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  1. Yep, exactly. I wonder if the mesh was made from scratch or taken from something else (didn't see anything in the credits). Can always use more functional-looking hair ties or kerchiefs.
  2. Ah. Thanks 27X. Was hoping I wouldn't have to download the entire mod for just a bow, but no worries.
  3. Now that the site's not running like a slug on sedatives, was hoping someone might actually be able to see and reply to this question. Anyone know?
  4. The name you're looking for is not "Normal" but "Legendary Edition"
  5. The intent to provide a welcoming, friendly space gets undermined if that space doesn't even function at the basic level it needs to support the community, e.g. people talking about how they can't upload.
  6. Yep, slow for me as well. If the admins need to restrict things like signatures or image file sizes, (the "show your character" thread is basically unloadable and has been for over a year, even during "good" times) or start asking for help to pay for a better host then they really need to go ahead and do that. With 7k users online, surely a few of us can chip in if need be.
  7. Anyone happen to know where the bow in Onean's hair is from? I know that it's not part of that hairstyle by default (which is in KS Hairdos) - in many of her screenshots, she's not wearing the bow. Let me know if you recognize it, thanks!
  8. Yeah, there's a lot more allowance for mashing up outfits or parts of which have technically-different bodytypes than I think people realize. And you can always tweak in OS!
  9. Can't blame ya, hahah. Knowing a little more, I'd be ensuring my own character used UNP in future playthroughs, but I've never been too hung up on exact body type. I generally make standalone outfits to fit the UNP body, since that's fairly popular. But again it's just the base UNP - there's no bodyslide files haha. And for large overhauls I actually fit to vanilla because you can just convert from there to whatever you like and there are players who don't bother with changing body types (crazy, lol!).
  10. Don't kill me, but back when I first started, I used Vanilla, haha! It was similar enough to base UNP, that I just used UNP outfits whenever there was no neck seam. Using improved good quality skin textures and head meshes always made a far far bigger difference to me than precise body shape.
  11. It makes me laugh a bit that I've worked extensively with Outfit Studio (probably hundreds of hours, though not much recently), sometimes pushing it to its limits in conversions and reconstructions, but I have basically zero idea what to do with the parent program, Bodyslide.
  12. What are the two mods you're thinking of? Wondering if there's any possibility of messing around with the meshes.
  13. The TERA mask pack reminded me of something I've been hoping to find for a very long time: Inuit snow "goggles". I'd love to see these in Skyrim both for their original intended purpose, but also as an alternative to the goofy chitin armour helmets on Solstheim. Here's some elaborately-carved ones: But simpler ones like these would be just as good: Does anyone know of a mod with a mesh anything like these? Or a way to convert or make one?
  14. Well, when they drop as loot, yeah. Maybe a regular TES magic user wouldn't be able to recognize the changes to the trapped soul (maybe these were made through some special dwemer enchanter? Or a magic technique only Dwemer knew? "A wizard did it!"). Or as you suggest, maybe there's actually something in the automatons that affects the soul gem to limit or control the automaton in some way. It could be an actual physical component, like part of the casing, or it could be an enchantment on the armour. Alternately, a simpler explanation would be that the power source only
  15. Maybe! Or it could be that the Dwemer found new ways to manipulate soul gems.
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