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  1. Not 100% sure on this there is some conflicts with this... In game dialogs indicate Horkon's family sometime in the Merethic era... per-dating Lamea.. but I digress as it is off topic
  2. The named dragons are on the map that should be at the sleeping giant inn. Normal dragons and word walls are often stumbled on when doing normal quests you will find anyway... But I digress... Check there status with them aka friend ally ect see if anything changed. If not more than likely it will be load a prior save and go from there..
  3. Did you talk to them about Parthanax? Because they will not talk to you until you kill him..... If you don't give a shit about the blades I'd let it be as they have little else to offer for you as far as game play goes.
  4. Meet Nesta an amazing preset by DriftAvalii and brought to life by gabriel08. Nesta is a Bosmer who I wanted as a follower since her release I asked gabriel08 if they would bring her to life and they did and was not disappointed when she was brought to light just recently thank you for that. Nesta holds the class of Ebony Warrior and is skilled in many areas she is and expert in weapons of all types and has many perks to round of her class. Nesta levels with you and she is not over-powered despite her class. Nesta can be married but same as all followers posted here in this club she is a war
  5. Shit got real after Hemming Black-Briar said Fancy yourself the adventuring type, eh? It's just as well, I doubt your combat prowess would prove valuable in a real battle anyway." "I was trained by some of the finest warriors in all Skyrim to wield a blade as if it was an extension of my own arm
  6. If you really want to learn about building a stable game and play with mods start small. ... When you start modding do not think you going just start modding and have 200 mods and have a stable game it just does not work like that... There is a real learning curve ... Gopher on YouTube offers some excellent videos on modding and how to create a stable game. GamerPoets is another one he offers step by step videos you can follow along on how to create a stable game. Those two people helped who knows how many people with their videos and I am one of them.....
  7. Some punk ass named Lars wanted me to talk to another punk ass named Braith about bullying him... So the crew and I stopped over for a few words.
  8. Check here https://nsfwmods.com/ I know there is some good stockings and other stuff there
  9. Yea that is some kinky shit kinda wondering what type of finishing move is required to top that balancing act.
  10. Meet Mena she lives in Karthwasten and has a daughter named Fjotra who was captured by the Forsworn. Mena is a Breton who leads a very dull life she stays on her porch all day and occasionally sweeps it. She will be grateful for you rescuing her daughter but will resume her same dull lifestyle. Perhaps after you save her daughter you can take her out for awhile to cheer her up from her dull life and dead-end town.
  11. This is the real issue with followers as @Grey Cloud said bad texture or crazy meshes will all cause issues. However, 23 is no worries as long they are within the limits of what your rig can handle and done well.
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