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  1. Is that supposed to be someone in particular? Or is that a head .nif taken from another game? If not, wow, that's a very realistic face and an excellent sculpt if you did it all yourself!
  2. This is the LE section. Is there an LE version to port? I didn't think there was any freely available version of the Destroyer Outfit in Skyrim at all other than a paywalled one.
  3. Yeah, the patreon rewards are either early-access or things like being able to ask for variants (i.e. more colours of an armour they're porting) or to actually request certain ports at the highest levels of donation. But all their finished work is shared freely. It's arguably the least objectionable model for people looking to monetize mods, and I appreciate their work a lot.
  4. Team TAL downloads are free, even though they're posted to Patreon.
  5. Oh lord... I actually noticed that and added the missing flag the flag, I just didn't update the tangent spaces afterwards to confirm, so it looked like nothing had changed. Thanks!
  6. I've been comparing these for over an hour, checking and re-checking every shading and lighting flag I can think of and making sure they're identical, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out why the armour model is so much brighter (which is actually the way I want it looking), and the ground model (which is dark). They're both using the exact same texture and normal files. The funny thing is, it's technically the armour model which is wrong, as the colour and tone of the actual texture file is much closer to what's displayed on the ground model. But I was working with the armour model first, lol. I did notice the texture was displaying quite bright, but with these old meshes you kind of let it go and just do what you can to get the result you need. Can anyone help me spot what I'm missing here, before my brain melts looking at the BSLighterShadingProperty tab again? Thanks! hidehelm.zip
  7. Say, I just noticed this belated reply, and was hoping it would work (I never did solve the issue of not being able to double-click .nif files to open a new instance of nifskope anymore - file associations was never the problem and that works correctly). Sadly that location path doesn't work for me, and I tried running a top-level search in regedit for NifSkope2.0dev7_x64 as well as just plain NifSkope2 with no results. I assume this is because my nifskope installation file path is different from yours. I also searched for just nifskope.exe, but that brought up a half-dozen references, none of which appeared to have the string you mentioned. I also tried forcing the program to run as an admin, but that prompts a security warning each time, and more importantly doesn't work anyway - the second double-click on a .nif still does nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled nifskope in a completely fresh folder thinking that might work, but that created a nightmare! After I reinstalled, Windows refused to recognize nifskope as a valid program for the purposes for file associations! It was only by incredible luck that I tried replicating the exact file path and folder names of my previous install, which *magically* allowed Win 7 to once again recognize nifskope as a valid application, so that I could re-associate .nifs with it at all. So as far as I can tell this is absolutely a registry issue (the weird file path problem seems to confirm it), but I really have no clue how to fix it. Ideally Nifskope would have an installer/uninstaller, which would solve the problem of Windows recognizing it, but it doesn't. Any ideas, anyone?
  8. The guard going for the more obvious view here is a nice touch, lmao
  9. Not to be mean, but it's a massive quest mod with 3200 lines of (Russian!) voiced dialogue. Even without those issues, conversion would be an enormous amount of work. On top of that there's a significant number of complaints in the comments about the mod being so buggy people can't even progress with its main quest. It might be totally unplayable even if you somehow got someone to do a perfect conversion.
  10. Huh, is that a retexture? I can't even tell which original Ninirim armour that was, or at least I don't see any of them with those fur components. Shame it's SE, but that's not an unsolvable problem.
  11. lmao too right At least there's the spooning mods.
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