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Trapped in Rubber

A rubber fetish mod


This mod provides:

  • Shiny Rubber Catsuits by mxwqtkl (fully integrated), original source for reference: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41534/
  • More colors for the Shiny Rubber Catsuits: Cyan, light grey, dark grey, green, orange, pink, purple, yellow (the original had: black, white, red, blue, red/white and transparent versions)
  • Ballet boots now also in "devious" variants (lockable using the Devious Devices framework)
  • A framework that:
    • Traps the wearer inside the catsuit when putting it on (cannot be unequipped)
    • Fuses the gasmask with the catsuit when putting it on (cannot be unequipped either)
    • Shows regular messages about what it feels like to be trapped in rubber
    • Messages progress in three stage, e.g. first there's no sweating, then a bit, and then a lot.
    • Chance for special messages when wearing a gag under the gasmask
    • Wearing rubber increases actor arousal over time
    • Framework currently only works for player character (but that's not a real problem, how would you know how someone else feels like anyway?) and works independantly from Devious Devices (except for the ballet boots, see above)

    [*]A questline/story woven around the catsuit/gasmask experience with focus on various fetishes, including rubber, of course.
    There are over 4400 lines of dialog. I took the time of one of my test playthroughs and it took me about 8 hours to complete the mod (already knowing where everything is and what to do and using fast travel).




You are not required to donate. But if you would like to support me and my work, please feel free to do so. The more money I make, the more time I'll have to work on my mod. Every bit helps, so if you can't afford a large sum, don't worry. Just give what you can.


You can send your donations via PayPal to


There is also a
through which you can support the mod on a more permanent basis (recurring payments).


Current status:


Overall, the mod is beta.

The framework seems to be doing what it's supposed to and the story is complete. Future work will include bug fixing and adding features. This is my very first mod so I can not promise perfection. Rookie mistakes and all that.





  • Player character should be a human female. I do not enforce any checks on that, but there is no male version of the catsuits (and no, I cannot change that). So I made the mod centered around women in rubber and the writing will assume you are female. Elves are theoretically possible, but elven ears tend to clip through the gasmasks. Haven't yet figured out if I can fix that. If it doesn't bother you, feel free to play an elf.
    Beast races are not tested and the additional colors have no armor addons for them (I was too lazy to set it up in the CK). Also, the writing does not reflect their specifics. The way I see it, beast races would require enormous work to support properly. Cats and lizards don't sweat, so a lot of writing would have to be changed. Leaving the question what else they should suffer while in rubber. Too much work for now. Apologies to all furry lovers out there.
  • When you install the mod for the first time, starting a new save is not necessary (unless Evette San is already dead, see above). If you upgrade, you will likely need to make a clean save. While the mod is a work in progress and beta, I most likely will not take any measure to ensure you can upgrade from any version to any version without hitch. It would slow down development too much. Sorry, folks.
  • The mod does not support followers. There comes a point early on when it will try to determine if you have followers and give you a semi-plausible reason why you cannot have them with you. I'm not sure how reliable that check is and it's only supposed to be a reminder, not a tamper-proof barrier. I'm sure there are ways around it. But the writing will always assume you are alone and ignore your followers. I strongly recommend sending them home for the duration of the mod.
  • The catsuits and gasmask are only available for the CBBE body (again, I cannot change that due to lack of knowledge and talent). If the sudden change in body shape does not bother you, you can also play with a different body. I'm doing that myself, because I personally prefer the UNP body. So if some talented 3D artist out there wants to make an UNP variant of the catsuits, you can be damned sure I'll integrate them in my mod.
  • The number of slotted NPCs in the Devious Devices framework should be set to 12 or higher for optimal experience. Let me know if that is too much for your system to handle. It works fine on my rig but I have absolutely no idea about what's out there. If enough people have a problem, I will try to find a way to lower it.
  • The device hider in Devious Devices Integration should be set to avoid slot 43. Use slot 54 or 60 or disable it completely.



  • Mods that modify combat defeat (like Death Alternative) can cause problems. Combat in the mod is always tied into the story. If you get defeated there, it makes no sense from a story point of view that the attacker would accept your surrender in any way (rape you or put you in bondage gear or whatever). The attacker really wants to kill you. As in: Make you dead. He would not be content with anything less.
    Until I find a way to signal that to other mods without having to add them all as a dependency, you should deactivate them.
  • Any mod that modifies dialogue or character behaviour on a worldwide basis (like SexLab Dialogues) has the potential to interfere.
  • Deviously Cursed Loot (or similar mods that force-equip items) may strip the suit or mask if the item uses conflicting slots. A proper solution would, in my opinion, require a change in the DD framework. The request has been made but until then, I suggest to disable such mods.
    Cursed Loot can be temporarily disabled via the MCM. I suggest to use that for the time you play my mod.
  • The mod currently needs Evette San in Solitude to be alive. If enough people complain, I'll try to find a way around it. But for now, make sure she survives.
  • I have been told that the mod "Expanded Towns and Cities" makes one of the barrels required for a certain quest inaccessible. The barrel is normally located in Riverwood. You may need to disable the mod. See the troubleshooting section below for a possible workaround.



  • Is the mod for doms? Or subs?
    There something in there for both. I try to keep a balance between the two.
    Story explanation:

    I did this by introducing a slave hierarchy. There are the "normal" or "lower" slaves, and then there are the rubber slaves who a allowed (or forced, however you want to see it) to always wear rubber.
    The rubber slaves are above the lower ones and act as personal servants of the Mistress and well as her enforcers to the other slaves and possible outsiders.
    So you still have to be subserviant to your Mistress, but you can be dominant to the slaves below you. Basically, you're in middle management. ;)

    Most content in that regard is optional, so if, for example, you don't feel like whipping a slave, there's usually another way.
  • How do I get out of the rubber catsuit?

