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    The Frozen North. Svolvær, 's Like Skyrim meets Ikea
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    Rum, Hats, Coffee, Motorcycles, VidioGaemz,
    Occaisional pretenses at Artwork, Cookin'.
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    Alcohol soaked, chain smoking, grumpy mute that left the green fields of the ancient and noble kingdom of York cos she married a viking. :3
    Has a ridiculously large collection of hats and a refridgerator full o' Kraken. Live's wi' another wench, a doggo and far far faaaaaar too many cats.

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  1. "C'mon Gwen, this is obviously a trap. Erryone knows the only thing you dream about is nekkid orcs."
  2. Yips, Grim's boosette. Hat came from some azura's champion thingy I saw on the nexus front page this mornin' and well, 's a hat I had to do it!!
  3. So I errrrr I was doin' my mornin' browse of nexus when I saw a really really stupidly big hat. And I couldn't resist
  4. You will never be as slow at it as that dizzy tart wi' the stupid hat and all the dibellan thots so dunt worry about it. =P And whut Deso said, take care o' yerself kiddo, world's going a little errr..."Nuts" these days.
  5. 'pparently I missed this one. New set up looks good =D But errrhhh...if gwen happens to find a redhead tied up down there, leave her be and dunt tell no one, or they'll make me write stuff again.
  6. I'll have to take a look at both. I'm also weirded out by the lack of actual brothel mods in Skyrim, the few that are there are either horribly outdated or have a million and one dependancies ike ZaZ and DD. One of these days I might actually have to crack open the CK, learn to mod properly and fix that. For now though, since it's Sundas, Talia took a day off waiting tables in the Skeever and dropping her knickers in back alleys and went for a walk down to the farm.
  7. That'd actually be usefull, 'specially since regular levelin' of skills is heavily gimped. Tuned the uncapper to be a hell of a lot slower, and then I realised since it's a new modlist I could test out that realm of Lorkhan thingy-whatsit instead of live another life and found it's flaws system so she picked slow learner, slowing skill rates down even further ( alzo picked her up the commoner one so she starts wi' 50 in health/mag/stam instead o' 100 ). Gonna have to poke around and see if such a mod exists.
  8. Since all Skyrim playthroughs with LL Mods enabled tend to go the same way, You make a mighty Wizzard/Warrior thing and it ends up a complete whore that fucks anyone and anything and errything. I decided I'd tempt fate and see if the opposite was true, make a complete whore that fucks anyone and anything and errything, and see if they end up a mighty Wizzard/Warrior. Thus, Talia Tousant was born. Breton Tavern wench and complete whore Lady of Negotiable Affection. Starting with no gold whatsoever and 0 in all skills and a rather brutal and soulcrushing modlist that ain't gonna leave her alone untill she's murderized Alduin, Harkon, Miraak and Nazeem.
  9. The First Lady of Hats


    The King is Back. Hail to the King!
  10. Fuckin' around wi' Triumverate got me thonkin' of a druid playthrough.
  11. Avoided Ivy like the plague on all my playthroughs every time I've reinstalled F4. Partly because of the over abundance of Omega type followers Skyrim has souring me on the prospect, for every Inigo there's a few dozen Vilja's. Partly because of the Microsoft Sam(antha?)-ish voice I saw on the earliest vidios and trailers. This time though, I figured I want to see a bunch of new content rather than rushing gunnut to max and loading up on whatever the latest CoD assault rifle ports are and murdering raiders till I inevitably get bored again. So I installed a bunch o' quest mods, 3dnpcs, Xanders, echo, hunter's and kelly's manors, and lil' miss Ivy. I fell in love the minute she marched up to Marcy and called her a Sweaty cunt and told her to STFU. She's not stopped amusing or entertaining me since. Ivy taught me that I'm an idiot for avoiding her so long, Ivy taught me I'm not alone in my love of really really bad late night B movie sci-fi horror (Hell, I didn't think anyone else on the planet remembered the incredible melting man.). Nor did I know I needed an encycolpedic knowledge of vintage pron untill I had it, to the point I'll get really pissed off if I find a magazine and there's raiders around so she won't tell me about it. Ain't found her Hyper-murder-whatsit-firmware-thingy yets, sounds somewhat overpowered, but hell, Imma running her on a Horizon list, so ehh, we'll see. You have created wonders, Reginald. ❤️ The Hattingtoned Ivy with really silly clippy glasses :3 :
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