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  1. Threw my back out picking a package up off the floor (Laptop fan, 2lbs) Move hundreds of pounds of equipment/furniture on a daily, but THIS got me... FML.
  2. Don't give them ideas... hard enough existing in this world with so much stupid.
  3. Yeah, it's called passive-aggression, and it's always been a major tool in the arsenal of petty women. Back in high school I knew a guy who broke it off with his first girlfriend cuz she was a bitch, what does she do, badmouth his bedroom skills and size all throughout the school; and what can he do about it?
  4. All this talk about comics and batman got me thinking...
  5. And armed robbery becomes taxes when you lack the ability to defend yourself. "No taxation without representation"... every state taxes it's residents, and if you are the minority in your state, you're being taxed without being represented. Just look at Oregon, every other counties vote is irrelevant because of one city, a city which votes in a way that actively hurts everyone else, but they have a majority. The rest of the state actively pays into a system that takes from them and gives them nothing.
  6. Special edition; working on a preset, thinking about making her a follower, but what I want is to change Sanguine Rose to summon her instead of generic Dremora... I think it'd be fitting for the prince of debauchery to reward you a succubus. Not finished with her yet, but I think she's looking pretty good.
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