    In the course of the story, you will eventually be released. But not quite. There's kind of a twist there. You'll see.
    If you just want out immediately, there is a cheat item called "Amulet of the Broken Seal". If you wear it, the suit and gasmask will be removable. It can only be obtained through the console.
  • How do I get my catsuit and start the main quest?

    Go to the northen entrance of the Brittleshin Pass and look around.
  • Can I get a different color?

    You start with black, but eventually will be able to choose whatever you want.
  • What about my hands and feet? Why is there no forced rubber for them, too?

    An unfortunate design choice I had to make. In theory, it wouldn't be a problem to fuse the gloves and boots (or socks) to the suit just like the gasmask. But that would block the feet and hand slots, which are also frequently used by Devious Devices mods. If someone puts you in an armbinder, that will also use the hand slot. And thus, the gloves will be unequipped. Which would (logically) break my mod because that was not supposed to happen. I could, of course, check for that and re-equip the gloves (which would remove the armbinder). That would save my mod but break the other one the same way.
    In order to maintain compatibility, I chose to leave the hand and feet slots available until I figured out a way to deal with it properly.
  • Your English sucks!
    Well, it's not my native language. I tried my best, but if you spot any mistakes, please let me know.
  • Something is wrong with the rubber stuff. I'm not wearing anything but still get the messages. Or it's not recognised correctly in dialogs. Or stuff like that.
    If the rubber framework goes haywire on you, there is a debug function that will strip all rubber gear, remove all effects and reset the entire framework. It can be activated from the console using:
    startquest tir_dbg_clearallrubber

    If you have to use it a second time, do a 'stopquest' with the same parameter before.
    You should then re-equip whatever rubber gear you should have on you at that point or it can break the story.

  • How can I configure this mod?
  • There is currently no MCM menu. Eventually, I'll make one, but for now you need to configure it by using global variables and the console.
    set tir_MessageInterval to XX

    This sets the interval at which the rubber messages appear. For your convenience, the value is in real-time seconds. Although there might a some jitter due to way the engine works. But setting it to 300, for instance, would give you a message roughly every 5 real-time minutes.

    set tir_Stage1Hours to XX

    Sets the number of in-game hours that the first stage will last.

    set tir_Stage2Hours to XX

    Sets the number of in-game hours that the second stage will last.


Quest overview and help:

A strange encounter (starting quest)

You meet a strange woman at the North Brittleshin Pass, wearing a rubber outfit. She dies of her wounds, but her diary tells of a life of wealth brought on by her rubber suit. Naturally, you put it on because wealth is always something you could use more of. Unfortunately, you become trapped in the suit. In an attempt to free yourself, you try on the gasmask (because the diary mentioned it in the context of freedom), only to find out that it fuses to the suit and you're now completely sealed in.

You then decide to visit the Tower that was mentioned in the journal and ask for help there. The Tower is located on an island far in the northen sea, but there is a boat outside the Broken Oar Grotto that will take you there (note: do not use the boats directly at the grotto's entrance, use the one a bit farther away).

At the Tower, you will meet the Mistress who will tell you that the only way out of the suit is to become a rubber slave in her service. After you agree to it, the quest is over.




Rubber Express - Wine Delivery

The Mistress needs you to fetch a wine delivery in Solitude. Go to Evette San. If you have not seen the Roggvir execution scene, wait for it to finish (or else Evette will only say: "Go away"). You know you can talk to her once she's back at her stand and offering her spiced wine. She'll give you the delivery.

On your way to the gate, a man will approach you and offer to pay you handsomely for a part of your shipment. You can agree or not. He will offer even more gold and eventually attack you, if you keep declining. You can kill him at that point.

Once you return to the Tower, there are three possible outcomes:
  • The shipment is intact: The Mistress will be pleased. The quest will be completed successfully.
  • The shipment has been tampered with and you told the Mistress the truth: She will be mildly disappointed, but commend you on not lying to her. You will receive a light punishment (a little spanking). The quest will be regarded as failure.
  • The shipment has been tampered with and you lied to the Mistress about it: She will see through the lie and be very disappointed. You will receive a harsh punishment (put in a cage near the fireplace to sweat in the heat for almost half a day). The quest will be regarded as failure.



Rubber Mail

The Mistress asks you to deliver some letters to dead drops throughout Skyrim. This is pretty straightforward, she'll tell you where to go, so just do it. You cannot fail this quest, it will simply not progress until you have done everything correctly.

The most important part about this quest is that at one of the dead drops, you will meet a Thalmor justiciar who is after the Mistress and attempts to kill you. Once you defeat him, he'll teleport away. Back at the Tower, the Mistress will tell you about him and her little misunderstanding with the Thalmor.

This is currently the only encounter with him, but I plan on building on that, making him a major antagonist and his fight against the Mistress a central story plot in future releases. If all goes well, that is. I wouldn't be the first modder to suddenly disappear without a trace.




Rubber Hunt

After the mail quest is done, another rubber slave will barge in and tell the Mistress that a slave has escaped. She will order you to recapture that slave. You will have to figure out where to look for the slave. This quest is meant to be a little less straight-forward and may require some detective work. Here are some hints (each will reveal more than the previous one, so feel free to go as close to the solution as you'd like):

The Mistress told you that the slave will likely seek a blacksmith. So you could just try all
and ask them if any of them saw your prey.

