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    Alcohol soaked, chain smoking, grumpy mute that left the green fields of the ancient and noble kingdom of York cos she married a viking. :3
    Has a ridiculously large collection of hats and a refridgerator full o' Kraken. Live's wi' another wench, a doggo and far far faaaaaar too many cats.

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  1. ..I..I never even saw that untill yer pointed it out to me. it really bloody does oO Yurps. one o' Xenius' race mods from veeeeeeeeerry early in skyrim's moddin' life. Was going to create a weird woodsy witch to push me protagonist towards shenannigans, but I figured bugger it, we'll have an actual Kynareth alligned fing of the forest do it instead. The wrists are indeed annoyin', more so because imma pretty sure I once knew how the hell to fix 'em, will have to wrack my brains, if worse comes to worse I'll find her a pair o' leafy gloves to cover 'em. If'n I actually use the bugger in any of said shennanigans the leaf he stuck over her crotch will prolly require more headscratchin' to figure out.
  2. The First Lady of Hats

    I can't decide on character

    Definitley quirky, and certainly tempermental with mod organizer, it seems to spontaniously stop recognizing the folders yer create from override and then suddenly it does again. but when it works it's quite something. Might have to give it a whirl with the mod greycloud suggested and see if'n the party hop between player characters can be a thing.
  3. The First Lady of Hats

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    This is bloody grand and amaze and you should feel all warm and glowy. :]
  4. The First Lady of Hats

    The positive thought thread.

    Randomly browsing steam when it throws an upcomming thing at me An isometric rpg? That is Pathfinder? And with Chris Avellone??? Where the fuck did this suddenly come from?? and why is it making my cold withered insides warm and glowy?? Guessin' Deep Silver are behind those multiple editions an' pricetags though. Fuck deep silver :[
  5. The First Lady of Hats

    Good news everyone!

    Sunstone is ossum and grande and adorbable and lovely, if they weren't in translevania or something I'd go stand outside their house with a megaphone and screech at them untill the next bits come out (his wife's "bloodstain" 's worth a look too.) as fer yer computer fixed. Ossum, guess I can have my back
  6. The First Lady of Hats

    I made a drawing

    Someone is using Source film maker to create something other than porn? What sorcery is this??? Lookin' good ^^
  7. The First Lady of Hats

    How do you deal with loneliness?

    I don't. I don't get lonely, quite the opposite, usually there's too many other buggers around. I like my life quiet, hell I usually go out of my way to be in places where I won't get friends/family/visitors knocking on my door. First in the place I lovingly named "Cthulu Cottage" a tiny place in the uk, in middle of the woods and a complete pain in the arse to get to with no paths/roads. (It earned it's name from me because it was creepy as fuck in the dark, quite literally the type of place in a stephen king or James Herbert novel where depressed alcoholic authors go to get over their writer's block and unwittingly unleash the tentacled abyss.) and now the cold north, a smoll village hidden amidst the fjords of Norway where most people I know either can't afford or can't be bothered to fly out fer a visit. Usually if'n I need human interaction there's email or discord ( I'd say phone but ehh, no voice :3) Visitors tend to bother me, not that I'm inhospitable, I tend to be perfectly polite to 'em. But I get easily irritated when people are clomping around my house, find my concentration on stuff broken even if they're not actually talking/interacting with me. The missis, the gaggle of cats and the hound don't seem to trigger it in me, so ehh, mebbe I just got used to them or something. Anyhow, I'm a grumpy cantankerous old woman that prefers people to call and tell me they're comming so I can make up excuses why they can't. >:D
  8. The First Lady of Hats

    If you got a free punch on any celebrity who would it be?

    Yer mean like the time she started a kickstarter and wanted ten thousand dollars to start a discord server >:D Jeremy is grande ain't he? As fer the question, all of them. Even the one's I actually like or that seem to be human beings, simply because I know at some point they'll do something bloody daft and inhuman.
  9. The First Lady of Hats

    I can't decide on character

    Now that'un. Looks interestin'. Gonna have to give it a whirl.
  10. The First Lady of Hats

    I can't decide on character

    Closest I've seen to something like that is Familiar Faces. 's a fun mod. But it can be tempermental, use with caution.
  11. The First Lady of Hats

    I can't decide on character

    I feel yer pain, creating a new character is sorta like reading a Steve Jackson/Ian Livingstone book. 1] You have made a new character. Do you go look for mods to go with it? Yes? -> Go to 2 No? -> Go to 4 2] Do You look at Nexus Image share or LL Screenshot threads whilst mod hunting? Yes? -> Go to 5 No? -> Go to 3 3] Does the mod you're looking at have screenshots of a character that is cooler than yours? Yes? -> Go to 5 No? -> Go to 4 4] Your new character goes well untill you join a guild or start a quest that does not fit your character's theme -> Go to 6 5] The screenshots show characters cooler than yours, In your frustration you delete all your saves -> Go to 1 6] Your character has an identy crisis, after thinking on the situation whilst making a coffee and a sandwich you decide to load a previous save to avert this catastrophe only to find they are all broken. Restart Skyrim and go to 1.
  12. The First Lady of Hats


    May your machine get well soons. Or, well, Be eatend by your new one.
  13. Figured I should get off my ass an' git back to blog-story-writtin'-fings. So dustin' off old characters, fixing a new load order, testin' new ENB's, scouting for locations to shoot in and mekkin' lewd ladies to star in 'ems. If I can figure out how to fix 'er wrists and remove the leaf Xenius stuck on 'er crotch, she mig't actually get a role in them.
  14. Personal calamities averted, weddin' aniversaries doned, warframe/darkestdungeon/other random addictions sated fer now. Time to actually start writin' again.



    Once I figure out how the hell to fix 'er hand seams and mebbe git rid of her perma-leaf, a servant o' Kynareth mig't cross paths wi' a cleric o' Dibella. She mig't even help her solve one of the Rift's longest runnin' murder mysteries.

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    2. The First Lady of Hats

      The First Lady of Hats

      I'd insert a Monty Python "We've found a witch may we burn her?" gif.

      But then this chapter was origionally gonna start wi' a witch burnin', Hell, it might still start wi' burnin' fings.


    3. EvalovesEP


      I worried you have left LL for I haven't seen you for a while. I'm glad see you posting again. ;)

    4. The First Lady of Hats

      The First Lady of Hats

      ehhhr..Life got "Busy"

  15. The First Lady of Hats

    [Fallout] Courier for the Legion?

    No gods, no masters. Caesar and Kimball are both bad decisions. Clearly there is only true choice for Mohave Overlord!!!