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  1. Hi and thx for the comment,i think the enb i use is Rampage enb with a custom prepass also iv'e tweaked quite a bit to suit my tastes. And of course i use LE edition which can be a bit tempermental due to all the mods but tends to run fine mostly.
  2. Hello there...the whiterun mods are Perfect whiterun and sexy whiterun..dunno if there on nexus (banned for showing 1 nipple too many).Also i use Whiterun hold forest for the outside....lots of paralax getting used as well..as for weather / climate..i guess the enb i use is responsible plus i use the weather spell too..theres other stuff in there to but quite frankly i don't remember as there is so many in my game, xxxxxx oh and btw i use summer in skyrim..so no snow...☺️
  3. resting after running to whiterun going to bleakfalls barrow finally the dragon Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 2020.07.24 -
  4. Finishing invisible mode on RE1 remake to get a message from the creator. Killing Ruby and Emerald weapon in FF7 Getting all the Stars in Suikoden . Getting Vandalier rank in Vandal hearts. Getting r12 Hero in Guild Wars 1.actually got to 13..but 12 was the landmark Killing Ozma in ff9. Just a few to mention.
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