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  1. Dwemer ruins are much more fun with a friend.
  2. Yeah. It's from SunJeong's Hunterborn. Came to the same conclusion.
  3. Started a new playthrough and just picked up an old friend of mine.
  4. Yeah, guess he thought, "I'm already wearing a blindfold, so why not try out some bondage?".
  5. Shortly after her arrival in Windhelm, Jade heard rumors about a certain boy named Aventus. He's performing some sort of dark ritual, trying to summon the Dark Brotherhood. Naturally, Jade went to investigate.
  6. Preparing my next playthrough. Maybe even with a blog, if everything turns out at least half-decent.
  7. Hell no. That's one of the frost giants in the Forgotten Vale.
  8. It's fascinating and frustrating at the same time how easy you can break Skyrim's balance.
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