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  1. Yes it is ........we have all been there a time or two 😨
  2. Or is it?...seems it killed the last owner or maybe that was the bed bugs..
  3. Geeze kinda sounds like today work for little pay...pay lots in taxes rinse and repeat.... to much realism for me lol
  4. I could write a book on what is wrong with this very statement. Nobody want to put the work into modding a game they want a quick fix.... You and I know there is no such thing and if such a list was around the people who use it would be in tech support asking why their game CTD..... but I digress
  5. I do not use populated cities does very little for me.... and I would say most if not all npc have world interactions. I have new land/world mods three of those, new city mods, tavern mods, town mods, dungeon mods, quest mods, and the list keeps going. I have tried to build a place that is unlike any game... and through more time than I will ever admit I have done so...
  6. Just no..... way to much time in making the npc/skyrim look good and, game run just right. The real alternative is just a vanilla game with no mods🤮
  7. Ah I see .....only issue I might see is rendering a lot of NPC in towns and cities. I have around 23,000 npc with meshes textures hairs in game my cities are very active as are the roads ect. I really don't think I could run it I don't think I could load 100 npc at a time but that is me and my game set up every setting is maxed out.
  8. Always liked this outfit for a potions/poison style the whole head on the belt really sends a message to others. If your interested the video has the down load link.
  9. This is what always should have happened or at leased been a choice.
  10. Seems I have been the one getting concurred faced off with four forge master style centurions at once died all four times trying lol Had to call in one of the heavy hitters to help.
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