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    Doesn't need skill, She has rum

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    The Frozen North. Svolvær, 's Like Skyrim meets Ikea
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    Rum, Hats, Coffee, Motorcycles, VidioGaemz,
    Occaisional pretenses at Artwork, Cookin'.
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    Alcohol soaked, chain smoking, grumpy mute that left the green fields of the ancient and noble kingdom of York cos she married a viking. :3
    Has a ridiculously large collection of hats and a refridgerator full o' Kraken. Live's wi' another wench, a doggo and far far faaaaaar too many cats.

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  1. The First Lady of Hats


    The King is Back. Hail to the King!
  2. Fuckin' around wi' Triumverate got me thonkin' of a druid playthrough.
  3. Avoided Ivy like the plague on all my playthroughs every time I've reinstalled F4. Partly because of the over abundance of Omega type followers Skyrim has souring me on the prospect, for every Inigo there's a few dozen Vilja's. Partly because of the Microsoft Sam(antha?)-ish voice I saw on the earliest vidios and trailers. This time though, I figured I want to see a bunch of new content rather than rushing gunnut to max and loading up on whatever the latest CoD assault rifle ports are and murdering raiders till I inevitably get bored again. So I installed a bunch o' quest mods, 3dnpcs, Xanders
  4. Errybody else sees monster under the bed. I see Rik Mayal. >=D
  5. Yer know when yer grew up on robin williams films and he's a clown and a dork and then you watch One Hour photo and go "o_O" That's Tirloque. With happy, bouncy, giggling tales of redheads and their two and two quarter horsies and then all of a sudden DARKNESS AND MURDEROUS DESPAIR!!! I likes it. Snazzy effects and things, I likes them too. Wish I had the patience to fiddle around with fotoshops and make it do the thingys I know it can do but can ne'er be bothereded tryna learn. Yer should prolly do that ^ Also this ^ End User Liscence A
  6. 's one o' SunJeong's. I'll see if I can dig out the link for you when I get back.
  7. Mrrrms, not dead yet. Life just got busy so I just got drunked >:D Alzo comitted heresy and hopped to SE so Imma still hammering that bugger into shape. Mebbe when Imma done hitting it with a wrench there'll be some life in the insanities again. Hell, I might even stop been lazy and go clean the old stuff up, since gyfkat murdered all it's NSFW links and Redgyf still ain't linkable through LL for some reason that defies all logic.
  8. Buggery...I ain't been moved to dead blogs yet. Does this mean I actually have to get off my backside and do some work??
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