You can narrow it down by using the other suggestion of the Mistress: Think like a slave. The nearest blacksmith from the Tower is in Solitude, but a smart slave would know that that's the first place anyone would look for her (and dumb slaves don't escape in the first place). But she'd also not travel across all of Skyrim to Riften, for instance. So she would go the second closest blacksmith.

The slave is in Dawnstar.

She will need to work to earn the money for the blacksmith. So she will be where there's work to be done with little questions asked.

She is in one of the mines.

She is in the Quicksilver Mine.

Her name is Parina Nolwa.

During the quest, you should be able to accuse any woman you meet to be the escaped slave. But they will all deny it. Use the spell that the Mistress taught you to activate the slave's vibrator. After that, you can accuse her again and she won't deny it anymore. You successfully identified the slave.

At that point, you can decide to let her go or to recapture her as the Mistress ordered. If you let her go, the quest is basically over (counting as failure, of course). You just need to get back to the Tower and explain yourself to the Mistress. If you tell the truth, your punishment will be a sweating session in the cage. If you lie, the mistress will have your lying mouth washed out (that means she'll have another slave pee into your gasmask, so if you're not into that kind of thing - and I can't blame you - I strongly recommend telling the truth).

If you do not let the slave escape, she will attack you. Defeat her. Don't worry, she's essential, so can't kill her accidentally or anything. After that, you can talk to her again and put her in the bondage gear the Mistress gave you (a nice selection of Devious Devices).

Then comes the fun part: You have to get the slave back to the Tower. Of course, she's a little uncooperative. So you have to use the crop on her. Every time you hit her, she'll start running in the right direction (another boat at the coast). After a while, she'll slow down again. First to walk speed, then she'll just stand there. You need to keep hitting her with the crop to get her all the way back to the tower. Actually, you do not have to use the crop at all, any hit will count. If you're really mean, you could use a little electrocution (aka "Sparks") on her. I'm not sure how others will react to that (it might count as assault if they see it, so only do it when you're alone on the road, if you want to be safe). If you want to be nice and not whip or electrocute her, a simple activation (like when you want to talk to someone) will also do the trick. This can be seen as a gentle push or maybe a "Let's move" or something like that.

Once you're back at the Tower and delivered her to the Mistress, she will store the slave away and the quest is complete.




Wait for the party

After the hunt quest, the Mistress will have no more jobs for you. But her party (she will have mentioned that earlier) will start soon and you will have to be a waitress there. She will basically throw you out of the Tower (because you'd just be in the way) and tell you when to be back. That will be at 5 p.m. (if it's already after 4 p.m., it'll be 5 p.m. tomorrow, otherwise today).

Once it's 5 you actually have 8 hours to get back to the Tower. If you don't, you'll have missed the party and the Mistress will, of course, punish you. She will put you in bondage gear (Devious Devices). For each hour your were late, you will have to spend 3 in the gear before the Mistress is satisfied and releases you.

If you come back in time, head for the basement as the Mistress instructed you earlier. Talk to the guard there, she'll give you a tour of the basement and show you where everything is. The tour will end at the door to the party room and you just have to step through.




The Party

Once inside, talk to the Mistress. She'll tell you that basically, you'll be waitressing. Say that you'll go to work to start the sequence.

The party works like this: You are supposed to make the guests happy and are provided with several opportunities to do so. If you do what they want and always act like their little perversions are the most normal thing in the world, their satisfaction level will rise. If you disobey or question their... appetites, the level will sink. To end the party, a certain satisfaction level must be reached.

The basic job is waitressing (see below). Each successful waitress job give 5 satisfaction points. After 3 waitress jobs, a "special request" will become available. Then no guest will have orders anymore until you dealt with that request. Special requests are worth 10 points. The requests are a bit peculiar (one sub, one dom and one gross), but actually have to do none of them. You can deny every request. But it will decrease satisfaction and you will end up doing more waitressing to make up for that.


Rubber Waitress:
This is the bread and butter quest of the party. At each run, one guest (and only one) will have an order. Talk to everyone to figure out which one it is. Then go to the cook (the cyan rubber girl) and tell her what you need. She'll get it and you just have to deliver it back to the guest. Then the quest will reset and you have to do it all over again.
This may be a bit tedious but that was partially intended. Just like real waitressing, it's supposed to be hard work (but with rubber, of course ;)).


Special beverage:

This is a special request. A guest want to taste some of the drool from one of the gagged slaves used as decoration at the party. This is simplicity itself. Just go to any slave with an open gag (e.g. the one on the table) and activate her (talk). You will have to wait until the cup is full. You can either just wait patiently, which will take longer. Or you can find ways to get the slave to drool more, which will go faster. You can stimulate her through pain or arousal, or you can just stick your fingers in her mouth to get the drool (requires wearing rubber gloves, for hygiene

Eventually, the cup will be full and you can take it to the guest.




Rubber Punisher:

A different guest will lead to the slave on the wooden horse in the corner. She'll hand you a crop and ask you to whip her while she watches. At that point, you can show enthusiasm, doubt or simply decline. If you do not decline, you will have to keep hitting the slave. If you leave the area around the slave, you will be forced back.

The guest will cheer on you randomly. After you've beaten the slave enough times, the guest will tell you that it's enough, take her crop back and release you. Which completes the request.




Rubber Boot Shining:

A guest wants to see you humiliated and commands you lick to the Mistress' boots clean. Go to the Mistress and ask her for permission (nicely, of course), then tell the slave she agreed. The rest will happen on its own.

