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4 minutes ago, wHOaMiEH said:

Our door math returns. How is the jarl of Falkreath?

It should be "Our doormat returns"

I like this but there are some errors with spelling if you don't mind me fixing them.

6 minutes ago, wHOaMiEH said:

Bah...whats done is done. Besides I decided to land you a helping hand.

"Besides I decided to lend you a helping hand"


9 minutes ago, wHOaMiEH said:

Already got the next one planed out

"Already got the next one planned out"


All  Icould spot as of now

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18 hours ago, MicroWazzle said:

How do i start the night mammoth quest?

It should be a quest given to you after you finished the tour quest or whatever its called

the quest basicially involves the Dragonborn humiliating herself in all of the holds.

It can be given after the first slave party

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playing this again after some time, trying out the new content.  Noticed a few glitches - some sex animations not starting (particularly with animals), and there's still the problem of animations differing from the dialogue being chosen.  For instance, with the Greybeards, it should be a BJ the first time but it was vaginal sex instead.


Speaking of the greybeards, had a thought for expanding that dialogue into a quest.  Since Arngeir told you your thuum would get stronger if you 'stretched' your holes, why wouldn't Arngeir give her a quest to perform blowjobs and/or the DB use that as her reason or excuse when requesting sex?  She could ask Ulfric and Galmar to help her improve her thuum by stretching her mouth and other holes.  They could do their part, and then decide all the soldiers in the barracks should also 'assist.'  There could be similar scenes at inns, maybe a public contest to see who had the largest cock for the privilege of helping the DB, and then the DB giving the BJ in public with everyone cheering, and then DB shouts into air to demonstrate her improved thuum.  DB could be invited to special parties by someone like Erikur or Belethor for the purpose of improving her shouts, and it could turn into BDSM party.  Ancano or Ondolemar or Sam Guevenne could do so also.  someone could inform DB that x animal has very large cock, good for stretching, and set up bestiality session and secretly let/charge others to watch.  Bruiser could set up a stretching exercise with the orc stronghold.  When enough BJs or sex acts performed, DB returns to Arngeir and he rewards her with greybeard orgy and/or gives her sex shout (masturbation?).


Just a suggestion of how to do more with this particular dialogue.

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2 hours ago, Electric Aether said:

It should be "Our doormat returns"

I like this but there are some errors with spelling if you don't mind me fixing them.

"Besides I decided to lend you a helping hand"


"Already got the next one planned out"


All  Icould spot as of now


Thanks for the help. Wrote it in a pinch, without checking it. The plan was to fix the errors once the whole post is done(as I (mostly) did with the others so....) :D

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New Bruiser Dialogues.


(Response to >Do you need anything, Bruiser? At dignity level 0)

Doing this because Bruisers dialogue needs more Diversity.


(B) Yes my Bitch, Bend over.

(DB) [You bend over]

(B) [The Orc inserts a Potion of Sensation enhancement into your Anus}

>Sensation Enhancement added as Passive effect

(DB) [Moaning} Master! It feels weird!

(Ba) [He slaps your ass] Stop complaining Cunt!

(DB) Ah! Forgive this rude bitch!

(B) Don't let a single drop leak slut.[He Pulls out the Potion]

(DB) [Clenching your sphincter the liquid with all your strength]

(You will have 2 dialogue options here, A= Ending Dialogue without sexlab scene/B= Ending dialogue with sexlab scene)


(Ba) [Laughing] Good bitch now hold it, or youll regret being born.

(DBa) I wont let a single drop leak Master.

(Ba) Now fuck off slut! >Ending Dialogue


(Bb) Get ready for this Cum enema slut!

(DBb) Thank you Master.

>Sexlab animation plays

Tags (Anal)

>End of Dialogue


(B) You deserve a spanking cunt!

(DB) *Sighs* Please Spank this horny Bitch! [You get on all fours for the Orc]

(B) [The Orc sits on you and begins to spank your ass cheeks] Take this Bitch!

