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  1. I use this https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/10578/? it has a few feature that are nice it is not a re-placer but you can use these instead of vanilla just do not make the vanilla ones and use these instead. forgot I this also
  2. I am going to second this if you want a modded stable game that is fun to play then no there is no short cuts.
  3. A good bug free follower that has proper pathing as she shows yes they do. There are some creators that can do this really fast but they have also made a lot of followers so it is easy for them. sleppytigereyes has it down to a science as they have top notch followers but then again over 100 followers made so it would stand to reason they would. ats321 aka Hieroglyphics makes what I call next level followers the care that is put into their followers is astounding as does sleepytigereyes. so it depends if you want a a next level follower who is a start to finish follower who goes everywhere with you or one who you will never use Next level takes time but it pays off as you find it a pleasure to have them around as they are so trouble free.. But this is just my opinion.... Hope all works well for you perhaps we will see one of your followers in the future 👍
  4. Yea that has been bugged since the beginning works for a bit but then fails.... rendering save files across different game saves works sorta but will eventual break your game. As for followers there is no short cuts a good bug free follower with an AI that works good takes time. One of the better videos perhaps even the best I have seen to help is this one she really takes her time and shows you just exactly what to do and how to do it. To really make it simple follow alone with her and you will have a follower in game in no time.
  5. Going to leave this here
  6. People who think they are an authority on every subject ....... key word is think......and, of course they must interject their opinions then attack those who differ from them.
  7. Here is this it is old but should be able to convert to SSE https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35148?tab=description
  8. I see what you did there..... and when did your PC started wearing clothes?
  9. There has been volumes wrote on this very subject lighting has long been an issue in Skyrim there is some mods to help but no real fix. If it is not game breaking for you immersion wise I would just let it be most lighting mods have their own issues so you really are not fixing anything just causing more headaches down the road.
  10. I like SRV better but that is just me Stevie plays the living shit out of a guitar... watching him play I often feel bad for his guitar 😎
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