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  1. You're beyond help. :p No, seriously, I have no idea. What sometimes seems to help is the following: Save right before you're taken to the party room. Quit the game. Restart the game. Directly in the main menu, open the console and type 'coc tir_TowerPartyRoomEpi' (without quotes). You should (hopefully) end up in the (probably empty) party room without crash. Immediately load the save you created in step one. Then hopefully, the party room cell will still be cached in memory, which sometimes prevents CTDs. But of course, nothing is guarante
  2. You can open the console and type: "enableplayercontrols". You should be able to move then. If the Mistress is missing, then she's probably stuck somewhere (or the script that was supposed to teleport her is stuck). There's a section in the troubleshooting paragraph in the first post of this thread. It should explain how to (hopefully) fix that. But ultimately, this is the end of the current content. So you're not missing out on much.
  3. I can only assume that there may be a problem with DD. Try using 'player.inv' in the console, then look for all worn items that have no name, and remove them one by one using 'player.removeitem <ID> 1'. Other than that... no idea atm.
  4. You and me both. I wonder if I accidentally turned that option on in the past, if I overlooked it, or if Patreon made some changes (as they seem to do every now and then) and changed it without my knowledge. Either way, it's a bit sad that there might have been money lost because of it. But nothing I can do about now. Just write it off as learning expenses, I guess. Yeah, don't use those. I made them way back when neither DD nor DCL had locking ballet boots, and they were my very first attempt at making a DD device. I then stopped keeping them updated once they got integr
  5. Uhm... I not aware of activating such an option. I think I've found it and disabled it. If you want, you can try again. Let me know if it works.
  6. Can't say. I don't keep count and some of the new story parts are still unfinished. I don't yet know how to spin those.
  7. As the farmer said: Just as I had trained the goat to not eat anymore, the damn thing died on me!
  8. That's the best kind of weather for it, duh. But there's this pesky little thing called real life that keeps me from working on the mod as much as I'd like to. Because at my day job, they give me money for food. Working on TIR doesn't.
  9. Not as much time as I'd like. Currently running some experiments for... new stuff. I don't want to reveal it, though, cause it might not pan out.
  10. Thanks for the info. Would you also happen to know if the functionality is the same as well? Because just having something that calls itself SKSE or DD isn't enough, if it only provides a subset of the features that it has under the classical Skyrim. What we'd need to port TIR to SSE would be the same API functionality.
  11. Porting this particular version of the mod won't be done by me, that much is sure. I'm busy with making the new version. And one day in the far future, your great-grandchildren may get to actually play it. Generally speaking, I'm not aware of any elements in my mod that directly require the non-SSE version Skyrim. If anything precludes it from function in the SSE, it's most likely a dependency. Like SKSE (upon which DD, Sexlab, and a whole lot of other stuff depend). Once all the dependencies work with SSE, TIR should, too. As far as I know. I have not spend a lot of time looking i
  12. Maybe BodySlide screwed up yet again. The mod uses the meshes directly from DD, so if they don't show up, the culprit is likely DD (or its mandatory BodySlide generation). See this for a possible solution:
  13. Broken installation, most likely. Usually when people have this issue, they can fix it be downloading the mod again and installing it a second time. Other than that, it might be some conflict.
  14. Check the troubleshooting section in the first post of this thread.
  15. Sounds like the mod is not installed correctly, or something is conflicting. Make sure you have no other mods installed that use actor variable 05 of NPCs and that changes the worldspace between the mine and the boat. There are also several fail-safe mechanisms in place. For instance, if you just walk towards the Tower and the slave stays behind, the cell she's in will eventually be unloaded from memory. The mod detects that and teleports the slave right to your location. You can also click on her with the console open to get her ref id, then type "moveto player" to telep
  16. You have to read the fine print. It says I need at least 20 votes. :) Progress has been slow due to a lot of unforeseen problems. Every time in the past month when I thought I had an afternoon to work on the mod, the phone rang and my plan for the day went out the window. :/
  17. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/37602-trapped-in-rubber-updated-2015-08-02/?do=findComment&comment=2189078
  18. ID should be tir_start01. But if it's really not starting, you probably have bigger issues.
  19. Beast races are not officially supported by this mod. You can still use them, but you do so at your own risk. Still some time off. I originally intended to resume work on the mod this weekend, but I came down with a cold. Currently busy with rapidly alternating between shivers and burning up. Fun time.
  20. You can also just click on her in the console to get her refid, then FT to the Tower and type "moveto player". Or just "setstage tir_twr_hunt01 100" to complete the quest right away.
  21. That is not, I repeat, not the implemented mechanic. The slave will always move towards the boat. She doesn't follow you. You follow her and drive her in front of you with your crop. It does rely on NPC pathing. The only thing you control with your crop is her speed. It's normally 0. When you hit her, she starts running (towards the boat!), then after a while slows down to walking and then standing still again. And then she needs another reminder with the riding crop. She will find the correct way. You just have to hit her over and over so that she keeps going. Which is the whole idea of the q
  22. With the new system (the suit internally handled as a "skin") in place, it's a bit more complicated to have different versions with different stats. What I've currently planned is that you'll eventually get an amulet that should boost your armor value. That way, I don't have to implement different suits. Maybe, once the new version has been out for a while and I know that it works as intended on a broad scale, I'll add some more suits. For now, I'd like to keep it simple. If something doesn't work out, I don't want to go back and have to rework 5 different suits.
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