(DB) [Moaning and screaming in a mix of pain and pleasure]

(B) [Laughing] You filthy slut! Your filthy cunt is dripping wet!

(B1) [The Orc continues to spank your ass until its severely Bruised and swollen]

(DB) [Sniffles] Thank you Master.

(B) Dont you dare start crying bitch! [He takes out his cock and he slaps you with it]

(B1) Crying is for Girls and you aren't a girl, your a bitch with no emotions besides the love for Cock!

(B2) Take this Cunt! [The Orc pees on you]

(DB) Please Forgive this filthy rude bitch...

(B) I'll think about it after you say degrading shit about yourself and your race.


A=Route 1/B= Route 2

(DBa) FUCK YOU! [You rush at him to attack him]

(Ba) [The Orc Punches you in the face, making you fall]

(DBa) You Assh-[Interrupted by the Orc stomping and kicking you]

(Ba) [The Orc begins to beat you, breaking bones in various places, nearly killing you]

(DBa} [Coughs blood and teeth] Im sorry...

(Ba) [He stomps on you again] shut the fuck up bitch!

(Ba1) [The Orc drags you to the Cesspit by your hair]

(DBa) Think about what you've done you bitch! [He tosses you into the Cesspit]

>Player teleports to the Forgotten Regret Cesspit

>10/5 Your Dignity added

>End of Dialogue


(DBb) Yes Master.

(DBb1) [You begin making racist remarks about your race]

(Bb) Who told you to stop slut!

(DBb) [You begin making degrading remarks about yourself while holding back tears]

(DBb1] Feeling humiliated knowing most of the things your saying is true, you continue to make sexist remarks about your sex]

(Bb) [Laughing] That was hilarious! Now fuck off cunt!

>End of Dialogue

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5 hours ago, wHOaMiEH said:


Thanks for the help. Wrote it in a pinch, without checking it. The plan was to fix the errors once the whole post is done(as I (mostly) did with the others so....) :D

No problem mate, Keep it up!

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On 4/1/2021 at 4:38 AM, Celedhring said:

 I was wondering if you could expand the mod to include followers getting humilated too? 

I don't know where to insert it.

On 4/2/2021 at 12:35 PM, NemeanLIONx said:

Hey just wanted to know the quest id for Spouses old friend, and also if there is a way to reset it

AAARurptaBullyQuest. Unfortunately no ways to reset.

On 4/3/2021 at 11:19 AM, lcewolf said:

Dosen't seem to work even if i put it in my inventory or give it directly at Lydia. Can i skip this step until it's fix with CC?

Yes, this dialog uses the broken Alias. But bringing food is optional - it doesn't open anything new. It uses global value AAALydiaMeal (1-Lydia expect food, 0-not expect).

On 4/4/2021 at 2:24 AM, Yuni said:

I REALLY like that, how she'll randomly run up and rip my clothes off.

Does she do this several times? On the third time she can be punished or PC can become her "doggy". Many have complained before that this content is not working correctly.

On 4/4/2021 at 4:18 AM, MicroWazzle said:

How do i start the night mammoth quest?

Serpent's quest New Relationship after Slave Birthday Party.

9 hours ago, MicroWazzle said:

Hey DSHV, after I talk to the jarl of falkreath about discussing the special prision and am told to go to his room at night i don't get any more dialogs and can't access the door to the prison.

Wait one day, then speak to the jarl again.

On 3/29/2021 at 6:37 PM, dahmahjer said:

How do I get the submissive end to start? I tried using setstage and also tried starting it via the MCM, but both didn't work for me.

Do you have spouse on this save? Spouse should appear during this quest - for this game need to fill the Alias.


Text to fix:

My first draft for Cuckoo


Serpent: Despite our hard work to reveal your rotten essence to the world you still have fans. Hooked for your sluttest appearance, it has to be. If only they knew that this is just an empty shell without substance, primitive bimbo. One such spermheaded/ itchycunted fan (fan's gender is the same as Bruiser's in the guild) is hanging around. You must punish him/her by showing your vile nature. We will painstakingly destroy your reputation not only massively but in private examples.

