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How Big is Your..........?

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12 minutes ago, myuhinny said:



Mine is big because I add all the outfits I port to skyrim from other places into one .esp and I just keep adding and adding and adding.

i do the same with armor stuff i download (and followers ... and i am a follower junkie) and hit 98.3G


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6 hours ago, 62831853071795864769 said:

Maybe he's compensating for something... like not having a backup drive.

I have over 5TB of space...but I also spent nearly $4K on my new PC.

5 hours ago, valcon767 said:

i do the same with armor stuff i download (and followers ... and i am a follower junkie) and hit 98.3G


I keep everything...my Skyrim folder is 31GB but my "kept downloads" folder is 234GB.







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2 hours ago, RussianPrince said:

You guys are mod whores. Mine's only 31.6GB.

What the flying fuck do you have installed, an 8K texture pack?

Nah, but plenty of armor and weapon mods from all over the darkest and seldom visited crevices of the Internet that I merge into single plugins. It has been a long and tedious journey to have my Skyrim so full of content and keeping it stable.


Have made a backup copy of my mod setup on an external hard drive, for safety measures, since it's not a journey that I would like to revisit. :tongue:  

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lol i didn't include the kept downloads i have (those are on external hard drive totaling 378G).  they are all zipped still on that one but not all are used in play.

i started doing that (keeping zipped copies on external storage) after losing whole skyrim due to a crash a while back.

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127 gb installed. 211 gb in storage, cause you never know. Just because a mod sucked, or broke everything 2 years ago, doesn't mean it still sucks .. right? I mean mods mature, don't they? even the ones called data.zip that have been there for several years and might contain anything. I may need that one day.

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