The licking scene is a bit wonky, because there's no real bootlicking animation (that I could find). I had to make do with what was there. So you'll basically just lie down at your Mistress' feet (depending on which sit idles you have installed, her feet may or may not actually be near your face).

Just bear with it and pretend it's happening. Sorry, rookie modder at work.



If your arousal gets too high, you can ask the Mistress for relief. If you have done enough work, she will have one of the other rubber slaves give you cunninglingus through the rubber suit.

This is just help with a personal problem of yours and does not affect guest satisfaction.


Once the necessary satisfaction threshold has been reached, you can talk to the Mistress to end the party. There will be a little "farewell" scene and then you and the Mistress will be back in the Tower lobby.




Party Aftermath:

Once the party is over, you can ask the Mistress to remove the rubber suit and she'll agree. There is a surprise however.


Leaving the basement:

The basement door locks automatically. The guard (the one in purple rubber) will let you out. But only if you wear rubber!

There is another way:

The escaped slave you had to hunt earlier obviously found a way. Sweet-talk or threaten her to reveal that she escaped through the sewer ducts in the bath. After that, the sewer can be activated and will teleport you outside.

If you let the slave escape earlier, she will have told you about the secret passage on her own and you will also be able to use them now.

Be warned:
If the Mistress sees you not wearing rubber, she'll rightly assume there is another way out of the basement and close it. From then on, there will be no other way to leave except in rubber. If you want to prevent that, either equip rubber before you go near her or sneak back in the same way you got out!




My Little Rubber Pony (Part 1)

To get this quest you need to have the rubber suit removed by the Mistress, then learn from the purple guard that you can only leave if you're wearing rubber. Do so and confront the Mistress about it. This will trigger the quest.

The Mistress will dress you up like a rubber pony and send you to a cave in eastern Skyrim. You will have to travel there completely bound but it is actually up to you if you do that or go somewhere closer to get someone to remove the armbinder. Once you reach the destination, you will see that the cave actually leads to a hidden vale where the Mistress is already waiting for you. She will restore your bindings if you managed to remove them and then explain that you are to take part in a pony race.

Since you are completely bound, there is little for you to actively do. Just go along with it and signal her when you are ready. During the race, the plugs inside you will provide a distration.

You are not meant to win this first race. If you win, that is a bug. You will loose because Lord Velnar is cheating. You should notice that his pony (Carla) never passes you by yet somehow manages to come in first. This is because he is using a pair of his teleport crystals located on opposite parts of the vale. Carla just runs to the first crystal, gets teleported to the second and then crosses the finish line. That way, she always wins.

After the race, the Mistress will have another conversation with Lord Velnar and then teleport home. You will have to return to the Tower by yourself as punishment for your failure.

Back at the Tower, the Mistress will remove the bindings and you can talk to her about Velnar's cheating. She will basically tell you have to deal with this yourself and suggest you use Lord Velnar's upcoming visit to the Tower to make your move (see quest: "Rubber Assassin" below).




Rubber School

The Mistress wants you to learn about your role as a slave. She will take you to the basement and teach you about rubber and slave etiquette. Just go through the motions, this is a passive quest.




Rubber Spy

The Mistress wants you to break into the Thalmor mission and memorize some documents about Justiciar Enaron. This is a stealth mission! You are not allowed to be seen or kill anyone. If you do, an alarm is triggered and a never-ending barrage of Thalmor soldiers will spawn to hunt you down until you are dead. That being said, the difficulty is not too high. It is possible to complete the quest with just the 15 points in sneak that every level 0 character gets. But using savegames is recommended.

Go to the courtyard of Castle Dour and talk to the argonian. He will put you in a barrel of mead and transport you to the embassy. After the barrel is dropped in the kitchen, wait for everyone to leave. A message box will notify you. Then activate the hidden release and you will be outside the barrel. Sneak your way to Elenwen's solar and take the Enaron dossier from the chest. Read it and then put it back. Sneak across the floor to light the lantern in the window, then go back into the barrel.

Wait until the argonian comes to pick you up.




Rubber Assassin

This is a pretty straigh-forward quest. The Mistress wants you to kill a bandit leader that has caused her grief. Do it.


The more important part of this quest is when you return to the Tower: Lord Velnar will be there to claim his money. Wait until his conversation with the Mistress is over. Once he turns around to leave, you have until he reaches the boat outside to intercept him and somehow get the information you need to sabotage his cheating. If you fail or miss the opportunity, you will not be able to win the next pony race.
There are several ways to get the information:

  • You can try to sweet-talk him by mentioning the Mistress' interest in his crystals. This requires you to pass an average persuasion check.
  • You can mention your own knowledge of the arcane to get him talking. He will not believe you and ask you a question to test you. To pass, you must have at least 50 points in at least one school of magic. Otherwise, your character will not know the right answer and just guess (wrongly).
  • You should remember from the conversation he had with the Mistress at the race track that he always has his notes with him. So you can just pickpocket him and take them. This is probably the easiest way to get them.

Either way, if you're successful, you will learn that the teleportation will become uncontrollable and random if there is a black soul gem nearby. So you need to get one of them and place it near the teleportation crystal (sender) in the secret vale. When you follow the track from the race start, go left. It just has to be near the crystal on the ground. That is all.





My Little Rubber Pony (Part 2)

Once you have reported on your previous quest to the Mistress, you can ask her when the next pony race will be. She'll mention that one is coming up and offer to have you enter it. If you agree, you will be teleported straight to the track and get another chance to win the pony race. This is basically like the first. Keep in mind that there no scripted win. If you sabotaged Velnar's cheating, all you get is a fair chance.