No, sorry, hate this NTR crap

Oh, since this is you, player, then I’ll let it slide. Consider that I didn't say anything.

Yes, Master. Please forgive my stupidity, but how do we do it?

I will never forgive your stupidity, filthy trash! Don’t even dream about it!

Since he/she admires you so much, to the point that he/she wants follow your footsteps, let’s guide him/her. Take this memory stone for blackmailing and Soulshatter. He/She must drink it and drink it to the drop or you have to drink it to the drop. In any case, the bottle must be empty. Then bring him/her here.


Your Fanboy/Fangirl (probably little Breton) near the guild:

It's you! But I'm not ready yet! What can I say? I am your idol! I mean you’re my idol, great heroine. I am your fan! Yes.

This devotion should be encouraged [Give him/her your underpants]

What is it? [Stared at it in disbelief] This is your..?

[Nod] Gift

I'll save it like the apple of my eye! Thank you, thank you!

I need to go away for a while. Will you look after my crystal?

What? Of course. Everything for you, my heroine.


Did you save my memory stone.?

Yes, yes, right here, my queen!

Do you know what this is? It remembers and reproduces the environment

Reproduces the environment, my paragon?

Yes, and I recorded all your last actions. Is there anything you want to tell me?

No! I do not jerk off, sniffing your gift! There was a villain who happened to be like me who did it!

(A) I’ll forgive you if you drink this [Show the Soulshatter]

Umm okay, if this is what it takes. And please don't show it to anyone!

[He/She took one sip and starts screaming, crying and convulsing in pain on the floor until passes out from the pain]

[Finish the rest of the Soulshatter and put fan in the sack]

[You feel very bad]

(B) I’ll forgive you if you show me your dick/tits


I'll share it with everyone if you don't obey me. So show me your dick/tits

Please don't! Umm okay, if this is what it takes. But please don't show it to anyone!

[Laugh] That has to be the smallest dick/boobs I've ever seen! / (B)

Sh.. shhu... shut up!

PATHETIC! [Kick him in the balls/ Punch her in the chest] /(B)

[He/She collapses onto the floor crying in pain and humiliation] Why!? [Crying]

Don't you dare talk back at me when you have such a tiny pathetic dick/flat ugly breasts

[Continues to cry]

Only men with big dicks can do that/Only women with normal big boobs can do that

[Continues to cry]

[Make him/her drink Soulshatter]

[You poured the whole bottle by force in him/her. He/She starts screaming, crying and convulsing in pain on the floor until he/she passes out from the pain]

[Put him/her in the sack]

[Feeling good to relieve stress by win back on someone]


Serpent: I've fulfilled your orders, Master

Awaiting praise, bad bitch? Talk to Bruiser.

Fanboys Perversion = 0

Fan: Why you do this to me? Where did you take me?!

This is my Master's guildhouse called the Forgotten Regret. Your home for now

Master? My Home??? What are you talking about!

You'll find out soon. Just follow me.. Bruiser doesn't like to wait

What do you mean?


Bruiser: YOU BITCH!!! [He slaps you Hard] I've been given work because of you, dumbass!

I'm sorry, Master

Yeah, yeah, fuck off. Now bring your Braindead Fan or whatever that midget is called.

Owner, this is..

SHUT UP, CUNT! I know who petty Breton is, you stupid cunt! The boss gave me work because of you two.

You, so puny little human, I will show you how superior us, Orcs are compared to your tiny pathetic race.

Come here my bitch! [Pulls you towards orc’s large body. Then grabs your ass and spreads your cheeks apart towards your fan, revealing orc’s rightful property] Watch how an Orc can make a bitch scream.

My ass is ruined..

No way you'll be sitting for days, ha. You should have thought before when you decided to go to powerless slaves, cunt. Blame only your decisions in life. So where did we stop? Oh yeah - breaking your body by fucking.

