and there I kept two screenshots addressing the issue and the solution. Perhaps it might be of some help to you too.
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