During the race, Carla will use the teleportation crystal like always but - if you placed the soul gem - the teleport will be distorted and she will pop out right in the middle of the crowd watching the race.

If you complete the race quickly and then go back, you can witness the crowd confronting Velnar about this. He'll try to wriggle himself out of it but eventually gets caught in his lies and teleports away angrily.

Talk to the Mistress after that. If you won the race, she'll teleport you with her. Otherwise, you have to find your way back home on your own again.

Back at the Tower, she will offer to remove your pony gear. If you refuse and won the race, she will give you a little treat as reward. Otherwise, the quest will be over.




Rubber Rescue

A rubber enforcer that the Mistress send to investigate Enaron has gone missing. The Mistress wants you to find her and rescue her. Go to the Fort Sungard Oubliette and search for her. You will find her dead body in a cell. After that, Enaron will show up and confront you. However, this time he will not attack and talk to you. He will offer to help you out of your suit if you turn on the Mistress. Go through the dialog and report back to the Mistress. Whether you reveal Enarons offer to her or not does not matter.




Rubber Express - Pony Girl Delivery

The Mistress has acquired Carla, the pony girl that Lord Velnar used in his races. Depending on whether or not you exposed his cheating, the reasons will be different. If you sabotaged him, Carla will be a collateral because he cannot pay his debt from the bet he lost. Otherwise, the Mistress will have bought Carla because she wants a winning pony girl in her stables.

Either way, Velnar does not really want to part with Carla and will set you up. Go to the Vilemyr Inn and talk to him. The moment you sign the delivery receipt (and Velnar is no longer responsible for what happens to her), three thugs who conveniently happened to be there (no doubt hired by Velnar) will approach you and demand that you hand Carla over. No matter what you do, they will always attack because they have orders to kill you.

Defeat them, then order Carla to follow you and take her back to the Tower. Talk to the Mistress to complete the quest.




Rubber Abduction

The Mistress has learned that Justiciar Enaron has a daughter named Jirisiel. But there is little information about her. So she tracked down a woman named Raynila Herendoth who was Jirisiel's companion when they were young. Unfortunately, Raynila refused to answer the Mistress' questions, so now she must be taken to the Tower by force and interrogated. Which is where you come in. Go to Haelga's bunkhouse in Riften, beat Raynila down and tie her up. You will smuggle her out of the city in a large chest and then take her back to the Tower.

When you report back, the Mistress will have the yellow Rubber Slave take Raynila down to the "play room" and prepare her for an interrogation. Go down there yourself and talk to the yellow guard. She will explain to you that you have three ways to get information you want. Once you made your choice, talk to her again to learn about what exactly to do.
  • You can try and talk the information out of her. This will mean to pass several average speechcraft checks to convince Raynila to part with her knowledge willingly.
  • You can torture it out of her. The idea here is to reach a certain pain level and maintain it for a certain amount of time. The pain level will drop over time and can be raised by using the 'Sparks' spell or the crop. The spell will cause the level to rise quickly, so be careful not to overshoot. If you do, you will have to wait a day to try again. If you keep her at the right level for the right time, she will break and tell you what you want to know.
  • The last option is to use orgasm denial. She will be relentlessly stimulated by plugs but never allowed to cum. Eventually, her frustration will cause her to break and tell you everything. This will take a while, however, and there will be nothing to do for you in the meantime. On the plus side, once she has spilled everything, you get the option to reward her compliance with the sex she so desperately wants.





Rubber Toy

The Mistress tells you that you have to purchase some information about Enaron from a woman named Elyn Steeling in Dragon Bridge. This will be setup and Elyn will turn out to be a bounty hunter hired by Lord Velnar to abduct you. Velnar teamed up with Enaron after being rejected by the Mistress and will now have his personal torturer, an elf named Zenosha, extract any information you might have.

Zenosha will torture you (she considers you her toy) for days until you finally break and tell her that the Mistress mentioned to have a meeting with Jarl Elisif coming up. Velnar will be most pleased and eager to report this time-critical information to Enaron. He leaves and instructs Zenosha to kill you and dispose of your body.

After he is gone and while Zenosha is still contemplating how to kill you, a rubber enforcer (using an invisibility spell) will approach Zenosha from behind, kill her and rescue you.

This rubber enforcer is Elyn Steeling and she will reveal that this was all one big ploy to convince both Velnar and Enaron that the Mistress will be in Solitude in a few days where it would be possible to capture her. This will make Enaron gather as many men as he can and reduce the number of guards around the compound where he keeps his daughter hidden.

As reward and compensation for your discomfort, the Mistress will give you a new rubber suit with armor ratings similar to Dragonscale armor.




Rubber Ally

As was revealed during the previous quests, Enaron's daughter Jirisiel is actually a naughty girl and has a rubber fetish herself. Which is why Enaron hid her. That makes her somewhat of a natural ally to the Mistress and so she sends you to rescue her.

You will be teleported to a hidden mountain valley. Jirisiel is kept in a farmhouse on the other end of that valley. The only way in is a hidden escape tunnel built by smugglers a long time ago. Find the tunnel entrance without being spotted by the Thalmor guards patrolling the valley (tip: it's easy if you just follow the left-hand mountain side).

The tunnel has long been abandoned so you have to deal with some spiders.

When you reach the entrance to the farmhouse, you must pour out the liquid given to you to paralyze the guards. If you are not full clad in rubber (including hands and feet), you will be affected yourself and a spider will appear to feast on your helpless body.

Once all the guards are out of commission, open the secret door, go to the upper floor and talk to Jirisiel. It won't be difficult to convince her to put on the rubber suit that the Mistress gave you and leave with you. Go back the way to came. Talk to Touches-The-Shadows to teleport back to the Tower.