Now my pussy is ruined...

You're welcome, lucky slut. Now make that little human to clean your nasty holes, bitch.


Ewww, you peed on me! Why would you do this? I thought you were better that that!

Owner ordered you to clean my nasty holes

Eww! No way! It's disgusting!

(A)Do you wanna drink Soulshatter one more time?

NOOO! I do it! I do it!

(B)[Kick him/her between legs]

[Sobbing] Oww please don't do it again. I'll do it okay...

(C)[Force him/her]


Owner, I made him/her clean my nasty holes +3

Now train him/her, cunt. I will not waste my time on him/her. It’s enough that I'm wasting my time on your flaccid fat cunt.


[Kick his balls/her pussy] +2

0-20 Owwwww that hurts! [Sobs]

20-40 Ughh.. please stop!

40-60 [Moans in pain as he/she cums]

60-80 [Collapses to the floor] Ouch! I mean... Th..thank you...Mistress.

80-100 [Cums] May I have another touch, my beautiful Mistress?

[Spit on him/her] +1

0-20 Ewww! Disgusting!

20-40 Ughh stop it!

40-60 Feels so gross..

60-80 Thank you, Mistress.

80-100 Mmmm.. More, Mistress, Please! [He covers his hard dick with your saliva]/[She covers her crotch with hard clitoris with your saliva]

Watch me fucking by my owner +5

0-20 Noo! Please don't! I love you!

20-40 [Sobs] Noooo Stop!

40-60 [Sobbing] I can't believe I fell in love with you...

60-80 I love you, Mistress!

80-100 I will, Mistress! (masturbation)

Watch Bruiser gives my lusty ass attention +6

0-20 Eww that’s disgusting! Please don't do it!

20-40 Oh Gods, how could you do that!

40-60 ... [His dick/Her nipples starts to get hard]

60-80 Gods, you so hot!

80-100 Fuck her ass real good Master/Mistress!

[Humiliate him/her]


You have a tiny dick/boobs! [Laugh]

Shut up! [Sobs]

Orcs are superior compared to pathetic Bretons.

[Angry tone] What do you mean by that?!

That Orcs have bigger cocks of course!/ That Orcs have gorgeous females of course!


I don't know how your race survived this long with such tiny dicks/puny females [Laugh]



>40 You know that you'll never be able to please a woman with this tiny thing?


[Giggles] Wanna see?

[Blushes] Ummm... sure...

[A satisfied face]

That was the worst sex ever!

I'm sorry, lets try again! I'll do better!

NO! Your tiny pathetic dick/body can't satisfy me!

[Sobs] I can! Please give me another chance.

[Kick him in the balls]/ [Kick her]  I SAID NO!

Oww! [Collapses onto the ground in agony]


>60 You will call me Mistress from now on


Yes what! [Raise your voice]


Good boy/gal! Now I'll reward you by letting you lick my pussy clean

Thh... th... thank you... Mistress.


>80 Our Master ordered you to declare orc’s superiority

What! No way! We're all equal!

[Sigh] I guess I'll have to prove it [Spread your bruised and swollen pussy]

[His already hard dick gets harder]/[Her already hard nipples gets harder]

You'll never ruin a cunt like that

Shut up! I’m not inferior!

[Kick him/her in belly and stomp on his erected dick/shove foot into her pussy]

OWWW! [Screams and moans in both agony and pleasure]

Declare owner Bruiser as superior, pervert! [Redouble effort]

Arggh ok ok...I'll say it. I’m inferior! Orcs are superior!

Finally, good boy/gal

[Crying in humiliation]



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9 hours ago, DSHV said:

SHUT UP, CUNT! I know who petty Breton is, you stupid cunt! The boss gave me work because of you two.

"I know who this petty Breton is"


(PS) He's a Breton?Well this is awkward lol, will update Dialogs soon.


9 hours ago, DSHV said:

Ewww, you peed on me! Why would you do this? I thought you were better that that!

"I thought you were better than that"


All looks good so far.

