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  1. Most armors and outfits have their own bodies underneath them so when you equip a outfit/armor your body gets removed as the body inside the armor/outfit will be used instead and when you remove the outfit/armor your body will reappear. The body nifs inside those outfit/armors are most likely not edited like the Demoniac's body nifs are so the gloss doesn't show up on them. Also if the textures are for the Demoniac body only it could be that the textures only work for the Demoniac body.
  2. Have you tried contacting LeahLillith as they are the the one that made the screenshot and they would most likely know where it came from?
  3. I haven't used a emoji in a long time. It does look like there are quite a few in the list that are broken and only appear as a block.
  4. @FlufyFox Most of the time you don't have to scale the characters as the characters are already at that size in many of the child race mods.
  5. I haven't bought a beth game since skyrim and I most likely will not buy another one unless it's at the bottom of the barrel price range.
  6. Moved file to the sims 4 animation section.
  7. 1. Isn't a follower it's the op Gongzuorenyuan outfit. https://devillord.tistory.com/2824?category=829082 2. TFollowers https://kp4068.tistory.com/1078
  8. I'm talking about using virustotal to scan files that you have downloaded especially files windows defender is trying to say are bad. A lot of people have trouble with windows defender and renpy games as windows defender is the king of false positives. There were a few times while trying to find out if a file was actually bad thatI had to physically set it to allow the file and then I scanned it and the file was actually fine. I use avast malawarebytes ghostery.
  9. You could also just make a club set it to closed club and only let in ones that you want in your club I believe no one can enter a closed club or see anything unless they are allowed into the club the only exception to that would be the site admin and moderators.
  10. Before making a report that a file has a virus in it use virustotal which is 100% free and can scan files as long as they are not over their size limit and it'll scan the file using all of the better virus scanners out there and no windows defender isn't one of them. If your using windows defender stop using it just because it's free and comes with windows doesn't mean it's a great thing to use if I were you I would dump windows defender for something better. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/
  11. fgbe Could be a abbreviation of words. We just delete posts that are gibberish and do the same when a report comes in about it or a spam post but actual spam accounts that post ads and stuff will get removed.
  12. I just noticed that my new computer came with onedrive but nothing is on it as everything that I download gets put into a 8 terabyte storage device. I clicked on the onedrive and it tried to get me to set it up but I closed it as I don't need it.
  13. Could be a skeleton issue. Make sure the horse skeleton hasn't been overwritten by something or that nothing is conflicting with it.
  14. 8 Ways to fix tour computer is low on memory windows 10/8/7 1. Close the programs that are using too much memory. ... 2. Use windows troubleshooter. ... 3. Run system file scan. ... 4. Increase the virtual memory. ... 5. Upgrade RAM. ... 6. Update windows to the latest version. ... 7. Check and repair disk errors. ... 8. Run system clean up to remove junk and temporary files. You can also try restarting your screencapper if you are using a tool to do that you can also bring up your task manager and look and see if anything is using a lot of resources.
  15. Maybe it's a memory issue where your running out of memory.
  16. @DragonLover271 Move XPMSE below realistic force in your load order because realistic force is loading after XPMSE and it's overriding XPMSE's. Remember if you have 2 mods that might do the same thing or edit the same thing the last one in the load order will always win against the one above it in the load order.
  17. I never had a problem with NMM but then I always paid attention to what I was installing. My last skyrim build was over 7 years old till my computer died. Skyrim was the only game I used NMM with oblivion I used OBMM and fallout 3/NV I used FOMM.
  18. Moved thread to skyrim section. Do you have other sexlab mods installed? Sexlab by itself does nothing as it's just the framework for other mods to use.
  19. Refurbished is almost never better then a non furbished item. I always steer of items that state refurbished as chances are you'll end up with a lemon.
  20. I don't use a android but most places have dropped support for flash players except some places are making their own flash players. Newgrounds has their own newgrounds flash player that allows you to play flash player games on their site. I think there was something called ruffle or something as well. Not sure if they work with android.
  21. There has always been a file size limit just like there is a picture upload limit of 20 per post. @ChinaTam I edited your post as you don't need to tell anyone who you reported as that will most likely end up breaking our sites no drama rule as it will most likely end up causing fighting and what not.
  22. If I'm not mistaken you can do it yourself by clicking edit on your first post of your download and then editing everything there unless it's changed.
  23. Best option to do for now is to refresh the page after hitting submit reply/edit to get around the time out issue. There is a thread here for reporting issues as well as seeing if anyone else has reported the issue and found a way around it or a way to fix it. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/160157-site-update-things-have-changed-but-nothing-is-final/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-3388313
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