Talk to the Mistress to complete the quest.




Rubber Frame Job

The Mistress' plan is to discredit Enaron so he looses the support of the Thalmor. As part of that plan, you are supposed to hand over some documents to a spy in Whiterun. Depending on the state of the civil war, the spy will belong to the Stormcloaks or the Imperials. The goal is to make it look like Enaron is trying to end the unrest in Skyrim (which is against Thalmor interests).

This is basically a simple delivery job, so just do it.




Rubber Parade

The Mistress orders you to fetch Jirisiel, who is still in the basement getting "reacquainted" with Raynila. Wait for the scene to finish, then talk to Jirisiel and escort her back to the Mistress.

To discredit Enaron further, the Mistress wants the public to know about his daughter and what motivation is truly driving him. To do that, she will take both you and Jirisiel to Solitude and have Jirisiel publically speak out against her father.

As with most quests, this one caters to a specific fetish. Exhibitionism, in this case. You will be paraded through the town and everyone will look at you.

During the parade, the Mistress will ask if you want to show your face (reveal your identity to the public). If you agree, she'll remove your gasmask and everyone will be able to see who you are. If you are already far enough in the Skyrim main quest to be officially declared Dragonborn, then people will recognise you as such. Otherwise, they'll just think you some random girl. To always be recognised as Dragonborn, set the global variable 'tir_parade_assume_dragonborn' to 1.




Rubber Finale

After the parade, the Mistress will have no further tasks for you. Wait for a day and go near any city so that the courier can find you. He will hand you a letter from the Mistress calling you back to the Tower. She will inform you that Enaron is attempting to raise an army of undead for one last, desperate assault on the Tower. She sends you to deal with him for good. Go to the Ruins of Khurvangard and enter. All the draugr inside will be hostile, so you'll probably want to kill them. You can also kill Enaron at this point, if you wish. You can also talk to him, in which case he will remind you of his previous offer and promises to help you out of the suit if you kill the Mistress for him. If you decline, he will attack and you will have to kill him.


If you agree, he will hand you a special arrow that can kill the Mistress in one shot. Go back to the Tower. You now have one last chance to switch sides: You can hand the arrow over to the Mistress who will then send you (again) to kill Enaron. If you talk to him again and tell him what you did, he will attack.


If you killed the Mistress, then return to Enaron. He will have you sign an affidavit that he was set up and promises to get back in touch with you about the suit. This will complete the quest.


If you killed Enaron, return to the Mistress. She will be pleased and ask you to "take a day off", as she has no more urgent tasks for you. This will complete the quest.


WARNING: Siding with Enaron is a role-play way to escape and end the whole mod - if you think that's what your character would do. It is the non-canonical ending and will most likely preclude you from future additional content.



Rubber Epilog (Enaron)

If you sided with Enaron, he will tell you give him 2 days and then meet him at the Nightgate Inn. Do that. True to his word, he will help you out of the rubber suit and the story is basically over. You will not be able to enter the Tower again and if you put on the suit again, you will never get out. Additional content in future version will most likely
be accessible to you.

Once Enaron leaves, a scene will be shown which reveals that the Mistress is actually alive and well. She planned this outcome and faked her death so that the Thalmor would leave her alone for good. You have been used as a patsy to achieve this goal.




Rubber Epilog (Mistress)

This is the "canonical" ending which allows you to access any additional content that might be added in later versions. You will have to wait for two days, then a letter will eventually reach you where the Mistress calls you back to the Tower.

You will be greated by the pink rubber slave and taken to the party room in the basement. All the rubber slaves and a lot of normal slaves will be there to honor you and your role in the Mistress' victory. After her speech, the Mistress will grant you a boon (a favor you may ask of her later). Then she will inspect the slaves, have a conversation with a few of the rubber slaves and ask your opinion about it. There is no right or wrong answer, just say what feels right to you.

Once that is done, you will be teleported back to the lobby.




Rubber Boon

This is only available if you sided with the Mistress during the finale. She will have granted you a boon which you can now request from her. Currently, you can ask these things:
  • Be freed with no strings attached. She will remove the rubber suit and release you from her service for good. This is another way to ultimately end the mod (and may block future content as you are no longer a rubber slave).
  • Ask for Raynila to be freed. If you think the Dunmer's fate is too cruel, you can the Mistress to release her. She will do it.
  • Make the rubber suit optional. The Mistress will not allow it but compromise that you may remove at least the gasmask at will. She will give you an amulet to do so. This may used to wear the rubber hoods from other mods (might be integrated into TIR in the future).
  • Sleep with the Mistress. You can ask to spend the night with her. She will agree, altough things might not exactly turn out as you hoped. ;)

There may be other requests added in future versions.






  1. The gasmasks do not show up on my character!

    There is currently a conflict between the default settings for the device hider from DDi and the gasmasks from the Shiny Catsuits mod. Open the MCM menu for DDi (Section "Devices Underneath (1)") and set the device hider to use a different slot (like 54 or 60) or disable it completely.
    As of version 0.5.0, the gasmask items from my mod will avoid the conflict. But the originals from the Shiny Catsuits mod will still conflict, so you might want to still change the setting.
  2. I keep loosing in the pony race

    You are meant to loose the first race. The second race can be won if you prepare correctly (see above). But in the end, it does not affect the rest of the mod whether you win or loose. So don't worry too much about it.
  3. I can't use the boat! It keeps complaining about followers, but I don't have any!

