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  1. All this talk about comics and batman got me thinking...
  2. And armed robbery becomes taxes when you lack the ability to defend yourself. "No taxation without representation"... every state taxes it's residents, and if you are the minority in your state, you're being taxed without being represented. Just look at Oregon, every other counties vote is irrelevant because of one city, a city which votes in a way that actively hurts everyone else, but they have a majority. The rest of the state actively pays into a system that takes from them and gives them nothing.
  3. Special edition; working on a preset, thinking about making her a follower, but what I want is to change Sanguine Rose to summon her instead of generic Dremora... I think it'd be fitting for the prince of debauchery to reward you a succubus. Not finished with her yet, but I think she's looking pretty good.
  4. “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” -Joe Biden
  5. https://fox8.com/news/photos-lightning-destroys-george-floyd-mural-in-ohio/ Never been a religious man... but maybe God's sending a message.
  6. Hear about the paramedics that refused to enter the CHOP without police escort? EMS professionals should document and observe the setting of the scene. If the nature of the run is dispatched as a potential crime scene, EMS should always wait for police officers to arrive on the scene and declare it safe for medical responders Well apparently they're getting sued... don't blame the terrorists destroying the cities, just blame the ones that you demand fix your mess.
  7. Everybody's unique in the most superficial of ways, and it's little more than peacocking to present such differences and claim to be "unique" No two snowflakes are the same? Introduce a little heat. Imagine living in the Incredibles world, having powers, being truly special, and having to hide it whilst everybody else is celebrated for being "special" in the most menial and superficial ways.
  8. Do people ever start being unique? Nihil Novi Sub Solem
  9. Mostly Dead by Daylight recently... it's "fun" getting face-camped by Bubba every third game.
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