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  1. Update, I have no idea what ended up causing this, but I removed a few other mods while re ordering my mod list and the issue completely went away. It must have been some interference with another mod. I have no idea what though. I'll document it here if I ever find out what it was.
  2. That's unfortunate, I'll see what I can do to debug it. I'll post the answer here if I can find it. I did boot up again and try what you asked. A normal belt with non quest heat plugs worked perfectly fine. So it may very well be a quest bug
  3. Okay, loaded back in, sat around for a few second and made sure everything started properly, reloaded the save and did the same thing. Same result. But I was wrong, the plugs do the same thing as the belt. And just to be safe I tried equipping a belt and plug from cursed loot just to see if maybe this was a SkyUI or other UI bug. No luck, cursed loot gear works perfectly fine.
  4. Started a fresh game and started the quest normally, same result. I also tried disabling Frost Fall to see if that may have been what was causing it. No change. It only seems to happen when I click the belt. The plugs are fine.
  5. I am running into a problem in SE wear the training belt is constantly trying to equip itself on the player. like when I try to equip it normally it just keeps spamming the dialog for the belt. Same thing happens when It is equipped via the quest. I open my inventory click the belt or plugs, and the same dialog windows just endlessly pops up. Only way to "stop it" is by escaping the inventory. I have the latest versions of all the dependencies and It doesn't look like there are any conflicts in MO. Please help
  6. Armor: Ashara Princess of the Woods. Thank you but what about the hair Looks like number 71 from ApachiiSkyHair, Thank you I use ApachiiSkyHair bu I never new there was more to it
  7. Armor: Ashara Princess of the Woods. Thank you but what about the hair
  8. Can someone tell me what hair and armor the Girl has in this is ???
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