    You can bypass the follower check by opening the console and entering the command 'set tir_ignore_followers_check to 1'. Be aware that this does not make TIR follower-compatible. It just bypasses the check.
  4. A character is not where he or she is supposed to be!

    First, you should probably make certain that the character really should be where you expect him or her. Maybe you are mistaken. If you are sure, then you can use the console. Go to where the character should be, open the console and type 'prid <refid>' with the ref id of the character in question. Then type 'moveto player'. The character should be teleported to you. If not, try the command 'enable' as well. You can find out the ref id by loading a previous savegame and clicking on the character with the console open. His or her refid will appear in the top of the console window.
    For your convenience, here are the ref ids of a few important NPCs:
    • xx067a9b - The Mistress
    • xx067a9c - Justiciar Enaron
    • xx064020 - Touches-The-Shadows
    • xx06491c - Kjer Uldredsen
    • xx025cde - Pink Rubber Slave
    • xx028a9b - Purple Rubber Slave
    • xx034c89 - Yellow Rubber Slave
    • xx062445 - Jirisiel (not wearing rubber)
    • xx062451 - Jirisiel (wearing rubber)
    • xx044c9f - Carla

    The first two digits vary for each installation and indicate the load order index of my mod. So if "Trapped in Rubber.esp" had a load order of 0A in your installation, then you have to replace the "xx" with "0a". [*]I use "Expanded Towns and Cities" and cannot access the barrel in Riverwood!


    You may need to disable the mod or use the console to access it. The ref id of the barrel is 1f22b. So you could try: 'prid 1f22b', followed by 'moveto player' to teleport the barrel to where you are currently standing. [*]I cannot move my character anymore!


    Try 'setstage tir_dbg_restoregameplay 20' in the console.


    Warning: Use this only as last resort. It might break things later on. [*]I'm stuck in devious devices that I cannot get rid of!


    Try 'setstage tir_dbg_restoregameplay 30' in the console.


    Warning: Use this only as last resort. It might break things later on. [*]I have a black screen that won't go away!


    Try 'setstage tir_dbg_restoregameplay 40' in the console.


    Warning: Use this only as last resort. It might break things later on. [*]My character won't move anymore


    Try 'setstage tir_dbg_restoregameplay 50' in the console.


    Warning: Use this only as last resort. It might break things later on. [*]I have some other problem!


    Check your papyrus log. Disable all non-essential mods and try again with a fresh savegame.


    License and Credits:


    For the catsuits I integrated, mxwqtkl has described the license as: "Please modify and distribute this as you like."


    Sound samples were taken from SoundBible.com (Wooden Thump by Mike Koenig and Brushing Wood by Caroline Ford) and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.


    Mistress' eye glasses worn during class are from Dwiss (http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/1609-dwiss-eyewear-version/) and used with express permission (detailed license can be found on the mod's homepage).


    For my own work, I say the same as mxwqtkl (do whatever you want with it). Just give credit and release your own work under the same license, so that others can build upon your work as you did on mine and as I did on others.

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
    Zaz Animation Pack, SexLab Framework, SexLab Aroused, DDa, DDi, DDx, SKSE, Fuz Roh D'oh, HTD Highheel System
  • Special Edition Compatible


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Damn, there goes another attempt at a normal, non-deviant playthrough for me...


By which I mean I will try it out immediately ;)


If only there were gimp masks instead of gas masks, it would be ideal... but I understand that's not up to you to change, so please don't take this as criticism. I just never understood the fetish allure of a gas mask, is all.

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Seems like an interesting concept. The gas mask would break the immersion for me a little, as gas masks look a bit too modern for me. but i like the idea of the mod and will try it out. Thanks for sharing this!


Yeah, I forgot to mention that this mod is not exactly lore-friendly...

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Oh well, i think latex isn't that lore-friendly to begin with in elder scrolls. Although i like the approach the Zaz team (i believe it was them) made with the idea of ebonite.


My fetish however overwhelms my lore-fanacitism. On the gask mask, i would really love to see a proper gimp mask in skyrim.


Will track this to see where this goes. :)

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Damn, there goes another attempt at a normal, non-deviant playthrough for me...


By which I mean I will try it out immediately ;)


If only there were gimp masks instead of gas masks, it would be ideal... but I understand that's not up to you to change, so please don't take this as criticism. I just never understood the fetish allure of a gas mask, is all.


Same here ... ha ha

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Although i like the approach the Zaz team (i believe it was them) made with the idea of ebonite.


I was thinking about going there as well. But if you have a rubber fetish, then just the word itself will probably also be a turn-on. So I decided to stick with it.

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This mod sounds absolutely amazing so I have to try this out!

I just hope my laptop can deal with this, as I am forced to currently use my laptop for gaming...

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Love the concept of this mod and will try it out right away!


About: "What about my hands and feet? Why is there no forced rubber for them, too?"


I -think- you can solve this issue by making the gloves and boots a DD item as well. DD items usually don't overwrite each other and most DD modders take care not write scripts that unequip other people's custom DD items. Actually I would think you can use the DD framework for all items. It would make sense since your catsuit is basically a "restraint".

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So is this similar to the wip that was "Shiny Catsuit-extended-0.2" or is it something completely different?


Cause I tried that one and thought it was an interesting approach to doing things with the skinny rubber cat suit and gas mask... This sounds a like that plus a madam and a little questing.... I guess I'll pull the other mod and try this one.


Oh yeah forgot to mention...


Search "Shiny Catsuit 7B Bombshell" for the 7base version of the meshes.

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Actually I would think you can use the DD framework for all items. It would make sense since your catsuit is basically a "restraint".


