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  1. What are those goggles from? Don't look like any existing ones.
  2. Don't ask me, I thought they'd already turned this into the Are Ya Into Slavery? Thread.
  3. I used to love Open Cities, but honestly it just requires way too many patches to ever work properly with anything more than a single city overhaul.
  4. I have little doubt that someone from LL is on the job, even as we speak.
  5. I really wouldn't advise people to download from sketchy adware file hosting servers which require you to fill out a 3 minute survey and input personal information before you can download anything.
  6. IIRC, every version was broken or absolutely brimming over with critical bugs. I wouldn't say you're missing out on much.
  7. Didn't even know there was a version after 1.2. Thought that had been it. Anyone have the file without a Vector Plexus sign-in? Site doesn't like my password (been a year since I used it) and the reset emails never arrive.* The security on the site is hilariously heavy handed, incidentally. ONE wrong password attempt gets your account locked for 15 and you can't send the password reset request more than once. Does someone think they're running Lockheed Martin? *(*tired* YES, I've checked all the usual folders... I've noticed Hotmail has been extremely aggressive about not forwarding emails on at ALL lately. Time to switch my throwaway site registration account I guess).
  8. That begs the question if the follower was scripted? The simple ones aren't, IIRC?
  9. Exploitation and abuse is what the game industry is built on these days.
  10. Is there one that does this for LE, for that matter? I remember being very close to running out of keybinds in my last run too...
  11. You can always reuse the same mesh for males and females, just need to size it to the body you'll be using. OS can help with that too!
  12. I call foul. If it's a proper Isekai, you're supposed to be run over by a truck.
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