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    Well, as my assistant previously highlighted, her eyes still have an unnatural feel to them. So, the demonic influence hasn't completely disappeared. Which is btw also enforced by the daedra protagonist treating her differently than she does to Nessa. : « That's a bad idea then. 'cause if you show your pee-pee to everyone as if you wanted to honey-honey, everyone's gonna believe you're wanting to. Even those you don't want, you see ? »
  2. Strange how violent a text can get without actually depicting the fight. Intense, powerful storytelling here, with impeccable style. Now the scenario is merely started, and as the British say, « proof of the pudding is in the eating ».
  3. Tirloque


    And here goes another one ! Liked how the daedra girl tricked them, not to mention that with your new setup, any outfit looks... erh... impressive, to say the least (probably what distracted Nessa, I believe ? ^^). So scenario wise, this was short but interesting (though not sure the second soul within Gwen will get hypnotized as well). And technically, massive sex scene afterwards, with a well though combination of highres pics and fluid gifs. Good work ! Malicia : « I get that that lady daedra had trouble finding clothes 'cause she's too tall. But she
  4. Thanks. Considering the work one goes through to pull a story of that level, giving constructive criticism is the least I can do. But Arrgh is an onomatopoeia by itself. And you ended up reusing it a lot in this episode. You varied it once in the whole entry, but quite sucessfully. I would vary more in your stead, but I agree that's a matter of style. We did indeed. I think better overdo it (lots of images but clear) than the contrary. Story do convey events, and so your message should be delivered as closely as possible than your inner idea. Thank you for the
  5. Interesting chapter. Overall, you risked yourself into infrequently explored areas (a new vampire's education, multiple characters fights, a non-Nora entry with side character development), and so that made the entry sometimes a bit clumsy, sometimes quite mesmerizing, as the implications of Thomas and Hannah newfound relationship are unknown for the readers. Starting by the imperfections you're not at ease with onomatopoeia (a bow breaking wouldn't sound like a bandit getting stabbed, yet in both case we get an Arrghh ! ). Don't be afraid to use comics-like onomatopoeia, t
  6. Tirloque


    Well, sometimes readers are not there, sometimes readers who think to show their appreciation aren't. Likes and views are always somewhat random, unless you've got a really high count of active followers. Yet, I agree, the graphics are cleaner, and as you've toned down your comic layout towards a more fullscreen scroll approach, it puts the emphasis on presence and immersion. Which is excellent, I must say, with remarkable character outer design and custom background. It's really immersive. Story-wise, you've complexified it to something more interesting than just a falmer capture wi
  7. Catching up with the DCI ! Still the impressive custom object mashup -> photoshop edits for the effects. I understand better your "Nolan" approach to effects : I create the impact by visualizing it, but you achieve same if not more dramatic impressions by putting the accent on the result. As for the events themselves, flavorful sexual content, but stopped from going overboard by a good pace management. Still loving the humor (the pervert player one and the goblins talk being two of those that cracked me up ). Great chapter ! 👌 'kay so now, I gotta take a look at what Crw and A
  8. Malicia : « You're very welcome. Though I'm not sure about the limit thing : If there was a place called pits of endless defilement, with people pushing things to the limit, I very wouldn't go there to begin with. 'cause if it's endless, then going to the limit gonna take a very long time, you see ? » Ah, so it was that comment. Well considering how refreshing your DCI series currently feel, I'm flattered ! You're probably right. Yet Photoshoping entirely external objects into an image takes s
  9. No Imgbox technical issues today, though I remember episodes of some of my uploads taking time to display. And what a display here ! I'm shocked by the amount of violent effects on this one ! The pics with the barbarian going full hack 'n slash were amazing, specially considering that (with some exceptions) your specialty was humor rather than action. That berseker rage was brutal ! And visually great, not even sure photoshopping images with & without actors would've provided better results. Equally time consuming though (possibly more), but it makes sense you did the models with ingame co
  10. Quite entertaining once more (with the typo indeed echoing with the future summoning, and being a funny twist ^^). The dialogues, though of a certain length, were fluid in a very fluid and reactive fashion, which made them quick an easy to read. Appreciating the everlasting humor (saw what you did with the title ) about the pumps, the NPCs behavior, and Skyrim's world whereabouts, since they're a mix of the game's absurd sides but turned into derision by a realistic revisit. Nice chapter ! Malicia : « That Sian gal is very right about pumps. There are people who wear them in Skyri
  11. Same here, more combat poses = better. Plus as Torundr hints it, I guess we'll get a hands on demonstration with the next TFOA acts !
  12. Tirloque

