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  1. Are Animal Shows in the Arena supposed to give submissiveness? Because if they are, then I am not getting any of it. Death and training matches do increase dominance, but the same cannot be said for animal shows.
  2. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but as a female slaver, I am unable to fight speed matches. I have regular, regular rape, death and death rape matches, but nowhere are the speed matches. In fact, I would prefer speed matches, as one needs to finish it quickly, or else suffer the butt-banging humiliation if they fail.
  3. To be fair, I didn't even try to make an Omod. Lemme check..... Edit: Nope, can't make an Omod either. However, your comment about your .7z might be the issue. I do use .7z, however mine is newer than yours, so that could be the reason.
  4. Okay, let me put it this way. I download the file from a link, and everything is fine. But I cannot copy the textures and meshes folders from the file I downloaded. I can copy the .esp, but not the textures and meshes. I even tried the individual subfolders, with the same effect. And I tried both of those link you mentioned, as well as the BBB meshes. The BBB meshes can be copied, but without the original, it matters little.
  5. Not that I want to complain, but I cannot unpack the textures and meshes folders. The .esp's are easy, but no matter which folder, or even subfolder, I try to unpack, explorer simply freezes and does nothing. I downloaded several different files, with the same result.
  6. I know about Broodmother, I was wondering if it would be added by the Horse Rider.
  7. Since Godiva mentioned making baby unicorns, will there be any content adding that? P.S.: Minor annoyance: sometimes you cannot get mounted. You still can ride your horse and it increases its arousal. After riding for a bit, you can dismount and then you can normally be mounted.
  8. One Piece is the name of the...... anime? cartoon?...... that those two are from.
  9. Is she, accidentally, related to Lily Evans-Potter? 'Cause those eyes are the first thing that stuck with me.
  10. I'm not complaining if you can't. On the contrary, I'm surprised that you would even consider making it in the first place. 'Sides, I already have a half-dozen wives (Serana, Jordis, Lydia, Brelyna, Muiri, Rayya..... Velma and Daphne ? ) ingame, so one more won't be something to cry over.
  11. I know that this might be a tall order, but do you think you can import Railgun (Mikoto Misaka) from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun/Toaru Majutsu no Index to Skyrim?
  12. Uhhhh..... Is it normal that I get the message that the file is under moderator review? P.S.: The link works now. Thx!
  13. Actually, that's rather minor problem. Just keep enslaving cities and eventually you'll get the update that you discovered that a Dremora and a Thalmor are the masterminds. Or should, anyway. Happened to me as well. @Kenjoka: Out of curiosity, have you thought about making a reverse of SR? As in, have women enslave men?
  14. Okay, how did you even become so submissive that you became a slave? As for the gender-swapped version......... Well, females crushing males under their heels (if that's what you think about) would be interesting.
  15. I have the same problem as you do, though I have found out that it's only v3.0 that causes problems with Dragonsreach. I personally played with v2.1.3 with no problems of similar nature.
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