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  1. Thank you dshv, I actually kinda have an idea to expand dog days, why not have what’s his name enter us in a Skyrim “dog show” where we do tricks, an obstacle course, an a very thorough inspection, another idea is we go out hunting with the old man for some game, Maby get pregnant and have a litter, also have people comment on our situatition, and maby put in a permament ending where we are stripped of all our possions and are permently stuck as his dog, just some ideas I had to expan the dog days
  2. So is their anything more to dog days other then finding the old man dog
  3. The so I get the harness and when I put it on my self it just shows my naked I’m using unp for the body
  4. Hi I’m the simple milking harness is invisible/ not a peering on my character, they are completely nude with it on I’ve done body slide Bach build and morphs with it has anyone else had this issue
  5. sorry I meant to type slave, rember kids always spell check
  6. add a quest to make yourself a Riekling save, or cow
  7. I ended up using nvse 6 and then went back to 5 after having difficulties their, I think for some reason sexout pregnancy can’t read spunk, if I’m reading the error log correctly
  8. well whenevr i try to get pregnant it gives me this long line of errors in console and i can never get pregnant
  9. does anyone have the previos sexout pregnancy files cause aprently v3 is bugged
  10. the dialogue does conclude and the quest dosent start
  11. After I exit the excuse me dialogue no quest starts and when I go to talk to here directly in the temple she has no new dialogue, do I need the companion mod to or am I do somthing wrong please help
  12. i wish someone would add to it or at least do something similar with a different mod
  13. Hi so how do I get that dog outfit in one of the preview pictures
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