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  1. Chrome, particularly on windows 10, has the option to "install" a web site as a app. Some of the background updates and changes here might have triggered some added functionality that Chrome detected. Microsoft Edge has similar functionality. They usually just create an icon on the start menu and desktop that opens the web site in a slightly different menu. Or it could be malware.
  2. Held a party at the Merryfair farm, put some pics and words on a blog post. Prior to that, a little larceny, a little blackmail. Malur wanted me to steal a staff so he could pretend to be a wizard. Since he doesn't want me ratting him out, he ate me out instead.
  3. I was playing around and decided to setup a party through Sexlab Eager NPCs at the Merryfair farm outside Riften to see if the guests/party goers would use the idle markers in the fields. Turns out, they do. Was also kinda funny to see them all seemingly take a snack break at the same time as well. Something I usually do with SLEN is talk to one NPC, ask another to join us for a threesome through its dialog option, then ask that one to join me with another for a different threesome, and work my way around the party. I don't always get the pairings I want depending on how NPCs move about randomly, so I decided to write out some that I would have picked (since I can type faster than just using something like SL Tools to get the right NPCs to follow me, setup a scene, screenshot it, and then make the next one). So, consider this a RP type description from my dunmer lady character to whatever character you have that might be sharing a bottle of flin or shien with her. I introduced Avrusa Sarethi to farmers Belyn Hlaalu and Faryl Atheron. Aduri Sarethi and Luaffyn got on well with their shared love of the arts. I also got to share Belyn with Niluva for a Hlaalu sandwich and did some cross clan diplomacy between Belyn and Tythis Ulen. Tythus met Aval and Revyn Sadri and shared some business tips and tricks while I emptied their dicks. Malur Seloth agreed with Suvaris on several things, attitudes toward fellow workers and nords, along with a desire to promote oneself at the expense of others, among them. Suvaris and Romlyn Dreth agreed on boss-employee relationships and doing what you can under the table for self advancement too. Romlyn and Niluva shared me and their hatred of their boss while Voldsea and Tythis shared me and their love of the sea. Once I had everyone start joining up randomly I saw Idesa join Aduri for some adult fun with Draven and his wife Synda for four way fun. I was glad to see them loosen up and Aduri have a little adult fun away from her overwatching sister.
  4. I don't think the mod was intended to be a truly in depth role playing option, just a way to beat speech checks with sex. Ulfr should be able to recognize his fellow bandit's speech and since you never converse with the bandit before killing him, you wouldn't know how he sounds to counterfeit him. Then again, that's not really what Skyrim is, or the mod is about, IMO. From what I remember, Carlotta says something different to male vs female PCs and the little note in the corner mentions girl on girl sex is better, or that you never fucked Mikael, I forget which is used where, for females.
  5. Pretty much, no special situations for either, but Carlotta in Whiterun does have a different response (and the comment in the corner is different) if you are a male vs female PC. There might be others but that's the one I see the most.
  6. Found out the aspiring student you can meet with a conjuration staff is really an alteration mage... Broke into Hevnorak's house, rummaged around in his stuff, broke some of his jars and woke him early, then killed him. Then added insult to injury and jacked off his jailer onto his ashes...
  7. If arousal is spiking too fast, you might need one of the arousal reducing potions the Sisters of Dibella sell, or just travel around for a few days and let the arousal curve flatten out. IIRC if you have too much sex too fast one of the stats ends up too high (timerate, I think) and increases arousal too much.
  8. What do you mean "default pulsating" HUD? Since SLEN is all dialog based, the HUD won't change or have any affects. You just need to use the "I need you to do something" dialog that only shows up on lovers, (and make sure it is enabled in the MCM menu, some people miss that) and you should get options for kiss, bake food and throw a party, with an option on a vampire to offer blood.
  9. You don't need the previous version, and this is why modlists are stupid and anyone that asks for a mod pack be put together for them are told to download and check mods themselves. In your case, the older version would just have a few less animations and be no different game play or effect wise.
  10. Of those, I have Immersive Encounters, and that does sound familiar, though I don't remember them being an option you can turn on/off like a lot of the features that mod had.
  11. I have that event but not that mod... I forget though what that does come from so I will have to get back to you on that.
  12. You might also want to check that you have a current version of MNC, in case some of the races Billyy covers are not available in your game. Also, is this the first time you installed a pack from Billyy or have you used an older one in the past?
  13. Seems like the kind of idea that works for a "General" type character, a buffer, petminder, summoner, that sort of thing. There was a Prestige class, I think it was called, once in one of the D and D rulesets for someone that wasn't a front line fighter and wasn't just a healer/buff bot either. If Skyrim had more control over henchmen, I might try something like that more often, and probably need to play with the various follower AI mods a lot more, but since I like the sneak/shadow/solo style more than enough I haven't bothered. --- following the tribute to Siddgeir idea, I usually end up bribing my way into his court instead of (the appearance of?) an unwilling encounter. Rayya usually ends up helping at my direction, proving just how good of a thane I can be for this sybaritic jarl. Something else I tend to do.... Sapphire is trying to make money any way she can in Riften, even going so far as to setup a young guy with a small shipment of horse gear and then stealing it. I like showing her a better way to make money while taking most of it back to pay for her misdeeds. (I think the animation name is Anub's Housecarl Betrayal. Fitting in a variety of situations).
  14. I did look at the papyrus logs, but suspect the culprit won't be there. Since I was not adding mods it shouldn't be a new conflict or a missing thing but could be some kind of issue with the reorganization. The things I merged are just armor mods, haven't even got the NPC overhauls merged together or anything quest related. I am paranoid that something I removed to slim down the testing is something required in some way and is just making the situation worse (like overwriting papyrus util with sexlab's included one, but I caught that). I moved it around trying to figure out what was going on. I couldn't find the load order directions on the SOS page and at this point I have all of the SL related animations and things out of the load just to see. I did end up having most of the animals in their version of the T-pose once when I had the wrong things selected when re-running FNIS.
  15. I think you mean NOT going well, unless you're referring to your own efforts... Not that I hope either of these take that long, but I hope to have my load order problem fixed by the time you're done. 🎂
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