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  1. I would love a stall feature aswell! That’s currently the only thing I’d really like to see added, for a few reasons. -it makes sense, after all you just ran dozens of miles across the country while pulling a heavy cart, the PC isn’t a robot, she could really use some rest, especially when in debt and simply quitting isn’t an option. -it would be great for people who use Needs mods that require you to eat, drink and sleep, maybe add a feeding trough. And I also simply like the idea of the PC being treated like cattle. And for anyone who finds it too boring, that can
  2. To be honest I'm glad to hear that, I never really liked the chastity stuff all that much, especially the bra, Covers way too much up, I prefer slaves naked and exposed. Yet another reason why I always like Doc's mods, he never went overboard with the bondage stuff, usually just a collar, something to bind the slave's hands and a gag, that's it. Also thanks a lot for finding and fixing the "nods submissively" dialogue bug
  3. Also one other possible bug I may have encountered. Debt seems to never get cleared, my character got arrested and got a debt of about 500, after 8 succesfull runs she still isn't able to get free. Now it's entirely possible this is working as intended and it simply takes long, but if not then this is probably bugged on my end too. How much debt do you lose with per run? Also, a way to see how much debt you have left (in the MCM maybe?) would be really nice.
  4. Interesting, maybe if I pick that dialogue option a few times in a row it will fix itself on my end too, couldn't hurt to try I guess.
  5. Thanks for this, I'm glad to see someone picked this up I got a small problem though. If a delivery fails, and I get the dialogue about a broken seal/damaged cart, after he inspects the cart and tells me it will increase my debt I don't get a new job and nothing happens. Talking to the guy who's supposed to give me a new job still has the "I've got a delivery for you!" dialogue option, but that just replays the same scene. If a delivery is succesful however, everything works fine. The guy inspects the cart and after some dialogue gives me a new job.
  6. Very interesting! I've been hoping for someone to attempt this for years
  7. Nice! That sounds great! Is this something that can happen to the player character as well or NPC's only?
  8. Mostly because we like not being in severe legal trouble. Transportation of pornographic materials is technically illegal in the US. But to date, only in cases involving child porn has this ever been enforced, and those cases can and have extended to purely fictional instances. Considering how much other vile shit we host, the only sensible reason to make one niche against the rules is because of the legal ramifications and not at all to do with some misguided sense of morality. So that's the reason, interesting. I always wondered why virtual loli was forbidden, but virtual murde
  9. Is "The New and Improved Animation Project" by Donkey still necessary? or Should I install Lovers Creatures 2.0 instead?
  10. I always find it funny when people judge players of these mods, calling it sick and misogyny. Yet, vanilla skyrim, and many other games, are filled with disturbing things. Many games allow you to do very 'immoral' stuff, to put it lightly. If playing these mods make me a sick, misogynist basement dweller, well then by that logic, everyone who plays RPG's as an evil character, or plays games like GTA, are mentally deranged psychopaths. That's another thing I find quite puzzling. Murder, war, torture, blackmail, genocide, slavery, it's all good as long as it's in a video game because i
  11. Both use getting knocked over as triggers. Not workable. However, Lovers Blackmail, Lovers Bitch and LoversRaperS (Wappy1) all mesh with PSE nicely. And if I use the PSE settings spell to turn slavery off, can I use chain beasts then? Then when I'm done with chain beasts, disable the esp and use PSE again? I'd be fine with switching in between the mods, disabling one, then using the other.
  12. Is it somehow possible to install both this mod and chain beasts without breaking either mod? They both are my favorite mods, but it is said they both clash horribly.
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