Yes and no. I took a look at it, and decided against using it for the rubber suits for two reasons:


Firstly, the framework is kind of scary if you're a total noob. There were a lot things that I, at the time, didn't understand. Some, I still don't. Making my own framework ensures that I have something of an idea about what is happening in my mod and why.


Secondly, the framework is, as the name suggests, about devices. The suit is more clothing than a device. For instance, there's no real lock on the suit. I chose to make lemonade out of that and came up with the idea of the magical catsuit that just fuses shut. I kind of like that more than a suit that has just a lock on it. But I don't think the DD framework supports that. I don't want to bend the DD framework to my needs, only to end up with compatibility problems or conflicts in case of future updates or changes.



Ingenious!!! Though it would be perhaps better if you added some options for the party guests to use *you* as well. E.g. a quest similar to Punisher, but with you being punished.


Like I said, I wanted to keep a balance between dom and sub content. For the subs, there is the bootlicking scene. For the doms, the whipping.


The party is actually what I made first, when I was beginning to work on this mod. I wanted to make sure that it could be done and not end up making a lot of writing leading to a party that then couldn't be realised with the CK and my skills.


So the party quests are not as complex as, for instance, the hunt quest. I wanted to keep it to level I could handle.





So is this similar to the wip that was "Shiny Catsuit-extended-0.2" or is it something completely different?


No, it's like that. That was just a proof-of-concept, though. I reworked the framework considerably (and hopefully improved it). And then I added some story content in case the simple rubber messages got old.


EDIT: As for the 7base version, all I came up with was a Russian site where I have no idea what to click and what license the author has given.




@all: I updated the FAQ about how to configure the mod.

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*nod nod*  You can customize the DD framework to do basically anything you want, including changing the texts to make no mention of locks etc, but as you said, it would require some bending and reading a lot of source code. ;)


It's not too big a deal if we can theoretically remove the shoes and gloves anyway. We just need...well...not removing them.

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There are a couple of DD items out there that do not use a key per say.

You could look at the way the Captured Dreams custom bra and belt are handled to get a version that calls on a specific item to be worn so the items can be removed (the custom set you can buy from CD's Master need a custom made necklace to be able to remove them after they are put on).


It still works in the same way you create DD items. You create 1 item that is shown in the inventory and a second item that is actually equipped on the character, the second item then kicks off the messages and what not.


Gameplayer has done some interesting things with DD configuration and the Aradia Devious Items... really unique set of of Devices in that mod (and one is a clothing/armor set aimed at Dom's).


Devious Idea....maybe make the mod call the Devious Aradia set as a dependancy and have the master in that Dom armor... just a thought.





Shocky's thread.


Item # 47. Shinny Rubber Catsuits - Bombshell BBP - Conversion done by Khiropter


Media fire link on that page.

Note: you placed the items in the following location "data\meshes\clothes\tir_catsuit" and "data\meshes\clothes\tir_gasmask\"


Shockys set goes into the default catsuit locations of "mxw_catsuit" and "mxw_gasmask"


So talk to Shocky or Khiropter and get permission so you can have a 7base version in the download section :)


Me I just copied the meshes over from the mxw folder to the tir folder as the mesh names stayed the same.


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Well my days been made, downloading and seeing if my poor pc can handle another mod in skyrim or will my pc just explode. also Turbosnowy did a gimp hood that matches the black catsuit pretty well if you wanted something for those that felt the gasmask was pushing it a little, might just need to add to the random text about unseen breathing holes or the like.

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The catsuit is not black for some reason, but bright blue. As if the textures are missing. Do I need the original Shiny Rubber Catsuits mod?


EDIT: Yep downloading the original fixed it. I assumed that was not necessary because it was not in the requirements. Maybe a good idea to add it to the requirements list :)

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I've played the mod a bit, got as far as finding the escaped slave. I have to say, it's not exactly the sexiest mod I've seen, but definitely one of the best BDSM-themed quest mods around. Seems to work very well, the quests are pretty interesting so far (and something tells me they'll get better further along), and it made me chuckle a couple of times, which is a rare but welcome quality in a kinky mod.


Thanks for your contribution!

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@greyspammer - Can some screenshots be added so people can see what they are getting?


If you want to know what the catsuits look like, check out the original Shiny Rubber Catsuits mod (it's linked in the description). The rest is basically just story happening. I'm not sure how to make a screenshot of that.


But I guess I could hit PrtScr a few times the next time I make a test run...



The catsuit is not black for some reason, but bright blue. As if the textures are missing. Do I need the original Shiny Rubber Catsuits mod?


It shouldn't be necessary. It worked fine on my system. The texture for the black catsuit should be located under <SkyrimDir>\Data\textures\clothes\tir_catsuit\catsuit_d.dds. It should have a MD5 hash of c73102c57a27d6a4b2dbd1ac3449c2ce and a size of 5.592.560 bytes.


Can you make a screenshot?


EDIT: I think I found the problem. It'll be fixed in the next release and I'll update the description for the time being.

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The texture issue will be fixed if you install the original catsuit mod. It only happens with the black variant (because some dofus forgot to setup the textures correctly in the CK).


The CTD at Evette San is weird, that never happened to me. Can you post your Papyrus log, maybe I'll see something there.

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Really interested in this mod.


A question for when you finally add MCM... Would it be possible to have a way to replace "latex" for "ebonite" activated on the menu in case someone prefers to keep some sort of lore friendliness?


Otherwise really looking forward to try this out... Guess my struggle to try and keep a kink free character (very hard with all the mods i have, but she won't go looking for any of it, will just happen) has become even harder!

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