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  1. Considering that the parents MADE the "trespasser" the metaphor would be closer to inviting somebody into your home, then treating them as a trespasser and shooting them.
  2. It's gonna pass us? Well now I really feel like my vote was wasted.😢
  3. Private Dick Dovahkiin finally solved the case of the 'notorious' adventurer kneecapper... Caught the perp practicing... as soon as I have more than circumstantial evidence, she'll be going away for a long time.
  4. Playing Skyrim, I watch a sabrecat maul two goats and walk away, got me thinking... they're killing for sport, how wasteful. I wonder how hard it would have been to add in animal consumption... likely extremely. 🤔
  5. My mouse was lagging on my laptop... I spend hours trying to figure out what was causing the issue (virus, low storage, grasping at straws really) it didn't even occur to me to change the fucking batteries until the next fucking day. 😵I am the Carlin skit.
  6. I have a general rule... don't stick your dick in crazy. There's enough women out there, let the feminists die off as their movement becomes less and less attractive to the opposite sex. "My generation needs a bunch of free condoms, 'Cause common sense ain't that common" -Tom MacDonald
  7. You know how when something that looks bad gets pointed out, that it's all you can see... yeah 🤣 Still think your character looks good.
  8. Amazing modders... laughably bad playwright. I couldn't even sit through a full playthrough of it. Still has some good features if they were ever released by themselves.
  9. They politicize everything, how much lower can they sink in their power plays?
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