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  1. Howdy. Long story short - New computer, new install of everything. I can't for the life of me, remember or find out what the hair mod was I used for my character here. Hope anyone recognizes this.
  2. As the title says, I'd love to find out from what mod that outfit is and where to get it. If it is a mashup, the pants are of absolute interest,
  3. Nexus link went down and the only site I found having it leads to some baidu account which apparently now demands a QR code scan and korean phone number. Again, if anyone has this flying around, I'll love you forever if you could share it. ? https://tre-maga.com/5304 saw it first here.
  4. Looking for Lans Outfit & Minigun which seems to have vanished from the internet. If anyone could upload and share it, that'd be much appreciated. [/img]
  5. I'd like to get my hands on that hair mod as well, though the guy who posted this image said he found it, he never posted a link or anything.
  6. I stated that I am looking for the tall characters face ressources, NOT Maxines.
  7. Saw your screenshots on the nexus actually. They are what moved me to download the Kaleen race for my monthly jump into oblivion. :P This is my Kaleen. I unfortunately have the jagged mouth corner issue with her. I have propably tried to fiddle around with the slideers in character creation for hours by now, never found out how to avoid those and not have a potato face at the same time. -_- That's also where my question with the headmesh originates from. Darigaz' and your character doesn't have those corner 'spikes' going on. As in, that weird 'spike' on t
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