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  1. I do not have any good way of isolating whether Tools is doing in my game or not, but I have noticed something similar. Hadn't thought to check the actors for damage via the console but the vocalizations similar to taking damage I have heard. I will have to pay attention to whether it just happens with Tools started scenes or any others. I would not think Tools could have anything to do with it, since it should just be passing a list of actors and animations by name or tag to Sexlab. I had thought it was something based on aggressive type anims causing an assault type reaction. No one has ever died in my game.
  2. I suppose calling you a Kevin isn't fair as you have a more than legitimate complaint. (* save roll vs parrot sketch * passed ) Here's my latest Riften image (not exactly current, just moderately recent)
  3. The "hide no conflict" shows up for me when I right click in the right hand pane, not in the Options pane.
  4. Being a creative imperial agent.... Sent to help the EETC deal with its problem in Windhelm, I find out there is a dark elf involved. Well, lets get a distraction for her, shall we? Find the resident bully of dark elves... with my new "friend" in tow, visit the dark elf and put my minion to work distracting her so I can meanwhile, its owner is busy not paying attention I almost left him there, but thought I should stay on the boss' good side... her's, not mine.
  5. ok, one thing I don't see mentioned is if you right click in the right hand pane, do you get an option to "hide no conflict and empty rows"? because that can also hide what we're not seeing in your screen shots.
  6. When I added the SOS revealing keywords to a number of armor items, I had to add the SOS esp to that armor esp as a master. Then the keywords were available in the drop down. Adding them as an overwrite as you pictured in your first post isn't really necessary, though that would / should add the containing mod as a master. (if it isn't that's probably your problem).
  7. Heh, just did that quest last night but didn't take a picture there... have to upload one from her current situation. I've stopped sitting in that stupid chair and just stab the hag in the back when she turns to her daughter.
  8. Might want to suggest these in the Solutions Revisited thread as well as they would fit in that too. Especially 3, (if you mean sex as a reward from Filjnar), 5, 6, 8 and 9. Options 5, 6 and 11 are covered by the mod with sex at the beginning of the quests instead of at the end, or in 11, Golldir is your slut (similar to Anksa in Vokun's tomb). Number 1 probably makes the most sense for this mod, if you can play off as being sent in by the pirate you question in Dawnstar. Number 4 might have been suggested already?
  9. I will add a few of my own experience based ideas that weren't mentioned by others, but some of this will just be guesses as I haven't used that wide a variety of mods. I need to double check which of these Sexlab Eager NPCs uses, because I don't remember if Agg or AggDefault is excluded in a number of the animation calls. Zaz is also excluded in pretty much all of the consensual calls. I do not know if there is a need for human on creature and creature on creature separation, or if CF and CC are enough. I could see some mods using this in a reluctant scenario where they do not want to trigger Aggressive/Rape status for any of the other mods that trigger on that. Certain Vampire, Succubus and other drain during sex mods could trigger with either rapist or victim role but I don't know if an animation would need to tagged just for that. My idea is that listing this as a tag for modders to use and players to add to the animations they like via SLATE could be the way to go. Since most of the animations are multiples-on-one the Orgy tag probably would not be used much (though I certainly would like to see it though I recognize how hard it could be. IIRC Zyn's Gay Fourway included in Sexlab would be one example though a mod just creating 2-3 paired anims is probably the way to go. Some mods that create gangbangs could be more flexible if they create more pairs instead of collecting 6 actors, then discarding 1. Having all of the NPCs walk to the PC and then starting the animations is what a 6 actor orgy animation could skip, but that's probably easier done by the modder than the animator? Similar reasons to Forced, avoiding the aggressive scenario. Could also be a trigger for a SL stat, (like Dirty?) as rough sex can be very consensual with the female actor crying out Harder! Harder! - this could factor into Wear and tear as well but since it would be similar effects to Aggressive (and I don't know enough about W&T mods) might not make enough difference. I think there would have to be enough mods that randomization plays into the selection, otherwise the player can just select one of a few anims via mods like SL Tools, if desired. FemDom does also work for a variety of Cowgirl animations and forced footjob anims. I think the tag is necessary for any female PC amazon or strong type character for use in any defeat scenario, or a weak / wizard male that might lose to a group and then have a MF anim played with a randomly selected female NPC. If the presence of the Aggressive tag is selected by a mod, maybe nothing, but I could see this as similar to oral, blowjob and 69. If a modder wanted a consensual but non sexual animation, either a kissing, fondling or caressing type animation could work. Groping through implies a little less consent