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  1. Has anybody implemented fallout 4's companion/NPC equipping style for Skyrim?
  2. That doesn't sound offensive... that sounds dumb as fuck. 🤣 Let's dissect the idiom "I'm not a racist, some of my best friends are black." the phrase carries the implication that I in fact hold racist beliefs and am tokenizing black friends (real or not) to counter said implication. "I tend to agree with doctors... but even in the medical profession there are contrary opinions regarding Covid." Using the same analogy, are you implying that I in fact do not trust doctors, and am using a convenient 'lie' to get around admitting so? When I sliced my cornea a few months ago, I went into the hospital, and I put my care in there hands. I had no reason to believe the medical professionals were inept at there jobs, or that I was going to be worse off from the visit. The difference is, with what happened to me, there is already a set practice in place, but with a virus that was not fully known, scientific studies needed to be done. I'm sure the Covid practice today is far better than putting people in assisted living homes on high power respirators that cause damage to there lungs... but that was the practice in NY, MI, etc. I agree with being humble enough to admit not knowing everything, that's why "I tend to agree with doctors" unless that's 2020 racism. 😵
  3. What makes you think those same people aren't the ones that'll go into space as soon as the hard work is done?
  4. And I'm sure the people who own local shops would rather go to work than be trapped watching their lives work being eroded before there eyes; but yes, I've heard there's been a spike of employees whom would rather cash an unemployment check than actually work... fuck them. Let them collect unemployment, and hire someone with more drive. Not attacking medical workers btw, I can completely sympathize with the stress of such a job. Agreed, and seeing as how I've seen firsthand the effects that outsourcing manufacturing did to middle America... I'd rather this virus didn't cause more damage.
  5. I tend to agree with doctors... but even in the medical profession there are contrary opinions regarding Covid. Not to mention that the medias savior, Fauci has been wrong so damn much about it. The problem I see is that medicine is a constant game of catch-up, and people suffer whilst trial and error occurs. At the very least, shutting down local businesses hurts middle America while bolstering shops like Walmart, and it's the people who have "essential" jobs whom push the narrative that we must all do our part... truly speaking from a position of "privilege" Shut down the economy, social isolation, depression and suicide rates... when people mix anger, fear, uncertainty, and politics in a blender... well maybe nobody should drink that cocktail.
  6. They're good eating though... Plus I made me a nice belt with one before a friends dog ate it.
  7. I find this shit fascinating, and it's an environmentally friendly pest control.
  8. Poor guy should just embrace the bald and shave it all. Also found out my male siblings are all dealing with hair loss... and I'm sitting here in desperate need of a haircut... genetics, eh. 😅
  9. Or Zika I feel it, when Saitama bitch-slaps that giant one... bout as satisfying as when I kill em.
  10. Fucking mosquitos are the worst... went to take out some trash and got bit in like 20 places. 😡
  11. That's more or less my opinion... things that would otherwise not be considered political become so because a tribe politicized it. Regardless... this shits probably gonna get purged anyway.😵
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