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    Alcohol soaked, chain smoking, grumpy mute that left the green fields of the ancient and noble kingdom of York cos she married a viking. :3
    Has a ridiculously large collection of hats and a refridgerator full o' Kraken. Live's wi' another wench, a doggo and far far faaaaaar too many cats.

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  1. What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Branch Davidsons were the only other text thumpers I could think of that stockpile guns an' they're all dead, had to be Joe Smith's bunch Never understood their fascination wi' guns, in the UK if you wanna get a heathen out of your yard you use the gentleman's weapon, a rolled up newspaper, bonus points if it's the Times or the Guardian they have the "Informative" enchant that does +1 damage to the ignorant.
  2. I humbly request

    Eiries has always made godly looking things. Your bribe won't work though, what if your child is ginger? D:
  3. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Isabella Montalion, Breton Knight. Still fiddling with her, ain't decided if'n she's Dibella's holy cleric or Molag Bal's infernal champion yet so ehh, bugger it, here's both. Rest are over at https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/6567-random-character-creation-foolishness-wi-bouncy-lewd-bits-cos-this-is-loverslab/
  4. I was browsin' erry body else's screenshots and blogs an' whatnot, and it struck me. I've never actually played a "good" character, in all the time I've played skyrim, since launch, they've always been Morally grey-ish. So a new profile on Mod Organizer and fiddle wi' a new character. I figured a Breton Knight, a paladin mebbe, a cleric o' Dibella. So Isabella Montalion, who is totes not French honest. and since I was lookin' at new mods and checkin' load order buggerups, I shot lewd bits, so yeah, here. O'course, whilst shooting that and zapping mod conflicts. It occured to me I'd never gone the other direction either, I'd never made an actual truley evil bugger. I'd never actually finished the Dark Bro'hood, I'd never joined the Volikhar. Between the Vampires, the brotherhood, gods know how many daedric princes and of course this is lovers lab, knowin' the mods on here there's plenty o' room for corruption. So now Imma torn. Do I want Good or Evils? Light or dark? Deus Vult or the endless night? this is prolly why I've never actually got so far as to kill Alduin :3
  5. What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Guessin' thats Utah? Hreh. 's Why I like livin' in the norselands now, folk here mostly don't give a damn untill they pull something bloody stupid then they get stomped on an git a swift slap upside the head. There's still actually buggers out here that worship Odin. Not sure I'd fit them wi' the crazies though, they're mostly nice folk, and they actually understand logic, science an' reason.
  6. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    I think that's actually Horth. She's a hyperintelligent nine year old that's into argonian bewbs /sagenod
  7. What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    This. A certain branch of closed minded, hrmms, won't name 'em, prolly counts as hate speech an' against the rules or somethin'. One of those offshoot ones that seem to spring up in the colonies across the pond every now and then. They've managed to dig their claws into my grandfather and drag him back into the fold when no one was lookin', after it took him so long to get away from 'em when he was younger. So now they're into his lifestyle, they're into his friends, he shouldn't talk to this guy he's of the woooooorld, they're telling him whats safe to watch, whats safe to listen to, whats safe to browse online, they're into his wallet. Gramps damned near saved my life once upon a time. I made a lot o' septims too fast and too young and being young and stupid couldnae think of anything better to spend it on than alcohol. Didnae become a total dependant alcoholic, but I was bloody close, I was a wreck, when yer wake up and find yerself sat in a circle o' empty vodka bottles, n a hotel room you don't remember booking, in a country you've never heard of and can't remember how the hell yer got there? Yea, that kind o' wreck. Was me grandpops who dragged me in when no one else gave a damn and straightened me up again, if'n he hadn't, I'd prolly be dead, I'dve drowned myself in Cap'n Morgan by now. I'd take a bullet fer him, I'd kill fer him. And now I'm hearing he's been preyed on by vultures who follow fairy tales written by some stone age Isrealite and stick their fingers in their ears and clamp their eyes shut whenever yer show them how fucked up and wrong their ideas actually are. Seriously tempted to fly back to the UK fer a weekend, wait for them to turn up and then ward them off for good.
  8. Skyrim lesson number 12.

    I just...hrmms, what's the word? "Retire her". She has a very pretty daughter >:D
  9. Skyrim lesson number 12.

    's better than Morthal. You'd probably have to give Igrod a bathrub and she's sell you a swamp hut >:D
  10. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    The Forum hates .BMP images. yer mig't wanna convert 'em to a png or somethin so folks see 'em :]
  11. NPC Outfit Changer

    Take a look at thissun. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11662 I've noticed it's not entirely foolproof though, after an extended period of times passed they might redress into their origional outfits. Not always, and not everyone I changed, but it does happen occaisionally.
  12. Have nae tried it with UFO but it works pretty much flawlessly with EFF. Last I checked UFO was drastically out of date anyways. Yer might want to look up Extensible follower tweaks https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/15524 or Amazing follower tweaks https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/15524 AFT has a lil'more functionality, lets you make followers werewolves/vampires and all manner of other things but I think it's author ceased work on it. EFF as far as I know is still being updated to keep it current.
  13. an NPC-Player home mod

    Somethin' like this could be of use https://www.loverslab.com/topic/60070-the-manipulator/ Haven't actually tried it yet, but from what I read you can use it to recruit non follower npcs and set a Home for them. Couple it with damned near anything Skyrimlazz makes since every one of his mods is a collosal home wi' room for entire harems o' npcs and hearthfire friendly ( and a couple packaged with npc residents already chefs/blacksmiths/alchemists ect.). Plotting to give the manipulator a whirl with his Riverwood keep, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/88743?tab=description When my character actually reaches skyrim, see how it works out.
  14. This pretty witch girl is looking for...

    Fer an animal companion, yer could try givin' Mihail a prod, see if he'd allow a few assets to be lent to yer. Boy seems to have plenty o' strange creatures and beasts that could serve as a witche's familiar. No idea on staves though, I rarely use em. :3
  15. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    's Anubis' work. Not sure if it's had a LL release yet or if'n it's still comming.