on the part of the gropee... and a Sexist Guards or Inspections at the Roadside type scene wouldn't want a fondling animation designed to lead into kissing and loving sex. I might just be way off on the purpose of this thread on that idea though. Would be particularly useful in separating masturbation animations. I would see many of the machine animations being used in a non consensual scene but I don't know if Aggressive tags are ever used for masturbation. I suspect this tag would see the same kind of use as the stocks, x-cross and pillory tags, to select animations particular to a location and story. Well, there is fucking, and then there is making love. This one is used as a filter for SLEN as well, to separate the "I want to make love to you" dialog option from the others. It is combined with Facing and one other I forget at the moment (probably vaginal). As Seijin mentioned, for animations involving an NPC or the PC as a wizard. I forget the animator's name but one had a whole bunch of Illusion based non-con anims and Alteration based floating anims, I think Anubis has a few with visible runes and floating or flying as well. Might fall into the pillory/furniture category of mod selected for story based scenes, but I like having that as a manual filter via SL Tools for my mage encounters (primarily for screenshots, I'll admit). I do not really know how these would be used so I'd agree with you (for whatever that's worth) though I could see using them either as exclusionary (in a location without rocks, somehow?) or for a draugr sacrificial scene that needs a table? Being that they are obvious and descriptive I'd lean toward leaving them in and publicizing them. Maybe someone would want to use them if they are known. Could be a mind control situation, latex bondage or something else where the actor is made into a doll? A guess without knowing the souce... did anyone ever take advantage of the bug that had manikans walking around to try and use them for sex?
  10. I'm going to cheat and just post this, in case anyone doesn't follow this guy.
  11. Nah, just alignment is off a little. She is a Breton, so shorter than the Nord size and that throws things off in my game. Though it does give a new meaning to the phrase "face fuck".
  12. I don't KNOW but suspect they wouldn't crash the game. MTS has a pop up if you have poison in your inventory and are sexing a quest target, so you could either say No on the pop up or try it anyway and see if the difference in timing leads you to attempt to poison a target already dead, or poison someone that then is killed. I wouldn't try using both as they do the same thing but if you already have MTS installed, I'd install Confab and see. Since you have control over the other via the pop up it shouldn't have any lasting problems. Once you're out of targets, MTS won't do anything more.
  13. I suspect it is more of a stripping rules in Sexlab issue for @Speed Metal but I will have something similar happen, usually when I was wielding a 2H and had swapped from a 1H and spell or shield, it will re-equip the 1H after SL removes the 2H. Pictures wise for what I've been doing lately... I have a few because I haven't had time to pick through and upload them. Turning the tables on a wizard trying to jump me.. and turning her staff on her too. Same character, a little later on... getting a bath from a harem slave in a mod added player home orc stronghold, courtesy of one of Anub's animations. Erikur was displeased with his lunch and took it out on the new student chef apprentice at the Blue Palace.
  14. I found it a few months back myself, typically that room is very dark and there are no light sources behind the wall. I suppose that makes it a perfect location to put treasure. Normally a couple enchanted weapons there along with a few other misc things.
  15. Going mostly on memory here but I have poked around and made a couple trainer NPCs. You have to set the class of the NPC to a trainer and that, I think, specifies how high they will train you. There is also a keyword and a faction for JobTrainerFaction. I think factions can be modified via scripts but class and keywords I doubt. Some kind of custom method just for your mod might be the better option than depending on vanilla trainer status. This I think would be the best way. It gives control to the player, would really be the most versatile working with any slave or added-npc mod or custom followers. Someone even do it with vanilla NPCs, blacksmiths especially, where after doing some favor quest for them could role play them helping you while you learn their trade. A script based mod to do just that could be possible but handling non-vanilla situations feels daunting to me (though I don't know easy something like that could be). I like mods that give me the power and create whatever situations I am trying to achieve. Something that is automatic can be quite useful and as long as it is predictable and consistant I'll certainly take as long as it doesn't do just half of what I want or just isn't useful in more than half of my mental story scripts. From comments other modders have made, I wouldn't let a lack of room building skills affect your script or NPC creating. There are a lot of different skills that go into make a whole and complete mod and it might be best to look at each part, see what you're best at and maybe do what you can in that area first. Once you've got a base down (in which ever area) someone might be able to help you along with another part.
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