    The Lady from Bruma

    Hmm, appreciable length on this one ! And what's even better, is the way you kept surprising the reader with Lady Marianna's doings, from her very first sentence till the last. And so what was supposed to be an escort entertaining the usual guys while a not too bright spouse awaits, became an unexpected FF scene, with a unexpectedly witted and human protagonists. Great chapter ! 👌 Malicia : « I'm very not sure, no. Some people, they get the right boobies surgery, then they kiss the right people on the pee-pee, and then they get all what they want. That
  13. Hey Isamushin. No problem with up to two videos a week, it's a common occurence for authors to publish their works by batches of one or two. And you could publish other two just later on the same week. The thing is not to publish a bunch at once, as it means the other bloggers who released their work just before would've turned unlucky. ^^ Anyway, we all began one day as newcomers, didn't we ? In the name of the Storytellers, I thank you for you understanding. Have a good stay on LL.
  14. Gaa, I'm in perfect agreement with myself ! Malicia would be so proud of me. 🤩 She also has the confirmation her precious advices are indeed stored, as you said in Aithne's. ^^ Jokes aside, I remember I did read a chapter where Sian was getting transported the same way, as it seemed to be a restart of the plot, and so a good chance to get an idea without starting from the very first episodes. Funny to see my criticism was close to current. ^^ Anyway, we'll see if I can get to read a larger sample this time, considering I've got some chapters of advance regar
  15. That's a completely legit point. Malicia : « I very guessed it, 'cause I'm very intelligent, yes. »
  16. Well that explains it from Eliza's side indeed. But Vera's logic still seems off. Sorry for commenting that late though, I did receive the status update but the blogs' ones are still random. 🤨 Malicia : « It very looks like a sword, but on reverse. Maybe she can very invoke someone with a knife to save her ? »
  17. Interesting. As a cross-over real-word / Tamriel, it's written in a modern fashion that highlights the comical and excessive aspects in the medieval fantasy. And at the same time, we get immersed without delay right into a high potential plot. Even the "who the hell" are you quid pro quo made me smile. Nice opening ! Malicia : « That spaghetti potion looks very bad, uh. But at least, the guys with the dark clothes didn't try to eat her or anything, so it could've been worse. »
  18. Nice chapter, the screens really are something in terms of poses, expressions, and vividness. You realize that upon going from the narration to Eliza's and Vera's imagination ones (though they could've benefited from a dreamy border, just like Devianna usually does). The story however... is somewhat farfetched, as Vera's proposing the opposite of who she wants to, Eliza not questioning this, and then casually dating her... the logical transitions between those could exist but aren't obvious to me. However, I agree with the alchemy of Vera's naivety creating a nice intrigue when faced with Eliz
  19. Hi Isamushin, You videos certainly have their perks, in terms of writing and audio ambiance in particular. However, you've got 5 entries into the main page, released nearly all at once. Each slot you take implies the work of another author is pushed away from the spotlight ; some of those being content that took weeks to create. So, if you want to be part of this community without the other authors resenting you, I would advice not publishing your entries at more than one or two every handful of days. For instance, you could : — Click on "edit entry" at the bottom of "Priv
  20. So you deleted the blog to create 3 new ones ? Well that's certainly an expeditious way to do things (in terms of followers, likes, etc.), but I can see the point was to re-publish the entries with a better pace and feature images. I may have the courage to look at Sian's story, which I didn't discover yet. We'll see. Malicia : « All my advices were very deleted ! And they we're very good advices ! Anyway, I hope Aithne's gonna find someone very strong to save her, 'cause otherwise, she's gonna get completely disturbed in the head. »
  21. Tirloque

    The bet

    A shorter, yet still immersive passage (the pet adding to that). Liking the natural of the dialogues as well. I should try to catch up soon. You should take a look at your eye adaptation parameters in particular. Adjust the minimal values from where the eye adaptation kicks in and the amplitude, they are one of the keys of night brightness/darkness in ENBs. I don't remember how many parameters I tweaked, but I suggest you to use a save in a forest road, one in a draugr dark dungeon, and one in a bright day to make sure you don't break things while tuning others. Trial and error
  22. Malicia : « Well then it's an old blonde, yes. That's very the same. »
  23. Looks liked I missed the ending ! Didn't expect for it to end though, but I must say, the complexity of some scenes (for example the two guards being pushed away by two blasts simultaneously = Skyrim director ×2 + animated photoshopping), the multiple actors fight, all that while maintaining impeccable screenshooting and a fun plot... Must have taken one hell of a time indeed. Extremely impressive work overall, with a fitting conclusion ! 👍
  24. Malicia : « She got very naked way faster than the others, uh. I saw everything. Anyway, she's blonde. We need to get stories about intelligent people, just like Adrea, you see ? »
  25. Great intro ! The presentations in a post-heroic fashion, with the character sheets highlights were hilarious ! Not to mention, both underline your creativity in terms of mashups. The setting reminds me of a mix of MMORPG, but also of Derpixon's Fandertale. Anyway, the level 1 player talking in a redacted manner was irresistible ; and graphically the amount of outfits, eyecandy heroines (haven't we seen your blonde one already ?), and of vivid colors is a pleasure to the eye. Awaiting to see the dark caves where this goes ! 👌 Malicia : breathes-in
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