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  1. So I guess I should upload something. This is still getting more textures, but it works, for UNP, and there is one completed (mb, I will see, I will prob play with it more, I guess it isn't completed). Anyway, if you are interested, take a look. mb you like it, mb you found a prob with it, mb you want to make your own textures, mb ... mb you don't care. You need NIO and high heel sound. Pls don't upload it anywhere. When it is done I willl put a a final version and then ... whatever. Zara.7z
  2. move xpmse to the bottom of your load order. left and right panels. Nothing should overwrite it. Something is getting the wrong skin infomation. Then test on a new game. Still have issues, start uninstalling things, starting with SOS, until everything works. But I am betting it is a skeleton conflict.
  3. concern about bad publicity for LL ..... lol That horse bolted so long ago the only thing to shut would be the cap on the glue bottle.
  4. What? Algorithmic? Algorithmic who make Substance Painter? Which algorithmic are you talking about? Is this a weight painting solution I don't know about, like Voxel or heatmap?
  5. Sneak and run yes, and then I have some modded anims for walk, run and sneak and idle that I use. I try to skin to them aswell, though some compromise is required. to reset the static pose? I will try that. I have been selecting all the bones, then setting a skin pose. Then when I am done, selecting all the bones, deleting all the keys, and clicking assume skin pose, to get the mesh back into its original position. This works. Your way might be a bit easier I guess.
  6. oh. ty beyond skyrim " Normally a lot of tutorials would advise using the vanilla skeleton. But I would advise against that as the vanilla skeleton is not optimized for 3ds max, the vanilla skeleton does not have symmetry, this makes rigging anything tremendously difficult. " So I dumped the vanilla skeleton, imported xpmse, and now it works perfectly. sigh. And shut up. Normally I only skin feet ok. so shut up.
  7. wait ...mb it isn't ... entirely ... me. Anyone a skinning guru? Anyone know 3ds max?. This is a super simple model, literally just a polys shaped to the body. I skinned it to the absolutely base UNP_1 body with the vanilla skeleton. Bind pose it works perfectly. rotate a bone, it works perfectly. Check the weights left leg to right leg and they are exact mirrors of eachother. Import the mt_runforward animation and the left leg pants disappears into the leg and flattens, just at the thigh. Left leg doesn't, left pants calf doesn't Right leg doesn't, right pants leg doesn't pelvis doesn't, just
  8. sigh. Skinning fail. I suck. Stupid skirt bones Stupid ruffles. Stupid geo. stupid .... me. Over it. 3 days I have been trying to get the hem of the skirt to stay out of her legs during a basic vanilla run animation, with the vanilla skeleton .... so I suck is the take-away here. Moving on I am going to do something else. Lore-friendly yoga pants, with lore-friendly belts and lore-friendly boots.
  9. Nif settings look ok. What does your mask look like? Is it black, cause .... that is like an off switch. Otherwise, swap your cubemap out for one of Bethesda's ones. Pick something really obvious like chrome_e.dds, crank the environmental scale up to something dumb like 5, and swap out your mask for a flat white one. If your floor now shines, the problem is in the way you made your map. Beths maps are in data/textures/cubemaps.
  10. Well that would be ideal ... though I am fairly certain the tollerance of a certain house-member to my pixel obsessions may change fairly dramatically.
  11. I often try a male playthrough (I am male) but I keep getting frustrated that all the women in the game aren't doing what I want them to, and changing the game to get them to do it is simply too much work. (strangely like real life). So I just play the female character and then ... well then the things I want to happen do happen.
  12. unsurprisingly, Algorithmic wins I think. But, I think my rough hand-woven, mb even lore-friendly? effort doesn't completely fail. (dem doo-dads on the end of the spaghetti straps doe .... lol) Time to put the fun toys away and turn it into a game item. I can always make more textures later. (and yes there is a weird gloss coming from somewhere. idk. I have a stray metalic or roughness channel in there somewhere .... but it is a PBR shader. Skyrim doesn't know about PBR so wherever it is coming from, it isn't going to Skyrim). Perhaps a subtle blood-stain or 2 ... a blood stain o
  13. I would like to make all of them, but I do not have enough time So I start a poll to help me to choose I am with you Sursed. It is nice to have a bit of community participation. Ultimately we are all only going to make what we want to make, but if you can get people involved, make something that everyone wants ... idk ... it is a bit of inspiration/motivation/.... fun for the users too, I think, to know that they had a part, even a small part, in the creation of the things they are using.
  14. that moment when you realise you don't know ... enough, open up plural sight to find a quick course on fabrics in substance, and the course materials are 9GB .... for a 3hour course. I mean wtf? coffee time I guess
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