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    The Frozen North. Svolvær, 's Like Skyrim meets Ikea
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    Rum, Hats, Coffee, Motorcycles, VidioGaemz,
    Occaisional pretenses at Artwork, Cookin'.
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    Alcohol soaked, chain smoking, grumpy mute that left the green fields of the ancient and noble kingdom of York cos she married a viking. :3
    Has a ridiculously large collection of hats and a refridgerator full o' Kraken. Live's wi' another wench, a doggo and far far faaaaaar too many cats.

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  1. The First Lady of Hats

    Love and Hate- Why do so Many People feel BOTH for Each Other?

    I love her because she gives me rum/ snugglewumps/ warm glowy feelings/ doesn't snore/ can speak and communicate with people so I don't have to/ does this weird thingy with her toungue that makes me giggle. I hate her because she makes godawful coffee/ puts my bike keys in stupid places at the most inconvieniant times/ her cooking is probably a thinly veiled attempt at posioning me/ won't let me buy a snekk. From my observations of other people I seem to be lucky in my list of hates and gripes.
  2. The First Lady of Hats

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    One 'o Anub's latest SLALpack thingies.
  3. The First Lady of Hats

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    A cleric And her Horsie Clearly nothing lewd will happen here
  4. The First Lady of Hats

    Character Sheet: Svenja

    Talos is..."complicated" Yer should give some Zaric vidio's on him a prod, granted it's not as mind bending as Pelinel or CHIM, but it's still something of a brain fucking
  5. The First Lady of Hats

    Witcher 3 - New story

    Ehhh, Yen went out of her way to make me dislike her. Your first meeting with her "Hey so you fucked Triss." "Yen I'd lost my memory" "So that's your excuse". Despite the fact at the end of Witcher 2 you learn the EXACT SAME thing happened to her. /facepalm. And she only goes downhill from there, so much so that the wife and I made a drinking game out of her, Take a drink every time Yen has an attitude problem, Take a drink everytime Yen pisses off someone she shouldn't, Take a drink every time Yen causes a major diplomatic incident. You don't even wanna know how many bottles of wine and rum we'd exhausted after that playthrough > > and of course it has nothing to do wi' Triss been red, no sir, /innocent whistle :]
  6. The First Lady of Hats

    Witcher 3 - New story

    I really need to get around to another playthrough of that bugger, hearts of stone is probably one of the best written questlines I've seen since kotor, I never even got around to trying blood and wine. Lookin' forward to this >:D Also, triss best gurl.
  7. The First Lady of Hats

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Far as I remember, that one was Rya.
  8. Works fine for me and I ain't logged in, Mdy's link leads straight to pero's mod, and pero's download straight to mediafire.
  9. The First Lady of Hats

    Online or Offline

    I usually run it offline. Mostly because I'm a cantankarous bugger and constant messages popping up in the corner from random folks asking if I wanna go do some fortnite irk me no end. It used to get rid of achievement popups too, but I've noticed with recent steam updates that's no longer the case :[
  10. The First Lady of Hats

    Breaking news - Most wonderful news ever

    'Gratulations. ? o' course, now if it's a girl you are compelled to name it after aunt Hats >:D
  11. Htools, Can be found over at Halofarm :] http://mod.dysintropi.me/htools/
  12. I learnt the makings of custom followers just last night so I could turn my twincest altmer into sidekicks. Mostly by followin' this vidio guide thingy:
  13. The First Lady of Hats

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    ENB is Rya. it actually looks a hell of a lot brighter than that in game, some reason it always darkens when the screenshots come. The house is from Ebonvale, it also tends to have weird lighting since the mod isn't ELFX'ed.
  14. The First Lady of Hats

    Missing son - Request

    :Thonk: I will prod around. /nodnod
  15. The First Lady of Hats

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Discovered my new house is haunted. :3