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  1. I have little doubt that someone from LL is on the job, even as we speak.
  2. I really wouldn't advise people to download from sketchy adware file hosting servers which require you to fill out a 3 minute survey and input personal information before you can download anything.
  3. IIRC, every version was broken or absolutely brimming over with critical bugs. I wouldn't say you're missing out on much.
  4. Didn't even know there was a version after 1.2. Thought that had been it. Anyone have the file without a Vector Plexus sign-in? Site doesn't like my password (been a year since I used it) and the reset emails never arrive.* The security on the site is hilariously heavy handed, incidentally. ONE wrong password attempt gets your account locked for 15 and you can't send the password reset request more than once. Does someone think they're running Lockheed Martin? *(*tired* YES, I've checked all the usual folders... I've noticed Hotmail has been extremely aggressive about not forwarding emails on at ALL lately. Time to switch my throwaway site registration account I guess).
  5. That begs the question if the follower was scripted? The simple ones aren't, IIRC?
  6. Exploitation and abuse is what the game industry is built on these days.
  7. Is there one that does this for LE, for that matter? I remember being very close to running out of keybinds in my last run too...
  8. You can always reuse the same mesh for males and females, just need to size it to the body you'll be using. OS can help with that too!
  9. I call foul. If it's a proper Isekai, you're supposed to be run over by a truck.
  10. Jesus fuckin Christ get a fuckin room you two.
  11. Thanks! Even easier than extracting it. I guess the multiple separate (but identical) character models are for the follower and... cutscenes? a preset? EDIT: Hahahah I'm an idiot. These are literally just the vanilla horns (the texture paths are all the vanilla ones). I thought they had reworked textures or something, when I could have just taken them from the vanilla paarthurnax mesh.
  12. Quick question about the "Small Paarthurnax" - there's multiple meshes of the character. If I want to extract just the horns (it's quite a large file and I don't need anything else), which model should I use? Does it matter or will any of the horn meshes be the same? I know it's an SE mod so I'll have to run the horn meshes and textures through CAO for LE.
  13. I'm not sure if it was made clear to you that there's two types of merged nifs? Maybe that's the confusing part? The first is when you take some separate meshes and combine them into one item in OS, or Nifskope. That's basically how all mashups work. One .nif file, but it's made of multiple nif meshes. This is a lot more common because that way you can have different lighting settings for leather, metal, etc. The second is actually using that "Combine Geometry" function in OS, to make multiple separate .nif meshes into a single mesh. This is a lot more complicated because both files MUST: - Have all the same texture, lighting, and Alpha settings - Must use the same texture files The first part is easier because you can just match them up in Nifskope. So if one has glossiness of 80 and the other has glossiness of 40, you pick one and match it. Look at all the other shader settings and match as needed. The second part is harder because meshes are already mapped to a part of a texture file. You can see what this looks like by using the "Edit UV" function in OS (Edit menu). That shows you how exactly a mesh is mapped to the texture file. Sometimes you can cut and paste parts of two texture files together if the two parts are mapped to different areas of a larger texture file, so they won't overlap, but often you have to do some editing to make the textures from two source meshes fit on the same .dds, as well as moving the UV of one of the meshes to match the new location. The second one is probably not going to work with a hair mesh, because they tend to use small texture files and take up all or most of the surface of the texture. But the first method will produce a single .nif file, so you shouldn't need to do the second. Just take the hair and the ears, import them both into OS, then once you have both meshes positioned how you like, look at the "partions" tab on the upper right and make sure both the ears are assigned to the same slot as the hair, then use "export as .nif" to export them both together as a single .nif which you should be able to replace the old hairstyle with (using the same file name, like any replacer mod). If you're not actually editing the hair mesh, then the hairline should still work properly I think? I have not done much work with hair files, and they have one or two special things going on. So, if someone else has anything to add, please do.
  14. Pretty sure it's for LE. I've got it lying around somewhere.
  15. For the thigh cloth, the Witcher 3 armour pack's Wolf Armour has one built into the pants. Do you know how to use OS to cut up meshes? If you do you could extract that portion of the pants mesh to get what you need for the barkeepers.
  16. RR Skirmish is up on Skyrim Mod Highlights if you're willing to download something from that sketchy-ass site. Probably better to wait and see if someone here can upload it though.
  17. Holy crap that's a nice set! Looks Dark Souls-ish, but I don't recognize it from any DS armour packs.
  18. Nice. Which follower is the character in the bottom left?
  19. If you're using thousands of hairstyles and only a few show up, you might find this useful: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33526
  20. I have basically ceased trusting any game which has updates. Are there game companies who don't ruin balance, add exploitative "features", or otherwise destroy their games through sheer incompetence? Yes, of course there are. Is that the majority of games which receives updates? Fuck no! When it comes to games, no news is good news.
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