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5 hours ago, test11112222 said:

Electric Aether, you are very good at writing, write something about, nasty beggar, from solitude, if it's not too difficult


I was thinking about the Nasty Begger possibly becoming a new member in the night mammoths in a future Quest.


Im debating with myself to either start writing the night mammoth quest or Bruisers new religion, Got plenty of ideas for both :)

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14 hours ago, Electric Aether said:

He's a Breton?Well this is awkward lol, will update Dialogs soon.

I just don't want to make another wood elf fan. That would be weird to have 2 identical references to Oblivion's character in one mod.


Three, if count my avatar.


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Most TOH sexual harassment conversations are handled in text only. I think this is what makes it different from other sex modes and TOH. In the existing conversation mode, most of the sexual harassment is linked to sexual activity, so there is dissatisfaction, and TOH only explains the situation through conversation, which arouses the imagination and has a different feeling. So, how about applying an extension that boosts Sexlab Aroused arousal due to sexual harassment after a specific conversation on the case?

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2 hours ago, DSHV said:

I just don't want to make another wood elf fan.

Ah okay, Makes sense, I thought I had a brainfart when writing these scripts lol.



(Cuckoo Fixes Part 2)

I meant to edit this into my previous post but might as well add it to this since you already read it.

On 4/4/2021 at 10:37 PM, DSHV said:

What? Of course. Everything for you, my heroine.

"What? Of course. Anything for you, my heroine."


On 4/4/2021 at 10:37 PM, DSHV said:

[Feeling good to relieve stress by win back on someone]

"[Feeling good to relieve stress by winning back on someone]"? (This doesn't make much sense grammatically, I think it should be replaced in my opinion)


On 4/4/2021 at 10:37 PM, DSHV said:

[She covers her crotch with hard clitoris with your saliva]

"[She covers her crotch and hard clitoris with your saliva]"

On 4/4/2021 at 10:37 PM, DSHV said:

60-80 Gods, you so hot!

"60-80 Gods, you are so hot!"


This should be all of the typos.

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1 hour ago, yeahhowaboutnooo said:

did you ever solve this? Have the same issue.

I tried it just now and it worked. Then I tried it 24 hours later and she had no dialogue again.

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(Thought this is better)

Alternate quest idea for the Mammoth Quest.


>Knife betrays Serpent after being cheated on with a dog.

>Serpent orders you to kill Knife and orders Catherine to Teleport you to Knifes Bedroom. (Perhaps disable the members to avoid killing them until the next queststage?)

>Once you Kill Knife you, head back The Forgotten Regret and announce your success to Serpent

>Serpent Makes the Dragonborn or Bruiser the New Leader or the Night Mammoths.

>End of quest?


>Next quest after this?


>Night Mammoth Hideout is Attacked by rival bandits or vampires or etc.

>Recruit new members for the gang (Followers,VanilliaNPCs,Mod related NPCs)

>Gain control over Dawnstar (Other holds in future quests?)




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That vampire disappears after the quest AAAPawn finishes. Is this a bug? Also can we have some more content with the bold vampire or serana or valerica?

Really liked what you did with the College of winterhold. Although the dialogue for jzargo's harem disappears from nirya after the initial dialogue. And is Colette Marence not part of the harem? 

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1 hour ago, zhuguannan123 said:

Can't activate the sex scene nor proceed to the next stage of the quest....



Probably not implemented yet(couldnt do it either). If you have patience wait for the next update, because the whole area is getting quite a significant overhaul. :)

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4 hours ago, deviant51 said:

is there a way to quickly end the Serpent: Guild of Humiliations quest? or can I safely ignore it?


Just dont talk to Pirve before you are certain you want to start the main storyline. )child near the bridge(near the meadery in Whiterun ).

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46 minutes ago, wHOaMiEH said:


Just dont talk to Pirve before you are certain you want to start the main storyline. )child near the bridge(near the meadery in Whiterun ).

yeah I understand, but that is too late now lol

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