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  1. I'll throw in some notes from my quick (cheaty) runs (yes, plural, but only partially) I use Unbound instead of Live Another Life and it has an alternate means to acquire Breezehome - you have to complete the Gildergreen quest first, then approach the jarl after a couple days to purchase the house and become Thane. I had to restart a couple times and found it is best to active the pillar before doing ANY of that, before buying the house or before entering the house tended to result in the NPC either not showing up or not having dialog (although the "not show up" might also be the
  2. IIRC (and this is just from memory) you need facing and loving tags, and maybe a "not" tag removed. If you start an anim via SLEN and then open the console, (may need to page up) there will be a line that lists what tags it will look for and which it is blocking that will tell you.
  3. I thought so, but if you've looked then I'm not sure. It seems like something it should have, with its multi camera options (that I never used since I only had one stream) and all of the other things it says it can do to make it the best in the business (and from what others say, it is).
  4. I used either Shotcut or OpenBroadcasting Studio about 2 months back when I had to join together two video clips someone took with a cell phone (app only did half hour long vids we found out later). I think it was OBS that worked out best, and for the clipping part wasn't too hard to figure out. It was the joining of the clips and the conversion and shrinking of file size that gave me fits.
  5. We're dealing with khajiit werewolves now? Well as long as that's [banned emoji of a cannon].
  6. That last sentence makes me thing Sanguine had a hand in that, though I don't recall any mention of him involved with the Alyieds. Not that it would prevent it, and as you mentioned, someone in the distant (but not originally distant) past might have built on or re-used a room in the ruins.
  7. This mod does nothing with the behavior of NPCs. As Znutar pointed out, many NPCs will visit the Mare in the evening, though I would suspect this behavior could change with a married Whiterun NPC. The Mikael behavior is entirely added by some other mod, and if it is Mikael and Ysolda every night, is probably added by some mod specifically and not a Spouses Enhanced or other random sex mod.
  8. The options are for the NPC starting the scene, not the player. I just saw this, but hope it helps you .. or someone else that might have the same problem.
  9. If you don't already, or for anyone else, there is also FudgeMuppet, Camelworks (who has also done videos on other games) and TheEpicNate315 (who hasn't done a new video in a while) At least you get to kill that captain. One of the quickest cases of revenge in the game.
  10. Sounds like a good tie in for Radiant Prostitution. It has something similar with home visits and camp visits.
  11. I don't remember if I asked this if any of you animators, but would doing two 2p anims either side by side (ex cowgirl with the guys next to each other, missionary with the guys looking toward the center, girls heads next to each other) be any easier but a way to "use" 4 NPCs? I think (if I understand the issues correctly) that it would mean only two actors have to be scaled and aligned to each other, though all 4 need to be positioned in the same space. It would certainly take up more room on the floor than the current 4p/5p we have. Main concern is for the mods that attempt orgies, we mos
  12. I also remembered a mod I haven't looked at in a while, that is probably more fitting for the succubus type character, but maybe a witch could use it as part of a ritual, if the hotkey function works - Deadly Drain.
  13. I'm sure there are several, though most I expect plan for you rely on magicka potions or food for regen. Two I use that can do regen via sex are Sexlab Leveling and Sexlab Util1. They are both older mods and only for LE (though there is an SE version similar to Util being worked on by the modder) but both still work just fine.
  14. Wondering what the Skyrim equivalent of a May-December romance is, courtesy of a WIP I am helping test.
  15. I was waiting for him to do something with Dirk bent over and Cassidey not paying attention.
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